Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Royals

Pretty much the same lineup you’ve seen the Tigers send against a left-handed start for other games this homestand. Interesting to note, though, that Andy Dirks will bat sixth ahead of slumping Jhonny Peralta.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B (1-for-9, 5 K’s off Chen)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (11-for-26, 3 HRs off Chen)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH (8-for-18, 3 2Bs, HR off Chen)_
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Avisail Garcia, RF
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Jarrod Dyson, CF
  2. Alcides Escobar, SS
  3. Alex Gordon, LF
  4. Billy Butler, DH
  5. Salvador Perez, C
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  7. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  8. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  9. Johnny Giavotella, 2B

P: Bruce Chen


JL got the lineup right today – go figure?

Yom Kippur

Anybody know why the Sox are playing a Tuesday afternoon game followed by a Wednesday night game?

No idea … Maybe just to put the pressure back on us. If they win, we will win tonight; if they lose, we will then lose😉 That just the way it has been going.
— Bob

Is this the six months after St Patricks Day Irish celebration???

does this mean that Dirks is going to bat behind Prince vs. righties, now? we can hope and dream, can’t we?

Peralta should be 9th not 7th

that is a fair thought. would you rather G$ bat behind dirks or G$ bat in front of AJ? matter of opinion at that point, wouldn’t you say?

way to be Liriano!

If I had my way he wouldn’t be playing against RHP at all. I know we have a lefty today.
Hope I am not jinxing the Tribe. Soon as I turned it on Viciedo cut the lead in half.


sox just put in Quintana….weird.

Doesn’t the white Sox management know that their announcer is responsible for a whole lot of baseball fans who hate their team? He is so obnoxious. It is actually insulting to his profession.

“Slumping”?, holy understatement. This dude is enemy #1 for our offensive stuggles in 2012. He’s KILLED this team, time and time again. Yuk.

while he is slumping, it is short sighted to accuse him of being the problem for the entire year.

I think the Sox have the right idea. They know that lefties are what it takes to beat a team like Cleveland and they aren’t afraid to use them.
That is one area of extreme need for us next year. Smyly has to make the team and pitch well. As much as I like Porcello I wouldn’t mind a solid top of the rotation type southpaw in addition to Smyly.
We also need to address the shortstop position. You get a high OBP guy there with range, speed, glove who can lead off and steal bases and you have solved a lot of problems right there. Andrus, Reyes, Aybar would supercharge this team. Or I’d even trade Porcello and Castellanos for Starlin Castro. The Cubs are building around him for sure. He is going to be a superstar.

What do you think of our guy, Eugenio Suarez??

What is wrong with Pestano and Perez? They don’t pitch like crap to us.

Perez made it far too interesting.

Well ……..Indians won, I’m sure we’ll lose. That seems to be the way it goes right?

White Sox 3 homers = 3 runs. We should be 10 games in front of that outfit. Adam Dunn has told his team to relax. Adam Dunn of zero postseason or pennant race experience. They’re the ones with their heads down right now. We may not go far in the postseason, who knows, but you want those two guaranteed home playoff games, that’s for sure.
My subscriptions allow me to choose which feed I want, and it’s never Hawk. I used to think his style was funny, but now it’s just sad. That dude is older than I am, and whining like that.

No sweep for the Sox. Tomorrow night they face Masterson who has given the Sox two homers in over two hundred fifty Batters faced in the past three years.

Hey, “slowbyrne,” it’s the hitters they face, not Pestano and Perez. I do believe the Tigers got to Perez once, didn’t they? But when P & P face DY, Boesch, and Peralta, they look like Tiger tamers.

Yes , the comeback of the year was against him.august 5. 5 runs in the 10

Not today GK. This is the day that the sea parts and we are led to the promise land.

One bad thing about our team is that we seem to let other guys or teams “get in our head”. The Tribe, the Twins, Billy Butler, Joe Nathan, Pestano.
Time for all that to change.

well fellas i’m taking off to the game. good luck to everyone tonight.

I just hope we win a 1 run game again and it doesn’t involve VV giving up runs.

The way our boys play this game will tell us how bad they want this. Let’s get the game faces on boys. I’d like to see Prince get a little more serious out there. Quit yakkin’ with opposition and get in position to anticipate the next play. He’s a bit too casual out there.
There’s no changing (or need to) Cabby. He’s a big kid enjoying himself and knows how to balance himself.
Infante’s history with Chen is horrible—BUNT. It’s that simple.

Ha! On the pregame show they already had Dotel backtracking his remarks from yesterday about the enthusiasm level. “Not too high, not too low” Kid Rick repeats the mantra.

Mark Fydrich was the first Tiger I followed. Year after year I waited for his recovery

A beloved Tiger….always high, never low.

He was a treat. I got to see him play when I was living in Northern California.
Great days at at the Oakland Coliseum. There were more Tiger fans in the seats those days than As fans!

Austin shaved and got a hit.

Young finally playing for the money

Shocker bases loaded nobody out and nothing. Why am I surprised!?

Chens in his groove now, they didn’t put the nail in the coffin.

Bases loaded, none out, 2-3-4 don’t get it done. 2012, man, 2012.

Well, Infante lwas impatient and Miggy too patient.. Same old story letting the starter off the hook when they could have stomped him to the turf. (Sorry for the violent overtones). Bases loaded nobody out the heart of the order up, the seaon on the line and they do this!
They just opened the door for the Royals wide open.
Almost unbelievable. I think Cabby is feeling it a bit. That’s a shame to see that happen to him. That 1st pitch breaking ball was the one he could have crushed.
He only has a few home games left and I sure would like to see the fans coming out of their seats for some of his last at bats.

Yes Rich—this is one of the reasons why we haven’t had too many of those double digit powerhouse victories this year.

I’m still fuming over that horrible inning. Infante should be benched for swinging at the 1st pitch with the sacks full. and Cabby on deck. And I like Infante!

These guys better get hitting. This frequent hibernation they go into after early runs (often in the 1st) then nothing is part and parcel of their woes all year.
We have had such great pitching (starting) lately and for the life of me I don’t know why. They have largely been unsupported by both their offense and their defense yet they have kept their composure. Any other team getting this pitching would be running away with it.
The hitters are falling asleep in front of 30K+

At the game tonight, thankfully not as cold as the last few nights I was here. They are starting to square up the ball a little beter against Sanchez and well being lulled into submission by Cy Chen. Like you said they didn’t stomp on his throat when the had the chance. I shouldn’t let this surpise me anymore should I ?

Baseball wasn’t mean’t to be easy…..

I have a bad feeling about this one. They gave Chen a breather and now they won’t be able to touch him.

A bunt single can change the game

Cy Sanchez!!

9 grounders, 3 hits/4 F: 0

OK you guys. Sanchez’s K of Butler was beautiful. Be a team now. Sanchez deserves better than a flimsy uninspired 2-0 lead. The rotation deserves their teammates to play better behind them.

Looked like it was going to be a good night for the hitters, but this is just frustrating.

I’m pretty sick of these guys. Where is their common sense? Where is their manager and hitting instructor? 1st pitch swinging like fools. They are leaving everything up to their pitchers.

Rod is unrealistic when it comes to Fielder. Since spring training, he has pointed out how well Fielder handles balls in the dirt…he doesn’t. Today, he said how great Fielder has been offensively over the last 50 games. Who chooses that number in a September stretch run? In fact, over the last 30 per MLB, Fielder has produced only 6 HR and 14 RBI, compared to 10 HR and 27 RBI by Miggy. Not to mention 5 HR and 21 RBI by DY. Despised Peralta has 3HR and 9 RBI over the same span. C’mon…Fielder is a run producer paid like Miggy. He not only needs to play hard, which he does, but he needs to pound and pound harder in critical situations.

9 runners left on base……grrrrrr

You do NOT take Sanchez out.

He didn’t tip his cap that I could see. He might want to finish this one himself.

Meat of their lineup due up

We should have 5 on the boards. This is too tight. It is scary.

Ridiculous not running with Garcia. Raw speed, 2 strikes and a RHP? Why not show a little managerial creativity?
That being said, do NOT bring in Valverde.

JL is starting to manage like a player in his contract year would play.

7 QS in 11 starts . He is pitching better than with Miami.

Sanchez is okay. Maybe we should sign him?

He is in the bottom for run support near Verlander.
Fast ,efficient outing

I have posted Tiger QS before and have pointed out the success of Sanchez. Glad to be right for a change, at least so far. He is definitely okay, and hopefully better.

He was commanding. What a performance!

Excellent. But where is our hitting? 2 runs is not going to win you many games.
I still don’t see any fire in the belly.
ThankYou Anibal. One of the better pitched games we have seen all year.

Geez… The Negative Nora suff is understandable when we lose if for no other reason than emotion. Let us try to keep some joy in victory. Sometimes a team has to win when it scores only 2.

Thankfully Leyland did the right thing, the smart thing and not the stubborn thing in the 9th. Good decision.

The game was being played out for a 3-2 result except for the brilliance of our pitcher.

Henning said JL wont play Worth because it will demoralize the team. So JL believes in chemistry.
Allowing Sanchez to pitch the complete game. Was an offense to JV?
Cabrera had a 13 games streak. On day off . That is all. 341/ 1154 for the month

14 games says yahoo

Sanchez was special today.

Great job Anibal!!! Hard fought 2-0 victory. These Royals are fighters and we see them for FIVE more games. This is almost like playoff baseball right now. We will face two RHP in a row. How many games have we scored first this past week?? It seems like every game. It must continue. Who has the best starting pitching in the AL?? First things first. We need to focus on Guthrie and the Royals tomorrow night. Win and put pressure on the Sox. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

That’s the kind of dominating pitching performance we used to see in the 1960s. Efficient and quickly done. Beautiful work. I’d love to get Sanchez signed but that will cost a ton of money.
Everybody, including Leyland who was “kind of nervous” thought we’d blown it in the 2nd innning. I wasn’t happy with the approaches in that situation, but I think the rest of the game was just Chen doing what he does. His BA against plummets with each time through the order and there’s a reason for that. I was hoping for one add on run. It’s good to get a good old fashioned 2-0 win here in the 154th game.
That leaping catch by Cabrera may have saved the game. There’s more than one way to win an MVP.
Okay, it’s an 8-game season now. May the least bad team win.

Money??? We are presently out of the top 5 in spending and are actually kinda rich given attendance and salary commitments. What is up with Tiger fans? Illitch is rich and a huge player. He can be competitive with SoCal. Illitch is a huge fan. Are we insane to be so concerned about how this financial genius spends his money? He has it figured out. We just need to be fans and not auditors.

This was the first time that the trade seems a little more balanced. My sons, who do fantasy National League had told me how good Sanchez could be. His last few starts have really been nice, and tonight was a gigantic leap forward. How does it feel to be in first place again? Let’s hope that Ricky gets that elusive 10th win on his “100th. try.” The win tonight puts in play a good chance at 3-4, with a chance for a sweep. Starting pitching is moving up to elite status. That bodes well in a short series. Keep Hawk crying.
1. Miggy’s leaping catch of the hard Perez liner. That ties the score if he doesn’t make the catch. Luck or not, it was a game changer.
2. AJ’s AB’s the entire game. He wasn’t cheated on any AB, and he didn’t strike out tonight.
2. Anabel’s masterpiece! One of the best performances this season. Ten K’s stood out also. He stepped up to the challenge.

Too many runners left on, Miggy pressing a little, two wasted bases loaded situations, were all downsides, but the Sanchez gem far outweighs the negatives. Mr. Porcello, it is your turn. Make them hit it on the ground, and the defense won’t let you down. Good evening all!

The “least bad team” slam is an insult. Check the standings for bad teams. Tigers still have a shot Do not understand why baseball fans quit so early since there is no time limit.

Glad you enjoy my input.


Usually do enjoy your takes.Not so much this time.

Went to the game last night – was really fun. Sure wish the offense would get back going again tho.

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