Injury updates on Avila, Jackson

Word from the Tigers on catcher Alex Avila is that he is not showing concussion symptoms. At this point, he’s listed as day-to-day with a sprained jaw, which he suffered when he collided with Prince Fielder’s right elbow while they were chasing Carlos Santana’s foul pop-up in front of the Tigers dugout.

“He probably will not play tomorrow,” manager Jim Leyland said, “although the trainer said he probably will be able to play tomorrow. So we’ll see how that works out.”

As it turns out, it was not an automatic that Avila was going to sit Monday against White Sox left-hander Jose Quintana. Leyland said he was looking over matchups and seemed like he was seriously considering playing him, at least before Sunday’s injury.

As for Austin Jackson, his status is up in the air after missing Sunday’s game with a sore left ankle. He spent the day getting treatment, but Leyland wasn’t sure if he’d be good to go. He was noticeably hobbled when he was walking around the clubhouse Sunday morning, but that was before treatment.


Avila needs the day off. Actually I think Peralta could use a day, heck maybe even a week off. He’s been pretty bad at the dish. Jhonny is such a nice guy and a real steady performer but boy has he ever been a disappointment to me this year. His arm, his legs and his bat are noticeably getting older.
That 5th inning was one of the worst I have ever seen. Porcello contributed by missing a DP ball but the guys that are paid to field the ball failed him 3 times. Not one DP on 4 ground balls that could have or should have.
The defense has plagued this team all year and it is getting worse not better. Kelly is not an adequate defensive replacement either. I’ve looked at Santana’s triple a bunch of times and that ball should have been caught. He did hit the snot out of it, but it should have been caught.
Garcia in RF can’t come any too soon for me.
I don’t know what they intend to do with Castellanos but I bet Garcia makes it before he does. We certainly do not need another defensive liability on the field.

For those of you who think there are a lot of games left, there is really only one game, and that’s tomorrow. If we don’t win that one, the Sox can play .500 to the end and we’d need 11-5 just to tie them. That’s possible for a team that’s playing well but we are far from playing well. We’ve been a .500 team since April and I don’t see any reason for that to change now. With Oakland coming in, this thing could be over before the weekend. Just trying to be real here. To say tomorrow is big is a vast understatement. Hoping for Chicago to lose for two weeks is no way to go.
I’ve always said there’s nothing more frustrating in sports than a .500 team. It always feels like they could do better.
When a ballclub plays crisp, heads up, hustling baseball, they say it’s a well managed team, right? So what do we have?

From the Detroit News: “… Leyland was adamant about giving Joaquin Benoit the day off Sunday because of a heavy recent workload.”
Interesting. And it all started from JL needlessly throwing Benoit ahead by 7 runs.
How smart was that?

Rosenthal recently posted regarding managers on the hotseat. His list: Girardi, Soscia, Guillen, Gonzalez and LEYLAND..

Forgot to mention the most obvious candidate to lose his job: Valentine.

Acta also got honorable mention for his performance.

only one of those names is a HOF lock. and his name rhymes with Zeeland (nice place).

Many of us have counted this team down and out on at least three occasions this season. Can’t remember if I had stated it but sure felt it.
A few more than 4 games will remain but today’s game is as close to 163 as you can get.
Impossible to be angry at the guys with everyone trying their hardest to play, unfortunately in a collective straight jacket. Some looney tune of a game to back up from.

JL, 9/4/12:”I mean, if Boesch and those guys don’t do it, well, they don’t do it, but I think they’ll be fine. Those are our guys. You have to remember, [Dirks and Boesch] are the guys that broke with this club. They were the guys we were counting on at the beginning of the season. They’re still here, so it’s hard not to count on them now. If they don’t do it, they don’t do it. But if you’re asking some kid that came out of Double-A to do it for you, I don’t think that’s necessarily [going to happen].”
Manny Machado? Jurickson Profar?

Fielder not only knocked down Avila, he did the same with Laird once,but allowed Cabrera to score from second while arguing.

I can see I won’t get much work done this afternoon, will be glued Gameday – this is really a must-win. Felt almost sick when we lost that game yesterday, had it in our clutches…

The Day it Rained in Chicago.

We were on a roll in their ballpark with our Ace on the mound. A series ending victory seemed imminent. Momentum (the next days starter) was on our side. The Sox lose that one and everything changes. They head off to Minnesota defeated and deflated. Then the rains came. A summer rain that may have saved Chicago’s season and changed ours.

And a fragile team is effected in both directions.

Momentum is Doug Fister. And if he doesn’t give us a hellava shot i don’t know what to say. suck it up this is baseball, fellas.

It may be just you and me trying to cheer up all these Nervous Nellies. We need to get back to back and get our blogger buddies with happy faces. Mr. Fister is the man. He will baffle the Hawk Sox with cyclonic twisters from far off Calcutta and beyond. Mr. Leyland please save the bullpen today. Go Tigers!!!!

Hear ya . Fan base seems more fragile than usual right now.

I am obviously really hoping that Fister sticks it to the Sox. However, I would have felt a tad more comfortable had it been Max going today. JL set the entire rotation back instead of adjusting individually. Some people just work better on their regular routine. The way Max was going I would have pitched him today with his regular 4 days rest.
Fister will be going with 5 days rest and he did pitch well against the Sox. Fingers crossed that he brings his very best game with him today.
Hopefully, his defense will actually help him and not hurt him and the offense can do more against Quintana than they did the last time. He is even more rested than Fister and maybe he will be more affected?
Yesterday was the biggest and most momentous game of the year. This one is even bigger. Good luck all.

Fister is fine and actually if you look at the era Fister has been better recently. Not worried about him. What does worry me (as much as I worry about a team I have divorced myself from emotionally) is hitting a pitcher ho had been getting hit pretty hard until last week when he came into contact with the fierce Tigers? That will determine it. Keeping them in he park is critical too!

Let’s hope we get a much better game from our 1st baseman today too. He’s played too much like Wince Fielder lately. Yesterday he was not only brutal but dangerous.
He can make it all up to everyone with a multi homer day!

oh man “Wince” is too funny haha yeeeesssss

I’m gonna scream if we don’t drive some runs in right here.

Great job, Delmon.

thank gawd for fister – he is SO good!!!

No player is going to be the same as they were the following year, Verlander-Porcello-Avila-Perlatta did not have a all-star year as they did last year. Except of course Cabrera. Fielder will be better next year. Boesch-Raburn-Kelly-Valverde-Alberquere-Coke-Santiago are all a dispointments. If I brought up young guys (that still have to learn a lot) with all the energy I would defentilly let them play as much as I can regardless of matchups. My line upwould be: Jackson CF (bunt more) Dirks LF (stll learning) Cabrera 3b (MVP) Fielder 1b (better next year and year after that) Martinez DH (don’t push too hard) Garcia RF (speed@hitting with power) SS? Avila C (playing hurt-relax) 2b? And stay with the same line up all the time and NO lefty/righty thing. And I do think it is time for a whole NEW manging team.

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