Scherzer will start day game Sunday, Smyly in nightcap

Max Scherzer is back in line in the Tigers rotation. He threw for about 10 minutes Saturday afternoon and felt fine with all his pitches, so he’ll start Sunday’s afternoon game against the Twins.

“Everything felt good,” Scherzer said. “My arm warmed up quick. My arm felt 100 percent. I was able to throw every pitch.”

Drew Smyly will start Sunday night. Rick Porcello, who went from starting on Friday to being on standby in case Scherzer wasn’t ready, will now essentially have his spot skipped this turn. He’ll start Wednesday against the Royals.

By skipping Porcello instead of simply moving everybody back, manager Jim Leyland keeps his rotation in order for the stretch run. As long as Scherzer’s healthy, he stays in line to make two more starts after Sunday, including the regular-season finale Oct. 3 in Kansas City.


Beck…. JV will go Monday, Sanchez Tues and Cello Wed right?

Porcello is skipped and Smyly gets a start. Is there a message here?

better matchup with lefty Smyly vs Minny lineup? Scherzer is scheduled for tomorrow but he could be late scratch if pregame bullpen warmup doesn’t feel right.

Royals are a better matchup for Rick. We get to start Smyly against Twins who like to start six lefty hitters. It will make them adjust their lineup.

Arere any MLBTV subscribers here that are not getting the game?

Audio only. You?

With Gameday, of course.

Bad move Berry. Now IBB for Miguel

Still bad running for Berry.

How about those Tigers 6-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys have their hitting shoes on today!

Yeah–I’m getting it though I had to scuffle around on and get it that way. Couldn’t do it the usual way off the Tiger website. Couldn’t even get gameday or audio from the Tiger site either.

Triple Crown

You betcha. Just leave that WAR stat out of the equation.

Like Gardenhire said-MVP.

If Miguel isnt the MVP…..then there is something wrong.

That’s exactly what they were saying during the Angels game last night. Just substitute Trout for Cabrera, though.

I know. I listen to that stuff all the time in SoCal. It’s why I have been ranting about Miggy for the last 2 months. Like the Angels and Trout, but Miggy is the guy.

Weird interference call there with Casilla and Peralta.

Some really good things have happened this game besides Miggy. AJ, Dirks, Avila, Delmon., Fister, Wow.
Peralta is having so much trouble with the breaking ball. If it is low and away he flails at it and if it hangs up he watches it go right down the middle and buckles slightly.
Just an observation. Obviously one has to be pretty damn pleased about how everything has gone this game. Can we allow ourselves to start thinking that the whole team is finally getting around to hitting?

It’s me. I’m blacked out and can’t enjoy this. I’m the cause of our poor play when I watch. Sorry. Now how much you guys pay me not to watch anymore?

Score early. Score often. Keep adding on runs. Zeroes for Fister and the D. This works. Last ten games the offense has averaged six runs a game. Jackson, Young, and Cabrera equals curley fries.. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Pullin for Miggy on every at bat now–just missed another hit in his last at bat. Unbelievable tied for HR lead now. Some will say that Hamilton is injured but also remember where Josh Hamilton plays ball. Can you imagine how Cabby would do in that ball park?

Excellent rebuttal point about the venue issue. Just a guess of course, but 10-15 HR difference/year.

Sure like the way he hits in our park. As far as the homers go, he has 28 at Comerica and 14 on the road!!!!!!! How do you explain it??? He knows if he hits them right they will fly out of our yard.

Pitching, Hitting and Fielding. Nice to see.

Nice job by Doug….nice job by the hitters!

Fister has been dynamite. A gem. Wish I could have seen the defense Infante reportedly provided.

Mister Fister had no Blister today!!

Hey Mayo Smith, how’s that rat poison taste? Don’t jump off the ship yet, troll…

As usual, I’ll look at some of the game later. Sounds like a good one.
Keep that pressure on Chicago.
That’s 3-1 for the 8-2 homestand.

Fielder looks to be coming back around. Need him to earn his money.

Blacked out of MLB.TV here. Fox Sports game? Follwed Gameday. Great game. So far so good. For Tigers to take the division I predicted them going 9-4. Now it’s 8-4. I predicted the WSox would go 6-8. They have lost the last game to KC and the first to the Angels. So now they could go 6-6 and still lose out if the Tigers win at their pace. Wishful thinking?

Maybe… Hope the Tigers go on their run and everything else becomes moot.

Just a really nice win. Just the opposite of Thursday afternoon. Thanks Richard for your analysis(very astute and rivoting), and thanks Marty for your kindness. It looks like we’re still breathing in this thing, and by George, we might as well win the Central. Think about how happy that would make Hawk. Lots to like about today’s game. Here are my three:
1. The complete game; it tells you that Mr. Fister might be fully healthy for the first time all season. Now wouldn’t that be a break.
2. Three home runs and a three run homer. Tell me that’s not a key to success. Miggy is Miggy. Mo words left to describe his talent.
3. Alex’s RBI single in the second. No big deal, you say. Well, I say first game back from being attacked by his own team mate, and he can laughed about it. Also, he called a really good game; he kept Fister focused each time the Twins would get a runner on base.

Kudos also to Biggy, Omar, and Austin’s leadoff HR. The key right now is to get ahead early, and remember Sammy D made us look pretty bad last time out. Dirks also contributed with his threebee and twobee. Good production up and down, minus Jhonny P. All in all though, a great team win, and it keeps pressure on Chicago. Good evening all.

Funny stuff by you, even though I got targeted….Really like your stuff.

Our SP post break has been tremendous.
Fabulous with this lineup of 10 including Laird starting to gel. Berry though batting 2 is a head scratcher being our only real base stealer. Swapping with Ajax now Dirks at 6 is looking the goods a possibility.
Now to maintain the momentum getting close to Chisox again.

DOK… Noticed Miggy’s HR stats as well. How does that make sense?

just want to apologize for suggesting rain issues today. i’ll leave meteorology out of the conversation for a while. nice game tho. Refuse to watch the CHISOX scoreboard but go Angels – minus trout😉 shake hands with beef.

Funny guy.

4-0 Angels in the first. The Chisox are feeling the pressure.
As we learned in 2009, sometimes it is better to be the chaser; instead of the chasee.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Ventura,don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.

Even it actually looked like the heavens were going to rain all day. I thought it was going to rain myself.
Really enjoyed listening to Blylevin this afternoon. Nice change of pace. He talked about the Tigers liked he watched them everyday.

First we need to get after these two pitchers as we have not done much against them in the past. Not sure what will happen but these two lineups could have some creativity. The catchers will split the games but you could build a case for Avila to catch against the lefty and Laird against the righty!! Ramon, Danny, Brennan be ready. If he tries to get Miguel and Prince off their feet (at DH) this will get crazy. Could we see all the LHBs in the outfield in game two??? Any ideas out there???

LAA up 4-2 and coming to bat in the bottom of the seventh.

Angels helped us today. Weaver goes tomorrow. Huge day Sunday, but still remains a race regardless of the outcome(s).

One half game back now. Weaver vs Floyd tomorrow. One nice thing about rooting for the Angels is I get to root for Torii Hunter, one of my favorite players.
Anyway, it’s ON now.
I watched the condensed game on MLB.TV, as it’s all I had time for. Love watching Fister work when he’s on.
I was watching Yankees-A’s late this afternoon. Crazy game. The A’s scored four in the top of the 13th on three homers, only to have the Yankees get four of their own in the bottom half. The winning run in the 14th missed thirdbase and had to go back, but the Yanks pulled it out anyway.
I see Granderson has 39 homers and 94 RBI, but a .230 BA and .321 OBP. He’s changed his approach for Yankee Stadium, but that trade is still looking really good for us.

On that interference call with Peralta and Casilla, it seems to me that the rule should be that the hitter is out, not the runner, according to the umpire’s judgement. As they say, watch enough baseball and you see things you’ve never seen before.

Anybody else getting the feeling that there will be a game 163?

One of the most impressive and encouraging things saw tonight was perhaps the strikeout of Mauer in the 8th or 9th inning. 2-2 pitch and Fister blew him away.

Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Peralta 6, Dirks 7, Garcia 9, Laird 2. Scherzer is starting.

Great job Doug Fister. That gave the bullpen two days off. Everybody ready to go?? It’s a day-night doubleheader today. Both Scherzer and Smyly should be on a pitch count today. How about our hitters!!!! We are scoring over six runs a game for the last ten. That works. One game at a time. A win in the first game puts the pressure on the Sox. Go Tigers!!!!

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