How rainout affects Tigers rotation

Jim Leyland had spent a good amount of time in August planning out his rotation for the stretch run. Part of it was about lining up his best rotation possible for seven games against the White Sox. Part of it, too, was about trying to get his starters an extra day of rest when he could.

Thursday night’s rainout in Chicago (the night part of that really got them, because the weather was dry during the day) didn’t throw a big wrench into the plans, but it changes it up for the coming days. Justin Verlander’s matchup with the White Sox, obviously, is out. A rematch with the Indians, who beat him in July thanks to a four-run seventh inning, is on.

Max Scherzer is not going to get the makeup game Monday afternoon at U.S. Cellular Field. He’ll keep the extra day of rest he was scheduled to get after throwing 115 pitches Wednesday, and he’ll get the opener against an Oakland A’s squad that is going to be a challenge for the Tigers to beat unless they get outstanding starting pitching. Justin Verlander and Anibal Sanchez will finish out the series.

The White Sox, meanwhile, will have to face Fister coming off back-to-back seven-inning victories, including a two-hit performance against the White Sox Tuesday night.

By keeping Scherzer and the rest of the rotation on track from Tuesday on, the Tigers keep the pitching matchups they want for the stretch run. Barring another rainout, Scherzer is on track to make three more starts after Tuesday, including the regular-season finale Oct. 3 in Kansas City.


Scherzer for game 162, Verlander then for 1st postseason game if any?

Verlander would be on turn to pitch a tiebreaker or game one of the ALDS.

Fister could pitch game two, Scherzer for a pivotal game three.

the tigers are blessed with 3 great pitchers in the rotation

3 starting pitchers that should hold nearly any offense down long enough to give us a chance

Tigers vs Kluber, sample of no significance, AB not PA:
He is 1-0 with a 6.75 ERA. 2 runs in 6 innings last week.
Dirks: 1 for 5
Cabrera: 1 for 3
Young 2 for 3
Berry and BB 1 for 3.
Asdrubal Cabrera remains out.
Second pick of the draft is on jeopardy by winning against the Tigers.

Cy Young for Verlander is on the line too. Last night King Felix had his worst outing for the year. As now:Price , Hernandez,Verlander,Weaver are on the mix. With Rodney as the outsider.WAR puts JV on top.
Felix and Verlander for the numbers of IP and low RS are still 1 ,2 in my view.

I think it more than likely Price. Verlander has a chance actually if he pitches lights out and helps wins the club a pennant.

When Price and Weaver pitch against the Sox, I will definitely by rooting for them to win the Cy.
The odds of a tiebreaker game on Oct 4 are increasing. In Detroit, with Verlander starting.

….is it 7:05 yet? is it 7:05 yet? is it 7:05 yet? is it 7:05 yet? is ….

The pitching rotations won’t make a bit of difference if this team loses to the Indians. One game at a time! Go Tigers!

Asdrubel out is good for us. We need to kick some butt and become the team this was supposed to be. DY, needs to come back strong and Avila and Boesch, the keys to the season disappointment, need to assert themselves and become a force for 3 weeks.

Rotation working out well. We have two horses going against Oakland. That’s the way it should be. That’s the team with the best record that remains on our schedule.

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