Scherzer scratched, Smyly on Friday

The shoulder fatigue that knocked Max Scherzer out of a start last week and held down his fastball in his last start on Sunday has now put the rest of his season in question. Scherzer has been scratched from his scheduled start Friday in Minnesota with what is now described as a deltoid strain, and he won’t pick up a ball to throw again until his arm is better.

Scherzer said he aggravated the injury during a side session Tuesday. He threw enough to loosen up the arm to throw his side session, but felt it tighten up after that.

“My arm was still recovering from my start, and I was able to throw my pen,” Scherzer said. “But after that, I lost my range of motion that I had gained by loosening it up.”

Asked if he believed he would make another start before the end of the regular season, Scherzer said, “It’s just tough to say. I want to be able to, but at the same time, when you have a recurring injury like this, you can’t go back on the mound until you’re 100 percent.”

Scherzer said he won’t be able to pick up a ball until his arm feels fully healthy. He said he was pain-free when he started on Sunday despite having been knocked out after two innings last Tuesday.

Drew Smyly will start in Scherzer’s place on Friday in Minnesota. Presumably, if Scherzer can’t go, Smyly would start the regular-season finale Wednesday in Kansas City.


well we kinda knew Max wasn’t right (by watching his last start) – but with any luck it’s a 15day thing. I like Drew, alot, but I don’t know if starting in the playoffs is going to be good for him. Thank goodness for doug and sanchez huh?

Son of a ………….! Not cool.

Well it was nice to be happy for about 8 hours.

Not surprising, but unfortunate to hear. Smyly is ready to step up, and having a lefty in the rotation is a positive (especially against Minnesota).
This will test our bullpen. But with a stronger Al ABQ, I like our chances.

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First things first. We can not have Max pitch again until he is healthy. Secondly, we need to finish September strong. Win three of the next four. Do it with Fister, Smyly, Verlander, Sanchez. Yes, we can. Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verlander on short rest for game 162 now becomes a possibility if necessary.

you’d think so. but then again, you aren’t the skipper. remember who pitched game 163 a few years ago?

Austin Jackson CF, Quintin Berry LF, Miguel Cabrera 3B, Prince Fielder 1B, Delmon Young DH, Andy Dirks RF, Jhonny Peralta SS, Alex Avila C, Omar Infante 2B, (Doug Fister P)

ugh, bad, bad news. I think Smyly can hold his own, but he is no Max and this hurts us – but like mentioned above, our pen has been really good and if our other starters keep going late into games our pen should be ready to shoulder the work.

one more hour – very excited

Managerial mistake #1: Berry batting 2nd
Unbelievable. He has had 8 soft out so far this series (0 for 8).
He is actually thwarting any scoring opportunities ahead of Cabby.

Managerial mistake #2: Don’t get carried away with Valverde. This is a guy who threw 11 pitches last night and every single one of them was a 4 seam fastball.
You do not want a guy who is throwing predictable mid 90 fastballs and behind in the count in the 9th inning.
Last night we got lucky.

Horrible news about Scherzer. If we are to make the playoffs he deserved his chance in the national spotlight more than anyone.

BtW—Berry is hitting about .230 with an OBP of.281 since the All Star Break.
That is a big enough sample to know what you can expect.
Leyland is being foolish and is deluding himself.

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