Scherzer throws again, bullpen session Monday

Max Scherzer threw again Sunday morning, this time a 10-minute session from about 100 feet and with all his pitches. He came out of it feeling pretty good about his readiness for this coming week.

“Everything went well,” he said. “I was able to go to 100 feet pain-free, threw all my pitches and had a feel on all of them.”

As long as Scherzer feels fine on Monday, with nothing more than normal soreness, he’ll throw a full bullpen session in Kansas City before Monday’s game. That’ll be the key to determine whether he’ll be ready for Wednesday (if needed), because the bullpen session is the point where Scherzer felt pain last week.

Scherzer said he’s “more optimistic” about Wednesday than he had been a couple days ago. That doesn’t mean he will pitch Wednesday, but he’s feeling better.

“I’m getting close to being able to pitch in a game again,” he said.

Manager Jim Leyland had already said that the only way Scherzer would pitch Wednesday’s regular-season finale in Kansas City would be if the division race was riding on it. Leyland put another condition on it Sunday morning, indicating he’s not going to push Scherzer to start if he isn’t throwing at full strength.

“We’re not going to pitch him if he doesn’t have his velocity,” Leyland said.

Scherzer said he’ll “let a few go” in his bullpen session to see how his arm feels doing so. But they’re not going to put a radar gun on him or anything like that.

If the Tigers have clinched a division title by then, Drew Smyly will start, allowing Scherzer to prepare for a Division Series start instead. He still might get some game action, though.

“I think we’re going to kick the tires on several ideas on how to get me to full strength for the playoffs,” Scherzer said. “But I do feel confident of being 100 percent for the playoffs.”


I hope he doesn’t pitch Wednesday and for all the right reason.

I agree!

I double agree!

As now, the Tigers would play on Saturday their first game vs the winner of the tiebreaker between Yankees and O´s. On Sunday they will play the second game. That means Scherzer was not originally scheduled to pitch until the third game.
Now, if he does not pitch on Wednesday, he will pitch with 14 days of rest. He has pitched twice with more than 5 days of rest. His ERA: 7.45. Like Verlander his ERA is better with regular rest.
If they clinch tomorrow, is there a chance of having him pitching a couple of innings before next sunday?

Beck already answered it:”He still might get some game action, though.”

Wow………..will these guys please stop hitting the ball to the left side of the infield. These high era pitchers make it look real easy don’t they.

It was curve not a slider but it worked

Babip found Jackson

Quickly and quietly for the Tigers bats! Hendricks another bad pitcher having hs best game ever!
Note to these supposed professional tigers hitters START maybe trying to go the other way. Pulling the ball simply isn’t working!

4th inning still absolutely nothing. These guys drive me nuts and I have no one at home to complain to so I’ll do it here. Nothing changes.

Sanchez is going to have to be nearly perfect……his team may not score him any.

Trout and Mauer both have 2 hits so far today.
Peralata up here with Dirks on. Can this guy please do something?

I know they are disinterested, but it sure feels like it. Lazy at bats until that last inning. But honestly I know I’ve said it a thousand time but it just shouldn’t be this hard against this type of pitching. I really just don’t understand this has been like this nearly all year.

As expected , IBB. It is time to show your credentials, Prince

And that is why I dont like the bunt

Well you have a good hitting team that doesn’t hit well. Yo like at the philospohy behind that. The coach. Do they have ‘hitting” meetings?
I am a thinking that if JL goes so does Mac.
Berry up now and he finally gets the bunt down.

It is exasperating what our team makes this rotation go through every game.

Can’t really say what I want to say right now! £>>%^#%^%^++”€>

Apparently you can throw strikes to Mauer and it doesn’t matter because these stupid umps won’t call them. Cabrera sure doesn’t get the same consideration. I don’t get it. Miggy better get on the stick and get his swing going again. I can’t hardly stand this.

Talk about a break (Mauer). Should have been an easy out. I think Infante must have been covering.


Okay kitties…….your pitcher is pitching his tail off…….your 3rd baseman just made a great play to save 2 runs. Could you all possibly get your heads out of your butts and get some runs? PLEASE!

All the hue and cry about Trout playing defense. Cabby plays defense too!
We caught a huge break that inning. Championship caliber teams take advantage.

Boy this is troubling. It’s been such a mystery this year. And this guy is making us look like amateurs.

Peralta was struck out. We got another break. Avila has to swing the bat. He’s gone down looking twice. That’s absurd.

They’re. Absurd

Bullpen call?

Arrrggggh! Infante! 1st pitch impatient too aggressive swinging again.

%$#$[ couldn’t hav asked for a beeter at bat there by infante in the 7th. Honestly he just walked someone and you weakly ground out on the 1st pitch? You gotta be kidding me. Jeez so dang annoying

I don’t know. What do you call them?

Time to call the bullpen

These games are hard on the ol’ ticker.
They are not playing like they feel they can win.
RBI single right on cue.

They’ve killed me….yippie coke is in. That’s makes ya all wam and fuzzy doesn’t it?

DD hoarded LHPs and now Coke is the best option there……

That’s not Coke in that Jerry Can folks.

The game is on reach

Within reach yes………but there s nothing to make me believe that these little wimpy kitties can get any runs. I’m sorry I’m frustrated and I just can’t not say it. They should be embarrassed that they absolutely looked pitiful against Hendricks…it’s unacceptable.

It will be illuminating to see what kind of effort these guys can come up with in these last 2 innings.

They need only one more to play the number 163. TB is winning again

Another crappy at bat by Q…..and Miggy was robbed. Hell be lucky to in the batting title. Feilder finally came through.

Game 163 clinched

Thereiin lies the problem of batting Berry 2nd. Takes a fastball right down the middle.
Prince picks everybody up!!!

Really Tigre. You think so? There is still a lot of baseball to be played today. Especially with what we have in our bullpen.
Tough break for Cabby- They guy has to be so frustrated.

Yes.As every fan I believe in miracles. But Dotel is throwing away the game

Come on Dotel

I hope Fernando gets cy young and if not him price. I don’t think jv will ge it.

ESPN Cy Young predictor had Verlander as front-runner before todays game

Miguel is hitting 264 for the season vs KC.So history is going away

Our bullpen right now is just simply, predictable. Valverde=fastballs, Dotel=fastballs, Villarael=fastballs. Benoit=homers.
Yikes. We were really lucky to get out of the 8th.
Dotel threw 2 strike fastballs.


Fearless prediction. If Mauer ties Cabby for the lead this inning we’ll lose this game.
I can’t even think about what could possibly happen with Valverde this time.

Miguel 325/ Mauer 323

Jackson is the POG

Tigers win!!!!!

Rod saying “I see you Austin”……………picking up on the game subtleties the rest of us can only imagine;-)

AJ saved VV….but that’s the way it is sometimes. They won, but it sure doesn’t feel good when they can’t hit these pitchers. I don’t get it.

Man, Valverde has got a lot of folks reaching for the NG puffers.
We were so lucky, once again. Valverde has nothing. Nothing.
We need to get Benoit pitching properly again.
Amazing that our starters keep us in these games the way they do.
I will say I am thankful that Jose got ahead 2 strikes to Mauer.
Those two drives to CF were right down the middle fastballs.
Anybody else but AJ out there and we might have gotten beat instead.

Both amazing plays. No question, without AJ, we would have lost. Sometimes the baseball finds the right person. There were a lot of excellent plays today by both teams. It is what it is GK. Sanchez deserves the win and I’m sure the team knows it.

Time to sit back and enjoy and listen to Hawk “announce” the losing effort of the good guys in Chicago. 6-2 Rays bottom of 9

I actually get a kick out of Rod’s “I see you” expression. Just having some fun.

Game 163 officially clinched

2-10 for last 12. I was expecting the meltdown one month ago. Not this late

OK. Let’s have some fun. Let’s start running the bases. Let’s make sure we get guys on ahead of Miggy. If that means batting Dirks 2nd then do it. Miggy hits better with men on. Opens up the right side for him.
Some guys just have to pick up their game. Delmon, Avila, Infante, and Peralta have to do more.
Even though he hasn’t hit KC that well i expect he will this series!!!

I hope so . He was hitting 400 plus vs Twins and regressed to 397. I expect him to regress from his 267 to 300 plus vs KC. He hits very well vs Mendoza not so much vs Chen and Gunthrie. He is having a bad tine with LHP.LHP wont give anything to hit when Fielder is behind him. That explains his 3 HR vs LHP. RHP does not have that luxury.They have to pitch him.
I would bat Berry ninth if at all

That 2 for 9 vs JG must change

Interesting point about the LHP. Bat him 2nd and DY 3rd!!!! (For that ONE game)
I think I’m just kidding.

Hamilton is suiting up for tonight’s game. Ervin (Tater-Time) Santana is throwing against him. Fingers crossed.

86 wins is more than I thought we’d have a few days ago. The amazing thing is that we’re 3 up with 3 to play, and so are the Nationals. NEVER saw that coming. Texas lost with the nightcap to go, and Oakland tied in the 6th. Quite a race in the AL. By tomorrow night, Detroit could be the only team that knows when and were they’re playing later this week.
Our hitting is no longer a surprise and one can only hope for a way to win the game, like today. The bullpen is downright scary. The fun factor is very low, yet we’re a game from repeating as division champs. Berry is a nightmarish choice to hit second, all the more frustrating because 9th is the perfect spot for him while we have two other guys who can handle the 2-hole. What’s more wearisome, the absent offense or JL and his BS?
You can see from the reaction after Prince’s homer that the guys are pumped up plenty. Why they can’t hit pitchers that other teams pound is another story altogether. I’m hoping for a different team culture next year while riding out the remainder of this year. And yes, I’m glad they’re this close to reaching the postseason, but that doesn’t change what we see on a daily basis.

But I really want to know why they don’t hit these pitchers…..consistently. I mean I know it’s going to happen sometimes, but every freaking time. It even happens to Miggy and our best hitters. I’d almost rather have them face better pitchers, they seem to focus or something better, I don’t know. I really want to know?

Well, I’m a little late to the dance. Had the game taped, so didn’t finish until 8:00. I’ve still got those tums; I think we’ll all need them before it’s over. Mr. Liam wins on game and has a plus 6 ERA against the league, excluding the Detroit Tigers of course. We make really bad look pretty good. Just can’t explain it. All I know is starting pitching is mighty good right now, and consistent hitting is mighty bad right now. I’ll take the pitching; it’s a lot easier to score 3 than 6, except in our case, it’s difficult to score 1. But here were are still in first place, with Hawk squawking away.
1. Ajax leads off the 8th. with his second solid single, and save’s Jose’s Big Butt with two exceptional defensive plays.
2. Miggy makes another outstanding play at third base, while teasing Mauer into thinking that Joe can catch him. The sad thing is that Joe can catch him, if Miggy keeps on pressing.
3. Biggy decides to visit the flower bed in left field for # 30. It was a huge # 30 for those Detroit Tigers.

Sanchez acquitted himself quite well again tonight; Dotel seems to be okay, and Jose continues to live on the edge. we’ve all said it, Get QB out of the two hole; I’m not even sure that he’s that good of a bunter. Nothing again from the bottom of the order. It’s nice to know that a Tiger win in three or a White Sox loss in three means number one for us. Good evening all!

I think Berry’s bunting technique is excellent and he knows what he wants to do. He’s just not getting it done as often as he should.

Have to tell you, there are some pretty solid people who blog . But I enjoy you. You are positive , but not unrealistic and you have the ability to hit on salient objective points that make sense out of things. Thanx again for your input and your perspective. I feel a breath of fresh air…

Great Win. We would be up by 10 games if JL was a good teacher/coach. Why does he put Berry in the 2 hole? GK, Evan, any thoughts? How abut Prince? Is he worth the price of admission? Oh Yeah, Go Tigers!

It seems that one of the reasons, not the only one, but one of the reasons they don’t hit these pitchers is lack of patience. Our two best hitters have it but the other guys aren’t consistent with it. Even when they work a count in their favor, they’re tentative and swing late instead of getting out front and driving the ball. With as much backup as they have in the lineup with them, you’d think that wouldn’t be the case. Many of them seem to be pressing and I have no idea why that would be. These people know how to hit. They just don’t.
Watching Peralta as one example, his body language signals that he’s being affected when he doesn’t get a hit on a well struck ball. Have to shrug that off and be happy with the fact that you had a good AB and hit the ball sharply. That’s all you can control.
Maybe the expectations get to them. Perhaps they’ll do better as the low seed in the postseason. Who knows? If I was a hitting expert I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here typing.

One run games keep making or breaking. A moot point at this stage of the season whether they should be so close.
Expanding the playoffs has been fantastic making winning your division and properly rewarding having the best division record. Cut throat Game 163’s for the wild card is going to be heart breaking to watch regardless of whether your team is involved.
Man was the Ryder Cup pure theater or what.

Jhonny just has not been the same this year. Before, he could drive the ball to the opposite field and hit doubles & HR’s. Not so much this year. It has to frustrate him, but as a professional, you just have to go on. Talked with an avid Tiger fan yesterday. She noticed my pendant (Old English D) and showed me her undying love for the Tigers….a tatoo of the Old English D on her calf. She can’t stand JL and we both agreed that we love QB. Go Tigers!!!!!!

WOW…Just learned Trout should win MVP in the AL. He has the best WAR in 2012 @ 10.5. Poor Miggy. He cannot compete @ 6.6. Good thing last year’s AL WAR champion, Zobrist @ 8.5, is not in the run this year. Yeah, he is the same guy who pounded to.269 with 20 HR and 91 RBI. I gotta think Peralta got shorted last year, too. He went.299 with 21 HR and 86 RBI.

WAR, why?

Yeah…And Peralta had the longest errorless streak in 2012 since Brinkman. Get rid of him. He is too solid for sabermetrics.

Before we sing the praises of the new wild card setup, I offer two excerpts.
Ken Rosenthal:
•In response to the likelihood the two AL Wild Card teams will have a better record than the AL Central Division champion, Rosenthal suggests the playoff qualifiers with the two worst records meet in the Wild Card game. Rosenthal admits winning a weak division would be less meaningful, but such a team hardly would be in position to argue since it would be lucky to reach the playoffs in the first place.
Joe Posnanski:
In the American League, the system seems to be working amazingly well, at least at first glance. Suddenly we have four teams — New York and Baltimore, Oakland and Texas — playing for their lives (with the Angels in there as a spoiler. The Yankees and Orioles are especially fascinating. They are tied for the AL East lead, and that lead really matters this year because the loser will probably have to play Oakland in that one-game playoff just to get into the real postseason. That’s cool and significant and seemingly a lot better than the old system.

But is it? What would happen if we were playing under the old system?

New York and Baltimore would still be tied for the lead in the AL East. But because Oakland is just one game behind them, the loser would be in danger of missing the postseason entirely. You would have those three teams playing for only two spots in a fascinating game of musical chairs. As it stands now, all three of them will probably make the postseason in SOME form or other. I think the old way would have been more fun.

My personal take on the above is that, since the leagues were divided into three divisions, the four team setup used since 1995 works the best and fairest while still providing plenty of drama. The new system, besides being a gimmick, just leads to more confusion as they modify it in years to come.

Another note for DY haters… He is #6 in the AL in RBI over the last 30 What will stop the hate spew?

I also mean, really, who do you want that can do better and is doable?

he’s fine for right now… year – no thanks on DY

The old way would have had Atlanta and Washington going thru the motions as both were guaranteed to be thru and neither playing each other. Both could set their rotations ala Boston and NY in recent seasons.
I like the joke that the one game playoff will be around until NY gets eliminated.

Mathematically we need another one but realistically we’re gonna get there. It is now time to be aware of what’s at stake for Miggy. He has to get his at bats. That means you need someone in the 2 hole who is more liekly to save him his last at bat every game. I vote Dirks. If Cabby loses the triple crown in the on deck circle with Berry swinging his broomstick at a golf ball again it would be a crime.
Also remove the temptation to bunt with Berry which will also cost Miggy an at bat if he is successful. Like today.
Time for Leyland to shake his head a bit and let some creative beans rattle around in that brain of his instead of just doing the same thing to prove a point. And I’m not sure to whom.
In fact, if it comes to it, he should let Miggy lead off to get that extra at bat f it means anything in that last game.
First things first though.

Another meaningless stat?
All the talk about Trout’s defense and WAR.
Miguel is ranked 6 among MLB 3rd baseman in Fldg %. Trout is ranked 9th in CF.
The Trout lovers sometimes are pretty quick to over emphasize attributes. He’s a heckuva player and I wish we had him but he is not the impact Miggy is. Adn I don’t mean fielding.
BTW, Miggy had a pretty decent year at 3rd.

Actually Miggy is 3rd in Fldg %.

well, I saw very little of the games this weekend unfortunately so have enjoyed reading some recaps – I see more games during the games during the week at night when I have more time to watch. Kind of glad I did not endure the end of yesterdays games, although I have to look at the highlight reel to see AJ and his defense. Believe it or not, we are almost to the playoffs – one game out of 3, I want the division outright for sure. We need a 100% Max to be successful – our pitching staff knows that the run support is way too spotty, so lots of pressure on those guys to keep performing.

I never would have believed 2 weeks ago we would be in this position – pretty exciting – anything can happen

Another quality start by Sanchez. He did not get the victory, but he again gave the Tigers a chance to win. I’ll take a 1 run win anytime. DD made a nice deal particularly if we sign Sanchez. Maybe Turner turns out okay. Maybe not. Just don’t think he would be the factor for the Tigers this year that Sanchez has proven to be.

Regarding Miggy and this Trout and WAR stat this is what I have to say about that
WAR….what s it good for…absolutely nothing say it again…..go Miggy!


Mayo-, yes in the AL he is 3rd. (6th in MLB)

and of course, his fldg % is high for the same reason jhonny’s is high

We could could use some good at bats from our guys tonight. Chen will be tough on us. Delmon, G$ and AJ have the most success against him though Prince has the only dinger we have hit off of him.
Miggy has not fared well against him as have Avila or Peralta. Santiago has a couple of hits against him.
On paper, no way Porcello perseveres over Chen.

(Hopefully) We’ll soon be discussing playoff roster.
For me the only question will be the composition of players/pitchers. I think it will will be 12 and 13.
Garcia or Boesch? (it may get down to that)
I think they will take Downs.
Porcello and Smyly in the pen.

obviously: cabby, prince, omar, jhonny, alex, G$, dirks, aj, DY, berry
and probably garcia and ramon
but what about kelly and boesch? at least kelly has a “role” (backup catcher)

Great if Rick could close out his regular season with a 10th victory. We need our hitters to get a couple of clutch hits with runners in scoring position. Go Tigers!!!

Is it generally felt that Porcello is physically fine, right now? I mean, he lost velocity on his fastball last game, right?

Jl has gone with 11 pitchers and 14 position players in the the two trips to post season. So here is my roster proposal:
Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, Sánchez.
Relievers: Dotel, Benoit, Valverde. Smyly. Al Al . Downs .Porcello (Untill Scherzer is fully recovered they need an insurance).
Avila and Laird
Infielders: Prince, Infante, Miguel. Peralta. I would add Worth. JL will add Santiago. I have both in my roster.
Dh: Young.
Outfielders: Dirks, Jackson, Garcia( DD called him before september first for something), Berry. Boesch ( he is better than Kelly with a bat and JL will carry Kelly).
JL will carry Coke instead of Downs . There is no spot for Villareal unless they go 12/13.
He will take Kelly over Worth.

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Dirks 7, Garcia 9, Laird 2. Porcello is starting.

JP: 3 for 26 vs Chen.He will run into one tonight

How many times for this lineup??

5, according to Baseball reference.

Usually was Boesch instead of Dirks vs LHP

You wont believe this but JP is second among the Tigers in pitches /AB. Jackson being the first. Miguel is third and he has 10 HR with the first pitch. 4 more with 0-2. With BB after Fielder. DY is , of course last among qualified batters, but he is 366/365/.956 with the first pitch. ESPN does not give the stat for the rest of the Tigers

I’m not surprised to hear this. I’ve mentioned at different times that Peralta was having good ABs with no results and part of that was going deeper into counts than the others. As it turned out, I’m not so sure those were good ABs at all. Maybe just tentativeness.
Between Peralta and Coke, I hope to never see another Tiger become a father in mid-season.

Ahead. 288/448 Even:233/361. Behind:215 / 357

Peralta is batting after Delmon tonight. I guess the idea is to limit the number of double plays by batting them back to back.

Standard JL matchup move. One of those no-brainers.

I was being facetious (maybe even a bit cynical!).
Makes sense to play Jhonny tonight. But I would be getting Ramon in there tomorrow and/or Wednesday. Same with Boesch.
We’re patiently waiting Jhonny.

Peralta 3 for 26 off Chen? When you wish upon a staaar…………….come on everybody, join in.


Might have weather problems in Cleveland tonight. Let’s just win our game so we can stay up late watching the celebration. That was really really late last year in Oakland.

Anybody here ever been to the Tiger Fantasy Camp?

I have not, although my wife, bless her, would pack me off to that in a heartbeat. I get the impression that you’re in playing shape, Dan, so you should think of doing it.

Men to Boyz.
We need a couple more. we have 2 guys that play the game with a passion that has held over from their boyhood. Miggy & Biggy. (You won’t need to teach them anything about the rule book.) I do like the way Dirks plays the game, though he is almost a polar opposite in terms of “animation”.
I think if we had more guys who indulged in a little more levity right now, we would play better.We have several players that let the moment get the better of them rather than becoming the moment.
We are pretty fortunate to have the starting pitching we have. I’m not sure how big a role Jeff Jones has in all that. He’s an interesting guy. Love the way he walks out to the mound. Talk about giving the relief pitcher a few more throws to warm up! Somebody should count his toes. He might have only three.
Most deliberate guy I have ever seen in baseball.

I’ve thought of it often. I still play slo-pitch (swore I never would but I also said the same thing about fast-pitch!). Still have a good time and remain more competitive than may be considered “normal”
The whole deal is set up very nicely for someone who is from the Detroit area. not so financially favourable for those living elsewhere. Also, complicating things for me is the fact I head on down south for 6 months (Baja). Makes the flights expensive as the package is priced out of Detroit Metro. Little perks like BP at Comerica and tickets to opening day don’t work for me either.
I guess if I am ever gonna do it this would be the year though. They are honouring the ’68 Tigers and I can’t think of a better group of Tigers to be rekindle my own boyhood.

Nervous………..I know they are better than KC, I know they are better hitters than Chen is a pitcher….saying that, Bruce Chen has his moments, and can dominate any team and we’ve seen him dominate these Tigers hitters. I don’t know let’s face it, they’ve been winning because of pitching (Rick on the mound tonight???? Which Porcello are we going to get tonight?). We haven’t been hitting very well for months, especially on the road. I’d like to think they’ll step up and grind out their at bats, but ya never know… me off the ledge guys!

It hasn’t been and it ain’t likely, to be easy. Being on the ledge is like being on the edge. If you aren’t living life on the edge then you’re taking up too much space!!

GK–did you notice Richie Hebner? I’m hoping his image will help dig a grave for the ChiSox.

No what’s going on?

I see now…lol

Should speed and defense decide baseball’s MVP?

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