Gardenhire on Cabrera: “He should be the MVP”

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire cautions his remarks by noting he has seen a lot more of Miguel Cabrera than he has of Mike Trout. And the stats note that Cabrera has hit better against the Twins this year than he has against nearly any other team in the league.

That said, Gardenhire makes a point in his support of Cabrera: The Triple Crown still means something.

“I haven’t seen Trout out there since the first of the season,” Gardenhire said. “I know he’s had a heck of a year and people are saying this and that about him. I’m just tipping my hat to Cabrera. He’s the best player in this league. He should be the MVP. If we were to stop right now, there’s no doubt in my mind. Going for a Triple Crown, that’s an MVP season. He has his team in a playoff hunt. Whether they get there or not can’t solely depend upon him, but he’s the reason they’re in it right now. And that’s an MVP. He’s the best player in our league.”

The Triple Crown, he argued, trumps the sabermetric statistics.

“All I’m going to tell you is if you’re going for a Triple Crown and you’ve got his numbers, you can saber all you want to. Those numbers blow your brain,” Gardenhire said. “And I know Trout’s do too, that’s pretty good numbers. A couple of other guys have decent numbers. But look at Cabrera’s numbers. That’s ridiculous. That’d right up there with some of the best players in baseball. It doesn’t make much sense to me to be arguing about this, to tell you the truth.”


That was well said by Gardenhire. He makes sense in spite of the media politics and the sabermetrics.

Speaking of the politics of it, 10 of the last 12 MVPs have been USA born, with only Pujols the exception. Maybe that’s just the way it worked out, but I have to think MLB would love to have a guy they think they can market during the offseason.
And yeah, that’s kind of Oliver Stone-ish.
Who is the leading candidate(s) in the NL?

Ryan Braun….

Andrew McCutchen deserves it but Pirates dont want the revival of 79 and 71.

Okay then, they can make him their Cover Boy.

Does anyone know what’s the word on the length of the delay?

Till 4 PM tomorrow? Though if they double up tomorrow they’d be wise to start at 1 PM.

I am starting to think along the line of you Rich if Trout wins. This issue has got me into the stats for a day at least and for me you have to look at longevity and how the player handles the pressure situations.
Even putting aside Trout not being here all season, his stats have not been consistent with his monthly averages going .324, .372, .392, .284 and .257. More than 20 point variance within each month and trending off the cliff when it matters most.
The breakdown of pressure situation stats is also a no brainer who is the most valuable with Miggs stats rising above his average for every pressure situation – 7+ innings, X’ings, Tied, Late/close and RISP 2 outs. Trouts on the other hand drop off from his average for the same situations.
7+ Migg .341/.416 Trout .263/.372
Post M .346/.421 T .307/.388
Late/Close M .34/.435 T .293/.348
Tied M .348/.411 T .331/.379
RISP 2outs M .438/.5 T .298/.431
It will be the biggest travesty of justice since you know what else happened in LA.

Funny. ” you can saber all you want to”. That cracks me up.
I tell you I was in Chicago the last several days for work and the Soxs fans are not all that enthraled with their team these days and are pretty much saying the same thing about their team as we as about ours.

I believe it, GK. Neither team wants to win it. It is the Gaston and Alphonse Division.
It is begging for someone to take charge and go on a run in the final 2 weeks. But realistically, neither team probably will. Both will wobble over the finish line … one barely ahead of the other.
— Bob

Went to the gym this AM as usual. Hooked up and whined about Miggy to one of my workout buddies, who has 1000 plus victories as a head coach at Cal State. He also has a doctorate and knows numbers, unlike me. Coach has presented to pro ball on issues relevant to evaluation of talent given the use of synthentic bats versus wooden ones. Coach did not give much credence to the sabermetric numbers but noted the idea is to recogniize actual production as opposed to perceived production.

Well, he likes WHIP.

8:35 p.m.: Still sitting here. Still barely raining. The weather front that is carrying the rain might clear through the area by about 9:30 p.m., and there is no rain behind it on the radar. It appears that Major League Baseball is going to wait this one out, assuming more rain does not develop. If they weren’t intent on waiting it out it seems logical that they would have postponed the game by now.

The game got postponed. Damn.
The upset in the rotation is not particularly good for us

Smyly and Scherzer on sunday

Will ESPN block the 7:05 game on Sunday night from being broadcasted. I recall a similar situation last year with a Red Sox game. But Red Sox Nation made a ruckus and the game was shown.
— Bob

Verlander vs Beckett

Why Smyly? Wouldn’t it be Fister? Is he hurt?

With no days off, two starters would be with the same amount of rest. Smyly on Sunday or during a week game.

I agree. Do not use the “spot starter” until you have to. That would be Wednesday and the long range for Wednesday is not looking good either. I fear this will not be the last double header of the year.
— Bob

Yes .. That was the game.
— Bob

Meant to reply to El Tigre.
Verlander beat Beckett.
— Bob

told yall rain would reck this. so stupid i felt like we could of had 5 innings of light rain…

I thought the same but I guess the light rain would wreak havoc on the field over the five innings.

So it appears I’ll be blacked out of 2 of the 3 games? In a late September pennant race? Games I’ve paid to see? What’s Bud Selig’s phone number?
Desperation mode is getting more desperate, as these twinbills will be tough. Looks like Jim is trying to avoid starting Porcello against the Twins, which ain’t a bad idea. I was thinking about Rick awhile ago and it seems to me that he doesn’t give up normal groundballs. The hitters beat his pitches straight into the ground, creating all kinds of odd bounces and plays. Any thoughts on that?

Or having Scherzer and Fister pitching more games than him?

Botched squeeze play?With two outs?

Angels up 3-1 in the third inning.

LAA 5-1 after 4th inning.

Make it 5-1 Angels. You know, I’m as frustrated with our club as anybody, but this race is far from over. If that score holds, their lead was chopped in half in four days. We’re not chasing a strong team.

Delmon has been DH nearly all year. I wonder…….when Victor was injured, what if we had offered a contract to Magglio to be DH. Even last year’s Ordonez would have been better in clutch situations. Just something I think about.

Well we gained a half-game. Trout played a good game. Instrumental in the win. Good for us, at the same time I was hoping he would not hit!
I’ll take the win.
Another thing to keep in mind with MVP voting—the kinds of outs. Cabby has hit into a few dPs but Trout has struck out, a lot!
Cabby can carry this team, I don’t think Trout can or needs to with the support he has.

I don’t think Miguel is going to get it. Maybe, if he’s the triple crown winner. Those reporters love Mike Trout and see him as a marketing tool.imho

Rich, I loved Ordonez as a cluch hitter and would take him in his prime over Delmon anytime. Problem is he has to get around the bases without injuring himself. We get older we break easier…believe me I know.

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