Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at White Sox

Pretty standard lineup tonight against Jake Peavy. None of these guys particularly beat him up. Miguel Cabrera is 12-for-42 off him, with two home runs and eight RBIs, but with more strikeouts (14) than hits.

A couple notes to mention on Peavy: Opponents are 8-for-15 stealing bases on him this year, way down from the 78 percent rate he has allowed for his career, despite A.J. Pierzynski as his catcher most days. Second, Quintin Berry has faced him once, going 0-for-3 with two strikeouts and a hit-by-pitch against him on July 20. He did reach base on a hit-by-pitch.

No Adam Dunn for the White Sox again.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (10-for-30, 4 doubles, 7 strikeouts off Peavy)
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF (4-for-18, 6 K’s off Peavy)
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C (4-for-19, HR, 4 K’s off Peavy)
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Alejandro De Aza, CF
  2. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
  3. Dewayne Wise, LF
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Alex Rios, RF (7-for-11 off Fister)
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C (1-for-14, HR off Fister)
  7. Dayan Viciedo, DH
  8. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Jake Peavy


much better JL, much better.

Was just going to comment on Rios. That 7 for 11 is a small sample but this time it’s one worth noting. That’s the guy you don’t let beat you tonight. With our offense, there’s no room for error. Or errors of the fielding variety.

Even the standard lineup looks weak these days. Oh well, I go into every game thinking we’ll win it. Once they get underway, it doesn’t take long to see which way it’s going to go.

aka: will fister have the yellowhammer tonight? will the boys hit tonight?

Doesn’t matter!

Rich, that is exactly what I do when I watch a game. My weekends have been busy so I enjoy watching a Tuesday night game. I did not plan on going to bed after the Piersinky homer!

Isn’t Piersinky a city in Russia?

I know you’re trying to steel yourself, Gk, but it still matters. If we lose tonight and tomorrow, we start looking at next season at that time, IMO. Right now next season is kind of…..what…….in the planning stages?
I know people probably hate when we veer off topic like this, but whatever happens tonight will be a million times better than what my wife and I endured eleven years ago on this date.

Nothing compares to what happened 11 years ago. Nothing.
May God be with you and everyone who was personally affected by what happened on that tragic day.
— Bob

Rich I’m sorry for whatever happened with your wife……of course baseball doesn’t matter in relationship to real life it is a diversion, and supposed to be fun. This team isn’t fun!

What I meant by doesn’t matter is who is in and out of the lineup. Nobody is stepping up.

Take the head to head games out of the standings and the Sux lead by 8 games, 71-54 to 63-62. So even if the Tigers win the next 3 they will play .500 ball the rest of the way and the Sux will play .568 ball and win the division by 2 games.

So then why play ’em out? douche

I received an e-mail from the Baltimore Orioles. Dr. Buck Showalter, D.B (doctor of baseball), has diagnosed a case of Orioles Fever and prescribes that I attend the O’s-Rays game on Thursday afternoon. It includes a doctor’s note to get me out of work or school. They’re having fun with their unexpected success this year.
One of the best parts of this season, although I didn’t see it myself, was when the Camden Yards PA blared Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” last Thursday just before the Yankee series opened.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I thought I heard last week that the O’s had been outscored by something like 43 runs over the course of the season but still managed to be 15 or 16 games over .500. They win the close ones, something we haven’t been able to do this year. That stat just amazed me.

They have a negative 29 run differential. The Twins 1987 and KC 1984 went into the playoff with a negative R Diff. The gap is due to three teams Ranges, Mets and LAA. They had until recently a poistive run differential taking out those three teams( I dont have updated information). It is more the effect of three anomalus records

MLBtraderumors has a piece on Peralta:”UZR suggests the 30-year-old has played above-average defense since signing his two-year deal with the Tigers” Do they watch the game instead of the computer screens?


No mysteries tonight. We have eight players starting tonight who have at least two hits off Peavy this year!! Sixth time he has pitched against us. Let’s play ball. Go Tifers!!!

some say JL kills the running game – but the more i watch these guys it is apparent to me they simply aren’t runners. poo poo on DD for the lack of steals too – not just JL.

Awesome already in a whole! Can the Tigers score two? The magic 8 ball says….”doubtful”.

1st and 3rd…….Miggy flys out to end it. Beckham just squeezed one out for another homer. Too dang predictable!

Without Miggy & Biggy we are dead in the water. And Biggy has not been as Big as we had hoped. Miggy is “Off”. Peralta looks like he should be in a league of his own. Misses hanging sliders then strikes out an anything down and away between the plate and the 1st base coach’s box.

These guys have given up.

Imagine that te Tigers strand more runners…….go figure.

Action Jackson

… with the only two runs we will get tonight.

I now retract that statement lol🙂


Jackson after hitting his gives Miguel a little magic dust. Worked.

Boy as hot as DY was he really has cooled off quite a bit!

As soon as Jim “rested” him.

how dou spell Avisail?

Okay Biggy it’s time for you to do what you are paid for…I swear if you ground out or can’t even get a sac fly I’ll scream!

Nothing! Awesome Fielder!

Another wasted opportunity! Typical!

Young has been pretty bad tonight. JL playing Garcia only against RH Starting pitching is actually stupid. The guy is multi-dimensional–if he gets on he goes somewhere else. The kid can fly.
Totally unimpressed with Peralta’s lack of speed on Avila’s hit.

Nice bunt Omar! Somebody on this team can bunt!

But can we get a runner home with bases loaded and 0 outs?

I know a lot of people are happy with that 8th inning. There were some really nice things that we did, Garcia’s base-running, Infante’s bunt, clutch hits by the LHB Avila and Dirks. But, man–I’d be giving AJ the green light on the 3-0 with nobody out. He’s been clobbering the ball, he’s not going to hit into a DP, and if he gets a strike he has to become more defensive (which he did) at the plate.
Cabby has a propensity for the DP-just imagine how many ribbies he’d have if he didn’t do this so often.
These Sox are not going to quit Benoit needs to get them because Valverde is not gonna make anything easy.

We had a chance for a huge inning with all the above positivity we did get but failed.

Oh no…Benoit! First 2 on!

Get him out. I’m not mad, I know he hasn’t been in a game in a long while. But come on!

Last game 9/5. Why he did not use him in a week?

Probably because we haven’t been winning, but you still gotta get him some work.

He is training to be a real Detroit closer

Dan, I said the same thing on the 3-0 count to Austin. And yes Rich the Sox catcher is from Russia. HaHa, did not want to cal him AJ. Miggy sure did blast one but with the sacks full he can’t hit a fly ball. Time for the nerves to kick in, right Kathy?

Here we go……let’s hope the 10 lob don’t come back to haunt us. Man 13 strikeouts tonight.

Oh, please, let this game end 5-3.

Another dumb error.

Here we go……….never easy!

Back in contention

Never a doubt!

big relief! I just hope biggy can turn it around he looked terrible at the plate tonight.

So, the corpse still breathes. I’ll tell ya, I almost couldn’t watch there in the 8th and 9th (but I did). Way easier to be playing or even managing than just watching helplessly.
Our stopper tonight got the runs he needed for a change. The Sox don’t homer, they don’t score. I wasn’t completely on board with some of those bunts JL called for, given the situation at the time. Glad it all worked out in the end. Those hits from Avila and Dirks were huge.
Does anyone else get the crazy idea that Garcia might provide more, on the whole, than Boesch? Good outfielder, good arm, smart baserunner, good speed. If he gets on base once per game, he’s bringing more than Boesch. And I don’t recommend starting 21 year old AA players in a pennant race very often. Like never, actually.

This is getting intense. I’m forcing myself to watch because, well, that’s what you’re supposed to do. I thought JP could have gotten Rios out had he planted hard and thrown with feet on the ground. Body wasn’t lined up to first I guess. Would have been close either way. With all the frustration and disappointment this year we are still in contention. Excellent pitching has kept Tigers in it. Shaky defense, not nearly enough timely hitting. Dirks is a baseball player as Rod stated it. Nothing fancy, he just gets it done.
I might have kept Fister in the way he was dealing, although he did throw 99 pitches.
I thought Delmon swung through some pretty fat pitches down the middle.

Last night’s game had Mario and Rod, so I knew tonight we’d get Hawk. As a major league announcer, his call of the Jackson HR, and then Cabby’s were a disgrace. I’m not saying you have to go bonkers, but a homer is a homer. Some rate him as one of the best; I think he is classless. I muted the last two innings when the Sox batted just for the peace of mind. Four-Five for us tonight was brutal; 0-10 with 6 K’s. Might have been Biggy’s low point. Delmon is back in the deep freeze. The defense didn’t collapse, and the pitching remains the strength of the team. We can take the next two, if the sticks show up just a little more than the last week. Several things to like about tonight’s game. Here are my three:
1. Ajax is on base four times; checks the records, and I’d bet we’re almost perfect when he’s on base that much. The homer was nice too!
2. Three of the first six batters worked Peevy to a 3-2 count; while he still had decent stuff, he had to labor a little, and was at 116 in the sixth. Our guys simply need to know when to swing at the first thing you see, or to take a couple at 3-0, especially when the pitcher is one the ropes. Nice approach to Jake tonight, even with the high strikeout total.
3. Garcia’s speed that was shown on the first to third jaunt in the 8th. You can’t teach speed. Use him wisely for the rest of the season, and it will pay off.

Alex had a nice RBI single, and so did Dirks. I still contend that Rayburn cannot displace Andy in the starting lineup, left handed pitcher or not. Ryan can pinch hi for someone, and still might run into a big one, but please keep Dirks at the two spot. Good night all!

I had meant to mention Peavy’s pitch count and forgot. That was obviously much better plate approaches just from that stat alone.
After watching Ventura run in one pitcher after another, I’ll go JL one better. I think the rosters should be limited to 25 players per game, not 30. Bring the entire farm up if you want, but 25 per game.
When I first got the TV subscription back in ’04, the home team feed was the only one available so I got plenty of Hawk back then. This guy shouldn’t be up for a Ford Frick Award, he should be up for the Bored Sick Award, or the Lord D–k Award. I’ve heard every broadcast team out there and this guy is the worst. Thankfully, the TV subscription has offered a choice of feeds the past few seasons, so I only tune to Hawk for comic relief.

Hadn’t read your comment Rich, and I see we are both suffering the same too scared to watchitis. It’s a challenge, and a stressful one at that, just to keep your eyes open in the 8th and 9th. I agree that Garcia is impacting the games more than Boesch is right now. JL’s gonna give Brennan every chance he can to succeed though. From a loyalty perspective, it’s probably the right thing. But Garcia looks very confident and relaxed doesn’t he? Not at all intimidated by the mlb stage.

I think a kid like that, he’s been playing with the big boys for a long time. El Tigre would know more about that.

Mr. Fister was dominate from the fourth through the seventh and the top of the order provided a three spot for him. Good to see Jackson, Dirks and Infante get two hits each. The bottom of the order added on two with a little help from Dirks. When was the last time we had two RBI singles in one game???
Finally knocked some rust off Benoit and Valverde. Just two more games with the Hawk Sox. Stay focused. One game at a time. Next up is Scherzer vs. Floyd. Go Tigers!!

Boesch is 0 for 17 with 6 K against Floyd.
Dollars to Donuts JL will still have him in the lineup.
I’d put the kid in but if JL does anything instead of Boesch it’ll be Berry.

Finally rewarded for watching a full game – got very tight there but we got it done. I would agree on Dirks, he is such a great ballplayer and was I ever surprised to see them have him bunt – usually JL won’t let anyone with a chance of hitting something bunt, but 2 bunts in one inning! Nice to see some strategy. I loved the Youklis attempt to bunt, my husband did not believe me this morning when I said he gave it a shot – think we would ever see the Tigs try something like that? Papa did a nice job and Benoit once he got his groove – they should never let those guy sit for that long even if it isn’t a save/hold situation, they need their reps even if it i sjust for a batter. We are still breathing and Mad Max will get them tonight, we just need our hitters to do their job.

I must address 2 instances that drove me nuts the last two nights. Why won’t Leyland use his entire bench? Monday night, down 4-1, Raburn on first (mind you Raburn has a bum leg right now) and he doesn’t pinch run with Berry? Cabrera hits a double, Berry would have scored (making it 4-2)…. Instead, nothing.
Last night, Alex Avila on second, winning 4-2, Dirks laces a single. Could Berry have scored from second…. maybe. But Leyland left Avila in? Why? We have 2 other catchers on the bench! And don’t tell me he wanted his bat in the game just in case.
Leyland has some very wise observations on Sept callups. I agree that call up everyone, but only 30 guys eligible to play. But that is not how it goes now. Ventura makes a pitching change every 5 minutes! Come on!

Good observations about bench usage.
I’d think a 30 man roster still allows for Ventura’s 10 man bullpen and that’s my beef with it. Managers didn’t used to play matchup to this degree, but Robin is using what’s available to him.

Very good observation, portwinelad. QB, with all his speed, gets the shaft.

The burning question of the day will be, should Boesch start tonight?
Using something called logic, Brennan’s 0 for 17 against Floyd destroys the thinking that the lefty will hit the righty, so why is that even a consideration here? In fact, 0 for 17 qualifies as being owned.
JL mentioned that maybe he’s due. Again, not very logical. Neither is “he might run into one.” In other words, relying on luck.
Garcia hit righties at a .306 clip this season in the minors, so I don’t see him as a platoon player. He runs better, fields better, and throws better.
The experience factor is negligible. Garcia is a relative unknown to Chicago.
I’d start Garcia but JL will start Boesch. At least Garcia will be in the game later to PH against a lefty or as a defensive replacement for……..Boesch.

I have a feeling Boesch might sit. I don’t think jl willgo with Garcia. He’ll opt for Berry.
Leyland has guys he simply will not replace unless a body pat falls off. Avila is one of them and the observation regarding substituting for him is spot on. There is almost NO REASON not to PR for him. These kinds of in-game strategy escape JL’s baseball brain. He manages by prescription and repetition. Spontaneity and creativity do not factor. He needs to get it together, as much as the hitters do, in these last 3 weeks

Gracias has not really played in winter ball. He had 8 AB only last year. He played in the Summer League.
Floyd, coming from elbow injury:
Miguel:10 for 42 . 1 HR 238
DY: 9 for 38 HR
Peralta: 11 for 35 2 HR 10 SO
Raburn: 12 for 37. JL already said he wont play. Today was the day to play him
Alex 2 for 18.
Jackson:7 for 19
Dirks : 3 for 11
Laird: 2 for 8
Santiago 4 for 15
And we know, BB 0 for 17


Can’t afford to keep leaving so many men on base. Cabby has been coming up empty in premium RBI situations (bases loaded, or man on 3rd and less than 2) more than the lineup can withstand. He really needs to come through big, not just for the runs but for the motivational factor that only his bat can provide. Fielder needs to pull out of his little slump and if DY goes back to sleep then they need to get him out of the lineup. We were fortunate to sneak away with a win yesterday given the lost opportunities.

Rick Porcello is Dave Rozema:
Sinker is supposed to work better the longer the pitcher throw. The movement of the pitch is caused by a tired arm. It was wrong to keep his innings count low? Or you need to go fast with the bullpen?

Great comparison to do, El Tigre. Two guys under 20/21 who began their rookie years in the starting rotation and finished the season with ROY votes. Both guys relied on one pitch. Rosey was famous for back to back to back changeups. He pitched over 230 innings his rookie year. Not good for him. DL before third year was done ?? Porcello is completing his fourth season of primarily throwing that sinker ball. Wonder what his % of sinkers is??? Never topped 195 innings. That’s very good. Does he have two other pitches that he would use to get someone out?? He has put up a lot of zeroes on the scoreboard. Unfortunately his teammates have put up more when he has pitched. Chicago scores a fast four in the sixth get him out. No need for him to get bombed. Nothing wrong with Rick or how Detroit has brought him along. Will we be rewarded in the next two or three weeks?? Next year??

We will face Gavin Floyd tonight. Tough matchup for us. We have scored two runs against him in two games this year. The league LHBs bat .314 against him while RHBs struggle @ .226. So do we go with our standard lineup which we have used a few times just in the last week?? Once again we have flaws as we have Boesch 0-17 career against him and Avila 2-19 (career). Two young left handed batters who do not hit him. The guy on the bench who sees Mr. Floyd quite well. Why it’s Ryan Raburn who in over 30 ABs against him has a .324 lifetime average. He has faced him since 2007 and he should be the guy tonight. Unless of course we find out that against RHP we must use the RLRLRLRLR lineup no matter what. Just to add Laird has not seen him since 2009. Catcher tonight Avila who has a RBI single and homer in the past few games. Use new blood?? Doesn’t that favor the pitcher??? In summary, this guy is tough and we need to have our nine most likely to hit him.

3 HR to tie
12 of 36 HR to go ahead.
Bases loaded: 1 for 8 with 7 RBI
Scoring position:355/413/.962 74 RBI
Scoring position , 2 outs:439 /511 ./1.242 24 RBI

Watched the replay of the last few games. There is no way this team can win with JP at short next year. He just does not get to enough balls that could be outs. We need a cracker jack shortstop, who can bring us speed and range out there. One who can leadoff and allow us to use AJ elsewhere in the lineup. One who works well with Infante (I presume he will be kept). Miggy has been pretty darn good at 3rd but you can’t have two statues manning the left side of the infield with the kind of and quality of starting pitching that we have.


Yes, and yes. Think we need more range at SS next year, but the problem is…. who?


well fellas were are now 31-23 against the central this year. that’s not too bad.

One of the best numbers on our resume. Will it offset our bad ones??

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