Saturday: Tigers at Twins

Since Kevin Love wasn’t available to play …


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Quintin Berry, lf
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Andy Dirks, lf
  7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  8. Alex Avila, c
  9. Omar Infante, 2b

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Denard Span, cf
  2. Ben Revere, lf
  3. Joe Mauer, dh
  4. Justin Morneau, 1b
  5. Ryan Doumit, c
  6. Chris Parmelee, rf
  7. Trevor Plouffe, 3b
  8. Jamey Carroll, 2b
  9. Pedro Florimon, ss

P: P.J. Walters


This looks like 1987. And that year did not end well.
Chasing down down the other team just before the wire.
Great starters and no bullpen to trust.
Even Dirks pulling a Madlock

well we can always hope thy decide to show up at the plate agaainst cy walters. Grind some out instead 9f the easy outs and the pathtic ab’s we saw last night and last weekend.

My intent is not to be negative, but I expect a game 163. It’s just the way it looks to me. Unfortunately, precedent is on my side. I predicted game 163 in 2009 when there were two weeks to go. Granted I didn’t expect us to blow a 3 game lead with 4 to play, but when we left the Metrodome in mid-September and everyone was celebrating our last game there, I got one of those creepy feelings. I wrote about it here, as I recall.
And on that happy note, let’s get ’em today, guys! Start chopping on that magic number.

If this link works, here’s the post from 2009. First comment after Jason’s entry.

What is more depressing is that you didnt even get to use your playoff tickets.
— Bob

Follow the next days post , changing names, and it is deja vu all over again

Fielder ( 4 for 6) , Dirks( 2 for 5) and Berry ( 3 for 5)did well vs him. Miguel 2 for 9 and JP 2 for 7. But the other LHB available : BB 1 for 7. AA: 0 for 6. And Kelly 0 for 5

Good luck with Berry.

Would make no sense that we don’t get to this guy today.

OMG. It is hard to believe. Walters has a sub 3 ERA against us and over 7 to everybody else!.
Why can’t these guys just take the bull by the horns?

Prince puts us on the board. JP knocks in Dirks!!

Better keep scoring. because the Twins will gets some today of of JV. They are loose and standing in there pretty good.
Cabby looks awful.

JV throwing zeros, and up 2-0 but there is no warm fuzzy feeling in this game. Not sure why our hitters don’t just sit on that curve of Walters. They know they’re gonna get it.

4-0 Rays!

Rays knocked Sale out in the 4th.

5-0 Rays

Holy S-M-O-K-E!

It can change quick. I am alsmost ashamed of this ball club when it comes to our hitting and supporting the quality pitching we’ve been getting.

6-0 Rays

It is time for our hitters to hit. JV got away with a fastballl right down the pipe to Morneau. Not realistic to think you can hold these guys scoreless for 3 more innings.
A bit concerned now with Cabby. Premier players have to perform at premier times.
Our hitters are merciless with their starters. They just come up and hack away and make their starters go out with little or no rest in the middle to late innings all the time.
Mauer gets way too much respect from plate umps. He’s got a great eye and all but he gets the benefit of almost every call. Reminds me of Ted Williams. It’s almost like the umps were afraid to call a strike on him. Morneau did not get the same treatment.

Well here we go. Bottom part of the lineup and JV getting no support. This is the tough inning for JV

Miguel 9 HR 24 RBI for the month. More than any other month.
Plus 1047 OPS

I know. But can you imagine what those numbers would be like if he had been hitting anywhere near normally (for him) in the last 7 or 8 games?

This is a premier time.

Your wish was fullfiled

That is a premier player.

Premier player playing perfectly.

I actually agree with JL on this. He was hoping for 3 quick outs and it’s all about avoiding wear and tear right now..
If, JL changes his mind and circumstances warrant, he could come back with JV on 3 days rest. Probability of that is near zero.
Amazing clutch hit by Cabby. He was scuffling, and this came at an incredibly important time.

Sqeezed sqeezed sqeezed

Now we have to go through this.

Awesome benoit! Laugher not so much anymore

OMG II. Why is Benoit trying to get a fastball by him with the sacks packed and having just thrown one?
I don’t get it. He’s given up a lot of homers this year as a reliever and I’ll bet all or most of them have been on fastballs..
These guys just don’t make it easy do they?

Honestly is just can’t ever be easy with this team.

This team is so frustrating. They cannot get out of their own way.
Benoit is a disaster again. He cannot be a closer. Way to many home runs. Say what you want about VV, he generally keeps the ball in the yard so it takes multiple hits to score on him. He is still scary, but Benoit is throwing batting practice.
Nothing comes easy for team, does it. Should we be surprised.
— Bob

Amen…Balanced statement(s).

I hear an echo🙂
— Bob

Feels kind of like an unravellng. going on.

Let the unraveling STOP

Hopefully Doumit is the only guy who can drive in runs on this Twins team.
I hear you on Benoit. The thing with Benoit is he can be dominating and at time unhittable, but he has to stay ahead in the count and keep everyone expecting his his change. He’s been unable to do that lately..
This is a big game and I am afraid they will entrust it to Papa Grande.

Span, Revere, Mauer, Morneau. What does Leyland do here. Will he be so audacious as to bring in Coke? Probably Papa. I’m pretty sure he won’t leave AlAl stay on.

Gut-check time! Valverde is our guy, like it or not.

Rays 10-4

Don’t break our hearts today Jose!

There we go.

Top of the shopping list: closer


Rays win. 4 is the magic number

Whew. And now it is 3.
— Bob

I think that Valverde has back issues. Look at how he moves around trying to get loose, and look at how he doesn’t celebrate after his saves the way he used to. I think he may be in some serious pain.

Well he (and Benoit now) have me in serious pain, that’s for sure.
I have to say again how impressive that at bat by Miggy was. Especially in light of how things had been going for him.
Verlander left the dugout in disgust after the walk by AlAL and the ill-advised lob to 1st by Avila incase it was strike 3.
Cool it guys. Stay with each other and pick each other up.
Make sure you have a good clean game tomorrow. Have to get away from this detonation” type of pitching & defense we play in late innings

Anybody need a tum? We just don’t believe in easy wins. But a win is a win, and the Sox are chasing us. Two up with four to go. I’d rather be in our shoes now. Benoit is a gopher on two legs in the the past 8 weeks. JV stands tall when his team needs him to do so.
1. The Peralta RBI double in the top of the second. A huge second run and a nice hit for JP who has really been struggling.
2. Jackson’s aggressiveness on the base path. Two steals today; we had four for the game and need to do this more often down the stretch.
3. Miggy’s threefer, the reason we won the game today. I just don’t see how anyone could not vote for this talent as MVP.

JV is no doubt the best pitcher in the game. Should in reality win Cy again, if you look at all statistics, not just wins. Kudos to Dirks, and a spirited performance by Al. Papa gets kudos too. Hope the pen is not starting to break down, especially at this time. Go Tigers. Good evening all!

Well done.

Sorry. Meant to reply to Greg. Well done.

Valverde got it done but realistically this won’t cut it in the playoffs..
If he can’t get a splitter working he won’t survive. Puts to much pressure on the defense with walks, not holding runners on and not getting any outs himself.
Great day as far as outcomes go but alarm bells are riging all over the place. Hitting, fielding, base running, coaching, relief pitching.. All of it has to improve.

I can’t see Price losing tomorrow to the ChiSox. Going for his 20th

It’s all about locating the strike zone. Benoit and Valverde had trouble with that. AlAl was a little more efficient. To be able to command that slider of his is no easy task. He’s been impressive.
Benoit–his change-up makes him or breaks him. Look at what Rodney has accomplished this year because he has mastered his changeup.
I am amazed at how good our starters have been well except Porcello. We almost expect them to do this now.

Yeah…To borrow a phrase- “Fearsome Foursome.”

I almost feel that Justin is that good he gets mentally lazy to start innings and then bears down with men on enjoying the challenge.
Prince sure keeps the guys loose.
Man that sunlight was brutal on the players and not surprised the hitting picked up at the end. I had the Twins feed and it was like a Tig appreciation society meeting.
The 2012 Chisox sure aren’t the 2009 Twins, about time we had some assistance and luck down the stretch. Despite their record, am glad the team is playing on the road with reasonable sized, polite crowds. Probably as good as an environment to achieve your goals.

Baseball is a grind. We have four games to go and a magic number of 3. Nothing better than having a magic number at the end of a long season. Next step is to capture that second straight AL Central crown. Can we do it?? Absolutely.!!

It would be the first time since 34-35 , they go to consecutive postseasons.

A little unneeded excitement at the end, but the win is in the books. Even in victory, the team seems full of holes, but that’s how it is here in 2012. Sometimes Valverde makes me leave the room altogether. I think he has back problems too; not surprising with his build. He needs to lose some of that belly. It only gets more difficult to do that with age.
Doumit has driven in all 8 of the Twins runs this series? That’s crazy. Mauer gets a very favorable strike zone, even against the Cy Young/MVP. That’s not right. Verlander has earned his piece of the plate.
With a magic number of 3, we can possibly clinch the tie tomorrow, but here again we have the recent memory of 3 up with 4 to play. It’s just not easy this year. Bottom line, get into the playoffs as underdogs and see what happens. It’s easier than being favored.
How about that race in the East? Baltimore and NY tied with 4 to go. If they go to a tiebreaker, it’s played in Baltimore. Unless Texas breaks down, we’d play the winner.

“I want to talk about the team,” Cabrera said. “There’s too many distractions right now. I’ve been talking too much about the Triple Crown. I want to go out there and play my game.”
This has become a big distraction. I wish the media would stay focused on the division races more. It’s a story, sure, but to have an in-game poll over whether it’s more desirable to win the division or Miggy win the TC is over the top. That’s crazy talk. Playoff tickets sell. Individual awards and achievements do not.
I will admit to being interested in whether a triple crown winner on a division winner can possibly not be voted MVP.

triple crown turns to triple frown when miggy loses focus and can’t gets the rbi’s our team needs. I hope he is focused now. If he goes on a tear we could have a good 1st round – maybe.

When 6 of the 9 teams outside the Division will likely finish with a better record, Mr I. and DD will surely take this into account for next season.
The AL is ripe for the picking and my prediction is JL’s bacon will be saved by a WS visit.

Last time Hendricks faced the Tigers , he allowed 6 hits , gave 4 walk and the Tigers scored 4 runs in 4 innings.Avila and Miguel 2 hits each one. Berry and Jackson the other 2 hits. Prince got 2 walks.
Game 163 could be clinched today

Aníbal allowed the Twins 5 runs and 12 hits in his fourth start with the Tigers.But he turned the corner the next game winning vs Toronto facing them for the second time as a Tiger.

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Berry 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Dirks 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Sanchez is starting

Youo gotta be kidding me. Two easy outs…two singles.

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