Thursday’s lineup: Tigers vs. Athletics


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Omar Infante, 2b
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  7. Avisail Garcia, rf
  8. Andy Dirks, lf
  9. Gerald Laird, c

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Stephen Drew, SS
  2. Josh Reddick, CF
  3. Yoenis Cespedes, DH
  4. Brandon Moss, RF
  5. Chris Carter, 1B
  6. Seth Smith, LF
  7. Josh Donaldson, 3B
  8. George Kottaras, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B

P: Tommy Milone


great lineup!

tigers looked bad today we are running out of games we need to get a win streak going or else sit out tillnext year

Rare event last night to witness Peralta make an error. Checked MLB stats. Of all SS with at least 70 games at the position, Peralta has the least errors of any (6). By comparison, Castro has the most (25).

Need to note Hardy also has only 6 errors.

Fielder has been pretty cold over the last 7. Need him to heat up. Fortunately DY has picked up RBI in his stead.

I agree (his SLG is only .450) but it’s crazy when you can call a player “cold” when he still has a .444 OBP in his past 20abs.

Good point about the OBP and I recognize the irony.

Actually there are some very interesting comparisions with Peralta and Hardy. Hardy has very little speed to speak of yet his range factor is among the best. It’s about anticipation and quickness and Hardy has had a very good year at short. In fact he has about 35 more DPs than Jhonny. And that is without a real regular 2nd baseman.
I like Jhonny Peralta but he is one of the short range problems (i.e. 2013) that need solution.

Few errors at shortstop usually means either a lack of range or a lack of aggressiveness. The latter sometimes leads to doubleplays not turned. I agree with Dan.

I was thinking – hey we’ve gotten into Oakland’s pen this series, will that be to our advantage? But I looked it up, it’s 2nd in the AL in BA with .211, 5th in the AL in ERA @ 3.05 and i can’t find InheritedScore%

Anyone care to guess whose pen has the worst BA in the AL. yep you already know them well – its our boys.

oof wow loaded em up and DY GIDP….dangit. Hey at least we got the starter working (24 pitches).

Delmon, you’re killin’ me man. 1st pitch swinging , bases loaded dPs. Seems like you have been doing them all year.

can’t decide if it is a good sign we worked the pitcher early even though we didn’t score, or a bad sign we couldn’t score with a hit and 2 walks – hopefully we worked him so hard that we get the runs in the next few – I like it when we get the lead early.

i think you just got your answer! G Money bringing home the steaks! Man i’m so glad he’s back this year!!

AJ had a bad day yesterday – and today – he has a steak already.

A’s allow 31% of inherited runners to score, Tigers allow 27%, third best in league.

alright! Nice to see scoring other than homeruns – hitting by the entire team, which over the last few days has been the norm – that is how you win, when everyone contributes! OK, I won’t get too ahead of myself, have to go into a meeting, so I’ll find out later what is happening.

44 abs for Tommy Milone through 2 innings. too bad their BP is great hah. good to see the boys brought the bats to the park today.

Yeah… Lots of GDP – Cabrera 28, Fielder 18, Peralta 18, Young 17,Avila 11, Boesch 10, etc.

UGH infante you dirty rotten dog. this is why we should have gotten a real 2Bman (lol not Ramon) in the offseason.

Thought Infante was a treasure when we first acquired him. Then thought he just needed time to settle in. Now I don’t know what to think.

Beating ourselves basebal again. Infante must b e wrapped so tight he doesn’t see a way out. Throwing it away when you are handling it unassisted is pretty bad.

that is true it was unassisted. good point.

wow i just realized the CHISOX play LAA next and then they also play TB 4 games yet this year. Hah they are probably happy they don’t have to play KC tho. hahah

They swept 3 in TB earlier this year.

TB is due, then. 😉

MLB leading 69th unearned run.

garcia out on the basepaths = good example why garcia isn’t an everyday player. he is young folks he is still learning. Dirks continues to be superman tho!

This one is becoming iffy at this point.

And boom, tied before I could even get back to the TV.

For sure. Once you start making mistakes things fall apart. The DY DP, the DP Infante threw away allowing a run, then a base running mistake.
3 Early mistakes only serves to incentivize the opposition.
They need to come and play good ball now for the middle innings and get back on top.

lets get to Tommy – come on fellas lets chase him here in the 5th!

gotta get cabby home from 3rd. gotta do it.

cabby meaning prince lol.

Huge run right here to retake the lead at this point, but the sac fly is just a lost art, isn’t it? I was surprised that Ajax got one earlier.
I hate this Neshek guy. Always have.

Sanchez has to give us one more good inning. Then I would pull him unless he pitches just great this inning.

sanchez lossing velocity on fastball —- i’d get him out of there after this inning, on a second thought.

nevermind. tie game. get him out of there jim.

garcia throw was terrible. learning curve. This is why he isn’t the everyday guy.

Yeah,,,As someone earlier said, the mistakes will kill you and Garcia has proven the point.

Damn shame.

Whelp that one is on JL. Should have pulled him. Can’t teach an old manager new tricks i guess

and AJ blows it right open. Looked like Berry out there. 6-3 Oakland. Oh boy….wasn’t Pepsi’s fault…..oh boy oh boy

Well, Coke came in to get the lefty and the guy hit a bullet. That’s not the idea.

Tough ball to play, but one that must be made by an MLB fielder, bullet or not.

touche. I’d argue that it was catchable though.

It was absolutely catchable, no doubt of that.

Garcia wouldn’t even be in there if some of our “other” guys hadn’t been so useless.

We are giving away ballgames like party favors.

That’s what Dan& Jim alluded to.

Garcia’s play wouldn’t have mattered. The hit by Donaldson saw to that.
Still, you can’t play bad baseball this time of year—and this has been bad baseball today.

This is why it is unrealistic to think they can win the division. They cannot put more than 2 games together where they play good baseball. To expect them to go 11 -5 or 12-4 in their last 16 games is a “Hope and Dream” thought even if we think they are capable of it.
One could argue that for 140 plus games, they have shown they are in fact NOT capable. At this point, you are what you record is. They dont play .650 play and I dont expect them to start now. Just another frustrating game on a long list.
— Bob

Funny how a game can get a way on you. Sanchez pitched well 90% of the time and comes up empty.

Agree with Rich. Much too hard hit of a ball off Coke in that very important situation.

Coke. IRS: 24 %

Giving another one away? Sanchez had a good 5 innings even after Infante’s error. But then the defense really folded. Garcia and Jackson. Coke gets charged with a triple? Doesn’t seem right. That ball looked catch-able.

The team was designed to have the offense make up for poor defense. This would be a good day to make that weird idea work.

we can still win this fellas

Call me crazy, and I am, but I feel a walkoff win coming.

Hope you’re right. It’s gonna take a long ball to do it though.

Death Pitch of the night? The 0-2 to Cespedes. That hurt and started that whole fiasco.


ALAL has come back and pitched better than we could’ve hoped.

Peralta, Garcia, Dirks and Laird coming up.
Probably Peralta, Berry, Dirks and Avila.

nah, doolittle is a LHP

Interesting Yost brings in a southpaw.

that run hurt

Sure put a dent in my walkoff plans.

getting ugly out there. why the fudge is drew in there? isn’t he going to pitch sunday?

Where is Darin Downs?

[turns game off]

Leyland is crazier than I am.
I’m going back to work. Talk to ya all later.

Was going to comment again, but…………………11-4?

This game sums up the whole season….

Don’t understand bringing Smyly in either. Not given Max’s condition.
It was probably a bullpen session day for him but then again, he was warming up yesterday too.

2-1 was the expected outcome of this series. It was the best case scenario in fact

Terrible defense. You can’t win a pennant playing like that. The game went bad for the Tigers in the 6th and just got worse.

We need sweeps. Even though this was a 12-4 game, there were some pivotal (and familarly negative) that hurt us badly. An 0-2 pitch to Cespedes, the easy DP butchered by Infante and that 1st pitch swinging, based loaded DP hit into by Delmon in the 1st inning.
Bringing Smyly in seemed pretty dense. I pretty much guarantee you on the back of hi mind (alread tense with the situation) was a question; “Why am I pitching now if they want me to be able to start on Sunday?”
Every play……every pitch. You gotta make ’em.

I thought the Tiger pitching held the A’s fairly well in the series until today.
Normally 2 out of 3 is good for a series but with the season winding down and the Tigers 2 games behind the WSox, I was hoping for a sweep. Maybe the A’s were playing better before they came to Detroit but I wasn’t overly impressed by them. Some of the Tigers looked like they were sleepwalking today. Jackson for one. Then on that Stephen Drew groundout in the 9th, Prince looked to 2nd but didn’t throw for a possible double play. After that the floodgates opened. I wasn’t able to see here on MLB.TV but did Peralta or Infante not move to cover 2nd base or what? Cespedes fly out would have been the 3rd out with the score holding at 6-4. With the Infante double then, Miggy would have been the tying run. Do you think he would have been more serious with that at-bat?

The runner was barely out of the box and I think he panicked. He had time to throw as both Jhonny and Omar were in the vicinity, but didn’t do it.

I replayed immediately after the play to check Peralta and he was there at the bag. That one’s on Prince. The mind numbing defense must have made his mind numb.

It mystified me as well.

If we win 2 out of 3 that is good enough. Do you all remember tje September run of 2011? Go Tigers! Oh Yeah, and Go Cabrera! MVP!

Leyland just said that Delmon hit that 1st inning DP ball “right on the button.” Guess taking a pitch with this guy having trouble locating the zone isn’t in our playbook. Jim also said that the defensive gaffes were “part of the game.” I don’t know if he’s blowing smoke up the media’s collective butts or if he’s just tired out, but that was one hell of a thing to say. Before we address any personnel issues this offseason, we have to take care of this manager business. That’s Job #1.
So we’re 2-1 on this 8-2 homestand. I’d venture to say that we won’t meet that goal if we give away 5 runs in a ballgame like today. But what do I know? I do know that we must have looked pretty funny to ballplayers or fans of our competition that were watching today. Makes one proud. Uh oh, sarcasm leak again. Protect your monitors.
What amazes me most about this entire season is that, even after 2008, management thought we could slug our way to the division. Now we’ll pull a 2009 and come back next year proudly displaying our new pitching and defense approach. Meanwhile, the turnstiles keep clicking and the TVs stay tuned.

And Leyland, if he’s still there, will say “See, people don’t understand the importance of defense in baseball.”

You knew he’s say something like that…..that’s just baseball.

Well, the Tigers pretty much stunk it up and Jackson was surprisingly awful. Hope they got it out of their system. Oh… And I don’t think DY’s DP was such a bad thing, except for the result. He squared the ball up hard. What difference does it make if its the first pitch or the 10th, if contact is the sole concern.

True, if contact is the sole concern. But it’s the first inning and you have an opportunity to get into the starter, maybe get into their middle relief like we did the first two games. You can win the game in the first inning. Not just me saying it. Craig Monroe didn’t think Delmon should go up there hacking either. C-Mo has played a little.

Monroe has a nice pedigree, but many of us have also played a little. Nerertheless, your point is well taken. But with DY contact is always a concern because he is a free swinger and will K a lot. So if he hits it hard I’m ok with it. It all depends on the situation. As a for instance, I will give you the recent Tiger-Angel series which I attended. Against JV, the Angels were first pitch swinging from the gate. They knew JV’s MO and felt their best chance against him was to cut on his predictable first pitch 90 mph fastball thrown for a strike. He got bombed and Soiscia’s strategy paid off handsomely.

(79-70) Down to a lucky 13 games. vs Twins 6, vs Royals 7. Just what will it take? The Tigers have a bad habit of playing down to sub .500 teams’ levels. Look what KC did to them a few years ago. Tonight the WSox face Guthrie while using Liriano. Can we hope Guthrie cuffs them like before and Liriano has one of his meltdowns? Maybe the key to this race will be that the WSox have to go to the Angels for 3 and play the Rays for 4 in Chicago. That would appear to be a tougher schedule that the Tigers have.

Yes, I’m saying 8-2 homestand, which isn’t beyond the realm of possibility, then see where we stand. It’s the only way to look at it.

6 of 7 inherited runs scored plus our typical unearned runs.
Glad they don’t have a DPB stat (my initials) for Double Plays Butchered.
I didn’t want to be the party pooper so held my thoughts but today was so predictable. Play 2 great games like the first week of the season, find out Chisox are just plain old Chisox and then play tight being only 2 games back.
The trouble with Delmon is he is such a good hitter ahead in the counts and a piece of garbage once 2 strikes are up.

…..than the Tigers have. Both the Rays and Angels are in the hunt for play-off berths. Can the Tigers take every series? 9-4? Finish 88-74? That means the WSox have to go 6-8 in their last 14 games and finish 87-75. Lose tonight to KC. vs Angels 1-2, vs Indians 2-1, vs Rays 1-3, vs Indians 2-1. Impossible? Maybe the problem with this is I am spending too much time predicting the future. LOL

Tigers just need to take care of the Tigers. Time for our long awaited run. If that happens, everything else is moot.

This dispatch is from the Department of Irony. All year, we heard complaints about the “black hole” at 2ndbase. We traded two top prospects and received Infante, who has been worse in the field than Santiago, worse even than Raburn, all the while hitting .250. Ramon could have hit .220 and we’d have come out ahead.
Santiago, most likely playing his last year in Detroit, has gotten into 6 games and had 9 plate appearances since August 9. He hasn’t been in a game at all since September 7, two full weeks ago. He’s already spent most of his career sitting on Jim Leyland’s bench, and it appears he will go out that way. I’m not good with that.

Here’s another way to look at Omar Infante. He’s a career .275 MLB hitter. In eleven seasons, he has had only two seasons under .250. His first full month for Detroit this season he had 3 D, 3 T, 3 HR, 13 RBI and a .293 average. Oh, for Miami he hit well over .300 for April and May this season. It’s been brutal for him so far in September but three doubles in the last two games may spark him to a strong finish. On defense, he ranks 3rd in Range (RF) this season in MLB and was 2nd last year. No slippage in range. Meshing with a new team and his defensive neighbors has been slow. Let’s hope for the best in the next two weeks and expect vast improvement in spring training next season.

That was an interesting take.

We do have Santiago on the books next year for 2.1 million.

Pitching and defense mean you win, right? In MLB, Seattle is #1 in defense and #8 in pitching. Go figure.

I guess it means you win with pitching and defense, and you lose without it. That’s how I always understood it. It’s a small difference by tweaking the words.

Hit reply before I was done. I liked the 2009 team even though they finished with 86 wins, about the same as this year’s squad will get. It was a better brand of baseball. I don’t think a slugger at every position is necessary.

#29 in runs scored and #30 in BA does not help their cause!!! We are #8 in wins in AL and they are #9. Isn’t it great to have as your team goal to be either #6 or #7 in wins just so we are ahead of the Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening from Lancaster, Pa. Guys and Ladies of course, I am leaving off y post tonight; this is the fourth game I missed this year; did not get to follow it up on Game Day. Obviously a big disappointment. Will check the highlights later. I would like to ask Marty to post Three Things in my stead this evening. Will check back in after tomorrow night’s game. Good evening all. We still have a chance.

I can help.1) Nobody died.2) We were not eliminated.3) You showed up.

The Nationals are two innings from nailing down their first postseason berth, and the first for the city since 1933. It’s just the wild card clinch, so it doesn’t mean as much as in previous seasons. The division is the prize now, and that’s next to come if they don’t collapse. At least my secondary team will be in the postseason.
Watching the Nats play, it’s like an entirely different sport than what the Tigers have engaged in this year.

First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.

That is funny. Good job pinch hitting for the pinch hitter Richard:-) My one chance for the bigs……. I will add one thing I particularly liked about today’s game. #3.1 (can’t call it four since the theme is “3 things”) I didn’t see the game either.
I am honored by your request Greg.

It is good to have a contingency plan Rich. That is a good one. How about Baltimore from the AL (if not the Tigers)? Would make for a great area rivalry. Never liked the O’s but that was because they beat the Tigers so badly in the 70’s and early 80’s. But, after eating several helpings of humble pie for a couple decades they’re OK now. Pride is fine as long as it’s tempered with a little humility.

Well, it’s a slow night so here’s how this came to be, Marty. I moved down here in 1999 and for the first few years, the only ML baseball locally was the Orioles. I could never get behind them because…well…they’re the Orioles. My wife had been following them because her team, the Senators, had left in 1972. We’d go see the Tigers play in Baltimore every year, but we needed a team we could both root for. When it was announced that the Expos were moving to Washington, we had that team and eagerly awaited their debut in 2005. In 2004, however, the MLB Extra Innings and MLB.TV packages appeared and everything changed. Now I could watch the Tigers everyday. My wife became a Tigers fan by osmosis and the rest is history. We still follow the Nationals and can attend their games without having to stay in a hotel, but they are the secondary team. Or the alternate team if you prefer. I have tickets for the NLDS game 5 if it’s played.

Avila: first in FP. second in CS % 355 OBP
Fielder:second in avg among 1B. Second overall in OBP for the AL and 100 RBI
MVP Cabrera.One of the best offensive season ever for a Tiger. The best player in MLB. Last year MLB had him 3rd. He surpassed Pujols for sure.A HoF
Austin Jackson.Top ten in WAR. Among the top 3 CF in the AL
The reigning Cy Young with a good case to repeat.
A career season for the second starter.
A second starter with one QS after another as 5th of the rotation.
The closer leading MLB since he is a Tiger. One of the best setup in the game.
An All Star second base.
A good LF.
A rookie playing with heart
A SS that is seen as a bargain. He is reliable . No range but reliable.
There is no way to lose with that team.
Unless you have a problem with the manager lining up subpar players once and again and mismanaging badly the pitchers.

An accurate list and pretty damning evidence. Also MVP Cabrera on the heels of MVP Verlander.

Hard to argue many of your points.

KC tied the game

Leyland would be proud of your PH for the PH.

Bottom of the ninth. Tie score. Walk off potential??

Waiting for the bunt

2 back

CWS: 6-12 vs KC

KC wins. Hosmer 0-2, 2 out hit. Dyson scores. Look out when we play them. They will be tough. Still 2 back.

The Royals continue to do what they do. Have a lousy first half and spend the second half messing it up for other teams. I can name a lot of teams other than KC I’d rather play seven times down the stretch, including Chicago. At least we shouldn’t be taking them lightly this time around.

Always count on KC and Rays to make it entertaining.
Will any team walk thru the door???
I thought Richard was a bit hasty on the no one died remark. I am glad I can only jump from the first floor watching the Tigs down the stretch.

We are down to thirteen games. Seven at home. Six on the road. No sure thing this late in the season. Most teams are struggling with injuries. What’s the best way for us to win? Well, since the White Sox have dropped two in a row, we need to win the next two games to put pressure on the White Sox while they are out west @ the Angels. Win the two series at home. Then we go to MN where the Twins have a bad home record. We win that series, while the Sox are hosting the Rays. Let’s see what the standings are after that series in MN. Go Tigers!!!!

just to let you know fellas….it could rain tonight. a better possibility than the other day when i mentioned a possibility.

the closer we get the more i am sure this game will not be played tonight. i’m around 80% confident in that now. Double header tomorrow – along with the UM ND game DOES sound nice🙂

Big high school game in SW Mich tonight so a rain out gets our approval.

I am from that area (holland) and am always blown away at how seriously prep sports are taken.

I have a problem with WAR. Maybe I just don’t get it. But Fangraphs has Miggy and Chase Headley of the Padres scored at 6.8. So they are baseball equals?

naw WAR had some funky songs and eric burdon is one of the all time greats

what is it go for. Absolutely nothin. Couldn’t resist:)

Big storms headed across the lake into lower MI. Doesn’t look good.

No way. Not even close. WAR is just another goofy sabermetric stat created for Fantasy Leagues. They have very little to do with the game between the lines. It is why that approach is not sustainable. The movie Moneyball while entertaining in parts was really blatant in some of its omissions. The 2002 A’s were great because they had drafted and developed 3 yound stud pitchers who came together at once that year. But there is hardly a mention of Hudson, Mulder and Zito in the movie. That is why they were great; not because they picked up David Justice off the scrap pile or turned Hattieburg into a first basemen. It can be a fad and you can always catch lightning in a bottle, but it still comes down to development and/or spending big.
JP Richardee came here to Toronto as a disciple of Billy Beane and told everyone how he could win with a low payroll. 3 years later he was crying that he could not compete with the spending in the AL East. 3 or so years later he was fired.
If the A’s dont have those three young pitchers along with young studs in Tejeda and Chavez in 2002, the Moneyball book is never written and the movie is never made.
Just one man’s opinion.
— Bob

Spot on and Terrence Long and Jermaine Dye weren’t too shabby either.

Bob, you nailed exactly what I think so closely that I could have written that myself. I always figured that advanced sabermetrics were for fantasy leagues. Any writer using this criteria to vote on any awards should have his vote rescinded. As I said the other day, all I know about WAR is that it’s not good to be in one.
Great points about the Moneyball movie, and I’ll add that they lost me immediately with the premise that the team had been gutted. Not true at all. If the viewer doesn’t buy the premise, he won’t like the movie.

I would guess the double header will be on Sunday because of the Fox 4:05 broadcast Saturday.

while i do not disagree that they would do that – i sure do hate fox “broadcasts”.

In my opinion – Saturday’s game could very well be rained out as well. Too bad triple headers (have been 3 in MLB history) are outlawed under the current CBA. What say ya’ll?
Here is a link to what I think is the best (while simple) forecast – it is the output of a very sophisticated forecast model (only available to NWS forecast office workers) and is re-run every hour.

Headed to the store now. Pretty strong gusts already. I checked the Grand Rapids, MI doppler and you can see the the rain headed this way.

Weather is shaping up to probably allow the game to start.

Geez evan… Good stuff for a brainiac like you. For a baseball guy like me who is challenged by a checkbook…I am trying to understand but not having much fun in the effort.

Lynn Henning actually used “my” term “plays not made” in his piece today. He made a halfhearted attempt to absolve Leyland, but Jim is as responsible for this kind of dreadful play as anyone else. Besides, these Detroit clubs have been built to his specifications.

woah i wouldn’t go so far to assume the teams are JL creations. for example, you think JL championed the idea of signing prince fielder? Yea he has a strong influence but no chance his thoughts are more than 50% of the equation. I’d put it around 25%.

Not what I’m saying. You hire a manager, you get players that fit into his managerial style. I’m not saying that JL dictates exactly who we get. By the way, the big FA signings have quite often come from Mr. Ilitch, Fielder and Cabrera in particular, and Pudge and Maggs in a slightly lesser sense.

A rainout would be disastrous. Doubleheaders tend to be split, no matter who the opponent is. I was looking for a sweep this weekend.

gotta have it. Can’t simply win the series the rest of the way. We have to sweep two of the remaining 4 series and and not lose any.

however, do not forget CHI plays LAA and TB yet this year.

Contrary to what we have been hearing from JL and his sycophants, there are NOT a lot of games left and it is NOT along season anymore.

can people smarter than I refresh my memory WHOSE call it is to start the game (without delay), cancel the game, stop the game right after we score a go ahead run (e.g. how chicago did a few weeks ago), etc….

what happens if the game is stopped, never starts up again….but the score was tied?

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Quintin Berry, LF
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
4. Prince Fielder, 1B
5. Delmon Young, DH
6. Andy Dirks, RF
7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
8. Alex Avila, C
9. Omar Infante, 2B

This is a huge game and one that is entrusted to Young Rick.
Rick has been the least to benefit from what has proven to be a very porous infield. He’s going to have to put away a few batters on his own in pitcher’s counts.
I don’t like the feel of the Peralta/Avila/Infante at the bottom but maybe one of them will “run into one” as JL likes to say.

I will say that Jim worries less about getting all his guys in when it comes down to it. Boesch is not being used and with good reason.
Berry has had good games against the Twins.

Yeah… Agree. If any pitcher is impacted negatively by our defense it is RP. Most of the other guys have high K rates and resultantly have less balls put in play.

Our fielding % is not really the issue. The range factor becomes huge for RP.

So… If the team remains built as is, does RP get moved for a K guy?

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