Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at White Sox

Brennan Boesch is 0-for-17 lifetime against Gavin Floyd. However, left-handed hitters are killing Gavin Floyd this year with a .314 average and .936 OPS. It’s a rarity for Leyland to go against the batter-versus-pitcher numbers, but this time he did. Ryan Raburn is 12-for-37 lifetime off Floyd, but of course, he has looked nothing like the hitter that posted those numbers in the past.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


does BB have to bat 6th tho? Bat him 8th instead or something.

Peralta, Avila, Infante, not much better. May as well hit him 6th to make Ventura use his legions of relievers. Some of those guys out in their pen aren’t all that good.

Great point Evan! Why does a lineup have to be burnished in stone?

it sucks because sometimes i feel JL’s inflexibility with the schedule is a response to all the complaining he gets when he changes them too often. Didn’t Guillen and others blame him for that PUBLICLY in 2007?

I don’t think it was 2007 but not sure what year that was. If I was manager, I wouldn’t even want to know what the fans thought, but I’d listen to player complaints. I seem to recall Carlos just wanted to know what position he was playing from day to day.

Okay, I’m cool with Boesch, but probably because I expected it. Brennan will just have to do something, because he’s starting to look like trade bait. Everybody likes the guy, but he’s got to contribute.

Triple against Liriano, homer against Sale, rbi double in LA. All recent. Now can he hit the man that owns him?? Can he adjust?? That is what baseball is.

I am fine with the lineup provided it has arisen from a quiet JL team talk prior to last nights game along the lines of we can’t get any low as a team and I am going to play this nine every day in order till the end.
Garcia over Boesch everyday (anyday) was a no brainer.

It’s good. This lineup is us. Now we have used it three or four times?? September 12th. Times a wasting. Will it become our #1 lineup for the season??? It might be time tomorrow to see how it does against lefties. Dropping the three young lefties and sticking in three RHBs hasn’t worked recently. In fact, we lost those two games.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems this is the first time it has been used on back to back nights. Is it possible we could get righties in Cleveland and see it for almost a week straight?? We must have tape on Gavin Floyd. Should Ryan Raburn be giving a lecture to some of his teammates explaining some of Floyd’s tendacies??
It’s time to pull together and win!!!!!!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Who’s throwing better right now for Chicago: the RH Or LH relievers???

Bottom line. We have to get hits and walks to score enough runs to win. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Well we have to pitch ( ironically the only starter having big issues lately is JV). Gotta keep CWS in the park, if you do good chance to win. But we have o get hitters going, starting with Miggy and Biggy. Despite th homer last night Miggy has slowed down. Biggy has been horrible at the plate. As good as DY was going he has come to a screeching halt. AJ has been the only consistent guy.

Well wasted opportunity #1….. The pylon at first fails again!

Is Scherzer dominant enough that you pinch the left fielder in tight against a batter like DeAza or Wise??? Cut off a few bloopers.

First outing since august 25 or 26.

Leyland makes the lineup. So far our LHB are 4 for 4 against Floyd.
Playing Boesch was pretty much stupid.

Top of the second. Boesch hacks at a curve in the dirt. Strike one. Takes a ball high and outside. Hacks at a high pitch. Strike two. Strikes out on a 89 MPH cutter low in the zone. Only hittable pitch during the AB.
Avila takes a high hittable curve ball for strike three. Fooled once. Or is it he only hits fastballs???

The numbers show that lefties hit Floyd much better than righties. Problem is all our lefties are slumping right now.

Good point. Does Floyd throw anything other than cutters and curves?? He might be back on the DL tomorrow.

Tigers hitters look fierce tonight! Sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm!

Gonna be pretty difficult to win this one if a pitcher with the poor record against LHB keeps striking out every damn one we put up there to the plate.
Hope Avisail is enjoying the game.

Two dominate pitchers. Has Floyd thrown over ten fastballs?? Did touch 95 once in the fourth.

Just what an injured pitcher needs======Tiger Tonic.
I am cringing to think what may happen tonight for Max. He will need to be almost perfect.

Floyd is just showing them the fastball out of the zone and putting them away with a lethal hammer. This is going to be tough tonight. Best chance is to run up his pitch count. He’s just returned from the DL.

Tigers hitters have made it perfectly clear to Flyod and Peirzinski that they don’t have to throw anything anywhere near the strike zone because they will swing at crap out of the zone. Nothing! Pathetic!

Max hangs one to Youk. Back to back sliders???

Well one might be too much to overcome, I can’t see these guys getting 2 runs with how they look!

Great play by Dirks

Too many dang pitches. Meanwhile Floyd throws crap a mile out of the strikezone and make it easy for him.

Swinging at 1-2 pitch to BB and DY was good idea. Those pitches were far from home and out reach for AJ. Bot could have get on base easily

Realistically, we will come back but theoretically, Max has Maxed out his mistakes.
Hard to believe how feeble we have been this year in clutch and productive hitting.

Top of 5th. Boesch with a hit . Jhonny walks. Can Avila bunt?/

Small ball Tigers strike!!!!!!

RbI single Tigers lead!!!!!

I think we need to recognize good pitching when we see it rather than railing against our own guys.
Austin picked up Jhonny after that baserunning gaffe. Now we’re into their bullpen. Perfect.

Sorry tigers hitters have done nothing for quite some time to make me believe it is the pitcher. They look bad night in and night out against bad pitchers, good pitchers averages pitchers.

Well, AJ comes thru but Peralta needs some shock therapy. His base-running is a contradiction in terms. AJ picked him up and thank you for that. ut you have to REMEMBER how people play and what they do.

TKO Floyd in the fifth.

That is how you adjust to the pitchers

Why do some comment early in the game about not scoring runs? It is a 9 inning game. Go Tigers!

And a shut down inning from Max. Excellent.
Now we shall see General Ventura’s legions marching to the relief of Floyd’s garrison. Roman army, anyone?

Hey El Tigre, when did the “100” pitch count come to be?

GK, I do not like to comment on the umpires but that stike out to Jhonny was awful!

I’m glad you said it.

Surprised he called that one out of the slot position he’s using. They usually call the outside pitch.

The strike one to me lady has been inconsistent, at best. Not one sided or favoring a team, just inconsistent.


“Practice.” The Sox got a good defense.

Nice play there, O-Dog, oldtimer.

If B-Reall gets the first two in the 7th, I would not bring in Coke just for AJ.

Kinda can’t believe Jackson couldn’t beat that out? I don’t know seems like he shoulda been able to.?

He was covering second base and the ball went to him. The running set the DP

Oh I get that but it still seemed to me like he should of been able to beat it out. Although I know as well as he runs around the bases, it’s been noted that he really isn’t that fast out of the box.

Man, Ventura is gonna cause a rule change if he keeps this up. That oughtta be against the law.


Prince finally busted out of it he’s been killing me!

Way to go Prince. Way to bust out. That was huge.
You can put it on the board …….. YES !!!!!
— Bob

Ventura using all these pitchers and the thing is, it doesn’t work. You just eventually find the guy who doesn’t have it. How’d you like to have this dude as the manager?

We’d be going crazy. He is a very hansome man, however. I noticed that right away.

handsome. Man, I wish we had spell check.

I noticed that too.🙂

I said at his at bat you are do. I did not relalize he was 0-18. I guess he earned some of his paycheck on that swing!

Avisail, Infante, Jackson, Dirks. That is speed

Don’t forget about Berry. He showed us how to do it before the other guys. I root for him because well, I like him and he doesn’t make the big bucks unless he gets in a game. He was a shot in the arm when we needed him most.

Yes, but he needs to correct his swing first

Well, we’ve given plenty of other players time to “get their swing right” sometimes for years. Berry’s a diamond in the rough. I believe in him.

Go figure 14 hits and 8 runs. I don’t know if I’d use up Villareal hear, bring in somebody who needs a little work, Downs, Putkonen and yes Coke.

Where are Downs and Holaday?? Has anyone seen them this month??

Where in the heck were those last two pitches that Villareal threw? This ump for gods sake!

Tks to the ump.

He was 0 for 15 for IR scoring

Senior league umps.

Sox must have a guy standing outside the ballpark recruiting passersby to come in and pitch to a hitter. This is nuts. “Here’s a uniform and a glove. Go on in.”

I can hardly believe the logic JL uses. Lets Benoit stagnate then over uses him. There was absolutely no upside in using Benoit tonight. He pitched last night and might we not want to use him tomorrow? The worst case scenario was destroying his confidence by getting needlessly whacked around which is exactly what happened. This is the kind of stupid logic we have seen from him all year.

Had Dotel warming up. Not sure about Al Al.

Important to strand the runner on 3rd say Dan & Jim.

What looked like a laugher not so much anymore! Is the pen fallling apart again?

Not really. The run that count is still on deck

Now is at home plate

Please let it end 8-6

Tigers win 8-6!!!!!. Valverde closes again with flare. Top of the order sparkles and everyone in the order contributes. Twenty games to go. Go Tigers!!!!

Tigers are 18 -5 for last 23 vs CWS.
Will the real Justin Verlander please stand up?

These boys don’t make anything easy, do they? Okay, got the win and that’s what matters. The race will go on into the weekend at least.
Those two pitches that the doddering old umpire missed on B-Real nearly cost us big. I’ve never liked this particular crew.
Those were some real good ABs we put together to score those runs. These guys need to keep that up. No excuse not to now. And yes, that means do it in Cleveland.

And 0 for 18 Boesch got it all started. How about that?

Was Fielder 0-18 this past week before the homer??

I believe so

Victory and all, JL worries the he!! out of me with his in-game decisions.
It was great seeing a clutch sac bunt by Avila tonight—I’ll give him that. He is still wasting Garcia and AJ and Infante when they get on base. There was a sensible opportunity to PH Garcia for Boesch in the 7th with the lefty on the mound. He put Garcia in anyway!
The Benoit move was stunning. Why. He’s now done for tomorrow, as is (hopefully) Valverde. That leaves Coke and Dotel for an important game. Good luck with that.
Wrong use of Benoit. Totally. He’s the guy they should be showing confidence in and groom him as a closer when Valverde completely falls apart . To put him in a mop-up role was likely regarded by Benoit as a bit of an insult. I don’t get it.

No, he’s our best pitcher with inherited runners. Not mop up. No insult.


8-1 would have been beautiful; Hawk was humble up to rally time for the Sox. Give them their due; they live and die by the HR. We were supposed to do that, but it’s not happened that way. Prince need that, and so did the team. One of the most amazing stats for tonight’s game was paid attendance of 30000. What gives? When we get back to Comerica, it will be SRO. Wow, there’s so much to like about tonight’s game, but I’ll give you mine:

1. Every starter got at least one base hit. You usually win when that happens. The rally began in the fifth with Boesch’s first career hit off of Floyd.
2. Alex’s AB’s tonight. Granted he had his strikeout, but the bunt was huge, and well placed. His RBI double in the 8th. was the second night in a row that he has pulled the ball with some authority. I see a strong finish here, as I predicted for Alex last week.
3. Max walked no one again. This is so big for him. Can you imagine the pitch count if he walked 3 a game? He’s becoming so automatic.

Final kudos to Prince. The three Runner in the seventh, and even the prior two hits before the blast, were all two outers. Cannot stress how important that HR was. Relief pitching was a downer. Would have brought Coke in because of a non pressure situation. The experience he brings will still be needed in the last three weeks. And now JV, can you do what we need done tomorrow night? Stay tuned! Good night all!

I want to go back to a comment I made earlier tonight. I realize emotions run high during a game and are sometimes reflected in what we say, but tonight I thought it important to recognize how nasty Floyd was. Lord knows we’ve struggled against the Joe Schmoe’s of the world, but Floyd was dealing. That’s why I thought our best chance was to get him out of the game. I figured that if we did get to him, it would be a big accomplishment and our guys should be praised for it. Fortunately that’s what happened. Boesch stayed inside for that single nicely and Peralta had a great AB to draw that walk. That got it going. The bunt from Avila was a good call and good execution.
I am guilty of slamming this team too, but the hitters did an excellent job tonight under challenging circumstances. Now let’s hope we don’t get shut down by the next Joe Schmoe.

Cleveland is sending Kluber after us again. I don’t think his name is Joe though!!

We’re getting Kluber Masterson and Jimenez I think………all pitchers who other teams seem to score runs on at will, but this year have thrown us for a loop.

Max in the last 30 days 5-0 52 K 7 BB 1.05 ERA. That gets close to Gibson in 68. Of course, Gibby had a 1.12 ERA for the entire season!!!!! Only 22-9 record but he missed a month of the season.

I think offensively this team took a step forward. It’s all or nothing with these guys – and I think that means we could win it all if they stayed hot for a long enough (and well timed) duration. Prince and Brennan both got monkeys off their backs tonight!
The pen might have taken a step back – although I thought BV got hosed by the pitching staff. Valverde is still Valverde.
now lets get this last game – I think JV needs to make a change. Change: Don’t start the game off with the low 90s fastball, there is not enough separation between it and the changeup. Everyone knows the 1st inning routine now.

What a game – and just like that we are back in it. Last night was another excellent outing by Max – he has exceeded my expectations this year, very, very dominating right now. Great to see Prince get one – geez he has a hard swing doesn’t he? Not sure what has happened that JL is finally using the bunt to help his team out – its about time, and we used the small ball to perfection last night to get on the board and then still got our 3-run shot to boot. Unfortunately that 3-run shot by Youk was not so great – even when he is struggling he seems to be able to get us.

I think tonight depends on Justin being Justin and not the one we have seem more recently – back to what makes him a great pitcher and not going in trying to blow the ball by the guys in the first inning – our bats decided to heat up now let’s keep it going – if we ended this road trip in a tie I think all of us could say WOW we did not expect that!

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