Sunday’s lineups (updated with Jackson injury): Tigers at Indians

UPDATE: Austin Jackson was originally in the Tigers lineup, but was scratched. No official reason was given, but it looked like his left knee was bothering him as he walking around the clubhouse earlier today.

Quintin Berry starts in place of Andy Dirks, who’s 3-for-19 off Ubaldo Jimenez.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Quintin Berry, LF Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Carlos Santana, C
  5. Michael Brantley, CF
  6. Russ Canzler, LF
  7. Lonnie Chisenhall, DH
  8. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  9. Jack Hannahan, 3B

P: Ubaldo Jimenez


Dirks. 2 for 7 in 2012
Berry: 2 for 7
Boesch 5 for 22.
Fielder: 9 for 30
Cabrera: 10 for 32
DY:10 for 30
JP: 6 for 19
Austin jackson 7 for 18. Good to see him there
Infante 3 for 10? They were both in the NL
Laird : 2 for 4
Avila: 5 for 19

Iott: Benoit not available. Valverde could pitch if needed

I’d rather see Boesch batting 2nd and Berry at the bottom and Avila 6th.
Maybe Berry can parlay yesterday into a good game today.
I think Boesch is on the verge of breaking out and batting in front of Cabby might really work for him right now.

Wow—Fernando Rodney has 43 saves, a 0.66 ERA and has given up 39 hits in 68 innings.

And is a legit Cy Young candidate

Future rerun Tiger???

Todd Jones and Farnsworth had reruns but Rodney is under a cheap contract. Someone called his one of the best offseason moves. He was the best.

We need the nine men chosen for today’s game to grind out every AB. Their pitcher is prone to walking batters. We need a laugher today. Go Tigers!!!!

Why the 3:05 start??

@Beck t’s something the Indians tried on some Sunday games this year based on fan feedback. ~ “@mrw5150: Why are the tigers playing at 3:05?”

So does it increase attendance? Chris Perez wants to know. Maybe they should have their Dollar Dog Night everyday. I liked that one.

Anybody seen the Kimbrell kid, closer for Atlanta? 101 K and 14 BB. I’d love to have one like that.

Detroit @ Cleveland. Five runs wins. Neither team scored six runs in any game yet this year!!! First time today??? Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

Not swapping Dirks and Infante today. That’s different.

wow loosing AJ could destroy any playoff hopes – regardless of starting pitching or bullpen performance. This offense is very AJ-centric – and QB has 6 hits in his past 38 plate appearances (.222 OBP over that time span (aug 4-now)). The bottom of this lineup had better produce.

Austin Jackson apperances: 69-52 / in Starts: 69-50
8-17 without him.
WAR: 4.7

We were fortunate to get runs, but there’s not much point in having your first five hitters with patient ABs and your sixth man swing at several pitches off the plate. Get your head in the game, Boesch.

Ricky doesn’t know how to pitch any more with a lead.

Uh-oh—get Smyly up and throwing.

Smyly might do very well if needed today with all these LHB.
I knew the real damage of Santana smashing that ball in that 7th was going to be AJ.

Then Cleveland does the same thing in their turn at bat (shakes head).
When did Smyly even pitch last?


Vs Cle 2 BB 3 SO 1 inn

Santana and Cabrera are S hitters

Cleveland 28th with bases loaded

Inconsistent strike zone so far. Corners going both ways.

There is anther team that is worse than Cleveland with bases loaded.

We are 29th

Nice timely hit by DY—Fielder should have gone to 3rd on the strength of the hit alone, then he could have gone when the cutoff man was missed then he could have gone when Santana missed the throw and it bounced away. Fielder usually is aggressive and runs well—that is among the most brutal a base-running experience as I have ever seen..

It wasn’t good. Meanwhile, we probably take the worst approach to Ubaldo as any team in baseball.

ChiSox 9-2

One of the few times Rick didn’t have good control. Usually he gets clipped by umpires on the low pitch.

Avila still have a healthy 354 OBP

Infante has caught the hitless wonder bug. Can’t remember the last time I saw hime get a hit.

74 SO for Berry

should have batted berry 9th, and shifted the rest of the lineup – up one spot.

Infante isn’t hitting well. Lazy fly balls and two-hoppers and popups-but he did get a couple of hits the other day. I don’t know what’s wrong with him but I do know that our 3 top .300 hitters are pretty gimpy. Miggy, Biggy and AJ all have trouble running right now.

Infante was 2 for 4 yesterday. He is hitting 296 last 10.
He also moved the runners on friday setting the little rally

Well ….hope the Tigers can start hitting again.

Yes-but I do see what Illini means–Omar is not really hitting with much authority.
Tough break for Ricky P, a good throw or a clean pick by Fielder and there are no runs.

They do this. They get runs early, then play into the opposing starter’s game plan, let him off the hook and go to sleep until the later innings. They just don’t consistently make life miserable for the pitcher.

I must just be seeing Infante bat at the wrong times. Can Rick get through 6 innings?

This one is starting to look bad. They’re getting shut down by Ubaldo because they have no plate patience. They swing at garbage. Been doing it all year.
We shouldn’t be playing so many close games. What a season.

Does anyone feel comfortable with a 1-run lead?

Plate patience starts with listening to your batting instructor. It may mean they don’t trust his judgement, it may mean they are too self involved, it may mean that he isn’t preaching philosophy enough. Who knows. But the observation is entirely accurate

Uh-Oh. Here we go.

That the part I dont get. He had 8 E in 83 games and now he has 7 in 45 for the Tigers. And lost range. How do you lose range changing teams?

8 in 45

3 screw ups this inning……terrific. And the Indians aren’t bothered by shadows but apparently we are just going to cough this one up!

4 double plays that should of been turned freaking fantastic! This is the Tigers we know

Completely sure the bats will disappear now too! That’s just the Tigers way!

Well- the Indians (other than Kanzler) actually know how to run the bases. Hope Prince watched Brantley—that’s the way you pay attention.
Peralta has so few errors this year but the truth is he has allowed a lot of runners to reach 1st base , either through lack of range or poor throws, —a good throw there on the DP and the ump has to call the runner out. In the dirt—a whole other story

Blame goes to Ricky though for blowing a ground ball he should have handled.

So many blown chances. Does anyone think one of those two plays at first base was an out?

It’s up to the hitters to score 4 or 5 runs a game they should be able to do that at least 90% of the time. The fact they don’t gives us a poor W-L record.
The call by the ump was a bit surprising, even though it was close-could have gone either way, but usually after an argument by a manager you get that call.

I don’t know if Leyland can reasonably be expected to be a fortune teller but it is clear that once a team gets a couple of hits and runs on Porcello and a bloop or bad play added to the mix, he very rarely is able to work out of it. The problem is the lack of a a put-away pitch.

Well in general I would agree with you regarding Rick….however Rick did everything he could but the dips behind him couldn’t turn the most routine of plays. It’s freaking incredible how many routine plays they screw up!

These guys are turning me into a cranky old man.

Rich—I won that race!!!

This game is why so many of us feel there is just something lacking with this team. The continued terrible at-bats by Boesch and Young. They don’t listen to the coach if he is telling them? Infante has a good rep in the National League but comes to the Tigers and looks below average. Seven years is long enough. The manager and coaches need to go.

The two S hitters are better against LHP

Can’t even decide who is going to catch a routine pop up! Comedy errors, they really don’t want to win do they?

The pitcher is supposed to direct that play

They actually deserve to lose with the way they play in the field. The really stupid thing about that play was that it was right in front of their dugout and presumably they should have been able to call Avila off and let Prince take that ball—like it should be. Dysfunctional—and at the worst time of the year. They are actually coming apart at the seams today.


Well the ump definitely screwed that one up but the throw was still horrible!


Actually I agree that he was out. But, the ump, ‘owed” us a call and I think he called him safe because he didn’t want to ‘owe’ us a call. The breaks are going the way of the Tribe and a good team, a team that is determined and able, gets over this stuff simply by getting on base and driving in runs..
IMO–that is an unearned run and the error goes to Fielder on the pop fly for not yelling loud enough that that is HIS ball. Because it was HIS ball.

I think your right the ump is not going to give us a close call whether it’s earned or not because he’s injecting himself into the game.

Six runs in Cleveland!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!! MVP!!!!!!

31 tying, 106 to go ahead for his career

The 3 run bomb!!!!!!

My point exactly. You gotta hit and as great a and clutch hit as that was, you have to give credit to Infante and particulary Dirks too.
Berry is literally out of his league.

Carrying the team almost by himself.

Not sure I’d leave Smyly in here but, we will see!

Way to go drew I was wrong!

I think Smyly is the perfect choice against the Indians. I’d even think about keeping him in next inning.(the 8th).

If Miguel Cabrera isn’t the MVP, there’s no such thing.

I agree but all those media members are in love with Trout…..they’ve already made up their minds.

Just got home. A nailbaiter, I see. DVR’d this one, though. Oh,please, let this game end 6-5.

JL/LM making a mistake. They are bringing in BV to face an unknown RHB when they have more LHB to follow/
I like Villarael, but I’d be very cautious with using him here.

When’s the last time Dotel got in a game??

6 days ago

Coke’s best pitch in two months!!!! Strike three!!

Good to be wrong.

Can I call Avisail Viggy?
Time for Avisail to shine this coming week. Facing a LHP tomorrow and the A’s are throwing a couple against us on Wednesday and Thursday I think.

Still leading in avg, RBI, OPS and TB

I will say before this one is over–Prince did very little to help us today. Disappointed with him defensively today.

Surprised to see JL leave Coke in to start the 9th.
Not upset, surprised.
Don’t much like the defensive alignment we have out there in the field for the 9th.

Ooops–that’s what one gets for looking at Gameday!
Of course Valverde is in and we are back to normal with a leadoff double.

well jose f’d up another one. Go thing we didn’t tack on those runs in the top of the inning. Berry wasn’t paing attention on those wild pitches and he could of advanced and scored. And the big boys didn’t com through. Typical.

Why Kelly in right and not Garcia?

I really get tired of saying how much Valverde is going to hurt us as a closer this year. It’s almost uncanny
Kelly should have caught that ball but let’s face it, no way a guy should hit it that hard off your closer in a situation like that. I sure hope Valverde is gone next year.
He turned the best victory of the year into the worst loss.

That was bad

Wouldn’t have mattered anyway GK, Valverde was going to blow this season all season long. He might have done it today.
Berry doesn’t belong, Valverde doesn’t belong and Kelly doesn’t belong. Not blaming Kelly, just stating facts. This game was about defense and not having a closer.
Cabby had a season changing homer and Valverde doesn’t have the stuff to preserve it—pretty simple. We all expected or half-expected this to happen.

That’s unfair….Valverde (maybe not after today) has the best save percentage over the last three years. We got way spoiled last year, has this year been stellar no..but to say he’s aweful just isn’t fair. I can guarantee there is a lot more blame to go around on most of the loses of the year than Jose. Doesn’t ake a feel any better about today. The fact of the matter is they found an aweful lot of ways to lse today!

Great! Before he came in I was hoping they wouldn’t bring Valverde in because of how much he worked the last few days and unfortunately I was right. But it all goes back to inning when they either didn’t get the calls or turn the plays. They played bad baseball and almost got away with it. They didn’t tack on runs in the ninth and they brought in a closer who had worked a lot lately instead of bringing in a Dotel or Albequerque. Bad baseball. Bad umping just plain bad!

This loss end the current longest winning sreak in MLB.

I was very worried about our season the moment Santana broke the no-hitter last night. No way this club can withstand the loss of Austin Jackson.

40 years ago I would have thrown my shoe through the TV. I must be mellowing.

Kelly, Berry and Dirks Right to left had me concerned even before this inning started. you knew they would come into play with the way Valverde has pitched. Even getting the save the last few days Valverde has been getting hammered to the wall.

Gk,,, Excellent observation about QB’s baserunning. He was obviously not anticipating balls in the dirt despite the pitcher repeatedly throwing grounders to his catcher.

As far as Kelly being out there instead of Garcia. Well, the truth is JL has mentally created a pretense that kelly is a superior defensive outfielder. He’s not. He’s made some great catches out there to bail us out but as far as clutch outfielders go Leyland has it wrong. The truth is if Raburn were still on the roster you could just as easily have seen him out there as Kelly.

I’ve been lobbying for Leyland to try to groom someone else for the closer all year long. Knowing and fearing this eventuality.

You’re probably right Gk. What I said isn’t fair…..but it wasn’t wrong either.

Pathetic. No excuses. I shut it off in the 9th because my nerves couldn’t stand it. Where Is Al Al? Has he even pitched recently? I’ve been working and might have missed him. Godawful disappointment.

A closer is gonna blow a few. That much is a fact. But a good closer recognizes games that can’t afford to be lost. This was one of those. His team had blown it and comeback on the strength of their superstar. They had a cathartic moment as a team and a chance to galvanize the cause in a season defining comeback. Those are games that closers do not allow themselves to blow.
It proves that Valverde can’t be relied upon. This was bound to happen.
He was clobbered.

Another thing that bothers me are the injuries to alex. Never, in my life,have I seen a catcher take such a beating. Endlessly getting hit in the head and just about everywhere else. How long can he withstand that? What an awful game to lose. Valverde can’t close night after night. He’s not the same pitcher as last year. And, why is Kelly out there in RF instead of Garcia. Donnie played alot more last year and it worked out well, buy he’s hardly been in the lineup this seasonn. I’m just sick about this loss.

Santana was 0 for 8 with 2 SO vs JV

Miggy’s gonna lose MVP cause this dumb team can’t make it to the playoffs.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not letting Jose off the hook here, but I also think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets around Detroit. Everyone loved him last year. My point is that the team as a whole did everything in their power to lose thi game. Nobody is off the hook here. Nobody. Well maybe Laird?

Excellent points punctuated with a sense of balance.

Berry was not the only guy not paying attention. Fielder has to call Alex Avila off that foul pop. He also has to be aware of A. Cabrera rounding 3rd and scoring on the disputed call at 1st. He was too busy jumping up and down and arguing.
I’ll go back to my original though in the 8th about Smyly—I wonder how he would have done and if he could have finished the game himself against those dangerous LHB.

Well, it comes down to this regarding a closer. When he comes in, everyone should be confident that the game is in capable hands. How many feel that way when Valverde comes styling into the game? There’s your answer.
There are more holes on this team than can be discussed without writing a book, and I’m not in a book writing mood. Tomorrow’s game has become a must win and would only accomplish keeping us where we started today. I seem to have said that before. Nobody is going to help us since we seem to be the only club that can beat Chicago. I don’t see us going 13-3 to finish up. No matter how it all ends up, the most frustrating Tiger season in the last half century is nearing the end. That’s a good thing.

Gk–I didn’t love him last year. The guy can’t keep men off base. He gets hit hard. he can’t hold runners on. He’s yesterday’s guy. I didn’t like all the defensive indifference we had to deal with last year. Figured it would come back to haunt us and it did. And that was last year.
This year he has simply not been able to perform adequately for a championship team. Leyland will live and ide with him. He is loyal and stubborn to a fault. A change was needed before this and it didn’t happen. I’m sure everyone would be extremely reluctant to make any sort of change now.
The solution is to score more runs and give him 3 run leads. He’s been pretty good at holding those.

Good points about the issues of defensive indifference and Leyland being loyal and stubborn to a fault. Both approaches can definitely backfire.

All we need to do is hit. If a guy gets hot don’t take him out to give him a blow because of past history (Delmon Young). Give Viggy a chance to see what he can do, give Laird a game or two against Oakland and the Chisox when they throw their southpaws against us. We need some concentration on defense. Our throws to 1st have to make it there as Fielder can’t dig them out like Kotchman or Hosmer.
Keep running with Infante, Boesch and AJ. Don’t get fixated on a formula to close out your games. Just because you want it to work does not mean it will. Valverde is going to be worse now than before not better so get ready to give Q or Dotel or Benoit the ball. Don’t be afraid to use Smyly. he was excellent today.

I bet a lot of us knew that Miggy would get to Smith to put us back ahead. And I also bet that a lot of us knew that the Cap Tapper would blow a huge game. Such an unusual game in so many ways; even they way we scored in the first, all the way to the Tribe going ahead in the fifth. so many close calls, huge errors, lack of communication, great stops, then hurried throws; only our Tigers could present this brand of Baseball. Poor old Infante almost has as many errors as a shortstop. He must be scared to death of Jim. Prince couldn’t control his emotions today, and probably is the first guy in a long time to score a knockout in the late rounds. I still can’t believe what I witnessed today. Hope it’s not a back breaker, but it surely buckled our knees. Through all of that, there were three things I liked about the game today:
1. Dirks AB’s; not only an important one in the first, but of most importance in the 8th. If Jackson can’t start, he’s my leadoff guy. A true grit player.
2. Smyly’s relief job; should have been no runs charged to him because of the WWF match on the foul line. He will be the five starter next year.
3. Miggy’s ability to hit on the big stage. This is why he is the MVP over Trout. If nothing else, we as Tiger fans have the pleasure of watching him bat each game over the season.

It’s already been said, but QB does not need to be in the leadoff spot for 5 AB’s. And the one talent he has, he hasn’t utilized it for any good lately. Don’t start him, unless there is no alternative. I love his energy, but not during Prime Time. All the pressure is on Fister tomorrow, because a loss is three down, mad that ain’t where we want to be at this stage in the season. Good night all!

Here’s a far-fetched scenario: If Miggy wins the Triple Crown he wins the MVP and we win the division. (We may need Max to win 20 games too)!

That’s a tough loss. First things first. We make sure no one is left behind in the whirlpool. Aching bodies everywhere. We started our first game in Cleveland in June without AJ. But the next game we have a callup from Toledo, one Quentin Berry. That’s worked out very well. Ironically we get ready for our last game in Cleveland for the season and AJ can not go because he crashed into the fence yesterday trying to make another impossible catch. Somebody jot down a special note for our outfield to get extra work next season when we come to Cleveland for the first time. Good news. Smyly was ready to go. He did the job. That might have been the best true middle relief effort of the season. Coke’s strileout pitch was nasty. Stay nasty Phil. No day off tomorrow. We get to play the Hawk Sox one last time. Two games down. Seventeen to go. No time for the timid. Anyone going to the game tomorrow?? Go Tigers!!!!

It may be no time for the timid, but time’s about up for those of us weary of watching bad baseball. A team is usually in the postseason hunt because they’re playing well and people enjoy watching them play. We’re only in it because we’re in an incredibly weak division and there’s no joy in watching them play. I can’t stand to watch the things they do out there, and it’s only a half century of being a Tiger fan that keeps me in it. It’s about as much fun as watching an exsanguination race.

Well fellas – listened to the game while slamming smallmouth and pike out in ann arbor today. I saw the first 2 “controversial” plays – but thought they were correct. Feel like the dugout let avila down. Thought miggy was a MVP player. And VV hopefully got one out of the way.
Win tomorrow and we are 1 out. Lots of games left fellas.

Could Smyly start a game or two down the stretch against a stacked LHB team?
Could JL get creative and try someone else as closer. Like BV or Al Al? or a rested Benoit? or Dotel, or……………..

I don’t agree that there are lots of games left. I haven’t agreed with that since the All Star game, then game 100 then 120 etc. That has been one of the serious problems the skipper has promoted all year. Lots of games left, no need to worry, no need to change anything. It was crystal clear that the hitting was not just going to magically appear.
We are now in a precarious situation in that we have but one solitary game left with the team ahead of us and need to depend on other teams to beat them for us.
That is not a lot of games left.

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