Cabrera’s Triple Crown chase at a glance – Sept. 25

Miguel Cabrera was one of the rare Tigers with tremendous numbers off Bruce Chen heading into Wednesday, but he ended up hitless Tuesday, going 0-for-3 to end his 14-game hitting streak. Instead, he won a critical game for the Tigers with his glove, reaching high to rob Salvador Perez of at least an RBI single and maybe more.

Here’s the latest look at where  Cabrera stands in his quest for the first batting Triple Crown in 45 years:

Batting average: .329 (1st)

What was an eight-point lead for Cabrera over Mike Trout coming into Tuesday is down to three points over Joe Mauer (.326), whose 3-for-4 performance against the Yankees raised his average four points. He’s batting close to .400 for the month, well better than Trout, and looks more and more like Cabrera’s next great threat if Cabrera retakes the home-run lead.

Home runs: 42 (2nd) – Hamilton leads with 43

The good news for Cabrera is that neither Adam Dunn nor Edwin Encarnacion homered on Tuesday, so Cabrera is still on his own in second, one behind Josh Hamilton. The bad news is that he has gone four games homerless, his longest drought since Sept. 7-10 in Anaheim and Chicago. Cabrera hit a line drive to the left-field warning track, but into the glove of left fielder Alex Gordon.

Runs batted in: 133 (1st)

Again, nothing from Cabrera, but nothing either from Josh Hamilton, who remains nine back.

Up next: Cabrera is 7-for-19 with two home runs lifetime off Royals starter Jeremy Guthrie, his opponent for Wednesday.


In a perfect world for Tiger fans Cabby wins everything and so do we. That is pretty unlikely though.
Rally would be no surprise to see Miggy just go wild again, he’s been off lately, and do something that hasn’t been done since before the Tigers won the Series in ’68. That would be pretty amazing.
He’s one of the few Tigers who should swing at 1st pitch strikes if he wants to. And 3-0 pitches. I think he has taken too many hittable pitches lately. One thing for sure, the team needs him to hit. They aren’t doing enough of that.
It is beyond reason to expect these solid quality starts from everyone in the rotation. The hitters, however, look like they do. The lineup continues to not “gel”.
I guess we will likely see Berry batting 2nd tomorrow. I strongly disagree with that. His speed is not being utilized there. We are better off with someone there who can take advantage of a fastball. Berry can’t.
Leyland won’t run him with Cabby up. Thus you are not using his speed if he does get on. Create some kind of secondary threat at the bottom of the lineup. Prhaps they could manufacture a run or two.
Leyland is back to playing cautious, wait for someone to run into one, baseball again. Not a good idea.

I think Berry has proved he can help the team significantly with his defensive speed and so justifies these starts he’s been getting. (Especially down the stretch) odd as that sounds. I like him and am always glad to see him in the lineup. I do agree with you Dan that he should probably not be batting second. 9th would be better suited for his running game as there would be no intentional walks issued to AJ if Q stole 2nd. Dirks is obviously a better hitter and perfect for the 2 hole. But if either Avila, Peralta, or Young were on base in front of Berry, it seems that would negate his speed too. There are always choices and compromises to be made. But he is a spark.

Here’s a tough question. If you could only have one of either Miguel winning the triple crown or the Tigers winning the division, which would you choose? Obviously most of us would choose the Tigers winning the division. But which would be the most “deserved” outcome? Let’s hope both happen and we don’t have to think about it.

Marty, of course I’d like to see both. But, my choice would be Triple Crown for Miggy. I don’t think the team is strong enough to make it through the playoffs to the WS. And the TC is such an elite award. Go Miggy.

Kathy, you took the words out of my mouth – of course I want us to go post season, but doubt we make it to the finals so might as well have Miggy get his rewards. I feel bad for the guy – talk about a ton of pressure on him, of course if he wins the triple crown that means he hits well this week which means we just might make post season!

Sanchez was remarkable last night – I was wondering who the heck he was when traded for and his record was nothing great, but I though the same thing about Fister and realize that is why I am working where I work and not as Dave Dombrowski.

It is a whole new season starting today!!

Couldn’t we solve the “Berry issue” by switching him and AJ? I know, I know, JL wouldn’t ever do it….

Playoffs, every day of the year. MVP is obviously “awesome” (I hate the overuse of that word, but it’s true) but to me it’s almost like a consolation prize if we don’t win the division. Miguel is probably one of the most elite hitters we might ever witness in our lifetimes and he deserves that MVP award. Since I’m feeling greedy, I want both. Let’s win tonight. Go Tigers!!!!

The answer to that question is a no-brainer. The team winning the division is the ultimate goal, regardless of what fans may think of their chances in the postseason. Those individual awards are just extras. Wow, just wow.
Regarding Berry hitting 9th for these final games, you have to consider the odds of Peralta or Avila actually being on base when he comes up. I would hit him 9th.

Definitely. You create the possibility for a consternation for the defense in an area where they normally just have to wait for a bad at bat and station to station baseball.
The top of the order is a concern for the opposition. Obviously the middle is and the bottom presents a sense of respite such as it is.

fun game last night – i’d encourage anyone interested to go tonight or tomorrow.

Hawk Harrelson has come up here frequently, so here’s a fun read about biased announcers:

Interesting take by Hawk at feeling complimented at being called a “homer.” Also interesting perspective on Rod, who I consider a “homer” too, paricularly regarding Fielder. To me, his take on Prince (especially his fielding) has cost him credibility.

Division win, every time. As fans, we invest a large chunk of our summer to one goal. To see meaningful baseball in September and October. The individual performances are the scenery along the way. I will also add to what the player would want. I am pretty sure Miggy wants to play in the post season and would trade the Triple Crown for that chance. So I will go with what he wants. He is a team guy and very refreshing in this day in age. He willingly moved to 3rd and when he insisted Ajax was part of the post game interview on the field after the 5 run 10th in August, that was great.
We may not be expected to do much in the postseason, but give me that chance any time and I will take it. It is fresh slate on October 6th. Maybe the one good month of baseball we have been expecting all season is waiting for us in October. Maybe. Maybe not.
We have to get there first.
Dont play Berry. Play Garcia every day.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

i am starting to come around on Garcia….but it’s because Garcia is really putting up the numbers.
in the last 7days: Garcia 17abs, .856OPS
Berry 12abs, .397OPS

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