Friday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

I’ll spare you the Tigers’ numbers off Corey Kluber aside from Delmon Young, who went 2-for-3 with a double off him on Sept. 3.


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Andy Dirks, lf
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Delmon Young, dh
  6. Brennan Boesch, rf
  7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  8. Alex Avila, c
  9. Omar Infante, 2b

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, rf (3-for-7, double, HR off Verlander this year)
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2b
  3. Carlos Santana, c (1-for-6, HR off Verlander this year)
  4. Russ Canzler, lf
  5. Casey Kotchman, 1b
  6. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3b
  7. Matt LaPorta, dh
  8. Ezequiel Carrera, cf
  9. Jason Donald, ss

P: Corey Kluber


I’m Evan Oswald, and I approve this lineup.
We need to get to this kloober guy in the first couple innings tho….he does better each time he sees you. weird huh?

Miggy taking the sign was, well, a good sign. I may not like Leyland but I do like to see his star supporting him.

I liked that he turned it into a baseball joke.
He heard from Maracaibo. They were from Maracay.

The Sign Man has a right to show his managerial displeasure. Again, all this will be over soon. Leyland has another 3-4 weeks to manage here…. that’s it.

what a jerk this guy with the sign. have some class people!

And here I thought all those people were 12-year olds in their mom’s basement. Well, maybe the part about mom’s basement is true.
It did turn funny at the end. Miggy’s pretty cool.

Kluber if I remember correctly got the best of the Tigers hitters last time…..cannot let that happen again!

What’s going on Jimmy!

Where were all these best players lineups during the first 4-5 months of the season?

I’ll be so glad when you;re gone from Detroit Tigers day-to-day business.

Young and Boesch do it. Yes!!!

Great AB by Young

Justin had to throw a lot of pitches….but finally got the doubles lay.

Double play….sorry! Not good!

JV amped up. No 89-90 tonight. Going with 94-97 gas.

Just curious, why does Prince always wear the long sleeves? Cover up the tats?

Just got home. Looks like I missed alot.

Gotta be very pleased with things so far. Especially the 4 runs of Kluber. Kluber is pitching well really. Scratch and claw a few more.

That’s quick thinking there Prince……funny stuff! Their lose!

That’s 3 right. I’ll be right back. Need a drink.

These Cleve announcers are possibly more annoying, certainly worse, than Hawk.
Went a whole ining with 2 guests and they made no mention of any of the action on the field. I find that disrespectful actually.
Can’t listen to Dan & Jim as it is to far out of sync.

Yes, they have been more time with some retired pitcher than the game

huh? i enjoyed jim and dan tonight. and i usually watch the game on mute with jim and dan on the speakers. [on a side note, my family/extended family all listen to the radio broadcast and chatter each night about the funny points / low points of the broadcast.]

Focused. A winning team

JV has a little edge tonight.

Excellent job to get out of that dangerous spot unscathed. Great play by Prince.
Let’s get some runs now.
Be nice to see Infante start contributing more.

El Tigre, I wanted to thank you for the limk on the 100 pitch count story. Very interesting. Optomism, positive thinking. The players can and will step up. They don’t need a manager. After all, the manager does not hit or play the field or pitch! Go Tigers!

Your welcome

That Fielder play was the first time I have seen some emotion in weeks. Have fun and play ball!

Dan, if you have you should be able to chose the audio overlay and select WXYT you should get Dan and Jim and be right on sync. I discovered that a few weeks ago and that how I watch now.
— Bob

Thanks Bob–I watch the game on a flat screen with an MPB app that is wireless. It is always “off” a bit. I did use to watch it your way when using my computer and it worked pretty well. Thanks again.

Oh OK. Your welcome.
— Bob

Couple of nice plays by Miggy and Fielder to save runs.

Holy cow. I was really worried about Kotchman–not sure what he hits against us or JV but he seems to do well. Miggy robbed him. The score should be tied and Miggy& Biggy make their mark defensively?

I’m a little anxious with JV here. He’s not fooling ’em now and I might be wrong but what happened to his slider?

Hitters are hibernating……….again.Not sure how they manage to do this

Heard at ESPN. Based on previous numbers against teams the will play next 20 games:Trout 314. Miguel 382

Yes, they want to win it all.

Well glad they won….not glad they stopped hitting and having good Ab’s after the first few innings.

didn’t i tell ya’ll we needed to get to this starter early? hah, well glad they got to him at all.
not all wins are pretty – and prince thinking it was out 3 was kinda ugly but funny. Conversely, the defense by miggy and biggy was awesome tonight.
I know we all get stressed by this team but i’ll be damned if i can’t admit they make me smile a lot too. sometimes laugh out loud. bless these boys.

Just a good win all around tonight. Another quality start, clutch hitting, and good relief. Top that with the best defense, possibly all season long, and you end up winning. We need all three; getting a little greedy, but the Chisox will more than likely sweep the Twins. We need the next two to break even with the Tribe this year. There were three things that I really like about tonight’s game:
1. Being ahead before the seventh. Cleveland’s success against us has come from their bullpen success when they led into the seventh. Nice to socre early.
2. Three of the runs were two out RBI base hits. The kind that break the morale of your opponent. The four straight singles in the top of the first, all with two outs, set a winning tone for the evening.
3. The defense of Miggy and Biggy, basically sealed the win. It would have been a different story without those two defensive plays.

JV threw a nice, no frills game. He showed great class in acknowledging Biggy’s and Miggy’s great plays. Team Detroit was well on display tonight. Cab we get 16 out of the last 19? Wouldn’t that be a great finish? Good night all!

Picking up on some earlier comments:
Prince doesn’t always wear the sleeves. A few days ago he changed to short sleeves mid game.
I have the same problem if I want Dan & Jim. I watch with the MLB Extra Innings package on TV and the radio feed from my laptop is always off. I got it synched once and it lasted only until the next commercial. Makes me wonder what “live” really is. Fortunately, I have a choice of which TV feed I want with the TV package.
I thought it may have been a couple starts too late, but JV finally altered how he approaches the first inning. When he amps it up, though, you do see the number of foul balls increase and thus his pitch count. But trying for quick outs is never a bad idea.
Did anyone see Boesch’s non-jump on the play when he got thrown out at the plate? It was 3-2 with 2 out and he should have been running with the pitch. It appeared he didn’t and compounded things by not running until the ball was nearly out of the infield. That was the difference between safe or out. That’s how I saw it. Anybody see something different? I also thought he misplayed the hit off the wall. He did get a couple hits.
We might catch a break with Liriano pitching tomorrow for the Sox, but I’m not counting on the Twins for much of anything. KC yes.
I rarely ask for a sweep, but I want one this weekend. We owe them one and we need to keep this at no more than one game behind.

It was misplayed so bad that the runner did not score. He expected him to catch the ball.

Forget what I said about 3-2 and two out. That was dumb. Nobody on firstbase. I’d cross it out if I had edit capabilities here. The part about him hesitating stands.

way t go boys – amazing defense tonight on the corner’s, something that has been lacking recently. Miggy’s ankles must be feeling better and nice to see us score without homeruns. Nice win

Always good to see four runs up on the scoreboard for us. It makes the 3-2 loss impossible! JV has not received early support much this year but it seemed like he was on a mission after getting those runs tonight. Boesch had two hits tonight. Is it a sign of things to come?? He does now have a five game hitting streak. Did anyone hear that it might be Quintana on Monday?? Anibal has done his best work for us against Cleveland. Do they adjust?? Hope not. Benoit and Valverde have pitched three of the past four days. We really need to have a different combo for tomorrow.
Valverde was 90-91 tonight. Of course, an offensive explosion by our Tigers would help a lot. Go Tigers!! And for the next two days, Go Twins!!!!

Score four runs every game?? Consistent offense right. Just what we want. We now are 6-6 this month. If we had scored 4 runs each game this month, our record would be 9-3 and we would be in first place. And that would have meant the White Sox beat us twice this past weekend!!!!! You can play with baseball numbers and stats forever. What that means is our starting pitching has been outstanding. Keep it up guys!!!! Offense get on a roll!! The division is there for you to win. Go Tigers!!!!

I actually thought Boesch could possibly have caught that ball by Santana.
Glad to see him hitting though. We need him to power up a bit more. We need Avila to do the same and we need Infante to start looking like he gives a damn.

I too thought there could have been a play at the wall, but the trajectory was a bit low, so if giving the benefit of the doubt, had he tried to play the ball and missed it would have bounced away from him and that run likely would have scored. That said, it was nice to see him get a few hits out there, I pull for that kid as much as possible, I won’t be able to bear the crying by my daughter if they trade him away!

I did not see what kind of secondary lead Boesch had at second but I could not believe he was thrown out. It was a good throw but the ball was not smoked to left.. Did you see Prince hustle around third base? As long as Mr I had the money and Prince wanted to come to Detroit, I think it was a good move

Boesch had a good lead. He had to stop to so as not to get hit by it. That’s what cost him and the fact it was hit directly at the leftfielder.

I looked at it again this morning. The ball was nowhere near him. He did get a good lead and jumped out to his secondary lead on the pitch, but then he hesitated when the ball was hit. It wasn’t long, but long enough for me to yell “go!” at the TV as I watched last night. My guess is the “no go on a ball hit to your right” thing flashed through his mind. Just barely enough to cost him. Anyway, I was just curious what others may have seen. Thanks.
And that Oakland club is going to be tough next week.

Thanks Mayo. When it went thru the infield, I thought for sure Brennan would score. Jhonny is on my fantasy baseball team so I needed the rbi. I also have Miguel on my team. Go Tigers!

Brian Britten ‏@BBritten_Tigers
Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Dirks 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Boesch dh, Avila 2, Peralta 6, Berry 7, Infante 4. Sanchez is starting.

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