Scherzer improving, not yet throwing

The good news for the Tigers on injured starter Max Scherzer was that he said his shoulder felt better on Friday than it did on Thursday.

“I do have more range than I did yesterday,” Scherzer said Friday afternoon from Target Field, “so it’s a step in the right direction.”

The bad news, or at least the non-news, for the Tigers is that it doesn’t make Scherzer’s return any clearer, either for the regular season or beyond. At this point, you could pretty much flip a coin on whether he’ll start Wednesday at Kansas City.

“If I had to handicap it, I’d say maybe 50-50 for Wednesday,” manager Jim Leyland said, “but I’m not counting on it.”

The deltoid soreness that scuttled any plans of starting him against the Twins Friday night, Scherzer said, “should subside fairly soon.” From there, however, there remains the process of getting his arm stretched out and pitching tested.

His final hurdle to pitching in a game will be a full bullpen session, in which he throws all of his pitches off a mound. Whether he can do that in the next three or four days is anything but clear.

“From a physical standpoint, I think I could be there,” Scherzer said, “but I have to be smart and not get caught up in that.”

Scherzer also said he can’t get caught up in the playoff race and try to push himself if he isn’t ready. Yet if the division title isn’t still in play, Scherzer probably isn’t going to be pitching Wednesday in Kansas City.

“If we’re in or out [of the postseason] by then, Scherzer will not pitch [Wednesday] under any circumstances,” Leyland said.

If Scherzer doesn’t start on Wednesday, Leyland said, Drew Smyly will get the assignment.


Just a note to correct misperceptions about DY. Over the last 7 , he leads the team in RBI with 6 and has a .308 BA.

I just don’t feel good about this weekends series?

Curious…What are your issues?

Well……..we don’t hit well on the road
we don’t win on the road
We didn’t hit these particular pitchers well last weekend
The first two innings at the plate aren’t doing anything to squash these fears either.

In fact through three they look pathetic! Honestly they couldnt make it easier on Diamond.

Pretty solid fears. My concerns are about pitchers breaking down and reliance on guys who really have not done much. Just hope the right guys get hot at the right time and then stay hot. Also feel with Sanchez we now have a little depth to absorb injury and/or non-performance situations with our pitchers.

Well my fears are not about the pitching,

Hitting or defense or both?

Hitting…….mostly hitting.

They’ve gotton 1 hit through 4 innings, not grinding out at bats he’s only thrown 41 pitches thrugllb 4 innings. They just don’t look good and they seem to fall into this trap quite a bit especially on the road, but at home also. Beolieve me I will be happier than anyone and admit I was wrong but it just seems its a pretty good track record and early on they are unfortunately falling into the same pattern.

That aspect is disturbing. Did you read the article the other day where JL considered this year “confusing” and noted he had expected guys like Grienke to do do damage against us but also expected us to hurt 4 and 5 starters. Since we have not done so, our record has suffered commensurately. I thought he summed things up fairly well.

I feel like (although without research I can’t prove). We actually hit better pitcher better and against weak and bad pitchers we tend to look pretty bad. I don’t kn9ow if they don’t focus and bear down or what but there has been plenty of high era pitchers that we have made look unhittable.

I think JL and you are pretty much on the same page. But he focused on not hammering the 4-5 guys.

Bunt to avoid the DP

Get a hit…..honestly they become completely anemic.

Smyly…Has he gone deeper than 5-6 in the last 3months? Very nice job so far today.

How many weak ground balls are they going to hit to the left side? Honestly they look horrible.

on a bad ankle, no less.

Smyly has been great….

Removing Smyly here is questionable.
I can’t believe Miguel did that. Cost us a run.

I don’t know if Miggy would of made it to 2nd anyway.. But it sure would of been nice to know. Too bad he admired it. Too bad he was thrown out at home. Too bad Tampa isn’t hitting tonight.

Coke not sharp but got two outs. It will be interesting to see how Jim pieces this together.

5 nice innings out of Smyly. Great job from a situational starter. And now the pen did ok in the 6th…Hold on.

Can’t hit Diamond and can’t get him out of the game. The non-approach isn’t working, guys.

Here we go the error are starting……

OK, I am officially scared. Situational stuff with Coke is barely okay. Why more?

a DH

Thanx again, Coke.

Familiar script. No offense. No defense. Phil Coke. Jim making a poor decision. That about covers this season. Still in it, but we may have to count on the resourceful Rays tonight.

Awesome the pylon at first cant field a ball that a high school kid could field and wham……a homer! This is why I can’t believe in this team.

LHB vs Dotel_ 301. RHP:195

Really I’m surprised his splits are that drastic!

His success is credited to limiting his exposure to LHB this year

Ah see, they played “Don’t Stop Believing” at the ballpark and the Tigers tie it. Bad choice of music. 🙂

Nice Omar!

Omar!!!!!!! You knew it had to be this inning.

Int walks drive me nuts. C’mon Brayan.

Nice play by Omar on the bunt!

They gotta take him out.

See! If he isn’t on right away, he’s toast.

Call Benoit

Villareal can be really good or really erratic.

Today he was freaking horrible honestly this team… cws winning

B-Rreal in and nobody heating up in the pen. Jim a step behind again.
Where is Alburquerque?

Coke sucks except in situational circs. We do not have a LHP stopper in relief.

It seems to me he’s good in very limited situational use. That’s it and not 2 days in a row or even 3.

“Limited ” is the key word in my humble opinion.

Nothing like a second tier bull pen relief to screw up a game.

What and admit you were stupid at binging him in in the 7th inning of a tie game?
Blatantly stupid. Villarael is a wild man and pitches worse under pressure. And even worse than that when men are on. Leado ff walk should have been enough. AL AL is out there and throws strikes. A lefthander, Downs is out there and Villarael is brought in?
I couldn’t believe it but I hope the densenes that is Jim Leyland has finally learned something.

Basically our pitchers have to be nearly perfect in order to win games. So this is one of those games we can’t pitch hit or field.

Yes, the K was nice. Need more since we do not have a LHP who can do the job. I will bet on AlAl and BV. They can take anyone out, under these circs.

I also commented on the other thread about Leyland bringing in Coke. I thought that was a needless and dangerous decision.
Bringing Villareal in in the 8th inning (sorry I said 7th above) is never a good idea.
He might have a future but they should make him learn a little about pitching. All he wants to do is sling the ball at 100mph. When he accomplishes that I don’t know what to expect.
Hard to believe the hitters were so undisciplined tonight, well actually no it is not hard to believe.
It is hard to believe how Leyland handled his pitching staff though.

Why is it hard to believe its what the hittersz have don all year. They have been this all year.

Pretty half hearted effort. Pretty freaking typical not really surprised, as I predicted earlier. Twins got 4 runs on 4 hits. Pretty efficient. We are basically the only team that can’t beat this horrible team……..they should be embarressed.

This has got to be Leyland’s worst season of managing. He follows a tried and true formula but without regard for the quirks of the players he plugs into it. If you dare put Villarreal in a game like this, you have to have someone ready as a backup. Anybody who watches the games knows this. I think Jim has lost his abilities. Even winning the division doesn’t change that.

Are you kidding me? Villarael can’t be counted on to throw strikes, hold runners on, throw to any base or cover the plate. He’s the wildest guy on the team and I am shocked he didn’t throw one to the backstop. Leyland trusting him beyond the 6th inning is frightening.

Henning said the JL wont play Worth because he does not want to offend the veterans. It is time to play Worth.
Villareal can pitch with runners on. He is around 40% in IRS

Offend the veterans? And here I thought we were trying to win the division.

I think Gavin Floyd pitched tonight? That was a good matchup for Chicago. David Price should be coming up.

No he can’t—not on this level and at this stage of the season. He has proved that he can’t handle the pressure.

Agreed. We’ve seen it plenty. The pen is what it is, but nobody ready in case of trouble? Did that not occur to Jim?

We got beat tonight. It’s simple. Jim’s words.

Yeah Rich. That was a stunner. Made no sense whatsoever. If you have the temerity to bring in Villarael in the 8th to face the top of the lineup (??#$?!?) why wouldn’t you have someone (Downs) ready at the same time. The leadoff walk should have been the last pitch Villarael threw…without question.. Still can’t believe that.

You know, Jim was real quick to get Porcello out of the game the other day in Detroit. Out of town, he’s not quick enough.

Jim’s words! Reassuring aren’t they?. The question remains Why?
The narrow minded jock “is what it is” mentality of Leyland is stifling.
We actually got beat because of poor hitting, lousy relief pitching and stupid managing.

Don’t forget the pylon at firt and hs error!

I don’t think we will see Worth either. I think we should. I don’t see Peralta being able to handle RHP at all right now.

Downs is no stopper. He cannot do the job we want. He can do the job JL has allowed him to be successful at, which is within his limitations. The guy plain lacks stuff and anyone should recognize that.

Yeah Villarael was a far superior choice.

Yes he is and he will be , probably for longer than you will be alive the way you carry on. Bet your wife has told you that lots of times.

Have you not noticed that we don’t engage in personal attacks here?

Did not consider that any more of a personal attack than I have been hit with. ..And it was a joke. I think you overreacted. Should I contact you for permission to post so I have censorship approval?

Yes you should.

Please tell me me you are trying to be funny.

None of this is serious. It’s a baseball forum.

Well the White Soxs won….tampa could only muster three hits against Flyod and about fifty relievers out of the pen.
Well JV is in tomorrow and basically will have to pitch a shut out and hope these hitters can put across 1 run because Walters is almost unhittable to the Tigers.

I like BV but not in that situation. Easy to make the call after the fact but I thought for sure AlAl would be coming in. I trust Downs too. Control pitchers needed after the game was tied. Heck, BV was so hyped, he almost made a wild pitch on the IW.
The question Mario asked tonight was the same one I asked a couple days ago. A game like tonight makes a case for the Triple Crown, which is a very rare accomplishment. Miguel is certainly worthy of that accomplishment. When will he or anyone else ever get so close to this point again? Of course we all want the Tigers to win the division ( Miguel especially), but I was implying “what was the most deserving outcome?”

“Win the division” won that poll tonight, for whatever it’s worth.

On further thought, Miguel could probably make a strong run for the Triple Crown for the next 5 years.
It was not our night tonight. Diamond is 12-8 on a losing team. He pitched well. Tiger hitters did not adjust.

We need JV to come in and be the stopper that he has been in the past. Not sure how Smyly got the job done today as I didn’t notice his good breaking ball. But it is encouraging to have him ready to go with the way things are so iffy with Max and Porcello. Delmon starting to swing the bat again. Infante playing better. Keep him in the 2 hole.

The Yankees trail the Rangers by one game in the race(?) to play the wild card team. NY won the season series so they only need tie Texas. If that happens, Texas comes to Detroit for the first two games. Which would be better? It’s hypothetical since we haven’t won anything yet.
Meanwhile there is a similar situation in the NL between the Reds and Nationals. I hope Washington takes that so the potential 5th game I have tickets for will be on a Friday.

It’s not worth that much Rich:-) Probably wasn’t that close, was it? That would be my choice too. Kind of odd they even asked it. Obviously implying the Tigers have not played like division winners most of the year. If they play like tonight in the post season, they’re 3 and out.

The Tigers have handled the Yankees well in the post season the last two times out. They did not do as well against the Rangers last year. For no intelligent reason, I’d choose playing the Rangers first. I know, it makes no sense. Except beating the Yankees a third time (in the first round) seems like it would defy the odds.

I am with you. Once past the Rangers we can cream the Yankees. My wife is now hitting me …She will not allow further dialogue.

You beat the Twins by scoring first, and by scoring more than two runs. An 8-8 record against this team, and what was it against Cleveland, 6-12, or something in that range? A two game lead, with six left, looks big in one way. A one game lead with our history is a pause for concern. Our 6-9 gave us absolutely nothing tonight.
And Delmon leads off the ninth, down by two, swinging away. We don’t make very many pitchers work very had. No adjusting from last Sunday to Diamond’s stuff whatsoever. You would think that after a couple of times, you’d make a correction in your batting approach. I’ll let the rest of you do the Leyland stuff; it was pretty pathetic too. I would be shocked beyond reproach if he didn’t bow out gracefully either way. His buddy from St. Louis gave him cover for that.

1. Smyly shows true potential as a starter in next year’s rotation. Should have tried to get seven, at least six out of him.
2. Omar demonstrates a very quick bat about every 80 or so plate appearances.
3. Miggy had two solid hits.

I think he would have been out on the long hit. His being out by 45 feet at home plate is the epitome of this team’s need for an overhaul. Yes, I exaggerated, but it was the same as 45 feet. Our 3-5, run like they have lead in their cleats, though I do like the little ballet steps from Delmon. Jhonny is lost, Dirks looked out of it totally, and Garcia might have seen 5 pitches in 3 AB’s. Even at the time frame, I would have brought Dotel in, instead of Villareal, just for the experience factor. Regardless, of all these things, the failure to hit doomed us again. Still in the lead, but boy it ain’t easy to cross the finish line in first. Good night all.

There are contact hitters and there are guys like DY, who miss alot. DY and guys like him seldom work the count. They need to swing early and swing often to put the odds for solid contact in their favor. Contact hitters, including the rare ones like Miggy and Biggy who have power, can afford the luxury of working a pitcher. DY is not the same breed. As JL might say, he is what he is.

Oh yeah…DY could stand to lose a few more pounds. I remember when he first came up with Tampa as a RF/CF and he could run. Doesn’t look the same now and sure doesn’t run the same.

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