Tigers, Twins rained out; doubleheader Sunday

Here’s what we know as of Friday night:

  • Doug Fister will start Saturday afternoon as scheduled. He’ll oppose Sam Deduno, who was scheduled to start for the Twins Friday night.
  • Sunday’s previously scheduled game is still on at 1:05pm. The makeup game is at 7:05. Tickets for Friday’s game are good for Sunday night’s game without exchange necessary. If you have a Friday ticket and can’t make it Sunday night, you can exchange your ticket for a ticket to any non-premium Tigers home game between now and next Sept. 21.
  • Scott Diamond will pitch Sunday’s early game for the Twins. P.J. Walters, who was originally scheduled to pitch Sunday afternoon, will pitch Sunday night instead.
  • Drew Smyly will start one of the games Sunday for Detroit. We don’t know yet which one. The other starter is listed as TBA, which presumably depends on whether Max Scherzer is cleared to pitch after dealing with a shoulder injury that knocked him out of his previous start. Scherzer is scheduled to throw one more time Saturday to make sure he can throw all his pitches without issue.
  • Rick Porcello, Friday’s scheduled starter for the Tigers, has been pushed back, though he didn’t do any warmups on the field prior to game time. With six games over the next five days, he’s expected to start one of them. It could be Sunday if Scherzer doesn’t go. It could be during next week’s series against the Royals, against whom he has fared much better this year (1-1, 3.46 in two starts) than he has against the Twins (0-0, 5.27 in three starts, 27 hits in 13 2/3 innings).
  • It’s going to take some work for manager Jim Leyland to preserve his pitching order for season’s end. The way he had plotted it out, Scherzer was on track to pitch the regular-season finale, followed by Justin Verlander to either start the postseason or pitch a tiebreaker. With that in mind, I would be absolutely shocked if Verlander pitches on short rest in the coming days.


Today’s game (saturday) is going to have rain issues – but i’m pretty sure we will get it in. Maybe it will start in a delay

Jason or anyone ??… the story on the home page says the Sunday night game will be televised locally on FSD. Will it be available on the MLB.tv package for those of us not in the local area?
— Bob

In identical circumstances in that Boston series (Verlander-Beckett), the FSN Detroit feed was picked up by the television subscription, MLB Extra Innings. I don’t remember what MLB.TV did. I’m subscribed to both of the above, plus the regional sports networks. That doesn’t answer your question. All I know is I got that Boston game on TV.
In any case, tomorrow night’s game technically is one we’ve paid for.

I noticed some news a day or so ago regarding Kenny Williams, a new GM and Peavey having his option declined. I thought this was a bit of a strange time to make that announcement.
Especially Peavey with him set to go against the Angels. I had hoped maybe it might throw him off his game just enough.
Hard to tell if it did but he got hit by the Angels and they lost a big game.

Big game for Fister. He has to make better (actually, worse) pitches in his 0-2 counts. They are too close to the hitting zone and have been leaking into the middle of the plate at times. Not sure why JJ has not noticed this, or if he has, why they aren’t doing something about it.
JL has surprised us (and not in a good way) historically with his choice of starting pitchers at the end of the season. This will be mission critical this year if we pull close by the end of the weekend. How he handles the rotation with this rainout might determine another season. I cringe at the thought of another rainout (bad scheduling Selig & MLB).I cringe at the thought of Alfredo Figaro.
Elephants never forget.

Especially when it’s the elephant in the room.

The wild card races aren’t quite as wild as some anticipated. The AL is nearly decided already. As it stands now in the NL, an 86 win Atlanta team would have to win a single game over an 80 win St. Louis team to advance to the “real” playoffs.
Last night, I didn’t know whether to root for NY or Oakland. I’d prefer Baltimore to win that division, but wanted Oakland to keep the Angels involved for this weekend.
It does remind me of the NFL.

If today’s game gets delayed, ain’t nobody gonna see that one, unless you’re in the park.

why, because of fox? Will it be on radio?
And I wouldn’t hope for a delay free game – that isn’t going to happen today.

MLB shows the game available on radio.

i can’t stand those fox “broadcasters” and turn it on the radio anyways. IMO the game won’t start until ~7:30pm, tonight…..so i’ll probably watch my alma mater beat the Irish on TV (muted) with jim price and dan dickerson on the radio!

maybe even more like 8:30 the rain will stop…

They’ll have to wait for as long at takes. Looks late to me too.

Read a couple of recent articles about Leyland and his tenuous job status. Both Olney and Sharp came to his defense.

Sharp came off somewhat hysterical and didn’t seem to really grasp the situation. I won’t pay to read anyone (Olney).

With the limited number of games remaining, would it be prudent to send JV out there every 4th day?

Precedent: Leyland opted for Figaro in game 161 in 2009, rather than give Verlander a one-time start on three days rest. That doesn’t mean he might do it different this time, but that’s the history as it stands.

Eduardo Figuero will forever be remembered in Tigers lore. JL isnt going to start JV on 3 days rest. Nope, not going to do that. Next question.
Thanks for the insight on tomorrow night’s game. I got that game on mlb.tv last year too. But I thought it was more to do Red Sox Nation making a fuss then ESPN doing the right thing.
I doubt very much that anyone cares what games we have paid fo. Only that they already have our money🙂
— Bob

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