Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at A’s

Alex Avila is not in the starting lineup. Gerald Laird gets the start behind the plate. No update yet on Avila’s status.

UPDATE: Avila is “not medically cleared to play,” according to Jim Leyland. Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand had no update as of this afternoon. He’s supposed to be tested today to determine his status for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, after the buzz surrounding Brennan Boesch’s ill-fated start over Andy Dirks on Monday, he’s out of the lineup tonight. Quintin Berry starts in left and bats second. Andy Dirks moves over to right and bats sixth, where Boesch normally would be batting.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Coco Crisp, CF
  2. Seth Smith, LF
  3. Josh Reddick, RF
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, DH
  5. Brandon Moss, 1B
  6. Stephen Drew, SS
  7. Josh Donaldson, 3B
  8. George Kottaras, C
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B

P: A.J. Griffin


dirks should bat 2nd

i think the title of this blog should be changed. it gives the impression the tigers are playing out west. which isn’t true.

We don’t want a longer road trip. Could somebody cross check me on this fact. This will be our only ten game homestand of the season. Does anyone see another??

There was one 9-game homestand and this one is a 10-gamer because of a rainout. We played seventeen 10-game road trips and one 24-game trip which just ended. Or so it seems.

Game starts at 7:06PM at Comerica Park this evening.

why :06 instead of :05? isn’t it usually 7:05? That one minute is too much to bear I already had to wait like 26 hours!

If you watch, you’ll see that first pitch is usually at 7:07.

Any MLB shortstop should be able to bunt! Another typical Leyand line up. Yes, Dirks should be batting 2nd. Go Tigers!

Agreed. Dirks better off there. I wouldn’t play Berry at all. Garcia would be my man.
Peralta should be on a very short leash. He is not hitting and when he is not hitting his worth diminishes rapidly. The options are not good though I do believe Danny Worth would be able to hit better than .150

It doesn’t matter folks……they wonthit this gut no matter who’s in the game or not. Good hitting teams arent getting anything off this kid and our Tigers are farrrrrrrrr from a good hitting team. In my mind I just have to watch and try to enjoy the last few weeks of baseball without getting upset.

Would it matter if they removed the hitters who aren’t hitting?

If Jackson and cabby can bat for everyone!

cracking me up over here!!

Apart from some flashey streaks from Delmon the past month, our whole lineup can only hit ahead of the Big 2.
Nothing to lose now so I would like to see what Dirks and AJax have to offer.
I just hope we have a SS with a better arm than mine. Jhonny’s throws this year have been pathetically weak all season.

You mean the Big 1 don’t you? Fielder is .189 with 2 HR and 4 RBI over the last 10.

Well it took an elbow from Eric Nesterenko, oops, I mean Prince Fielder, to provide Alex the much needed respite that his manager should have been giving him.

I just wish Jim would have listened to me. I told him he should start Max on his regular 4 day rest yesterday.

meanwhile maxx pitched like crap (hurt) and peralta hits a bomb. lol

That’s my first time seeing “I’m gonna knock you out” Prince ramming his elbow into Avila’s face. It knocked him out and you could see his whole head was shaking. How much more can a guy take. And, now, Jim is talking about Alex health. Never in my life have I see a catcher take so many hits.

Yeah… Avila does take a lot of hits and many are of his own doing. He sets up too far back and tends to sit high (some of that is due to his long torso), making him a foul ball magnet. And he frequently leaves his throwing hand exposed when receiving a pitch. In all, it pretty much amounts to a recipe for disaster for Avila.

Well not the first inning by Max you’d hope to see. Now they can hit Max now can we hit their guy?

As I told last night, jump over the first pitch

Paid off for Q!

Well..I guess Peralta showed up today.

Long releiver Downs is warming up. Problem with Max?

Max is out. Velocity was down. Anyone know anything?

Crap what’s up with Max?

dude maxx man hop e he just had stomach issues

right shoulder fatigue

Tom Gage‏@Tom_Gage

#Tigers Scherzer out after two innings because of right shoulder fatigue – will have MRI

MAX Right shoulder issue. Fatigue per release. What does that mean?

Not good, not good at all!

If Max is done for season so are the Tigers!

disagree. drew smyly has pitched well.

You are right . He can give us a chance if we need it. Hopefully we don’t. Any more news on Max?

He’s not Max. Although I already think their done with or without Max.
Ya Plutoneum is coming in.
They ont turn another Freaking double play! Honest to god these guys are you kidding me?

Prince FINALLY dug one out. DP.

I too was hoping Max was just sick. My only upside thought is he caught something in his shoulder before it becomes a major issue but not good for us.

Miggy is just simply amazing. However, our inability to turn a double play anymore has gotten into everyone’s minds.

Cabby had trouble getting it out of his glove. Peralta makes a horrible throw (again) on the DP but finally we catch a break, or should I say Wince digs one out of the dirt?
Downs is not long for this ball game. I think Leyland will save smyly pending the outcome of the MRI and Max’s situation. Darn-Max won’t get 20 now!

Bad choice. Cespedes kills the fasball

Cespedes did somethng? Wow- The top of the 5th hasn’t even started yet for me on MLBTV!!!

No when I commented.

Another one on Fielder

Geez Villareal almost screwed that up!

That inning made me a nervous wreck.

Nice job by Brayan without much help.

Fielder was late to cover. Bad luck for the blopper

Dan & Jim wondered where BV was during that play.

Nice job by Downs. Not so much with BV who walks the guy he came in to get. And we get away unscathed……..fortunately. JL always wanting to get his matchup. Downs was getting the job done. Why mess with that?


The pitcher has to cover 3B . It was on Fielder. He has been failing once and again since sunday. Even with the HR

OK. I’m just reporting what they said.

Sorry, I did not want to sound rude or disrespecful to you. That why I did not reply directly. Im really sorry if so.

No need. We just all want our team to win.

Well by a freaking miracle we got some runs, can the pitching hold out?

Scoring from 2b

Hitting against the good teams as usual

I guess it wasn’t a completely crappy idea playing Q by JL?

The spark is back with good timing

There was no need to risk himself like that.

No interference

Cespedes fell too….I think they probably decided because he fell he wouldn’t have made it!

You are right.

First GS

Grand Slam, baby!

335/40/129. triple crown on reach


Pitcher ejected?

Yes, they think it was a payback.

MVP .. Game 147 .. First GS … And fitting it was the MVP
— Bob

Miguel is something else. Not that I’m bias but if he doesn’t win the award there is just something wrong with those people!

Sox won. Still 3 out. Have to keep winning. Good news (at least for now) on both Max and Q. Q had a good game tonight didn’t he? So did just about everyone. They held off the near momentum swing at that one point in the top of the 5th. Tigers always do well against the better pitchers so bring um on.
Gonna be tough picking only 3 things you liked Greg.

That HBP of Prince was not intentional. Ump got it wrong. It appeared to be an off speed pitch that just stayed inside. Melvin should have been angry. Pretty irrelevant at that point though.

Jerry Meals, the same umpire who kicked the crap out of that call to end the O’s-Yankees game last week. Ol’ Meals on Wheels himself.

Sox hit three solo homers and win 3-2 but that’s okay. Can’t control that. We got the first win of this 8-2 homestand we’re (I’m) looking for.
Max is a very intelligent young man. Some pitchers would have tried to pitch through that. He did the right thing. Outstanding work by the pen tonight, especially Darin Downs early on when the game was in doubt.
Lefthanders the next two days, but after that I’m beginning to think that Berry brings more than Boesch. Q has his negatives as we all know but that’s not the point. It’s who gives you the best chance of success right now.

You can put it on the Board, YES!! And indeed we finally did. Curly fries for the box score people. Joy in Tigerville, temperd by the fatigued arm of Maxwell! Hopefully, a couple of days of rest, and he’ll be good to go; if not, Smyly is the man.
To all the Trout for MVP folks, I beg to disagree. Seriously, would not be surprise to see Miggy win the Triple Crown(Tie in Home Runs would be sufficient.) He appears to be on a mission. Maybe his team mates will join him for these last 15. We just have to win as many as we can, and hope the Sox win three or four less. Still three after tonight. Lot’s to like; here we go:
1. 7 Innings of one run ball by the Pen. My hat is off to you. Downs was the key. Even Coke threw well.
2. Laird gets on base four times(three hits included), keeps innings alive, and works with six different pitchers. You are indeed Money, Gene!
3. Scored in 6 of 8 innings with a true home barrage. Miguel, you are the best in the game today!

Dirks had a tough night, QB made good contributions, Garcia continues to be a plus in the lineup, and good ole Jhonny finally broke out of the slump. Prince gets to 100 one more time. JV, do your thing tomorrow; keep it going till the end. God night all

You got it Greg. Downs, Q, and GL. Of course Miguel. Gerald brings a lot of enthusiasm and pennant race experience to the park. He is a winner. Would not mind seeing him catch a significant number of the rest of these games.

I bet he will be catching most the time as well – Alex getting knocked out the other day about sealed it, but you never know with Leyland…

wow what an action packed night! I am super glad we won but hey – it’s exciting baseball. That’s what is all about folks – screaming at the tv and giving high fives! Bless these boys! Godspeed on the recovery for Berry and Max.
I would give Smyly the start if there are any questions about Max. I’m confident with G$ too.

Agree with you on Smyly as the replacement for Max against MN. Isn’t it strange that Gmoney goes 3-3 off an unseen righty. His approach against RHP has been great all year. LHP is another story. He’s been horrible. Two lefties in a row right now. Gerald is 0-5 career off B. Anderson and 1-3 this year off T. Milone. Can Holaday who hit lefties around .300 most of the season at Toledo help us tonight??
Kelly is still here in case two catchers go down in the same game. If Alex is out for a few more games or worse. Holaday will get some action.

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