Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Royals

1. Austin Jackson, cf (2-for-16, 5 K’s against Guthrie)
2. Quintin Berry, lf
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b (7-for-19, 2 HR off Guthrie)
4. Prince Fielder, 1b
5. Delmon Young, dh (3-for-21 off Guthrie)
6. Andy Dirks, rf
7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
8. Alex Avila, c
9. Omar Infante, 2b
P: Rick Porcello

1. David Lough, cf
2. Alcides Escobar, ss
3. Alex Gordon, lf (9-for-26, HR off Porcello)
4. Billy Butler, dh (12-for-38, 3 2B against Porcello)
5. Salvador Perez, c
6. Mike Moustakas, 3b
7. Jeff Francoeur, rf
8. Eric Hosmer, 1b (5-for-12, 2 HR off Porcello)
9. Irving Falu, 2b
P: Jeremy Guthrie


Why Porcello does not fit:
Grounders/ flyballs: Verlander : 0.75 Scherzer: 0.64. Sanchez: 0.86 Fister. 1.11( this year, last year. 0.92).Smyly:0.70 but Porcello: 1.17. Porcello needs the defense. Many of those grounder were in the range of an average infielder.He ended with a BAA: 311. Second worst in MLB. Anyone can catch a FB.
Last night the 3 hits were with grounders. Of course those FB could end as HR.CoPa helps them to keep the ball in. Park Factor:16th. Fielder and Cabrera uses the park as pinball machine. But is only them.
HR//9 Verlander :0.7 Fister. 0.8 Scherzer:1.1. Smyly:1.2 Sanchez: 1.1 ( career. 0.8) Porcello:1.0( high for a sinker pitcher)
But they will have a high HR rate because they are control pitchers:
Scherzer: 11.2 Verlander 9.0 and Smyly 8.6 Sanchez. 7.0 and Fister:7.5 Porcello:5.4. .

In problems, Scherzer, Verlander and Smyly can overpower the batter.Fister and Sanchez can draw the corners and fool the batter and once in a while smoke one.
Porcello, wh osupposedly had a great fastball that was abandoned under Tigers coaching , has no resources to deal when the defense fails him

I wonder how many of Porcello’s grounders are of the routine variety vs ones that are chopped into the ground with all kinds of english on them?

I agree with you about Sabermetrics for defense but the only way to answer that is Sabermetrics: Defense Independent ERA for Verlander , second in AL: 3.05. Porcello 14th . 3.80. Scherzer: 3.26

Omar is hitting well and Jhonny has one hit since the OAK series.
Omar has never seen Guthrie before and Jhonny has (15 times) and is batting .333 off him.
So is it that Omar can run the bases and Jhonny is kinda more of a ‘gaps’ guy and can’t run? Alex isn’t batting terrible either so what does that say about him? Whatever. play ball.

Hey, with two starts to go maybe now is the time for Rick to pull out that 4 seamer with 93-95 and throw it 25% of the time.

I guess the correct word for what I’m about to say is “ironic.” Someone had mentioned trading Porcello for a better defensive shortstop. Isn’t that exactly what Rick needs to turn his W-L record around? But then he would be gone? And I thought either JL or DD preferred a fastball pitcher a la JV or Max. Why on earth would they have Rick drop his fastball?
Someone had better know how to hit Guthrie. He has been very strong since going to KC.

Draft report on Porcello:” ran his fastball up to 96 mph and was throwing 94-95 mph very comfortably.”:
The Tigers on Porcello:
“The Tigers want Porcello to further develop as a starter before bringing him up to the Majors. You can argue that he can work on his pitching in a big league bullpen, and that’s a fair point, but it isn’t the same as starting work. POWER PITCHERS especially younger”

QB should be anywhere but 2 thru 7.
Quite amazing given the scheduling but for the past 10, 20 and 30 games, no team from Central is over 500. The Tigs and Chisox don’t have the equal 7th best AL record for nothing.
Funny thing is I like the Tigs chances thru to the WS where I think for the first time in ages, the NL will crunch whoever makes it.

Best approach for us viewers now is to try and forget what’s gone before and enjoy this final 8-game playoff.

I sincerely hope “enjoy” will be the correct verb in this case.

Good input Rich🙂
This is not going to be a laugher today. That much I’m pretty sure. I’m afraid we may see Rickety Ricky and not Tricky Ricky, so let’s hope these bats find a way to square up on the ball. Seems like there are only a few pitchers around that can get away with a 4-seamer any more.
Cabby has had good numbers against the last couple of pitchers but met with little success. I hope he breaks out with a vengeance tonight. We need him to.

I just don’t get Leyland. Leadoff double and then you don’t sac bunt him over to 3rd?
Berry did surprise me though—he didn’t K.
Managerial mistake #1 (every night it seems)

Base running mistake AJ!

Berry is not going to be an everyday player until he figures out his swing. That extra long/tall swing does him no good at all. He should be spanking the ball like Revere or Span or Pierre or Ichiro all do.
I have said this for a hwile now –he is mis-used by JL. Especially in the batting order.

Now, i would bunt

Rick looks god or about two seconds then he just gets his balls up and falls apart at the seems. Too bad AJ isn’t willing o dive to make a catch inning. Would be over. Tigers won’t get anything else of of. Guthrie I predict.

Typical Porcello, typical Tigers hitters.

Porcello is horrible……most of the time. Get the ball down. And surely the Tigers hitters have quit for the night. What a disappointment.

Seriously need to consider starting Smyly next Monday. No time for feelings at this point. It is not like RP is in the playoff rotation anyway.
He cannot stay away from the crooked inning.
— Bob

When your FB is back around and under 90, one dimension doesn’t cut you any leeway.

He’s got to keep the ball down and when he doesn’t he gets hit hard. He’s still young but with team that scores very few runs you basically have to have 5 number 1 type pitchers because most of the time if our pitchers give up more than a few runs we aren’t wining these days. Hitters just aren’t good enough.

Lack of long ball hurting us again.
My feeling about Porcello is to package him up with Boesch and go after an all around leadoff hitting shortstop. Aybar? Castro (probably have to add Castellanos) or Reyes.
Porcello is going to be a decent middle of the rotation guy. We can’t use him though. Not in our division against teams that load up with LHB.
They better take him out here in the 4th before it’s out of sight.

No way the Tigers can win with this Porcello. He has a .311 BA against. Porcello is getting pounded time and again and cannot even eat innings. It is not just about the range of the defense. The Tigers should skip him and go with 4 starters the rest of the way. If not, Smyly needs to pitch in his stead. And he is no sure thing.

Peralta and Avila coming up. That’s a lot to look forward to. Peralta got an infield hit last inning (he should have been ruled out by the ump) on a botched DP ball. Avila watched the world go by. And these guys aren’t even at the very bottom of the lineup.
Berry is going to be a black hole in there today. It’s going to take a 3 run shot to get back into this one. Not sure anybody but Fielder and Cabby can hit homers any more.

Say what???? Lol

Obviously JL doesn’t trust ricky

Guess the Porcello detractors like me will be next up to eat our shoes.

Thankfully, Porcello is out and I won’t have to taste foot.

Fielder can’t field, again. Even Rod didn’t say much.

I feel bad. Fielder gives it everything and has actually made some amazing plays this year. He is still ugly to watch on defense when he is not pounding like he did in August.

Looks like bad Masterson showed up in Chicago tonight.

I’m trying to shame them into hitting GK!
Game of inches, Dirks ball down the line might have really led to a big inning.
Please get Berry out of there.
Infante has to have better at bats. He needs to help his team more than that.
AJ should not be leading off after this year.

Well you know I was thinking the same thing….funny!

Thank You Marte for striking out their toughest hitter. Now have a seat..
(Over managing)

Boy Miggy just missed that…and Delmon just got robbed of a hit. What a depressing inning.

How much have we missed Al ABQ this year, he looks great and the slider is just nasty.

Not so sure he needed to be brought in so soon though.
Poor Cabby. nothing to show for a night where he has hit the ball well 3 times.

Think miggy is pressing a little. He’s not having bad ab’s…. but still swings r just a little off I think

Well that was sure ugly (the 6th)

Nice sniff out by JL wth that pitch out.
Not hits and more importantly runs boys

Henning said , JL wont use Worth because Peralta was there first. So there is no chance he bench Porcello. One thing is sure , no spot for him in the roster for postseason

One run games. Got to change…..

I posted this earlier but is awaiting moderation: the important bit from the draft report in 2007 on Porcello ” ran his fastball up to 96 mph and was throwing 94-95 mph very comfortably.”:

Porcello occassionally shows decent velocity, but his fastball lacks movement. So he relies on his cutter. The problem is it does not leave much separation, unless he uses the curveball he neither trusts nor commands. Thus, hitters are not off balance enough on him. Bingo…He gets hammered.

Herrera has a nasty fastball. Read he has the top average fastball in MLB, even better than Ardolis.

Don Kelly????


Andy Dirks is a baseball player. Plain and simple. I love that guy.
— Bob


papa grande time? Two nights in a row?

This will be the 4th straight day for Papa Grande. Is this wise?
— Bob

Sorry, My error. He was up last night, but did not enter.
— Bob

Dirks—one of the few true baseball players on this team.
Peralta is just about useless at the plate. We were so lucky he didn’t hit into another killer DP
I’d obviously leave Benoit in. Valverde can’t be trusted. At least it’s not the big boys up.

Supposedly JL said Dirks is injury prone so he is not an everyday player.

Looks like the Tigers’ postseason experience is paying off here at the end. They may play dumb sometimes but they never play scared. Good time to finally win a 1-run game and 11 over .500 ties our season high. Good time for that too.
Hey, maybe that postseason experience helps us fans too? I know it does me. Cool and excited all at the same time.
Andy Dirks tonight demonstrated why he is one of the painfully few current Tigers on my keeper list, right in there with Miggy and JV, etc. Still hitting around .317 or so, too.
Excellent work by the bullpen. I think Porcello will continue to be a big topic of discussion, but right now the question is his next start. It will be against these same Royals. It wouldn’t seem that Smyly matches up with these guys very well. Twins yes, if there’s a way to rearrange the rotation at this late date. Kind of doubtful that can be done.

3 cheers to the BP. They were spectacular!

VS KC Smyly . Two games. 47 Ab:277/292 /.362/.653. Porcello before today: 2 games.,51 AB:294/321/471/791.
Wont happen. He will stick to the older players until they are taken away from him. Peralta , Porcello like he did with Inge and Raburn

JL made the right move at the right time tonight when he removed Porcello. Earlier in the year, he’d have let Rick try to work it out.
With a nod to Ventura’s Legions in Chicago, tonight we saw Leyland’s Leygions.

Tie game Cleveland . 3 on/ no outs. 1 run.

Not so sure about him throwing Porcello again. I actually think he won’t.
Smyly may end up playing a huge role for us THIS year.

Tribe have 14 LOB this game though they are leading 5-4 in the middle of the 7th.

We stay in first another day. We solve the Guthrie problem, and now it’ s broom time. Every win counts big now, so let’s continue to step it up a notch. Will echo what many have said. Berry in the two is worthless. Make him the nine if you’re going to continue to use him. I really don’t know why. He’s not used right anyway.
Keep Infante or Dirks there, though I do like Andy in the six. I sort of feel for Rick. Remember, he’ll have four sesaons behind him before his 24th. Birthday. Maybe a little patience will pay off.

1. Al Al was spot on tonight. He’s getting back into form just in time.
2. The Avila HR was another indication that the great swing is coming back. Three good AB’s from Alex tonight.
3. I’ll tip my hat to Jose for the clean inning. Still look forward to a new closer next year.

Love the Jackson AB’s tonight, and of course kudos to Andy for good AB’s and the slide heard around the park. Indians might help us out. Look out for Mister Fister’s Sister at Comerica tomorrow. Good evening all!

I’ve preached patience with Ricky P quite often, but my fear now is that they’ve ruined his development by bringing him up too soon. I hope that’s not the case.

Cleveland homer from my first “name of the day” guy from this past spring training, Vinny Rottino! Come full circle with that one.

I too thought patience would be rewarded–it may still be. But it might benefit us if it were somewhere else.

2 run lead in bottom of the 9th with the top of the Sox order coming up.
Hold on Cleveland.

Interesting bottom of 9th—thought for sure a ridiculous error would get the Sox new life.
Happy to see Hawk sad!!!

Leyland has to do something about Berry. It is insane to put him the role of the #2 hitter. He has shown signs of getting over his tendency for stubborness. It is important he either remove him from the lineup or drop him in the order.

What a great night last night. Leyland made some good moves – taking ricky out, using the right guys to pitch, the Kelly PH and steal…Props to Papa for another terrific 9th inning – he does have it in him guys, he just likes to remind us he doesn’t have it every day, but he did his job as did the entire pen – nicely, nicely done. I love, love, love me some Andy Dirks – I would not expect that kind of slide from too many guys on the team, but Andy puts aside any potential injury and gets the job done – he has to be respected quite a bit on this team and should be an every day player next year – I think he would have been this year without the injury. And the fun of the Sox playing the Indians is that I could watch both games last night being in Toledo, getting Fox D and Ohio coverage – in fact on any night I can watch the Tribe, the Reds or the Tigers if I felt so inclined. Nice to see the Indians are still playing hard even though their season is over – fun to play the spoilers and we appreciate it.

I can see I won’t get any work done once 1:00 hits today…

oh, and I don’t think I have ever seen a hit as high as Miggy’s last night – I yelled to my husband “he hit another one!” and then it felt like 2 minutes later I saw it was caught – never seen a guy stand at the wall for that long – granted he was playing deep on him, but too bad Miggy got just a hair too much under it – his hits are not finding the green lately, he could have used that. But he was the first guy at the steps to congratulate Dirks on that take out at 2nd, total team guy.

As important as the slide and the pen were last night…and the were huge, I think Donn Kelly’s steal is getting lst in the shuffle. Without that we don’t win either. ( at least at that point)

How about our Detroit Tigers!! And what about the bottom of the order!!! They came through huge in an important game. Dirks in the six hole works. Go Tigers!!!

I’d rather see avila in the 6th hole, dirks in the 2nd spot and berry batting 9th.

against righties that is.

crazy stat of thursday: If Fister wins today, it will ensure his first winning season.

Hey don’t forget about AJ’s 2 out homer in the 4th – that was clutch!!

Kelly’s steal was a hit and run that didn’t work but he was able to beat it out. He’s always been a good baserunner. That’s an example of things going good instead of bad. He gets thrown out and we may be singing a different tune this morning.
On that takeout slide from Dirks, he had the speed to get down there to do the job. Most of our guys wouldn’t have been there on time, but I think they all know to take out the relay man on a doubleplay. Just have to be fast enough to get there.
We had the situation of both guys being greeted and high fived by both ends of the dugout at the same time. Good moment there.

Miggy!!! Win the batting title. If the homers happen that’s a bonus.

Well, I’m just disgusted. Didn’t realize the game was this afternoon and I have to work. Going to sneak my radio in, though. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

I have said it before, Fister is an Ace. Pity he has been under the shadow of giants. Felix and Justin. I take the command and mastery over the flamethrower everyday

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