Miguel Cabrera and the Triple Crown race

Would an AL Triple Crown win Miguel Cabrera AL MVP honors?

You’d like to think so, but maybe the question is moot.

An MVP award goes out every year. Nobody has accomplished the batting Triple Crown in 45 years. The Triple Crown is an honor in itself.

The way Miguel Cabrera is hitting these days, it’s starting to look realistically within reach.

With three hits, two homers and six RBIs Monday against Oakland, Cabrera took new ground in all three offensive categories. His .333 batting average now stands six points above Trout, who went 0-for-3 with two walks Tuesday night against Texas. At the same time, Cabrera broke out from a tie for the RBI lead to go up by six over Josh Hamilton. Cabrera’s two homers, meanwhile, halved his deficit to two behind Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Cabrera’s OPS crept over the 1.000 mark for the first time since mid-April. He’s the only Major League hitter over that mark now. He’s 50 points over Trout for the AL lead.

Cabrera has nine more games at home in Comerica Park, where he’s batting .349 with a 1.139 OPS and 26 home runs. He’ll finish out the season at Target Field and Kauffman Stadium, two places where the Park Factor numbers rank more hitter-friendly than Comerica Park.

Bottom line: He can do this. And if he does, it won’t be in a weak year for offense.

The only Major League hitter since 1954 to finish with a .330 batting average, 200 hits, 40 homers and 140 RBIs is Todd Helton in 2000, and he did it playing his home games at Coors Field before the humidor made things more fair for pitchers there. Cabrera has a chance to do it at a place that ranks just barely above average among Park Factors for offense.

If Cabrera wins the HR title, he’ll need 43 homers. Add that to the above criteria, and he’d be the first to reach those marks in a season since Al Rosen in 1953.

If he hits 44 homers with the above criteria, he’d be in territory not seen since Hank Greenberg and Joe DiMaggio in 1937.

You’d like to think that would win him an AL MVP honors, but you don’t know. But the numbers that get him there would be more historic than the award itself.


He is truly a gifted hitter. And a genuine personality and teammate.
I don’t know what else can be said that hasn’t other than this is his time of the year to shine. Last year he came out of nowhere to overtake Young and Gonzalez for the batting title all the while lifting his own team.
He has a sense of drama and importance about him. He has treated us all year and for him to excel like he did 2 days ago and today—it’s almost unreal. How lucky we are.

Imagine a team with the two highest strikeout pitchers and the MVP / triple crown champion.
The game reminded me of the first week of the season.

We are so lucky to have him on our team – I know we paid a bundle for him but he has been worth every penny, he brings such an excitement to the game – last night was truly phenomenal and much needed – we did not gain any ground, but it was a shot in the arm for Tigers fans. We can’t control what the Sox do but we can control what we do and if nothing else it was fun to see us beat up on a team even with one of our star pitchers out.

This is one guy who truly is worth the price of admission. Only one time in my whole life I bought a ticket to see one player, and that was George Brett the year he hit .390. No matter what the Tigers do, Cabrera makes it worth watching. You keep him forever. If he’s not the MVP, there’s no such thing.
I’m thinking Alex would have been on the 7-day concussion DL if it wasn’t September and Holaday wasn’t already here.

you think Holaday will get a start soon?

Miguel is our tiger. He has had his problems but most of us detroiters can say we have had our own and just like us he has overcome them and the reward is much sweeter when its earned. Bravo Mr. Cabrera. Bravo.

Stay focused Migel. Sure looks like you are locked in now. Lead your team to the division championship. Great to see you get forty dingers. Very first time. Hope you have another season or two where you do it again. But the big personal prize out there that you must get first is that back to back batting championship. And you might not know that A. Pujols has only one batting title to his credit. What’s up with Mike Trout?? Here’s a comparison for Mr. Trout. How does his rookie year compare with Rickey Henderson’s best home run season?? Let’s see if he can run with Rickey. Over the next ten years see if he matches Rickey. The only Angel to compare with Miguel is Albert Pujols.

Atta boy Ned:
“If you were a team that was contending, would you want a rookie pitcher that was making his first Major League start pitching against you? Yeah,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “But to the team they’re contending with, it’s not fair. So when we play Chicago, when we play Detroit, we’ll put our best team and our best pitchers on the field every game against them. We won’t put any rookies in there unless it’s just absolutely out of necessity. That’s just the way I’ve always done it and that’s the way it should be.”

Cleveland, of course, is a different story. The Indians are well behind even the third-place Royals and have been officially eliminated.

“In my mind, when you’re playing a contending team, you have a responsibility to play your best team out of fairness to both clubs. In this case, it’s Detroit and Chicago,” Yost said. “We’ll put our best lineup on the field and do everything we can do to play our best baseball”

nice to see the recognition there – good to see

So sad that so many (including Mitch Albom) gave Miguel such a very hard time for his stuggles with alcohol. We all struggle in some area of our life – and it changes through time….i think they call it maturity. 26 and 27 year olds sometimes have to learn how to drink and make better decisions while drinking – which is why some of the reactions blew me away.
Just saying remember how you felt last night during that granny – and don’t forget it when Miggy is having a hard time down the road.

That’s very well said, Evan.


Just one more comment on Miguel. Miguel really knows baseball. An example, the White Sox game when we trailed 5-4 in the eighth inning. When the White Sox player hit the sure sacrifice fly to Avisail Garcia in left, Miguel did not go to the base he went to the place where he could get the throw and make a quick tag on the runner coming from second base. Of course, it helped that Garcia threw a laser beam to him. Miguel gave him the perfect target. No run for Chicago. Miguel is a gifted player who also is a very smart ballplayer. Tip of the cap, Miguel.

yea GREAT point! Miguel isn’t only physically gifted – he is mentally gifted too. Very smart hitter who gives insight to teammates – will probably be a great hitting coach someday!

i know tonight we’re facing a great pitcher tonight – but DY, MC and AJ all have good numbers against him. Heck with JV tossing well……we might only need a couple runs. Those guys might be able to get us a couple runs.
Last night I saw a bunch of smiles on the boys faces – I think that’ll carry over.
play good ball and keep having fun boys. I just wish it was 7:07 already, dangit!

heck, he allowed five in a six-run seventh inning of a 6-0 loss at Los Angeles on Thursday.

We always want four runs. Avoids the 3-2 loss. Go Tigers!!!

Evan, I was one that was very upset with the Miguel bashing when he had his issues. Mitch was brutal and I could not believe all the fans that wanted him gone. I am grateful I have the ability to forgive and give others another chance.
Thank you Miguel for all the great baseball moments you have given us as a Tiger. Looking forward to more and I know you will continue to amaze us. You’re my Tiger!

I like his writing style, but sometimes Mitch is full of Albom.

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