Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Athletics

Alex Avila and Quintin Berry weren’t likely to start against A’s left-hander Brett Anderson anyway, so just because they’re not in the lineup doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unavailable. That said, as long as they’re not starting, it wouldn’t be a surprise if both of them sit the next couple days until the Tigers face a right-handed pitcher again.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Avisail Garcia, RF
  8. Andy Dirks, LF
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Stephen Drew, SS
  2. Seth Smith, DH
  3. Josh Reddick, RF
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, CF
  5. Brandon Moss, LF
  6. Josh Donaldson, 3B
  7. Daric Barton, 1B
  8. Derek Norris, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B

P: Brett Anderson


Game 148. C’mon offense. All JV wants is four runs. Grind ABs . Scratch. Slide hard into second. Okay?? Go Tigers!!!!

top of this lineup has what it takes to get us 3-4 runs and the bottom half might chip in a few too. Dirks-Garcia-G Money might get us a few too!

I sure hope Justin the pitcher and not JV the thrower that tries to impress everyone shows up tonight. He’s too talented to let his ego get in front of him at this stage of the season. I’m sure when we look back, this season will be an anomaly for JV and it’s still better than 85% of the SP’s in Pro baseball! Let’s see the TIG’s get another W tonight! Control your destiny, don’t worry about the Pale Hose.

could see rain tonight in detroit – will probably be light to mild and probably late in the game.

Forecast is for clear to partly cloudy with a S 12 mph wind. Blowing in from RC then.

hey – forecasts are for people who don’t have a degree in meteorology – like me. But yea many models show it to not come till later but the NAM model for the 18UTC run (4pm EDT) def. indicates the storms on the west side of the state could turn a little south (they look like they are going to go end up north of DET as of now) at least w.r.t the 700mb height flow (this is the level storms are moving…as opposed to the direction of the surface winds). Or they could fizzle out. That’s why I said “could”.
I case you are wondering, which i am sure you aren’t. I got a bachelors in met. and am about 8 months away from a phd in atmospheric sciences. both degrees from UofM.
Back to baseball. You’ll notice most of the JV’s troubles have been on the road this year (ASG included). And for what it is worth accuscore predictions say DET has a 70% chance of winning.

Okay Chuck Gaidica. 😉 Or for the oldtimers, Sonny Elliot.

I’m impressed. Seriously. Never would have thought your’e a meteorolgist.

hah – naw those guys are major league! I just look at maps I could never get in front of a camera and talk.

So are you half sure or not so. No pressure. Just so we can get in six or more and finish it tomorrow if tied.

Currently JV is having the second best season of his career.
Last year, he had one of the top 10 season in the history of baseball. It was impossible to repeat. He like every single pitcher with a season like him has been down.Still, no pitcher in the team is even near his numbers and only 3 pitchers in the AL can be compared to him for the season and only one, playing in Seattle, can dispute him the place as the best pitcher in the league.

2012/2011:CG:6/4. ShO:1/2 IP:251.0/217. SO:218/250. WHIP:1.05/ 0.92 ERA: 2.82/2.40 K/9:8.96/9.03 K/BB: 4.39/3.96 BAA: .192/216. He is SO at a better rate. But his BAA was unsustainable.Iit was beyond belief last year.

JV/Scherzer: 217.1/178.2 SO: 218/224 WHIP:1.05/1.27 ERA:2.82/ 3.78 BAA: 216/250.RS:85th /4th in MLB Not even close.

Detroit fans are being judgmental with JV.I did not like when in the beginning of the season he was unable to control East coast teams but based on the numbers there is one Ace on this team: Justin Verlander.
JV is now the bad guy because he was photographed talking to Kate Upton , nothing more have been said or seen. Well, if she is causing this season, kudos.It is the second best season of his career.
Nice guys always finish last.
Yes, late in the season and postseason he has not been the same. Why? because there is a real problem for him: the excesive workload.That is the only thing to worry about

He can win three more then we can debate which is better. But he has 17-9, 18-6, and 18-9 in his back pocket, too. What he has not had this year is a lock down month. One where he wins 5 or 6 straight. If he finishes 17-8 it’s easier to agree completely with you. +12 on the win loss beats out a 15-10 2.90 era for me.

500 word essay. Is it easier to predict the weather two days hence or the scores of the last two games to finish tonight???

I am going to talk to a friend of mine who works for the NWS forecast office somewhere in Virginia. This is a great question.

Are Casey Crosby or Adam Wilk working out somewhere just in case we get a doubleheader some day ????

Having traveled to Detroit for the ALDS last year, we couldn’t decide if we wanted to buy tickets for Washington in the NLDS next month. I left it up to the teams; I bought tickets for game 5 (if necessary). At least it would be an elimination game if played.

I have 2 words Go Tigers!

Evan… Very impressive credentials. So, what did you say? Please speak “dullard” so I can understand.

i thought the storm over grandrapids at like 4pm was going to continue west and turn south towards detroit. it fizzled out. the forecast rich heard was correct. I am 100% certain there will be no rain in detroit before 1am.

Thank you.

How about back to back bunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to the Twins and Royals pitching to Miggs down the track. Doubt they will IBB.

Bad break. Slow down offense and cool JV

MLB team stat check…BA- Detroit #5, Oakland #29; Runs- Detroit #9, Oakland #19; Fielding %- Detroit #15, Oakland #22; ERA- Detroit #17, Oakland #27.

To me, Oakland’s record is better than its performance/ability.

Something wrong with the ERA part. Aren’t they second in the AL?? Pitching and hitting homers are their main strengths.

Well I just wanted to mention that the Dirks, Laird, Infante connection has come through tonight! bless those boys!!

All the guys with 0 fers last night were good tonight. That’s great!!

Oh…..Mar! Nice 2B but bad decision on the 3-2 pitch with Cabby coming up with the bases full if he lays off. I think everyone knew that pitch was going to be well outside once it left Neshek’s hand. Oh well.

Be nice to get 7 from JV but looks like the most will be 6

DY and JP come up big.

Anyone else notice Ajax is growing a beard? Looks pretty good on him.

Mr. Leyland to his 7-8-9 formula.

Yeah… He keeps playing the same numbers like a professional gambler.

Smooth play by JP. Putting together a nice game.

Migg is just a freak at the moment. Watching the best of the best.

Boone sez Trout is MVP. Put a sock in it . HR by Miggy!!!

He almost had to stand on his tippy toes to hit that ball. I’ve never seen any one do that.

ESPN- Trout for MVP. DRUG TESTING needed.

Scoreboard Watching:
KC playing it tight with the Sox. Chen has a shutout through 6 innings. 1-0

Boone is under the influence of Dr. Leary. He has grammar poblems and is mentally challenged. And those are his positives.

Good show for Infante

Of all JV’s starts how many has Valverde finished.??? Six run lead???

Blsav in the opening game

The bright side:Valverde wont be available tomorrow

I liked those back to back bunts that got it started. I realize the opportunity has to present itself but I sure would liked to have seen that kind of aggressiveness earlier this season. That’s real baseball.
When Cabrera went upstairs to tomahawk that homer, I was kind of standing there with my mouth hanging open. This guy is incredible.
Dotel doesn’t mess around. I hope they bring him back. Hey, he has closer experience.
I don’t now and never have understood Leyland’s bullpen usage. Two days from now we’ll need Valverde to close a game and we’re likely to get a repeat of Sunday’s performance in Cleveland. It kind of reminds me of Gene Mauch in 1964, when he had a 6.5 game lead with 12 to play and he decided to use his two aces, Bunning and Short, on two days rest for the remainder. It blew up in his face. None of those guys in the pen are capable of protecting a 5 or 6 run lead? I thought JL said he’d use them with 4 run leads. Somebody explain this strategy.

Tigers win 6-2. We have won a series against a tough team. White Sox trail 3-0 late in their game. Anibal ready to roll tomorrow. Wow. Two bunts to start a rally. Unheard of since the days of the mighty Cobb. El Tigre, how do stand with homeruns at home ( us vs them)?? How about on the road?? No prisoners. Go for a sweep. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

Tigers home games: 84. Away: 64.
Allowed home:63 .Away :79

Could that be one our major problems?? Or is that typical even for good teams??

The Tigers are among the leaders in every offensive category but HR. They lack speed and have Lamont at 3rd so they they need the long ball. The hit for avg and go on base but cant score.
11th in MLB at Home. 25th on the road.


Nice Victory tonight for the Tigers.We’ve got two down and need everyone we can get. I’m reporting tonight from Lancaster, Pa, and will be here through Friday. Wil offer my humble post ASAP for the next couple of days. Here goes with tonight:
1. 6-9 give us 7of 10 total hits. Dirks has a good bounce back game from last night.
2. JV, again when not sharp, allows his club a chance to win. Every club in the Majors would give their eye teeth for his services
3. Delmon’s Sacrifice fly in in the third, after the 20 minute delay; that SF scored the tird run of the inning. Good job D.

Kudos to Omar tonight for the three ribby’s, and of course what more can be said about Miggy. He’s carrying this team on his back to get them to the Big Dance.
Sweep tomorrow means more pressure on the Sox. Good night all.

Good to see Infante come up with a big 2 RBI hit. Also nice to see Dirks get it going again. Laird making a difference too. Got to get Fielder going better.
What can you say about Cabby. I hope he indeed is on a mission to carry this team on his back again..
I think Young is going to start to get some big hits. Peralta will carry on as he always does, not too high, not too low.
Valverde? Ridiculous. JL has to be sensible ab out this as it is a problem. The indifferemce thing drives me nuts and to me playing “I give up” kind of baseball. Sure we had a 6 run leas but what if it were 3 or 4?
Maybe Valverde will rediscover his splitter and a miracle will occur. About a 99% chance of that not happening and he is just too unreliable and hittable to be a closer at this time of the year. There are others on this team that can do that job.
JV gutted out a game without his best stuff.
Fingers crossed on Max and tomorrow Avisail Garcia is gonna win a game for us.

2 back. ChiSox 0-3

Great to see the Royals shut out the Sox

One more day with the Royals as our friends. Then we will focus all our attention on two teams. Twins and Royals. We need to beat them at home . Then go play them at their park. The White Sox have to travel to LAA, then back home for Cleveland and Tampa Bay. Back on the road for Cleveland. Can we do it?? Absolutely!!

We’re 2-0 on our way to that 8-2 homestand. The A’s looked to have been the tough challenge on paper, but that’s not usually worth the paper it’s written on. Milone is the one that worries me and he goes tomorrow.
The KC series will be tough, since a split does damage. Can’t look past the Twins this weekend.
JL may need to play it like Ventura’s Legions for some of these games, with those one-batter matchups. He put in Valverde tonight and the dude threw 27 pitches to get three outs in a 6-run game. He is the most psycho of the closers we’ve had. Can’t pitch in non-save games, works too slowly, doesn’t hold runners, strange and mystical mannerisms, etc. It’s what I get for complaining that Rodney worked too slowly. I never had a problem with Todd Jones, although that put me in a distinct minority. I’d much rather see a workman-like effort like Dotel puts in. Fastballs at the knees and gets back to the dugout.
The White Sox can’t score without homers, unless you give them runs like we did on Monday.

When I say psycho closers, I’m not counting Urbina. He was just psycho.

Check me in. I was not only was OK with Todd Jones,he had the job done ,but also with Rodney. Rodney is a legit Cy Young candidate .

The A’s would have been thru 4 different closers in the time VV takes to finish a game. A build up of matter on the mind turning us all into raving lunatics watching the circus.
I wonder if Miggs has ever closed???

DOK…Rechecked stats. Don’t know what happened. Oakland now comes up #5 with an ERA of 3.50 and Detroit figures in at #10 and 3.80. Glitch? My error? Sorry, regardless.

Kathy – I like the beard AJax is growing too – looks good on him, and to be a total girl here I just thnk Dirks is adorable, love that hair peaking out from the back of his batting helmet.

OK – focused more on baseball – great game last night. I got a kick out of how ticked off JV was when he knew he was done – too many pitches but he pitched terrific, just had to work hard to do it. Papa Grande, who I have always been a fan of, is now getting on my nerves – I have to stop liking all of these closers in our history that make it so hard to watch – yikes. The fans were getting a little sick of the defensive indifference which allowed those runs to be so much easier.

Miggy continues to be the beast that he is, and nice to see the effective bunting and the hit by Omar. Nice win and even nicer that the Sox lose and also nice to see Miggy being hyped all over the place now and getting his credit.

Today is another big day – they all are now until the last one.

nearly nothing in the game makes me more upset than defensive indifference. not that the player should get a steal but what is the advantage to not attempting to hold him on the base?
Dirks and G Money really did good work with the bat tonight!! Imagine if AJ got some hits?
So tonight do we see Downs/Pepsi (situationally), Villareal (1ip) and then use Dotel to close the door? Or has JL not played someone so long I forgot they were in the pen? I imagine the calls to the pen sound something like this “Dust him off – he’s going in if the situation becomes big enough”

maybe not Dotel today…..(forgot it was a daygame not a night game)….maybe Marte? He pitched pretty good the other day I thought.

I don’t remember Jerry Meals botching any calls last night (3rd base umpire). Did anyone else?

Miggy is so much fun to watch… every time he steps up ppl stop what they are doing. He has put this team on his back and we are doing what it takes to win. Rain will be done around noon in Detroit just in time for some baseball. Need another quality start by Sanchez and some more HRs! Sox are going to loose some more games, we just have to stay positive and grind it out. Miggy4MVP without a doubt, Trout’s hitting has dropped off in September while Cabrera is as hot as it gets. Go Detroit!

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