Thursday: Tigers vs. Royals

Almost forgot about this after the Scherzer announcement.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. David Lough, CF
  2. Alcides Escobar, SS
  3. Alex Gordon, LF
  4. Billy Butler, DH
  5. Salvador Perez, C
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  7. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  8. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  9. Johnny Giavotella, 2B

P: Luis Mendoza


Managerial mistake #1: Berry batting 2nd Berry is hitting about .230 with an OBP of.281 since the All Star Break.

Managerial mistake #2: Don’t get carried away with Valverde. This is a guy who threw 11 pitches last night and every single one of them was a 4 seam fastball.
You do not want a guy who is throwing predictable mid 90 fastballs and behind in the count in the 9th inning.

if it comes down to a slim lead in the 9th – who would you like to come in today?

totally agree on berry. bat alex 6th and berry 9th (omar 8th)

Jim has been bombarded with so many lineup questions that it’s probably impossible to gain a reasonable explanation of why Berry hits second. Unlike most of the issues fans have had, this is a good question. Wish I knew the answer.

The answer is that Jim likes to have “speed” at the top of his lineup. The key word there is likes, because he certainly doesn’t use the combination for anything other than show. Berry cannot hit enough to justify giving him crucial, additional at bats over guys like Dirks or even Infante. Maybe today we will actually see if he can lay a bunt down but I fear we will be treated to 2 or 3 ground outs to the right side and watch him over-run 1st base by 50 ft in a replay of what we have been treated to. He’s bogging up the top of the lineup.
I’d play Boesch and bat Dirks 2nd. Boesch might at least “run into one”.

Slim lead instead of Valverde. Benoit. Or Al-Al. I would even consider Dotel over Valverde. Valverde will break our hearts if he is permitted to.

Win our game to keep the pressure on the Sox. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

Not sure how many pitches Al threw last night, but we don’t see him today.

tigers are 4-1 with berry batting 2nd and dirks batting 6th. lol.

Miguel did something there he hasn’t done in a few days….go the o. ther way.

every game feels like a playoff game right now, essentially they are until we reach a magic number, which might not happen until the last day – fun stuff no matter what

Interesting 1st inning. Berry did what he needs to do if he is swinging–try to slap the ball to left.
Get KC on their heels–they had 2 gold glovers make errors there in that inning. That indicates they are a little tight.
Gene Lamont sending Fielder there was as stupid a directive from the coach’s bx as we have seen all year.

Good start not sure why they sent Fielder home there.

Although I will say I’m not sure if he was waived around or if he ignored a stop sign.

Five straight hitters go the other way. Two runs almost three.

Boy that barely went foul. Off the bat of Francour

I like Fister but for the life of me I can’t understand why a guy that is so often ahead 0-2 in counts he throws pitches that are up in the zone. Why does he simply make that 0-2 pitch unhittable by burying it? He’s been like that all year and he often has been hurt by it.

Well after what nice approaches they had in the first inning Avila and Peralta pulled the ball and combined saw 3 pitches.

well the next three didn’t fail me. Q nice triple.

I love it when the OTHER team makes the errors – I’ll take any break we can get

Add on runs are like gold bullion!!!!

When will the Tigers learn not o run on those arms? Appreciate the fact your playing hard, but sometimes it’s just stupid.

Fister looking good, really good through 5!

Honestly….it really hasn’t affected Fister, but I’m sorry Mendoza ia getting a very generous strike zone, that Fister is not getting. However it is affecting our hitters because they are getting in pitcher friendly counts and since Mendoza is getting outside pitches called strikes they are expanding their strike zone and swinging at bad pitches.

Fister is not only painting the zone, he’s painting the entire ballpark.
I think both pitchers are getting the same zone from what I see. Fister is getting high strikes called.

Not what I’m seeing.

Another homer we didn’t get. Bring in that fence. It’s only us that hits those out there.

It’s only us that hit them over it, too!!

Another great play by Gordon. He’s something else.

Everytime I watch the Royals I am amazed they are not in the thick of a race. THey have some real talent (Gordon is putting on a defensive show). I guess it is the starting pitching that gets them.

Now that pitch Gordon just struck out on was HIGH!

Well Fister that was something else. Who knew an AL record. Amazing.

9 Ks wow

Baseball emotions.
He got a few calls but they were probably right. Sure would be nice to get Max back and in gear again.

Let’s not forget about offense. Another run or two may yet be very helpful. You can’t sit back and let your starter be responsible for everything.

I have said it before, Fister is an Ace. Pity he has been under the shadow of giants. Felix and Justin. I take the command and mastery over the flamethrower everyday

Well, he’s my favorite.

offense? what offense! same story with these boys – can’t sustain an offense.

So now the baserunning cylinder is knocking. Jeez, this team………

yep and now it’s a 1 run game

my bad for some reason i thought we only had 2 runs lol. still, sad to see the boys struggle batting and running so much

Coke or Dotel. Which would you rather?

Well there goes the shutout.

well fister lost it and lost it fast.

I can’t believe Miggy didn’t come home either. Too bad we stopped hitting, now we are in a position if they fail to add on a couple of runs in the 8th we are looking at a save situation, and VV has already pitched 3 days in a row.

That’s enough of this stuff. Miggy made a mistake in judgement. Easy out at home.
Fister probably should be taken out for Coke here.

Dotel is not that good vs LHB

Sorry Doug you were awesome……but you fell apart and fast. Too bad, it’s feeling pretty bad right now. Let’s hope we have some hitters who decide to show up next inning. Jeez! What a buzz kill!

What happened all of a sudden? Those baserunning gaffes are hurting now.

Top of the eighth. Why wasn’t Fielder hugging the line???

Little late Jim—little late.
You can’t trust Valverde. Fister could have been taken out after the 2nd double and should have been taken out after the RBI ground out. And had to be taken out after the Lough single. Managerial mistake #3 today.

I’m sure nobody was ready…….fister looked unhittable all day until that inning, it all happened so fast. I certianly thought he would pitch a complete game.

lets get some hits fellas!

This game has many of the elements of what the problems have been this year.
Early runs, then the bats go dormant, bad coaching/baserunning, poor managing, relying on Valverde. That one hasn’t happened yet but I am already cringing and since it is noon here, perhaps a bit of Glenfiddich is in order.

Don’t break our hearts today Jose.

Nope I was hoping the Tigers hitters would show something here in the 8th and they literally did nothing. In the words of Hawk ” you gotta be bleeping me!”

benoit comes in to close the game. hmmmph.

Well I’m getting what I asked for! This should be interesting and these Royals are playing like they are not going to go easily. Heart of the order coming up.

All right Benoit, don’t let us down.

Here comes Benoit

tie ballgame fellas! who the heck suggested someone pitch to butler? good thing our bats are alive.

I guess Benoit isn’t a closer….he’s failed again. You gotta be bleeping me!

4th blown save in six opportunities for Benoit this year

I’ve just been demoted to the minors.
Mario just talked about this being in “absolute cruise control mode”. That was the problem. Our guys let the starters do their job for them.

Well don’t give up anything else and maybe someone will get a couple of hits in the bottom of the ninth. Jeez how freaking disappointing. KC had one hit through 7 andhere we are tied unreal. Stop hitting against a bad pitcher and this is what you get.

Too late Joaquin ……too late.

I feel comfortable blaming Leyland for the 8th inning.
Do we have a hero here? Can Prince make Illitch a hero?

Why……because Fister had allowed 1 hit through 7 with an incredible pitch count. Thoe 2 double came pretty quick. It takes time to warm up. I blame Fister. I blame the hitters.

Boy I’m glad Prince got there, but that seemed pretty risky


Terrible bunt by Dirks, I don’t get why you don’t let Dirks do that. Santiago really doesn’t play enough to contribute in a good way. Dumb.

I mean terible bunt by Satiago. I don’t mindthe bunting but why take Dirks out to do that.

That was damn stupid to send Santiago up there to bunt for Dirks. Quit managing, will ya Leyland?

Now ? a little too late

This comment was about the PR not about the overmanagement

I think it was the right idea to bunt but you didn’t need Ramon to come in to do it. Too much pressure and it showed. He hasn’t been playhing and bunted the worst possible pitch you could. Should have drawn his bat back and taken the pitch..
No way Peralta does squat here.DP probably

Come on Alex….sac fly? That’s. It a lousy sac fly

Tigers win on a ground out to first walk off, 5-4 !!!!!

That game was handed to us. I’ll take anything at this point.

wow what an ending to the game. so crazy.

Miggy’s decision to take the out in the 8th was the right decision without a doubt.

Don’t agree the guy was barely half way home by that time he would of been out.

benoit with a much deserved win. [snicker]

That was a nice at bat by Avila. We lucked out again. JP hit into another would be DP. He’s had 3 of them in the last 2 games that haven’t been turned.
He pulls anything on the ground to the left side. Can’t shoot the ball to th off field and it is killing him and his team.
Thank our luck stars for this one.
Our hitters didn’t hit and our manager didn’t manage and we still won.

I will have to look at that last play again. The 1st base ump ruled it fair and it hadn’t even reached the bag yet. I actually though the ball was foul. Not sure why Brayan Pena rolled over to touch the bag. Is he related to Brayan Villarael by first names?

As disappointing as Alex has been in many ways this year, he has come up with a more than a few walk off hits (although I guess that wasn’t really a hit but an RBI)

When you win a few in a row, they come in all flavors. This might have been butternut squash, but it’s still a win and keeps us at the top for day three in a row. I had a sneaky feeling that we could squeeze all four at home. Would love to finish 10-0 at the end, but would settle for 2-3 in each series. That would make the Sox have to win 9. I;m looking for big help from Shields and company. Anyway, we Tiger fans have something to celebrate. Beating the Royals four straight is a big accomplishment. Three Things:

1. Berry’s 2 out 2run triple. I trashed him a lot lately. Big hit at a big time today.
2. Ten strikeouts versus no walks by Mr. Fister. Absolutely seven innings of brilliant baseball. Have you noticed that we’ve become stingy with walks? Makes a team have to earn its runs.
3. Fielder’s iconic hustle to get things going in the ninth. Collins is a tough lefty. Again, we don’t appreciate how good of a “hitter” that Prince is.

Alex has decent AB’s again, Ajax scuffled, and Miggy decides to play defense instead of hit. Juaquin thinks too much when he tries to close. Time for Smyly to go seven tomorrow evening, and strut his stuff. Good evening all!

Cleveland fires Manny Acta. That may not make it any easier on the White Sox next week in Cleveland with their club trying to impress the new boss, Sandy Alomar.

My son kept me updated throughout the day so I knew we eventually won. Wow, what a game. Just finished watching and I was just dumbfounded when Jim put Ramon in there for Dirks. My jaw literally almost dropped to the floor. But, that’s our skipper. Hope Max is OK. Kinda scary. Go Tigers!!

5 is the magic number

8-2 for last 10

One run games making and breaking.

Thank you Fernando. Do you believe this guy’s record this year?

Hopefully going on the road helps Miggy. Possibly hearing too much “MVP; MVP” from the fans might have started to get to him. We know that when he busts out of it he will do it in style. I hope one of the personal success stories of all time happens for him this year.
Really thought it was a blunder to PH Santiago for Dirks. On several counts. Mostly you took any semblance of anything other than the bunt away. Dirks gets things done. He actually has a better chance of getting a bunt pushed toward 3rd than a RHB would. Santiago is in cold and under intense pressure. I am surprised he didn’t pop it up actually. No way he should have offered on that pitch—it was not a suicide squeeze Dad Gum It. He seemed to treat it like one.
The guys have a right to be happy but you know, they were damn lucky to win that one. They quit hitting (as usual) and if it weren’t for an uncanny number of errors by KC’s good fielders they would have lost this game.
They can’t be satisfied with their performance today. They need to perform better.

Much needed win, though I agree that they need to play better to continue the streak. Nice to see them sucking it up and getting the job done in the ninth, though. Fister still had a great game, and an AL record to top it off.

Six games to go and two games up on the Sox. No secret here we need to win to keep the pressure on them. We faced Diamond and Walters just last week. Do we make the proper adjustments?? We will find out. Go Tigers!!!!

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