Monday’s lineups: Tigers at White Sox

Austin Jackson is a go after missing Sunday in Cleveland with a sore left ankle. Alex Avila is available, but manager Jim Leyland decided to give him a day out of the lineup to recuperate. He could enter as a pinch-hitter or late-inning replacement.

As for the outfield, Leyland chose Brennan Boesch over Andy Dirks as his left-handed hitter to start. Because the full lineup came out late, we didn’t get a chance to ask about that. Neither Dirks nor Boesch started against Jose Quintana last week because Ryan Raburn started in left that night.

Avisail Garcia gets his first professional start in left field, something he was supposed to do Thursday before that game was rained out.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Brennan Boesch, RF
  8. Avisail Garcia, LF
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Doug Fister


  1. Dewayne Wise, CF
  2. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
  3. Adam Dunn, 1B
  4. Paul Konerko, DH
  5. Alex Rios, RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Dayan Viciedo, LF
  8. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Carlos Quintana


Game 146. Nobody better than our Detroit Tigers. Take down the Hawk Sox. Go Tigers!!!

I hear you. The fan base seems more fragile than usual right now.

If offering realistic assessments of the team makes me a nervous Nellie, so be it. But I prefer to be called Nell.

I would have batted Garcia 2nd and keep him in the lineup most games, at-least until his bat cools off….. which is hopefully never…lol

We are the Detroit Tigers. Second only to that NYY team in scoring in the first inning. Let’s go from the get fo. Go Tigers!!!!

Speaking of Nellies; I hope Nellie Fox cursed the Sox for trading him to the Astros in 1963 after a long and illustrious career with the Pale Hose.

“Leyland said he had briefly considered using Omar Infante in left field and Danny Worth at second base against left-hander Jose Quintana. Infante has experience playing outfield, but Leyland and his coaching staff opted instead for Garcia, the 21-year-old rookie.”
I hope the key word there was “briefly“.

We need Miggy AND Biggy hammering the ball today. They did nothing off Quintana last week.

Boy were they tough on Quintana there in the first, I hope nobody got too tired there and worked up a sweat? Quintana certainly didn’t !

Another key today wll be how Fister manages the pitcher counts and particularly the 0-2 counts. I have always felt that he is too aggressive in the 0-2 counts. He gets addicted to throwing strikes and sometimes makes that pitch to “hittable”.

Top of second . Lead off double. Get him over. Get him in.

Managerial mistake #1. Not bunting with 1st &2nd and nobody out with Peralta.
Perfect sac bunt situation and small ball ssertyourself strategy with a guy who hasn’t been hitting and who can’t run.
I hope this is the last mistake of the day.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t be able to but have you ever seen Peralta bunt?

never. I’m sure it’s JL’s fault Peralta can’t bunt. 1-0 tigers

Back in the first. How many of you have seen a 1-6-5-3 Double play before today??

Yes I have. Also consider when a guy is slumping and not helping the lineup a good contributing sac bunt is sometimes the stimulus needed to break out.
This game is too important to squander prime opportunitites.

I’m not disagreeing that he should do…the answer is though 12 in his career once in Detroit and that was this year.

Well, I was on the phone with my son and some good things happened.

Omar is bunting now. why? because Omar can bunt OK.

Cabby intentional walk….[sigh] COME ON PRINCE!

so due for a granny

make em pay Prince, bases loaded!

Delomon picks up his teammate!!!

whelp nearly 60 pitches through 3 innings….at least we are working this guy! Oh yea and 3 runs aren’t bad.

JL lucked out with Delmon coming through. Bunting Infante was stupid in that situation. Don’t ever take ABs away from Cabrera.
I wish he’d put in Dirks for Boesch right now.

this has all the feel of a playoff game for both teams – intentional walks, bunts all in the early innings – too much at stake and the Sox want to keep us at arms reach – would be fun to watch instead of check in from time to time!

Dunn’s walkup music is Turn The Page? Ha! Good one.

Twister Fister with back to back Ks!!!!!!!

Anybody else think this “career year” for Peirzinski is fishy?

Both hits Rios and AJ P. got in this hitting we’re on pitches not located well. Fister needs to work himself out of another bad situation here.

Country Joe screwed Fister over there Viceado was struck out.

Thanks Joe West you freaking inability to call balls and strikes just screwed us over! He’s stunk and has always stunk! Umps two days in a row!

oh man oh man i can’t tell whether to pull him or not oh man oh man

get him out screw it this is game 163 folks

Good job. Jhonny Peralta!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go bat.

Nobody will ever mistake Joe West for a good umpire. Just ask Hawk.

The pitch to Vicisfo wasn’t even close!

Nice play by Jhonny! Get back in the batters box folks. It’s a new game!

Fielder needs to pick up the pace here he hasn’t been getting it done lately?

I don’t know if the pitcher missed the bag but he clearly looked out! But we had a few go against us yesterday that costs us.

One of those Jim Joyce calls.

You are right about the non call by West. He changed the game.
But, Prince Fielder has to come through with bases full for us. I’m worried about him a bit. Boesch is lost–familiar refrain.
DeWayne Wise just murders us. I don’t know what he’s hitting against us but whatever hits he does get are big ones.

Now we get a call. Jeez these umpires.
Here comes the first wave of Ventura’s Legion.

Where do we use Dirks??

i put him in instead of boesch – asap


Just don’t strike out Delmon—I’d almost prefer a 1st pitch swinging (run scoring) DP.
No confidence in Peralta.

Peralta after making a nice play….just laid another egg at the plate!

Managerial mistake #2. Peralta again not bunting in the exact same situation.
The definition of stubborn: L-E-Y-L-A-N-D.
Just doesn’t use anything but the Hope and Dream and Wait philosophy.
Kudos to DY for a big hit but that was a blown inning as far as I am concerned.

again, peralta doesn’t bunt.

Is our 3-4-5 combo hitting again???

I would not be surprised to see Worth or Ramon starting at short soon.

doug needs to be pulled if he doesn’t get pauly K

Leyland too slow on the trigger again. He didn’t see that Fister had nothing today? I’ve seen this movie before.

Well nearly every 2 strike pitch Fister threw, was way too good of a pitch. Did I say earlier I want worried about Fister!

My fears were realized. I was afraid Fister might not pull this one off.
The 1-2 pitch to Dunn was awful.. And the hanger to Konerko was lucky to stay in the park.
We need Q to whiff the next 3 hitters.

Cabby is our best infielder

Another blown DP. That’s our boys. Go Tigers, rah rah rah….

What is that the 5th in two days they f’d up! Losers!

Another screwed up double play by the Tigers! Excellent!

every day I wish martinez had never gotten hurt and Wince played somewhere else. preferably in the NL.

I hope the boys are watching these CHISOX. maybe learn how to play some defense.

Picked the wrong ball Wince.
Damn. We all knew something stupidly familiar would happen that inning. Bad throw by Infante at the wrong time. Even worse reception by Wince. He wasn’t even close to catching that ball. He at least has to keep it in front of him..
The definition of this season continues.
Can’t make the expected play at the right time.
Another DP blown and we are about the worst in baseball at this.

And them’s the facts, no matter how much we wish otherwise.

Then an easy 1-2-3 inning at the dish. Too early to throw in the towel you guys. Pull your head out of your arse and make this season worthwhile.

Please Infante and Fielder if your not going to do anything to help this team with your bats right now please make the routine plays. Infante has got to be better fielding his position and Fielder has got to pick those balls out of the dirt! Geez! Losers!

Well…. All I’ve heard the last few weeks is how the Soxs take infield practice…looks as though the Tigers need to take infield practice because they are horrible
And now the savior Phil Coke comes in!

That’s right, Jim, you’ll have to use your entire bullpen, not half of it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

enter the Coke man.
JL is insane.

and phil bounces one up to the mound [turns game off]

Hindsight is a pretty convenient thing but this really should have been the game to throw Max. Max is one of the best, if not the best, pitchers in the game right now and this is the most important game of the season.

Id be really angry right now if I hadn’t divorced myself emotionally from the Tigers!

I think you’re still sneaking into the bedroom at night though………

Look infante can catch a pop up!

Don’t let AlbQ sit for week next time, please.
Okay, 5-4, let’s get this going. Anybody’s game.

Hardnosed baseball by Rios. He sent Infante flying. Top of seventh. Our big guys need to come up big.

Well I am not sure this team can capture momentum. Coke and Dotel did enough that inning to spark the offense. Will it?
I hate being cynical.

Realistic. You see it.

Can’t capture something that doesn’t exist😉
Momentum is only as good the next day’s starter, right Jim? Well the last two have been pantload duds.
The end is near. Thank goodness.
— Bob

The pylon at first not only can’t pick a ball (albeit a bad throw but still should of gotten). He swings at three pitches so far out of the strike zone they have a different zip code! Thanks for earning your 146,000 dollars for the day!

Not in the cards. Not when you see a rocket snared in the webbing of the pitcher’s glove then your #3 hitter just miss his pitch and your cleanup hitter looks about as bad as anyone ever has.

Has Jhonny barely hit the ball past the pitcher 3 times today?

Oh geez—you can feel this one leaking away like a sieve.
All the disappointments of the season are due up and there is no hope in sight.

That pitch hasn’t been a strike all day, Joe, and you called it twice. Hawk’s right, you should retire.
Didn’t work, he didn’t kick me out of the game.

Amazing how Joe west doesn’t miss calling that outside pitch a strike on Boesch but one right down the middle was called a ball on Viciedo! Did I ever mention I hate umpires?

Someone earlier said Max is the best in the game. Hawk previously offered the same opinion.

Like in 1981, 1987 and 2009 I will be ith the team until is mathematically eliminated( or not).
But there are only two solutions. DH Fielder for the next 8 years or send him to Boston . He will hit 40 HRs next year but that is not enough. Most of the failed DP were possible for an average 1B.DD said he was not a fit. He was right.Crazy? Well ,henning wants to trade Cabrera. Without him, the Tigers would be in the cellar.
BB and Peralta dont belong to a MLB team that wants to win . I would rather have Young over BB. People likes BB and hates Young. Baseabll logic says otherwise.
Avila´s career was destroyed by overuse. He deserves a chance to recover
Set at C, 1B( Miguel), 2B, CF, RF( Garcia) LF ( Dirks), DH( Fielder).That the rational thing to do. Otherwise, 2013 will be even longer

Agree with you about Young. As I’ve said before, I”ll take DY over BB in a heartbeat.

Scherzer? still the lucky one. The best remain JV

correction: JV is having the second best season of his career. His numbers are f ar better than Scherzer´s. Numbers dont lie. He is the best of the Tigers pitchers. But Felix Hernadez and Halladay can dispute the title of the best of the game to JV.

No disrespect to JV, but recent stats make a strong PRESENT argument for Scherzer as the best in the game at this time.

This game was pretty much a microcosm of the season. Bad managing, bad hitting, bad defense, not able to take advantage of opportunities, bad breaks, It had it all.
The truth is if, and that is almost not even possibility, this one is lost it is probably the best thing. Put us out of our misery and this team was not going to be a credible playoff team anyway. They really don’t deserve any better than they’ve given.

Killer throw by Garcia. Joe West on top of the play!!!!

And one more observation while I am at it. For all the arm and talen that Villarael might have, he will never be truly successful. He is too enamoured with and predictable with his fastball. He has a good slider but just doesn’t know how and when to use it.

Joe west inally made a good call but too bad he couldn’t make a routine ball/strike call against Viciedo earlier that would have allowed Soxs to score 3 earlier!

Thats his bad call made it possible for the white Soxs to score three!

Berry for Garcia? Smooth Leyland, the kid was stoked after possibly keeping the game in check and was due. He has power and speed and has been getting his bat on the ball.
Typical predictable, staus quo, non-creative move by JL.
Dirks in and and now you can’t pinch hit for him because all you have is Worth and Worth-less.

Dead done and now buried!

Okay, so now we move into the desperation part of the season. Not as painful, but not much fun either. 3 down with 16 to go. There was team not long ago that was 3 up with 4 to go and blew it. At least now we’re not the favorites anymore.
If not winning the division means getting rid of Leyland and that style of play, it will have been worth it. Like everyone else, I have a lot of thoughts on what should be done during the offseason, but I’m going to wait until the offseason is actually here. Preview: I don’t think anyone foresaw Prince being this poor at 1stbase.

Well today was a whole lot like yesterday……so so pitching but god enough to win, bad defense, and a critical bad call by an umpire. Same of same old same old tigers!

Just occured to me. It was 44 years ago tonight that I ran charging onto the Tiger Stadium field with thousands of other screaming yahoos to celebrate the Tigers clinching the pennant. Memories…….light the colors of my mind…(what’s left of it)…

I shut it off and took a nap. The game didn’t feel right. My son called me last night after the game and said the tigers were toast. “There’s something wrong with that team.” They don’t look like they “want it.” I feel the same way.

Best graphic of the day. Detroit 2-12 in one run ball games since Aug. 9th. Need to get better.

Well we’ve faced some mediocre to average to bad pitchers lately and couldn’t manage a good trip. Well the next 3 days we will face good young pitching they’ve never seen before? What do you think is gonna happen! Ya me too! If he Soxs play KC well we could be 6 back by Thursday!

Ramon and/or Worth over Perala at SS ? Those guys are nice utility/role players. But…Together they couldn’ carry Peralta’s jock as regulars.

Lot’s of anger and disgust in Tigerville today. It’s amazing that an off season injury changed the dynamic of this team. And the injured player might play 15 games a year on defense. Everybody knows, but think one more time what that injury did.
In itself, it reduced our defensive capability by a third. If Cabby never leaves first, you might have seen a .210, 15 HR, 65 season from Inge, but upgraded defense at third. And in reality, Cabby has done well at third, but still missed crucial balls when Rick and Doug were pitching. I think this also pressured Ryan in to thinking he had to be a 30 Homer Guy. He’s stuck at second, along with Inge, Santiago, and anybody else who wanted to give it a try. Infield defense was cursed from Day 1. For a while, Biggy was able to ward it off, but the truth became apparent. Infante did not stabilize the infield; if anything he made it worse. These are all realities. Major league players have to field the ball. They can’t knock out team mates in doing so either. I love Miggy as a hitter, but he’s a DH trying to play the field along with a DH returning who cares less about playing the field. I’ll be anxious to see what happens. I love our players, but in all fairness, many of them couldn’t start for another club. Blessed with the starters, and the best hitter in the game, we have hung on, and could still win. But DD and JL might not feel so comfortable after this afternoon’s game:
1. Relief pitching, though spotty, kept the Sox at bay in hopes of one leaving the park for our Guys. Please don’t call me Hawk!
2. Delmon stepped up big early, did his part, and waited for someone else. No one answered the door.
3. Garcia’s great throw to get Wise at third. Play the guy till the end now, and see what he can do. Thank QB for his contribution, but Garcia’s speed is just as impressive, along with the arm, the bat, the glove.

Jhonny was sucking pond water today as well as Brennon. Let Santiago run the six for a couple of games. What difference does it make? Prediction: The only way we have any chance left is to take 2-3 from the A’s. It might take a sweep! Good evening all!

I didn’t like the lineup from the get-go. Dirks in LF, Garcia in RF…no brainer.

How was the umpiring crew chosen for the game??? Just curious.

Interesting I was just watching a replay on MLB and it was the Soxs feed…the announcers also said they got 3 gift runs early that we’re the difference in the game. (not those exact words but that was the jist of it).

I was thinking about how many 1 run ball games we have lost recently. To me it means we just aren’t quite good enough. Simple extrapolation of facts.
Didn’t realize we were 2 and 12 though. That is graphic.
I had a post go south on me. Mentioned we might be better off trading Prince for a quality 3rd sacker and moving Cabby back to 1st. In reality he had a pretty good season there, Better than Peralta did at short. I don’t think Prince will DH.
Peralta has to go.
Fielder hurt us all year with inability to help his infielders. The lack of strectch on the Infante turn epitomized what we have seen all year. A good stretch there and he short hops that throw for the victory.
As bad as he was it was really the SS/2B combo that killed us this year on the infield. Before Infante (which was a good move by DD) 2B was gruesome. It didn’t improve that much with Omar even though, theoretically it should. For whatever reason he just did not play that well here. There were spurts but something about him and Leyland seems awry. Do we keep him next year? Maybe if Leyland is gone.
We have a big trade chip in Boesch and it is time to probably take advantage of that. They would love him in So. Cal. I think Garcia makes this team next year easily. Castellanos would if Cabby returns to 1st. He probably won’t if he has to play the field. The hangup is Prince. Where does he play? Valverde should be gone. Sanchez probably as they are probably committed to Smyly. Porcello could be trade bait but he still has potential to be a 17 game winner.
A lot of this depends on the contract status of these guys.
I don’t think we should anticipate an effective return for VMart. He’s older and less mobile and painfully slow. Lack of speed is an area of deep concern for this team.
I hope we don’t go through another year of Austin Jackson being the big base-stealer on this team. We need a real base-stealer and one that plays on both sides of the ball in the infield.
Time for Austin to power up the middle of the order. With no Delmon, Boesch, Perlata or VMart, that may be very necessary.
This game was a microcosm of our season. Early runs and then the hitters went to sleep. Not putting the starting pitcher down and stomping on him. Not providing adequate defense and lack of small ball. It had it all.
I feel as though I have been euthanized.

Jackson is far from the best base thief on the team. He has only stolen 11 and has been thrown out 9 times. Berry has been successful 19 out of 19 attempts. He is far and away the best, Infante is good too. He has stolen 14 and only been caught 3 times.

Although Peralta is not having a banner year, it is still very serviceable In the AL, JP is #2 in fielding %, #1 in 2B, #4 in RBI, #5 in 3B and #5 in HR.

That is some good writing and content Greg. I am agreeing on every point. Missed the game because of work but I think that’s a blessing based on the comments here. We have such good pitching and it goes to waste because we have no defense. Pitching and defense. I’ve campaigned in vain forever it seems. Whatever happens the rest of the way I hope the team makes some significant changes for next year. We’re not talking micro surgery here either. We have pitching (with a change or two). The major changes will have to be positional and philosophical. It’s too early as Rich has said to really get into those changes. The season’s not over with yet and there is still the real possibility of gasping into the playoffs, based more on the fact that Chicago is not that good than anything else. Good job on your analysis Greg.

Richard. Austin Jackson wil be here next year. Berry won’t. Infante may not. Austin is the leadoff hitter-the straw that stirs the drink. The guy they talk about stealing 30 bases. yet they do not or cannot.
Peralta? As a shortstop? Worst WAR among regular shortstops. Most K’s in the AL. 2nd lowest Bat avg. .150 in the last 10 important ball games. Grounding into DPs. In the middle of an infield that can’t turn DPs.
I don’t say Worth or Santiago are better. Only that I can see one of them playing out there maybe as soon as tomorrow.
We are not going to win with Jhonny at shortstop in 2013.
I’m sure we can argue about somebody else though.

“To be honest with you”, this guy is classic:

Jim Leyland on Fister: “Dougie just wasn’t sharp.”
Leyland on the botched double play: “We just didn’t make it, that’s part of the game.”
Leyland, when asked for perspective on fans pushing the panic button: “There’s plenty of time left if you win games there’s planty of time left.. If you don’t win games, it’s gonna run out shortly.”
Leyland on fatigue: “People who cover baseball are tired at this time year.” Raises hand.
Leyland on Miggy and Biggy at 3rd & 1st: “The guys on both our corners have done a hell of a job, in my opinion,” he said of Cabrera and first baseman Prince Fielder.

This is a good team.
This team is gonna hit.
Next Question.

Well, you could be right on several counts for 2013. The problem is you have assumed many things not in evidence and which may never come to fruition. As the Russian athletes used to say, “We shall see.”

Saw a blurb on MLB. Tiger may make a push for Hamilton. Big gamble in my opinion given his age and off field questions.

Boesch: -1.1 /606
Don Kelly -0.6/ 603
Santiago: -0.8/600
Young. -.0.7/599

I’ll be honest with you. All I know about WAR is that I was in one and I didn’t like it. What do those numbers mean?

Those are the players that cost games to the Tigers.
The available players with minimum salary will be better for the Tigers than them

Why do some of you think Leyland is a good manager? Dirks batting 2nd, Infante batting 2nd, who is batting 5ht? When do you take out a pitcher? You are blaming Prince because he can not pick a bad throw? How about the defensive replacement Kelly? He can not catch a fly ball. Why do you need a defensive replacement? Can we have a offensive replacement manager? Don’t blame the umpires. To be honest with you, Leyland has got to go! C’mon Tigers, you don’t need a manager or a 3rd base coach! We are still in it! Go Tigers!

Before we start making trades, this season isn’t over yet. Stay with me here, guys. We need to have an 8-2 homestand. It no longer matters which games you win but 8-2 will put pressure on the Sox. It’s an obtainable goal, BUT the hitters have to have smart ABs for an entire game, not just for a few innings. The defense has to tighten up and that is the real challenge. It honestly appears doubtful that we’ll get that many good performances but that’s what is required now. We have the starters and a serviceable bullpen. I may point out issues the club has, but I haven’t given up on 2012 by any means.
Get an 8-2 homestand and see where things are. It’s also less gut wrenching to look at it as a group of games rather than each one being the end of the world.

That was one entertaining game. Hardnosed baseball. That’s the way the game should be played. We finish the season with a 12-6 record against Chicago. They’re still ahead of us?? They can’t be. WOW!! Next up for us is a solid Oakland A’s team. Their first starter will be AJ Griffin (RHP) with a 6-0 record. We trust our advance scouts have some information for our hitters. We have scored four runs or more in our last six games. We also won four of those games. To keep scoring runs, we must stay focused as the A’s have much better pitching than either Chicago or Cleveland. We need to take care of our business. We are at home. The White Sox are on the road. The schedule favors us. Go Tigers!!!

Also, sounds like Avila needs to go on the 7-day concussion list, unless they really are trying to kill him.

I don’t know what their “concussion test” is, but if you’re knocked out, it’s a concussion.
From the game story:
“I don’t have an excuse. I have to make a good throw,” said second baseman Omar Infante, who was toppled by Rios as his throw headed into the dirt and skipped past first baseman Prince Fielder to the Tigers dugout.
It looked to me like the throw went between Fielder’s legs, a little different than skipping past him. He’s got to make that catch or at least stop the ball to prevent the second run from scoring.

Great post Rich!!!!!!! I’ll never have to call you Nell!!! Does anybody know anything about this Griffin kid?? High octane?? Or just great control?? Or both??
Not in this to finish second this year. It’s first or go home.

The ChiSox magic number is 14.They have a winning percentage of .571. 9-7. The Tigers need to go 12-4 to tie.
10 at home.The Tiger are 43-28 at home:6-4 . 6 on the road:3-3=9-7
ChiSox: 9 on the road.37-35:5-4. 42-31. 4-3 at home :9-7

Griffin:6-0.1.83 10 BB 49 /SO. The Tigers in one of the teams that SO less.They are seventh with less SO. And 9th taking BB. In MLB
Fastball: 88-92,slider, curve and change up.
LHB: 205
RHP: 197
He mixed his pitches but used the curve to SO Trout and change up against the LHP.Used heavily his 92 MPH fastball.

With mixed I mean he opened with breaking ball with one batter but closed or tried to with breaking ball with the next.

With the first pitch:400/ .400 /.600/ 1.000
With 2.0 in 4 AB:750/ .750/ 1.500/ 2.250
1-1:250 /.250 /.300/ .550
Below 200 for most counts.
Advice: Jump over the first pitch. DY, Infante and BB are a lock for tomorrow.

How about sit dead red and be aggressive?? Maybe hit and run some??

Going deeper into the count seems to works against hitters with him

El Tigre, I don’t know how you muster the energy to dig up the stats. I stopped long ago unable to go past we started 5-0 for one run games making the slide in close games actually worse than it appears.
The team takes on the energy of the manager and every game with early leads has been a case of holding on till grim death as we swing at the plate and give up runs with plenty of assists from our on edge defense.
My poor memory no doubt but it feels like we haven’t come from behind for a win post break.

I used gameday of the day he pitched vs LAA and ESPN gave me the rest

Drew Sharp just pilloried Infante in the Press. Almost blaming him for the team’s demise. He’s not been good but you can’t publicly rake on a guy like that without bringing up a few other names Fielder has had a major role in the last two losses too.
Nice to see the enthusiasm is still here. I know where to go when I need some.

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