Monday’s lineup: Tigers vs. Royals

I think it’s now safe to say that Quintin Berry is an everyday starter against right-handed pitchers. The feel-good story of the Tigers summer has a second chapter. If he can ignite this Tigers offense this week, you have to think he’d start in a postseason series.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Jarrod Dyson, CF
  2. Alcides Escobar, SS
  3. Alex Gordon, LF
  4. Billy Butler, DH
  5. Salvador Perez, C
  6. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  7. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  8. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  9. Johnny Giavotella, 2B

P: Luke Hochevar


guy comes up and hits well – league figures him out – guy adjusts (?). Happens on long scales (e.g. learning to use your bullpen right, infield shifts like Madden in TB does, etc.) and on shorter scales (e.g. in game adjustments, pitch counts, umpire strike zone). Happens for coaches, players and even broadcasters. It breeds success. Congrats QB.

I dont think it has much to do with QB making adjustments; it is more to do with playing time by default. It is like the AL Central. Somebody has to win it and somebody has to play LF. I would much rather see JL play Garcia against both hands of pitching in these last 10 games and see what he can do. Dont be so stubborn. It cannot be any worse than Berry and/or Boesch. Try something different. Try something bold. If you do more of the same; you will get more of the same.
— Bob

He’s going to stubborn his way right back to Pittsburgh. The reason I wanted Garcia to get PT is not because I thought the kid would do well, although he has, but because Boesch has been a total dud this year. Berry gets the job because of this, true.
We passed a point awhile back when the thought should have been given to strengthening the inner defense for the remainder of this season. Prince to DH, Cabrera to first, replace Peralta with Worth or Santiago, etc. Young to platoon in left with whoever. A temporary emergency move for this season only. I’ll grant, not easy to do when it’s your job on the line.

Berry’s speed should keep him in the lineup over Boesch. Boesch is just lost right now.

Right now is the magic phrase. And right now has happened several times this year. It is beginning to look like “right now” will re-occur frequently. I hate to say it because I really like the guy. To have that much potential only to be a part in not reaching it is a waste. He does play a part in it. He has not taken a new batting approach (unlike AJ) and seems to have a bid mix of sensitivity and stubborness himself.

He is a reflection of his manager. You can’t make this stuff up.
— Bob

Lefties all season season are hitting .275/.355 of Valverde with righties .198/.276. He should never see certain teams even when pitching well.
For September VV2 is being hit .357 / 7.71ERA and .44 / 13.5 ERA the past week.

Got around to watching Moneyball for the first time. What a bunch of ex-hacks and drones forming the A’s management unit. Of course just a story but the A’s were falling off the cliff early until the believers rolled up their shirts and started instilling it directly to the players.

I really enjoyed the book, haven’t seen the movie (but would like to soon)

Octavbio! Pump ’em Up!!!!

Detroit — Will it end the same way? He hopes so.

But there’s a missing element on this Tigers team, relief pitcher Octavio Dotel said Monday.

A year ago, Dotel was with the St. Louis Cardinals. With nine games to go, the point in the schedule the Tigers reached with their game Monday night against Kansas City, the Cardinals were 2.5 games out of a wildcard spot — pursuing the Atlanta Braves.

The Tigers are one game behind Chicago, which began a three-game series with Cleveland on Monday.

The Cardinals playoff chances at the time were 17.7 percent. But they made it on the last day of the season — and went on to win the World Series.

Dotel was part of that team. In 29 games for the Cardinals, he went 3-3 with two saves and 3.28 ERA. He also won a game in both the National League Division Series and Championship Series.

Now 38, it was Dotel’s fourth postseason last year, but his first World Series — therefore his first World Series ring.

When asked Monday what similarities he sees between the two pennant races — 2011 with the Cardinals and 2012 with the Tigers — Dotel mentioned one similarity.

But one difference, as well.

“That team believed in itself,” he said. “This team believes in itself. The belief is there.”

And the difference?

“One thing that I loved about my team last year,” he said, “was that everybody was very, very pumped. Everyone was very excited, even when we were down.

“Everybody believed — and the dream came true.”

When asked if he sees the same attitude on the Tigers, Dotel — being the honest player he’s always been — said, “We do believe. But I don’t know how to say this to you.

“We believe we have the players and talent, but I think we should be more pumped up. I haven’t seen that yet.

“Maybe I’m wrong. But it’s what I see. Like I said, we believe, but I need to see one more little thing. I hope I see that in the next 10 days. There’s time.”

If the majority of the personalities on a team are laid back, though, a team is going to be laid back. Team meetings and rah-rah sessions won’t work.

So they are not tried.

“I treat people like men,” said manager Jim Leyland. “I expect them to take care of their own responsibilities.

“I don’t have to go out there and police the clubhouse. I’d be wasting my time to do that.

“These guys know what’s at stake and how far out we are and how many games we have left.”

Dotel said a team can’t fake what he’s talking about. It’s pumped up or it isn’t.

“That you can not fake,” he said. “No chance. No way.”

But it is a trait, he believes, a team can add. Even late in the season — which is why he keeps saying what he’s saying.

“Vamos. Let’s go.”
From The Detroit News:

Bill Freehan led the ’68 Tigers in games played. He routinely caught double headers.
Not sure why I said that, other than I was just thinkin how good a player he was.

No Dan, you mis-remember. Freehan would play firstbase in game 2.

After further review, I retract my comment.

Man—we complain about Jose Valverde but how must it feel to be on the field and see him warming up in the pen for your team?
This guy has not only lost us some big games but he has sapped his mates of the enthusiasm they need to carry this baton to the end of the race.


For Pete’s sake Leyland–don’t bunt!!! Managerial mistake #1

JV—gettin’ fastball happy dude….careful! C’mon Cabby we’re pullin’ for you. Line drives not home runs will do it.

Mayo—no you were more right than I was. Bill only played 4 double headers and another one where he came in to relieve Price about halfway through a 19 inning game

He reached the mark we predicted here.:28

Fielder has been bittersweet. IMO he needs to hit 35+ in order to justify the sacrifice (defensively and financially) to have him playing 1st base.

If Evans, Dosince56 and me were right , next year he will be near 40

I know the downsides to Prince, but his transition to the AL was smooooth. I think the amount of walks he gets is really amazing. Next year, will be the 1st year he has with a great hitter in front of him and a really good hitter behind him. next year: 41hr – my guess.

I missed seeing it live but did AJ pull the first clown act of this game by getting doubled off first on Berry’s fly ball?

Yes … It was a poor decision.
— Bob

No it was the 2nd clown act. The 1st was JL not bunting with Berry.

Tigre–if he does that he can play short!!

Miggy has to get to hittin’ like he does again. For his sake but for ours too.
I think he is going for the fences and he just does not need to do that. The fences come to him.

This game is taking on a sinister and familiar refrain.
Octavio—get those bozos goin’

Can Peralta do anything right?

He missed a catchable ground ball last inning too.

Jackson does not trust GL. He looks back to see the play by himself losing time that way.

Gordon made a heckuva smart play on that putout of AJ

If Verlander gets through this inning without giving up any runs. We’ll win this game.
The 6th is a very challenging inning for JV

Atta boy Miggy

Half back. Indians 3-1

A rarity tonight, a game that was actually enjoyable to watch. We did everything right but run the bases. Always got to be something, I guess. Had to have that one with Chen and Guthrie on tap for the next two.
I’m okay with Berry getting these starts but I’d really rather hit him 9th so maybe he’s on with Jackson up instead of Miggy and Biggy. Dirks to the 2-hole. If the argument is they don’t want Avila on base if Berry hits a gapper, consider the odds of those two things happening back to back. The downside is Peralta would be 6th and that’s not so good.
I like the vamos thing, but I wonder if the team’s attitude comes from buying into that inane not too high not too low thing. There are times when you should get high, and I don’t mean after a long day at work. 😉
Pretty well played game tonight. Keep doing that and we may have some fun in a few days.

Valverde cut that orange tail off the back of his head. That’s what was causing the problem all along.

thank gawd! or maybe it was JL changing his underpants?

Hamilton hit a homer no longer triple crown leader.

Hamilton blaming last injury on caffine? what a goof ball hamilton is. so much potential wasted.

Tigers won. Fielder pounded one . It is as it should be… No more whining today.

Those are my 3. With the whining bonus, of course.

Geez… Then we have the usual.

Well Dunn just hit a homer to go up by 2. Apparently that great Cleveland pen didn’t feel like showing up tonight!

And Dunn has hit two the last one with 2 men on in the 8th,
Arrgggghh. Vinnnie Pestano never pitched like that against us!

A good victory this evening for our good guys. Sox are going to win barring a big surprise from the Tribe. So we have to keep grinding out 1 more victory than the Sox get just to tie. No breakdowns tonight other than horrific base running to which Rich already alluded. Verlander looks to be getting back on track, and at the right time. These guys need to keep their chins up as they face the other Chen tomorrow night. Please make adjustments through the game, and score five runs. We can win if we get five. It was good to see Jackson come alive tonight. So go the Tigers; he’s really the team catalyst. Here are three things that I liked about tonight’s game:
1. No walks from JV in 8 innings. That’s when you know he’s going to be okay.
2. A good two out double by Avila in the second for the second run. It was his best swing in a good while.
3. Two RBI’s from Dirks. Solid contribution from that 6 hole.

Prince’s launch was neat, Miggy keeps his hitting streak going, and everyone had a base hit except for QB. Jose even did okay. The team seemed more relaxed; maybe its history with Hochever played into things. Whatever the case, it was a nice game to watch. And we stand another day in search of the allusive Central.
Good night all!

As far as Chicago winning, we’ve already burned all our bridges on catching them. The damage is already done. All we can do now is play good games and see how it comes out.

Rich… You hit the nail on the head but it has been that way for quite a while.

I must admit to being overwhelmed with ambivalence (or is that indifference?)
with Valverde’s close tonight. On one hand I know he is going to be used and we need him to be able to complete the job.
On the other hand, I know he has one pitch, can’t hold runners on (thus not likely to ever get a DP turned), slows the game down and puts his infielders on their heels, and sometime can’t find the strike zone.
I almost thought that another bad inning might be enough to convince Leyland that he may need to give Benoit that role.
This guy worries me.
Worst thing about Dunn’s 3 run homer to win the game? The fact that it might pick that team up. Another loss and they would have been reeling.
Our guys have to get to work. Leyland has to manage better.
If Berry is batting 2nd then he damn well better be able to bunt. I don’t care if they do walk Cabby–that means the cleanup hitter comes up with 1 more runner on base to drive in. We need to score more runs and for that you first need runners.
I actually don’t think Berry should be playing let alone batting 2nd. Unless his presence there transforms the lineup with his speed. Which it is not. Watching him stand up there and hack like the big boys is not going to accomplish enough.
Butler is amazing. It almost seems like science fiction the way he handles Justin.
Let’s hope we have a clean game tomorrow with smart base-running.
Peralta (Only because I know JL won’t play anyone else)

You could see Laird batting 8th and Santiago 9th.

funny how Valverde can dominate one game and be so off another – solid outing last night, had his stuff working. Nice game – like it was said above, we have to assume the Sox are going to beat the Tribe on every game, so we have to win and let things play out as they may. Not saying though that I almost threw the remote at the TV when I saw the scores this morning – they were losing when I finally closed my eyes for the night!

Did anyone else see the attendance at the CHISOX game last night? It’s jut not like that at tiger games anymore. And I know the struggles this year have worn on us – but right now, I spend all day thinking about the tigers, all night watching and rewatching and then waking up every morning checking the standings.
Needless to say this race is exciting, even if it is frustrating. Whenever it ends, WS or not, it’s gunna be a blow to see the seasons end this year.

with that said, put bad baserunning up there with not turning double plays and not hitting cutoff men in my book of pet-peeves. [shakes head] let’s be professionals out there fellas! c’mon now!

beautiful win and night last night at Comerica. We played well except for trying to stretch some extra base hits and getting thrown out, mostly Peralta’s. Jose looked good. Need another win tonight and keep this going. Sox will loose soon

Jackson was guilty as well.

It seems this town always has to have one guy to boo and blame the seasons failures on. This year first it was Inge….got him out of town, they moved on to Raburn, at times it been DY now all the seasons failures rest solely on Valverde, when in actuality he is probably the guy who while a very important role affects probably a lot less of the games in the totality of the season. This town feels the need to pick a scape goat instead of blaming the team as a whole. The fact of the matter is there are ebs and flos to each players seasons. To pick one guy is ridiculous.

don’t forget about JL. When JL leaves the same % of the fanbase will treat the next manager as JL is treated. Won’t be all the same people necessarily – but after about 6-7 years it’ll be time for a new one. The message each SOC preaches gets old without scenery changes.
On another note I just purchased a few TIX for tonights game (RF bleachers). Feels like a poor man’s playoff game tonight.

Speaking of managerial change. Read Yardbarker this AM. Heath Bell ripped Guillen in the press. Sounds like Ozzie may be losing the clubhouse and the beginning of the end.

Who is being scapegoated? Valverde? Boesch? Peralta? Leyland? Dombrowski? Avila? Infante? Coke? Seems like we have a goat herd to choose from.
Obviously there will be one set of horns that sticks out from the others for any fan.
I don’t know of one fan on this Blog that feels any one person is responsible for the team’s failure to excel this year. It has been a group effort.
Are there guys that are going so badly at a point in time that it is felt they are hurting the team? Yes, and it is generally a good idea to bench them rather than wait for them to magically become productive again.
The guy I feel needs replacing right now is Peralta. He is not a scapegoat for the season, in fact he has steadied the team in many respects.
But right now, he is not getting to balls he should, he is not moving runners (not hitting to the right side), not hitting, not turning DPs, and moving slower than ever.
If I am Jim Leyland I am “hoping” Jhonny can do something against Chen and if he can’t then I am plugging in Danny Worth for some energy and revitalization.

Does Jhonny get one more night off this year?? He is 3-23 against Chen. It sure could be tonight. #39 two doubles off Chen in July. Jhonny’s our SS.

It is JL’s job to make sure he is playing the right personnel. Forget the previous 150+ games and play the remaining games with the guys that are doing their jobs well.
If this means someone else has to be brought in to close a game, big deal.
Valverde will be in his manager’s good graces once again, but my suggestion to Leyland is that he not be so obtuse so as not to have a backup plan (someone else warming up) when he is called upon. To put Valverde in with the mentality that “he is my guy and I go to the wall with him” is comic book stoicism. Not now.

I am JL fan, and I fully endorse this ^ message.
Having a guy warming up when it starts looking bad – is that a crime? does it have negative effects?

When I read internet comments (the intellegent and not so intelligent ones), I get an impression that people are talking about the latest player to struggle. Human nature to do that, I guess, but I don’t get an impression that the “problem of the day” is being blamed for the entire season.
The notable exceptions have been Inge, (which was totally strange for all those years), Raburn and Grilli. The latter two have been hated on to an unreasonable degree. Hard to fathom that phenomenon.
Baseball fans everywhere will complain about any closer who doesn’t get 1-2-3 innings, in other words, most of them. Debating the manager’s moves is as much a part of the game as hot dogs, and will always be there. This does not excuse the managers who aren’t performing well, however.

cheaper than hot dogs too

Miggy hasn’t hit a HR in few days —- he hits Chen pretty hard too…….anyone else think Miggy is going yard tonight?

Cabrera is 11 for 26 (.423) with three homers and three doubles lifetime off Chen

How about a single, two doubles, and four rbis?

i’d take that over a HR. Tonight we need as many rbi’s as possible

Nine games to go. Matchups again. We must battle against “Lefty” Chen. Get to him early and give Anibal a chance to work with a lead. Santiago’s best hitting game of the year was against this pitcher. Go Tigers!!!

If he does that tonight DOK then we win ourselves another.
Miggy has been 1 for 4 the last 5 games I believe. He has quieted down and is ready for another much needed tear.

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