Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

If Justin Masterson is going to try to use his sinker to get a ground ball, it can’t hurt to start a guy with enough speed to beat a throw to first on a ground ball. Enter Quintin Berry, who gets the start in Delmon Young’s place this time around (you may have heard about Delmon sitting against Masterson last week).


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Quintin Berry, LF
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  3. Carlos Santana, DH
  4. Russ Canzler, LF
  5. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B
  6. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  7. Cord Phelps, 2B
  8. Ezequiel Carrera, CF
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Justin Masterson


I just don’t think Mr Berry will perform well under pressure. I hope I’m wrong. DY has been off recently but when he switches on he is one of the most feared hitters in the league. That being said I hope he, along with JP, JVII, RS, PC, Schlereth, are gone next year. I see BB being very valuable as a trade chip if he doesn’t find his stroke. I l think the world of AA but how many more games can this guy actually catch and will he become the .270 hitter with power he should be?

This is Detroit @ Cleveland on Sept. 15th. We need to jump on them early just like last night. Jackson and Dirks will be key as they have struggled against Masterson this year but both hit him well last year. Cabrera, Fielder, Boesch, Avila, and Berry have hit him this year. Anibal just get us zeroes the first two innings and lets see if your teammates can get you a lead. Go Tigers!!!!!!

Whelp we need a little offense today….like 5 or 6 runs. Hopefully, Prince eats this guy up – i think they’ve never faced eachother before.

i don’t know what everyone else is doing but i know the CHISOX are playing the twins on WGN right now. Good time killer at least. Guess who I am rooting for?

Dunn back at 1st base for the CHISOX

I’ve got Sox-Twins with the sound turned down. Deduno looks flustered. Meanwhile, the Twins hitters are working into good counts on Liriano, then don’t make good contact. Sounds like another team I know. Are we the only team that can beat Chicago?
Blacked out of today’s Tiger game. Next Saturday too. Thanks again to Fox, my favorite channel of all time. Reality shows and blackouts. Love it. The sarcasm should be oozing out of your screen by now.

that’s a hole in a boat! I hate when the games are on the fox network too.

On the lineup, you can’t expect Berry to hit after all this time without ABs, but hopefully he can do some other things for us.

your comment touches on a interesting point: Role players are only good if they can be successful when the ABs are scarce. Berry is a role player on this team – maybe a full time guy on a lesser team. If he can only hit when we get him 20abs a week then forget it – he’s only a pinch runner. Because honestly, he’s no golden glove guy on defense.

It’s a good matchup for QB. Hit it between short and third. We will see what happens. Tomorrow the Twins will have their best starter going against the Sox.
We can not ask for anything more.

it’s a fact that JV gets very little run support. I have a theory on why: JV is so good that the positional players kinda mentally check out of the game. For example prince fielder last night. And once they mentally check out of the game — then their hitting suffers.
The way to check if this theory is good is to check the DH position’s offensive numbers as a function of starting pitcher. I have no idea how to do that tho.

Liriano no hitter in the seventh.

you jinxed him! lol 2 run homer ploooouf

And Plouffe it is gone. Still Sox 4-2.

Chicago’s record minus Detroit this year is a sparkling 72-54. It must be frustrating on their side to be only one game up.
I’ll have the Nationals, which is my NL club, on Fox so all is not lost. Also a Michigan football game at 3:30.

Revere just made a catch to keep the Twins in the game. Probably make the top three of the day.

Bottom of the ninth, two on nobody out. Tying run at the plate.

Bases loaded

Way to pick me up El Tigre!!!

False hope. Morneau GIDP: 17. 3-5

2 out ribeyes!

Two in the first. Berry will lead off the second.

2 runs in the 1st were a gift. Gotta keep the pressure on and not fade away like so many other games where we have scored in the 1st then fell asleep at the wheel.
Shame on Fox. If they black it out at least make it available somewhere. All I can get on 3 Fox channels are the Rays and the Yanks.

Last night, Infante had a productive out. Now,he is hustling again

Yikes. This one looiks like it could be trouble. ChiSox won and there is no room for error. Our guys have struck out 6 times in two innings.
You can stick your bat out, close your eyes and make more contact.
C’,mon–let’s hit the little white thing.

Off to a nice start we will take that error Sanchez looks good Mario is killing it too!

Cabby is an MVP, but, wouldn’t it be nice to see him shed about 15 pounds and keep it off the whole season?. Would improve his bat avg, and decrease those dreadful DPs a bit too. And being a smart base-runner would benefit from a little more speed too.

I think if Miggy she 40 pounds he wouldn’t be faster? Haha

NL Infante is back

Tip of the cap to our manager.

Boy ump is screwing over dirks two Ab’s in a row. Those haven’t been strikes to anyone on either side, ump is trying to show him up, because of the first strikeout when Andy didn’t like it! Like I should be surprised.

That is why he is a career minor leaguer. No 3 rd out trying to reach third. You are in scoring position

I don’t get what Quinten was doing with that stealing of 3 rd there? That was rather odd, I’d like an explanation of that?

Avila missed 3rd. QB gave himself up to avoid an appeal on the play. Brilliant play and call by JL.

Enthusiasm is good but sometimes it hurts. He is trying too hard and forgets the fundamentals

See above.

AND the run was taken away anyhow. bs.

Yes, I read it but I dont buy Dickerson explanation.It is not the first time

I don’t want to say it but sanchez has faced the minimum through 6

Not sure how that was JL’s fault…just an Avila screw up

Nice Omar! Great play…Evan you almost screwed it up.

Good baseball acumen. Too bad it worked against us. Kudos to JL and QB, regardless.

Have no idea what Dickerson said. Not listening. Insightful?

The same you said.

Don’t worry Evan…Mario has jinxed it all over the place in the last few minutes.

i thought i’d have to say the words no and hit in the same sentence? facing the minimum doesn’t require you to not allow a hit.

I understand JL using Young to PH but he better not put him in to play LF.
Not with what the situation is out there.

DK goes to LF. but THANK GAWD AJ wasn’t hurt because we’d be up a creek

I like Donn but hs the defensive replacement?

He took some strange routes in a game against Yankees? .But usually, he is good enough

Been there , done that anyway. Now, win the game.

Go there, calm him and get the last out

Well it’s a lot less comfortable now. Sanchez sat a while in the top of that inning only for them to leave the bases loaded with only one out. Hope that doesn’t come back to bit em in the butt!

oh man i hope Pepsi can get this righty out

YEAAAAA he got him! That was big for him

Well Dy did what DY does with bases full. He’s had 1 hit (albeit a big one) all year.
Sanchez made a mistake on Santana throwing him the fastball as there was no one on and 2 out. He walks him with a changeup so be it.
Avila’s missed bag looms large.
Oh no Phil Coke is in. This game is a long way from over. and it could have been.
I would have PH’d Garcia instead of DY then inserted him for D.

Another quality start by Sanchez. DD made a good deal, again. Not a tier 1 guy, but valuable. Hope we get him back for 2-4 years. He is a 2-4 guy regarded as a #5 by too many Tiger fans. He is ok and gives us a chance.

Porcello is clearly #5!

A great deal of concern here. The Tribe twarted the Tigers, then scored a couple after 2 out, then struck out our top 3 hitters. They have something that doesn’t even exist…….momentum.

Get Benoit out of there! This is ridiculous!

No Garcia in the 9th for Boesch? Again, I would have used him. You need him in a 2 run game for D anyway.

Hope Garcia is the ” Bomb.” No need to push him now. He can still help, regardless. No, we do not “need” him.

Four games in five days for Benoit. Only five man bullpen in baseball. This is September. Even if we win it is wrong.

Hear ya… But gotta feel JL is trying to sharpen up Benoit.

He was pitching a no hit for 6 2/3 and his ERA went up to 1.89. That good he has been throwing for last 5 games

We have 5 good starters. Not sure how important it is right now to number them.
What we need is 5 good hitters every game.
Boesch came up empty today but he his hitting the ball hard and he is swinging much better. Dirks is scuffling a bit. Very surprised to see Berry contribute. That’s great but I hope JL doesn’t get carried with him. He’s a disaster waiting to happen IMO.
Fingers crossed with Avila & Boesch. They will play a large part in success or failure these last few weeks.

Yea, imagine that, Berry shines. I love that guy!!!!

The starter numbers are all relative. Think matchup and then think contract and how it pertains to the Tigers. I know you do not like Anibal, but he is ok and will help us now, and even more in the future if we sign him.

BTW—I apologize for the Garcia for Boesch and defense thing (forgot Boesch was DHing!).

I get home from work and can’t find the game on TV.. What the heck channel was it on. Not on Fox FSD& not on Fox Sports. I looked all over and caught the end on the radio. Blacked out, I guess. Man, I missed a good one. Where are the highlights? Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, Anibal.

The Tigers official webpage has the highlights

Tigers keep pace. Sort of a strange game, with no hit flavor, and runs scored that don’t count after all. Usually our team won’t win when it strikes out 13 times, but that’s what makes this game the best. Hoped the Twinks would help us out, but it looks like we’re going to have to do it ourselves. With each start, the trade looks more tolerable, though Jacob pitched a gem in his latest start. Rick needs that 10th. victory tomorrow , so let’s get it done. There were three things I liked about today’s game:
1. Avila’s three hit day. Also, another solid double pulled into the right field corner. This helps so much in getting production from Alex, like last year.
2. Infante’s great play to keep the not hitter(at the time) in tact. He’s played solid defense in the last few days.
3. Ajax’s SF in the fourth, especially after striking out the two previous bats.

Kudos to Berry for contributions tonight. Miggy’s HR was a nice addition too. The real hero was Sanchez who really had the Indians befuddled today. Sweep time tomorrow makes the road trip a true positive. Good night all!

Really enjoy your commentary.

Good to see some action on the base paths. Not sure if Lamont made the call re Berry’s steal “attempt”, but that was quick thinking. A little slow thinking on Berry’s part (can’t blame him though) as far as running when time was still called.
Actually amazing all round—the Tribe for noticing Avila missed the bag and the ump for noticing too. Avila’s popup slide was pretty to watch even if he did miss the bag!

Had to reread your comment. Almost sounded like something positive about Lamont.

What did I like about today’s game? Nothing! Because I couldn’t WATCH it! This damned blackout stuff needs to go the way of wooden grandstands. Nearly every time there’s a blackout, they play some kind of memorable game. That one can pay for subscriptions and still be blacked out should be grounds for a class action lawsuit.
I was watching the Nationals and Michigan football at the same time, while trying to follow the Tigers on Gameday. I saw that 5th run go up on the board and also saw the 5-0 score on Fox. I was pretty confused some 45 minutes later to see 4-0 again. I only just now got to the computer to find out what the hell had happened. Darned interesting sequence of events there. Also missed the fun of Sanchez going for the no-hitter. And to think I’ll be blacked out again next Saturday too.
I’ll look at some of the game here in a minute but for now, that’s all I got. Did I mention that I couldn’t watch the game…………?

Much ado…You can come back with something better.


José Reyes: 500,000th error

Still here.

You have good stuff to offer.

Ended up spending most of the time on that appeal play. Just for yucks, I listened to the description and subsequent explanation on both radio broadcasts and the Fox feed. Talk about some confused announcers. Looked like Dan & Jim had the explanation within about 5 minutes. The Cleveland guys got it a couple minutes after that and poor Mario and Tom were in the dark for over an inning. Funny stuff.
Sanchez has been pitching well once he got settled in. I see no indication that they will sign him after the season and, as I said at the time of the trade, it’s only a good deal if they can re-sign him. If not, we could have gotten more for Turner and Brantley by being patient.
Avila may have gotten an unexpected boost from his wrist injury. Sometimes by compensating for an injury, a guy will ease up and get better swings. Can’t say for sure but that’s possible here.

Thanx for the research. Need to consider your interpretation given all the varied interpretations.

Understood… Football and Nationals?

Did the third baseman tag the base to complete the appeal before tagging Berry for the third out??? Did we play the game under protest??

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