Cabrera’s Triple Crown chase at a glance — Sept. 27

If Miguel Cabrera’s going to pull off the first batting Triple Crown in 45 years, he’s going to have to do it with a tear on the road. His home schedule has ended with a .332 average, 28 home runs, 75 RBIs and a 1.094 OPS at Comerica Park, the home run total setting a single-season record.

Sounds like a tough task. The consolation for Cabrera, at least for this weekend, is that he’s statistically a better hitter at Target Field than he is at Comerica Park.

Cabrera, who sent out the Metrodome with a home run in the Tigers’ AL Central tiebreaker loss in 2009, has ruled the Twins’ new ballpark since it opened in 2010. He’s a .411 (37-for-90) hitter there with 10 doubles, five home runs, 23 RBIs and a 1.179 OPS. Two of those home runs have come this year.

He’s not half-bad at Kauffman Stadium, either, but nothing like here in Minnesota.

Here’s the latest look at where Cabrera stands in the Triple Crown categories:

Batting average: .326 (1st)

Cabrera’s 1-for-4 performance Thursday afternoon dropped his season average by a mere point. The Twins were off, so Joe Mauer’s average stayed at .323, making him Cabrera’s closest competitor at this point. He’ll open the weekend series against Tigers left-hander Drew Smyly, who has held him hitless in five at-bats this season. Mike Trout is down to .320.

Home runs: 42 (tied for 2nd) — Hamilton leads with 43

All of the top sluggers stayed the same on Thursday, leaving Cabrera tied with Toronto’s Edwin Encarnacion and one ahead of Adam Dunn. Cabrera has homered twice in six games at Target Field this season.

Runs batted in: 133 (1st)

No change here. The Royals held Cabrera without an RBI for the four-game series, but Hamilton has driven in two runs over his last seven games. Nobody else in the American League has driven in more than 110.

Up next: Cabrera had an RBI double in four at-bats against Scott Diamond last Sunday at Comerica Park. They get a rematch Friday night at Target Field.


Best of luck to you Miggy.

Let’s not forget what an important play Infante made with Coke pitching in the 8th on Gordon. That squelched a Royal Rally that could have gone on to bigger and badder things.

he might have trouble turning the play but his range is great! I feel as though it improves the coverage closer to 1st base….another reason the tigers must get a range-y SS this offseason.

Miguel get some hits and win back to back batting titles first.

Just play your game, Miggy.
So my 8-2 homestand turned out 7-3, which at it turns out was good enough. The goal was to be even with Chicago at this point, but the Sox have had a poorly timed (for them) slump. 2 up with 6 to go, but 3 up with 4 to go has proven not to be safe.
Berry had the kind of game you dream of (not hope for) yesterday. I like him in the lineup but maintain that he should hit 9th. If anyone can come up with a good reason to hit him second, I’d sure like to hear it. I will say that when Q slaps the ball around, he’s like a younger Juan Pierre.
I still have a boggled mind over pinch hitting Santiago to bunt yesterday. Everybody knows I like Ramon but he’s not getting any playing time and it’s foolish to think he can come off the bench after weeks with no significant game action. Further, if the pitcher gets two strikes, who do you want up there, Dirks or Ramon? Jim goes with a correct strategy but uses the wrong player so after the game he can say “we didn’t get the bunt down.” The manager is going to have to step up his game too for this final week. Let’s go Jim.

my take on that bunt: a) Jim went with the better bunter. Dirks can bunt pretty well but ramon is a professional about it. Even Rod allen even said before the substitution that Jim might do it. It certainly isn’t logical to think ramon has forgot how to bunt and run because he hasn’t played. b) Ramon should have laid off that pitch. Sad, because that is why the bunt was messed up – it was like around his chin! Maybe he had nerves – which would support the thought of him being rusty.
c) good point about with 2 strikes you’d rather have dirks. absolutely.
d) i think it might have been over managing – and i was weary of the call at the time – but mostly because I wanted dirks to remain in the game in case we didn’t win it.

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