Sunday (Game 1): Tigers vs. Twins

Aside from the usual lefty-righty swaps with Scott Diamond starting for Minnesota in the day game and P.J. Walters at night, don’t expect a whole lot of changes between games. It’s possible Omar Infante could get the night game off, but not guaranteed. Alex Avila will catch the night game, of course, and Quintin Berry will replace Avisail Garcia. Andy Dirks appears likely to play both games.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Andy Dirks, LF
  8. Avisail Garcia, RF
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Denard Span, CF
  2. Ben Revere, RF
  3. Joe Mauer, DH
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Justin Morneau, 1B
  6. Ryan Doumit, C
  7. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  8. Eduardo Escobar, 2B
  9. Pedro Florimon, SS

P: Scott Diamond


I can’t seem to get past Porcello and his non start tonight. Porcello is proving to be an enigma. He has had spurts of brilliance and has flashed a solid repertoire of pitches. The upshot to his development as a pitcher, however, is that he has evolved into a #5 or spot starter. It seems now even Smyly presents a better prospect at victory than Porcello.

I think it has more to do with RP past struggles with some of these Twins LHB then anything else. A 6th starter was going to have to be used at some point. Might as well use Smyly against the lefthanded Twins.
Your points are valid. RP is still young. His problem has been well discussed on here. He has no out pitch and really needs dynamite infield defense. His other problem is when he misses his spot his pitches catch far too much of the plate.
I would suggest he is the odd man out if we make the playoffs.
— Bob

It’s impossible to assess Porcello’s performance as long as he has this infield. Next question, as JIm would say.

OK… If the team remains built like it is, do the Tigers move Porcello?

Porcello and Fister are the only starters with a below 1 G/F rate. And he has the lowest K/9.He is unable to overcome the defense unlike the rest of the starters including Smyly.

WSox lost again. Tigers now 1/2 game out. Anything’s possible if they will just play seriously.

Hopefully we have some unlikely herores today. Marte? Putkonen? Downs?

today is a tough day for a manager – a lot of things go on today. lots of questions. Santiago might play the second game – how would ya’ll feel about that? We are definitely going to try to win both these games – split my foot.

My biggest concern would be that Santiago hasn’t played a game in 16 days and has only 9 ABs since August 9. How did that happen? You just stick him in there now?

Santiago is not the bigger concern but Kelly outhere instead of Cabrera. I guess Miguel will DH.
Anyway I would go with Infante but Worth for Peralta

going to the game tonight unexpectedly – friends of ours had Friday tickets and can’t go tonight – so I snatched them up and will be wearing my snowsuit – big day ahead for our boys.

Going tonight as well. I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks and still coughing my head off, but I have 3 games left and I don’t plan on missing any of them.

Peralta is struggling. He did hit the ball on the button a couple of times yesterday though.
A bit worried about Max—not sure how he got away with 92 mph fastballs against Willingham and Morneau. But he did ……get away with it.

Max’s velocity is a little down. He does have some late movement and got by his nemesis, Morneau. Has Morneau’s swing gotten longer?

Pretty disappointed in the Tigers hitters…..after Max who has a questionable shoulder threw a ton of pitchers they couldn’t do any better than seeing 8 pitches and getting 3 quick outs. Not god boys.

Kelly is playing the 2nd game?
Are you kidding me?

18 pitches 6 outs….did Tigers take their hitting shoes off.

Diamond is a good pitcher. They will have to scrabble a few runs together.
My concern is Max. The fastball is under his typical velocity. Hopefully he is just wariming up and easing into it the next thime through the lineup and can amp it up. He won’t get by throwing 92 up.

Pretty ugly! They look lazy this afternoon!

The hitters have slept through their wake up call.
— Bob

C’mon Austin. Get it going. I hope he doesn’t repeat the end of his rookie season. I recall him batting .300 toward the end and then dropping way off.
He doesn’t seem “right” to me. In the field either.

He has been recovering from a rough august. But his BABIP was too high. Luck is running out again

Nothing wrong with Prince going after the 3-0 against a guy who can strike him out.
Infante will likely sit out the 2nd game. Looks like he was limping a bit on the Cabby double.

Great clutch RBI hit by Delmon but less than great base-running by him. As soon as Doumit has to run and dive in the opposite direction DY should be taking 2nd base. No way Doumit can get up and make an accurate throw.

Max may not be throwing the ball like he can but he sure is showing us how he can pitch.
Impressive to be able to do this with what he’s got today.

Crucial inning. This one might determine the game.

Keystone cops are out. Dirks screwed up Fielder can’t hang on to the ball again and here we go! Now Coke comes in to save the day!

Kinda figured this..what the heck is Omar rushing that throw for? Marer was out by 20 ft. all he had to do was relax and make the play. That was stupid and now it is costing us more runs and maybe worse than that.

It was pretty stupid it was in Fielders hands and he couldn’t hang on. And Dirks should of caught that last one too!

Hurts to see them play like this.

Some tough luck. A game of inches and now here comes Coke.

Here we go!

Bad play and bad plays are contagious. It infects all departments.
No way Villarael gets us out of this without getting further behind. In fact he’ll like hit or walk the 1st guy.

Coke and Villareal are the worst choices with runners on

Does Villareal know what the rules of the game are? This is like that Sunday in Cleveland when it is one screw up after another!

This is absolute nonsense. You dont know when it is force play. The LF clanks balls off his glove then get a terrible. The 2b bowls his throw to 1st and the 1st baseman cant catch it.
If you wait long enough, you will see why this team is not very good.
— Bob

Holy Crow. I didn’t think it was possible to be that dense at this level of ball.
And these runs are considered earned?

Awesome! What is it about Sundays and this team?

I agree that Coke and Villarael are not he guys you want to see coming in there. Particularly Villarael who has a tendency to be hyper wild and a poor fielder.
Crushing inning. Can’t see us coming back from this with the way we lost the lead.

It was fun watching the 40 greatest mishaps yesterday on ESPN(?) It is absolutely no fun watching the Tiger Sunday version.

Not over but pretty dand disappointing play. They just lack something. That inning it started off with Andy screwing up ( how that’s not an error I’ll never know, it was in his glove) to one bumbling idiot play after another. And then to go out quickly and quietly there in that inning is just pathetic!

Villarael is the “top of an inning” pitcher. Not good with men on. Can get on a roll when there is no pressure. Folds like cheap tent with pressure.

Tigers are 17-7 on Sundays. 35-25 on day games.

Sunday’s recently with the poor play in the field! Two weeks in a row it’s ridiculous!

Villareal now, 44 % IRS

Should we give up on this one? Obviously JL has and his players have.

I have now.

They have not given up until Putckonem is there.

Keystone Cops!

Thought they had a good chance of taking this one. Not sure about Smyly tonight. Now it is looking really bad.

Well Dirks has done nothing to help this teaam today. Made some critical mistakes in the field and has gone quickly and quietly at the plate.

I have more trust in Smyly than in Porcello

I’ve been watching old Mack Sennett movies for a couple weeks now, Gk, and the Keystone Cops are far more athletic than the Tigers.

Lol……… Turning off the game to watch the lions of all things. Pretty disgusted! This team tries to suck you back in and they almost get me until they play again like this again and show their true selves!

RHP Putkonen vs LHB Mauer? Wher is Below anyway? JL certainly has a way of discouraging players. Doesn’t use Santiago or Below at all.

I honestly thought Below was off the team. He’s still out there?

I don’t believe he was called back up

Below was optioned down the middle of August.

I switched to the Nationals. Sorry, but those guys play the game correctly, everytime all the time. I hate this year’s Detroit team.

Casey Fien = 1.44 ERA. A pitcher the Tigers gave up on.

That’s 3-2 now for the 8-2 homestand, so doesn’t look like that will happen. Something is obviously still wrong with Scherzer, so we’ve lost a big advantage there. He sure did a good job of pitching today. That was pretty impressive.
I once coached my daughter’s team of 9 year old girls and B-rreal’s play at home reminded me of that.
It’s amazing how they have these total defensive meltdowns yet no errors are charged. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. Kind of makes the most basic of stats worthless.
Finally, it appears to me that the Central winner should be disqualifed from postseason play, with the slot going to the 3rd wild card team.

That’s about right, Rich. Neither team deserves it.
I want to add to your point above about assessing RP with this infield. You are bang on the button with that notion. I dont think it is a coincidence that RP’s best season was his rooke year when he had an infield of Cabrera, Polanco, Everestt/Santiago, and Inge.
— Bob

Angels and CWS are tied at 0-0 in the bottom of the 6th. Weaver is such a gamer and he rarely, if ever, hits 90. Marvel at his success and his approach.

Angels are now up 4-0 entering the 7th.

Not sure who has the worse defense; The Tigers or The Lions.

Angels are now up 4-1 in the 7th. Scioscia just took out Weaver. Angel bullpen has not been a sure thing. Hold on… With a win tonight we could be tied for first.

Mauer is now .357/.4 off Detroit. KC he is .425/.511.
These two Central teams keep tripping up at the doorway.

Hey Jason here’s a question for you. Are Casey Crosby and Adam Wilk working out just in case we need them?? I did not see or listen to much of the game today while Max was pitching. From what Jim and Dan said, it did not indicate that he is back 100%. Since Max’s short outing we have played in fall weather. The hot summer disappeared quickly. Drew pitched well in April but he should probably not go much over 50 pitches tonight. What’s your take on the state of the pitching staff???

It goes from ugly to ugliest. Thursday’s game looked like a gem compared to today’s. In the dreaded sixth, you would have been better off with Downs over Coke, simply because they haven’ seen him that much. Not that he would have done any better; the blooper off Coke was not a bad pitch. It’s the walk that created his downfall. Villareal went totally brain dead(inexperience). Maybe, Dotel should have come in early; a steady hand was needed here. Twins have nothing to lose, and Diamond pretty much had his way. Tonight is a great opportunity. We’ll see if the Ragamuffins turn up, or a decent defense can help us out. Three things to like about today’s game:
1. Delmon’s two out RBI single in the fourth.
2. Garcia’s youthful and enthusiastic approach to the game.
3. Max’s gutcheck performance which actually worked through five, and with better defense could have gotten him the six we needed. Then you bring in D,B, V and hope for the best.

That’s it. It was pretty bad. Who wants to back into the Central Title the most? Until about 10:30.

Fielder needs to step up tonight. He is a run producer and necessary to Tiiger success. Over the last 30, Miggy has 11 HR and 26 RBI. DY has 5 HR and 21 RBI. Fielder is at 5HR and 13 RBI. Geez… Peralta has 3 HR and 11RBI in that span.

Angels swept CWS. Game on.

Chicago should be able to hit enough balls out of their own park to sweep Cleveland, so I’d suggest we win this nightcap. At least we can start the week even with them. No matter how disappointing this team has been, you still want to host some postseason games.
Meanwhile, my “no trade under any circumstances” list is getting shorter and shorter.

Coke? He is too scary for me. Although the less he is used the more effective he seems. I think the stats may even back my perception up.

The White Sox just dropped their fifth game in a row. They are headed back home to face the Indians, who beat the Royals 15-4 today!! Oops no mo in baseball. but I wonder how many runs the Sox have scored in their last five games?? Go Indians!!!!


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