Sunday (Game 2): Tigers vs. Twins

Ramon Santiago gets the start for Omar Infante at second base. It’ll be Santiago’s first start since September 7.

Jim Leyland didn’t talk about a specific pitch count on Drew Smyly, but was clearly concerned about how far he could pitch into this game before tiring, considering he hasn’t been stretched out much. Luis Marte would be the likely long reliever if Smyly has to leave early.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Drew Smyly


  1. Ben Revere, CF
  2. Jamey Carroll, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, C
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Justin Morneau, 1B
  6. Ryan Doumit, DH
  7. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  8. Matt Carson, RF
  9. Pedro Florimon, SS

P: P.J. Walters


Go Smyly!! Go Tigers!!

Well, we sure need some contribution by the guys who haven’t been contributing. Big game and one which can put a lot of pressure on the Sox. It may be more important than the win on its own. Can you imagine how thisese guys must feel? We have to stomp on them using the Proxy Twins.!
One of the things we have lacked all season is that killer instinct.
Tough assignment for Smyly and to expect another rookie (Marte) to pick him up is not a prudent idea.
AJ needs to do something. Berry needs to be able to get a bunt down—and maybe Peralta too. He’s not doing much else.

Fielder has not been much better over the last 30. Miggy and DY are carrying us.

Great catch, QB!!! Let’s go hit!!

One run is not going to do it.

No it won’t. Gotta start hitting. Gonna have to play some small ball too.

Well… If Smyly can go 5 plus that is better than we probably could have expected Porcello to have given.

BB again … Poor pitch selection. Only 1 pitch in the zone out of 5, and 3 hacks.

3 hits and a walk in 4 innings against another bad pitcher. You’d think I wouldn’t be surprised by it anymore. Totally frustrating.

What the heck is Leyland going to do about Peralta? Anything?

He must have something going for him because he made Cabby look bad that 2nd at bat

Jason…Smyly thru 6? Hope so, but sounds like Dr. Leary theory to me.

Honestly can anyone on this crappy team field their position?

No and no.

As bad as Peralta has been over the last 30 he has been nearly as productive as Fielder in that span.

And Peralta can field. Fielder cannot field (pun not intended) even without range considerations.. He needs to pound to be of value.

Cue the beginning of the defensive meltdown.
The fact we only have 1 run is a joke.
— Bob

Yes, I am down on Peralta. That was a DP ball and he only dove or fell because he didn’t get a good jump or read on the ball.
And now we self-destruct.

He did his part.

Holy cow-right on cue.
Speaking of Q—we really need Al to come in here and shut the door. If he gets Carroll without damage I’d leave him in. Don’t want to see Coke.

Decision to rush home tonight to watch this game might have been an error.

It’s actually hard to believe. A different doorknob every loss.
How aften does Avila throw like that?
Thankfully, Boesch was backing up.

Boy, they’re really makin that pitcher work.

The amount of pressure they are putting on this BAD pitcher is amazing. Playoff caliber my butt! They should be embarressed, did they all go out and get drunk last night because they are playing like they are hungover or all sick. Its pathtic.

My same thoughts. Hungover, maybe. They sure are playing like it.

Give these guys some 5 Hour Energy.

Memo to James Leyland:

Avisail Garcia is hitting .385 against RHP. .368 against LHP. He is hitting any pitching. Some guys aren’t hitting anything or anybody. Just so you know.

Rx for this inning: Berry bunts his way on and then let Miggy drive him in.

Honestly can someone on this team do anything……seriously Walters isn’t this good.

Dan & Jim said Pepsi-Cola was warming up.

That is horrible news. Hopefully he suffers a minor shoulder strain in the pen.

An error. He’s horrific.

Almost as many error as hits! That’s something to be proud of.

The ball keeps finding Fielder. Has he always been this bad and been given the “adequate” tag by the press because of his hitting? When he is not pounding he sure looks ugly.

I’m blacked out again. I’m assuming only people in Michigan and Minnesota are getting this?

I’m blacked out too Rich. Dan and Jim are interesting but not the same as watching the game. And it’s an inning ending DP.

I am getting it on in Toronto. Dont worry. You are not missing much.
We are just waiting to lose.
— Bob

It is painful.
You would think these guys would be pumped up. They look the opposite.

Okay, gotcha. Local or Canada only. Thanks guys.

JL had too bunt with Peralta or PH someone who could

That’s for sure.

This ugly duckling team is not going to become a swan. All one can do is hope for ugly wins.

Was Q’s catch a good one?

— Bob

That one or he one early in the game? That one can of cor, the early one really good.

Would be nice to put up 3 here.

I was just gonna say the same thing. If we score I hope it’s 3 or more because we know who would be coming in.
Yes, Peralta has to bunt there. I don’t care if he can’t or it’s “not his game”, he isn’t helping anything by whiffing. The best he could have done would have been to hit into a a JP DP.

Didn’t mean 3 outs. You’re right. They just keep putting pressure on their pitchers.

Can we please win this thing in the 9th?

Like to see a walk off and I’d prefer to Cabby 1st pitch but it sure would be a a nice stroke for Fielder to come through.

I’m shutting off. Can’t stand the pain. I want to be optimistic, but it’s hard.

The longer this goes, the less chance this Tigers team has.

Last chance. If Delmon doesn’t do it—I fear we are done. Valverde is coming in.

That guy must have been nasty. Hope he doesn’t come out for another inning.

4-4 in xtras.

Why did it have to come to this? The only hope is if the Twins come out swinging and hit the ball right at somebody. They get a man on and we are all gonna be very unhappy becaue they will run wild on the bases.

Our defense hurt us but our offense was non-existent.

This HP umpire cannot decide when the outside pitch is a strike. So inconsistent all night.
It is a joke.
— Bob

One back again

Yep. Like I said. Waiting to lose.
Tigers and White Sox — two drunks wobbling through the tavern door. Both these horses need to go to the glue factory … regardless of who wins.
— Bob

There you go. Valverde blew it again. Of course, the hitters were miserable. A double loss to the Twins. How utterly embarrassing.

Could these guys do what other teams are capable of doing?

4 pitches, 4 swings. Don’t try to work the pitcher.

5 out of 6. Two out. They’re not even trying.

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, except possibly Jim Leyland, (though I think he knew too) knew exactly what whas going to happen in the 10th with Valverde on the mound.
This is a heartbreaker and I am cringing already envisioning another bad at bat by Peralta.

That’s just plain disgusting.

10 ,their magic number

The only guy they hit in the entire series was Deduno. Got shut down by everyone else. This is like watching an old team that’s on it’s way out. They’re not that old.

Nothing more to say … other than the agony and the circus reconvenes tomorrow at 7. They wasted the help they got from the Angels this weekend. Can they even go 5-5 in the final 10? Doubtful.
Good evening all.
— Bob

Valverde failded but so did Avila and Fielder ,again. Not to mention JL for not ordering the running or PH.

Eleven consecutive 1-run losses. What did Sparky say about that?

What a bunch of losers…….I’m so sick and tired of them. Tigers hitters these pitchers are not good. I swear we do better againt better pitchers, but you get a crappy pitcher in front of them and they fold. I don’t know ifthey don’t focus or what but its the same thing every freaking time. Good thing I divorced myself from the Tigers a few weeks ago or id be really mad.

There are changes that could be made that might help. Doubtful JL will want to make any. Little late for change at this point I suppose.

These 1 run losses have to be accounted for. The manager can’t reverse them all but this track record indicates he is not doing his job adequately. Even 3 or 4 of these become wins and TigerTown is very happy right now.
Hard to blame Valverde I guess. I mean, right now I consider him a 9.00 ERA type pitcher. I know he is going to give up runs, big runs. but the blame on this one is the offense. At times we just don’t have one. No offense, no defense and no closer. You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to figure those odds out.

Oh, and I bet you that PFP is just an acronym and that they don’t bother with it at all.

It is nauseating when you know the outcome of a game based on the announced pitcher. I told my wife the Twins would win 2-1. Valverde has no moral authority to be a part of this team. He is a disgrace; I don’t care how many he’s saved this year; he didn’t come through when it counted big time. What a royal embarrassment of a hitting team. To let the Twins beat you twice on the same day is a season low. When it’s over, we should be down by three or four. Kansas City has a team that will beat us. And the last 6 are on the road with the Twins and Royals. Who are we kidding here? Can’t someone put down a measly bunt ,or can we not do something but look at 7 or 8 pitches an inning. Not one batter, but everyone who comes to bat.
Seriously, the Bonderman, Maroth, Halter team was not as agonizing to watch, because they were supposed to lose. Just a total disgusting day of baseball.
1. There were only three errors.
2. We weren’t no hit this evening.
3. The Opera singer was on key all game long.
Sorry, folks, this one has just about done me in. Later.

OK I can’t stand it. Changes. JV 2 out as closer. Insert Benoit. Al Alb as set up. Dotel and BV 7th inning. DH Fielder. (never happen though)
We will ultimately have to rely on Justin, Max, Doug, and Miguel to run the table.

There are just too many problems. Fielder not bombing. DY 1st pitch swinging and batting 5th, Peralta unable to touch a breaking ball, AJ not hitting well, Avila and Boesch, Can’t turn double plays–only hit into them.
Bring in your wildest pitcher with the bases loaded. Stubbornly refuse to grasp the fact your closer can’t do the job any more. Don’t bunt, don’t steal, don’t hit & run.
Wish I could hear the post-game interview tonight.

I had that same baseball card Dan. Heck of a ball player.

He never made it to the bigs though Marty. He has a son following in his footsteps.

Leyland: “We scored runs the first game of the series, swinging the bats good, and these two games today, we just didn’t produce runs.”

I would go with Worth until game 162. He cant be worse than Peralta. I hope they dont pick that option.

What I could not understand is why Jhonny played both games of the DH. Worth in the first game??

Worth a try.
At least he can bunt and run and has more range than a free range egg.

Dan, don’t change the Alfred E Neuman picture – sure sums up the season.

What went wrong today?? We scored first in both games jumped out ahead just like we have for many games recently. But unfortunately we did not add on runs. Game #2 we just barely scored at all. We reunited our June/July 5-9 Young, Boesch, Peralta, Avila, and Santiago and that group did not have a hit. But what’s great about baseball is we do not have long to wait for another chance to get back on track. Tomorrow we play the Royals and will face Luke Hochevar. That’s been a good matchup for us in the past. We have JV on the bump. He does well against KC but we will have to do it on the field. The offense has to bouce back right NOW!!! No time left for a three or four day slump. They can do it. Meanwhile, the White Sox have lost five in a row. They scored 8 runs in those five losses. Cleveland and Chicago have not seen each other since MAY. MLB scheduling!!!!!! Chicago will face McAllister, Kluber, and Masterson. They have seen McAllister once, never faced Kluber, they were hitting Masterson earlier this year but no home runs against him. The last White Sox victory?? It took every single one of their three homers to eek out a 3-2 win. Cleveland won today 15-4 and will not be a pushover for Chicago. Nor will KC for us. It’s going to take two more series at least to sort this out. Go Tigers!!!!!

Dok, they can’t do it. If so, they would have done “it” already. I’ll stick with you on trying to win this walking race, but there’s no joy to be had in Mudville this season, even if they win the division. This team has been a nightmare to watch. They act like they don’t want to be involved in a pennant race. Maybe someday we’ll know what went on this season. It’s the damndest thing I’ve ever seen.
Meanwhile, they are 3-3 for my 8-2 homestand.
Dan, your avatar nailed it. “What, me worry?”

One step forward, two steps back. That’s the Tigers…

Since April 18, a 71-69 record. They’ll split the final 10 most likely and finish 85-77. I fully expect an idiotic game 163 with Chicago.

Which we’ll lose by one run.

Both of these teams are playing tight. Will one of them learn to just relax and have some fun? Hard to say if that is possible now. Ten to go. 5-5 could make either one of these teams the champion. This is pressure baseball and far from pretty!!!!!! Odds getting better for game 163. How many of those have there been?? Two classics in the AL Central.

We all remember St Louis won it all in 06 with a sparkling 83-78 season record. That’s why it is all about winning your division. No style points.

I have been reading some blogs were the grass is always green and the sky blue and they brag about “writting for smart people”. And they cant be more wrong ( as usual): Peralta is no longer a MLB SS.There are options in the FA market: Drew, Lowry , Scutaro. Even Alex Gonzalez( Miguel´s idol) if healthy would be better

I don’t have time to ready any comments yet this morning, but got to go to the game last night as a last minute surprise and heard alot of cussing at Valverde. Truth is though the game never should have come down to him anyways – we hit into something like 3 or 4 double plays, we, as usual, allowed an error to let a run score. That was so frustrating to watch, especially after the fun of seeing Miggy hit in the first, and only, run.

If we want to go to the post season then we are doing a terrific job of acting because the little things are killing us. Heaven forbid we bunt or hit and run to get that guy to 2nd, nope, just hit into a double play again. That is the frustrating thing – Jhonny P up there, no outs, man on, and not an inkling of a thought to bunt, and the sad thing was the third baseman was playing so deep, he knew too that we wouldn’t do what it took to move our guys around.

Ugh – frustrating to stay up late and sit in the cold and watch us lose. ON the other hand, we are still in it since the Sox have had their struggles, albeit against a much tougher team…

Jhonny is what we don’t need, a mediocre 3rd baseman. Great guy good hands.
Him not bunting rests squarely on the obstinancy of his manager. He is not hitting and what he has hit has been directly at the opposing shortstop. He needs (and wants) to contribute I’m sure. There is no greater appreciation for “doing your job” and bunting important runners over. Every major league dugout is roused by this. Perhaps it is inherent in the word ‘sacrifice”. There is a feeling of accomplishment, reward and appreciation when this simple act in baseball is achieved. The player has contributed to the cause.
Leyland could actually help JP by ordering him to bunt. There is also an old adage that one can bunt his way out of a slump. I’m sure there is truth to that.
Regardless, even with 10 1- run losses, it doesn’t occur to this manager that this is perhaps a good idea or viable strategy..
The worst thing that could have happened the other day was Delmon Young’s 3 run home run. Now Leyland is fixated on waiting for another one from someone.

on a bright note – Smyly had a tremendous outing

Yeah…Didn’t expect him to get very deep, but he was effective for as long as he lasted..


Chances of that line-up are zero percent

Rich, I got some bad new for you (or it could be good news depending on how you look at it). Next Saturday’s game has been moved to a Fox game. Chances are only local markets and Canada will be able to see it.
— Bob

Thanks for the heads up, Bob. That’s not a guaranteed blackout here, but probably is. It always depends on which game they choose to show locally. Usually it’s NL East, thus I get blacked out of Detroit games. This Saturday, I don’t know. Likely Rays-Sox, but not for sure yet.
And as you say, could be good news or bad news. I didn’t even look at highlights of last night’s game.

There were none … only lowlights.🙂
— Bob

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