Monday’s lineups: Tigers at White Sox

Jim Leyland follows through on his plan to have an all-righty outfield against White Sox lefty Jose Quintana. That includes left fielder Ryan Raburn, who gets the nod to bat second over Omar Infante. Given that Infante had two hits off Angels lefty C.J. Wilson on Saturday, albeit both singles that weren’t well-struck, it’s an interesting shift in thought. Raburn is 2-for-20 with five strikeouts from the second spot in the order this year, last starting there on July 5.

Leyland cited Raburn’s history at U.S. Cellular Field as the reason for batting second, but it led into the familiar phrase about trying to get Raburn going as some sort of way to ignite their lineup against left-handed starters.

“It’s a common sense matchup for me,” Leyland said. “Raburn hits .308 in this park [career] with eight home runs and 30 RBIs, so if he’s ever going to get it going, this would be an opportunity. I think that makes a lot of sense. He’s had pretty successful numbers.”

To beat you to the next question, Raburn is 4-for-18 here this year with a home run, four RBIs, two walks and two strikeouts. He had five home runs and 14 RBIs combined in 2010 and 2011 here, accounting for the bulk of the production.

The other reason Leyland cited specifically for batting Raburn second is that he wanted to keep the option open to pinch-hit for him with Andy Dirks if the Sox throw a right-handed reliever at the top of the order.

No Adam Dunn in the White Sox lineup. He’s still dealing with a strained right oblique.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Avisail Garcia, RF
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Alejandro De Aza, CF
  2. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
  3. Dewayne Wise, LF
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Alex Rios, RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Dayan Viciedo, DH
  8. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P Jose Quintana


I wonder if Leyland has a non-refundable cruise booked in October.

Interesting? What a gutless loser you are.

most important game i can think of – means the world to me.
No yesterday’s lunch, no second guessing and no carts in front of any horses: Raburn’s performance tonight puts JL’s job on the line.
But just like the season Raburn is only a small part – and if we don’t get more than a handful of hits in each game we surely won’t win this series.
I can’t help but hear “she’s not for you” by willie nelson softly playing when thinking about october baseball in Detroit. …just too many bad breaks, bad choices and underperforming.

Wow Beck!! This is getting old!! You guys in the media are soo afraid of Leyland..why cant one of you guys let him know that the fans deserve better than this?

sigh, Rayburn?! Really? REALLY!?!

what spot is Raburn NOT 2-for-20 in? jeeez

Wow. Now the fan’s are turning on the guy who gives us this blog to converse on.
Jason does a good job and I am glad the regulars of this blog appreciate that.
Go Tigers. Please. Go Tigers.
— Bob

agreed. Jason deserves better than to be chewed like yesterday’s lunch – which is what would happen if he said that. Anyone else hear Bobby V. answer a reporter by saying he should punch the reporter in the face? That’s what I would expect as an answer from our skip to a question (assertion, rather) like that.

Find it interesting that Boesch hits LHP better…. so we are going with a rookie down the stretch? As much as I like the kid, and hope he does well, I would rather see Boesch or Berry in that spot.

Not since last june, the inverted split began to fade one month before going into DL.Beck mentioned it last year.
He is vs LHP:240/.298/.645 2 HR( both against Sale) 8 BB 36 SO 121 AB
vs RHP:245/.283/.676 10 HR 15 BB 62 SO. 323.AB.
Berry is: 222/232/.603 against LHP.with 23 SO

García was called up before sep 1 to be the RHB they needed and , making him available for the postseason. O´s called up Machado and Texas, Profar. It is the new trend. His defense is MLB caliber and his arm is the best in the team even better than Raburn¨s arm .

For sure, Beck does not deserve any criticism for JL and DD( he activated him) choice of Raburn.

Leyland is obviously trying to do something about the problem they have had with southpaws. May as well. Avila wan’t gonna do anything and likely Boesch either. Dirks has been struggling a bit too.
I am not a fan of Raburn but maybe he will provide some offense. Garcia could hit his 1st MLB homer this series, Maybe we can at least we enjoy that.
I like Laird in. He has a little passion anyway. Avila seems to luxuriate in Leyland’s “not too high, not too low” mantra. I’d like to see him overturn a water cooler or slam a bat or something that at least indicates a pulse.
Be nice to get Cabby going again. I think the ankle has taken a bit out of him.
Looks to me like he has put on weight again during the course of the season. Maybe with Garcia around he’ll try to emulate him a bit!!! I think he is a better player when he is around 240 lb.

Why attack the messenger? I completely agree that batting Raburn second is a ridiculous move, but attacking a reporter who is just giving us the news is misdirected anger.

fwiw, i’m NOT attacking anybody, well ok, Raburn. But he deserves it, he’s fkn horrible

maybe the stats won’t bear it out, but it seems to me that this Tiger team has fared poorly against starting pitchers it hasn’t seen before. might not be unusual…in unfamiliar matchup suspect it’s usually advantage to pitcher.
do wonder how much variation there is among the hitters in time spent reviewing available video on guys like Quintana who they’ve never faced. is a few minutes of watching his delivery motion and repertoire on the screen in the clubhouse all that’s really needed for professional hitters at the major league level?

Yes, thanks Jason, and sorry for the rude comments by others. It is silly to expect the main posts of this blog to be anti-Leyland–that’s just not going to happen. I am really starting to get the feeling that this is his last season. It may take not making the playoffs to do that. The best scenario is the Tigers get it together, make the playoffs and do some serious damage there. The worst scenario is they don’t even make the playoffs and JL keeps his job. That is just not acceptable.

Second guessing and opinions go hand-in-hand with baseball. But personal attacks and insults are unwarranted on this blog. I agree wth the bloggers who posted in support of Jason and appreciate their reasoned and well stated thoughts.

Jason Beck is the best of any Tigers reporters, imo if anyone needs questioning or anger directed at him it is Dombrowski, for the below replacement hacks he surrounded an improved bat and GG centerfielder, and the best hitter in the league period, and a top 5 to 10 hitter in the AL.

I watched Quitana’s start against Minnesota where he got roughed up for 7 runs in one inning. It was a patient, concentrated very un-Tigers like rally that our boys could learn a lot from. Quintans held them scoreless the first couple innings and even in the big inning the Twins didn’t scorch the ball – in fact they got all seven runs without an extra base hit. It was a lot of 2-2,3-2 counts, good patience and easy swings for single after single with a couple walks mixed in. While I would always like to see the Tigers go deep a few times how much fun would it be to put up a crooked number through smart, patient, tenacious at bats?

Ok, I’ll settle for three long balls.

Quitana loves to throw a worm killing breakin ball just off both corners of the plate – you know the kind that Delmon dreams about – and thats the pitch the Tigers absolutely have to ignore. None of us really know what Lloyd tells the players but I feel like I rarely see the Tigers go into a game with an approach, a philosophy as a team. Maybe I just don’t discern it but I wish they would bring one tonight. Or maybe the team approach is always swing at he first pitch? In which case maybe all we need is a new philosophy.

I could be wrong but over the years I’ve noticed a certain perverseness in some of Jim’s decisions; he revels in doing the unexpected or seemingly wrong thing just to stick it to the media and fans – hes got his feelings and his nutty buddies and hes goin with his gut, logic and media be damned. The Rayburn batting second idea smacks of this kind of perverted thinking and is to me a terrible choice. But if Rayburn gets an RBI tonight – and Lord knows hes due for one – Leyland will get that old I told you so look in his eyes and treat himself to a second ice cream.

Sometimes it works – Alexis Gomez against the A’s in the playoffs – and sometimes it doesn’t – saving Kenny Rogers for a game sixth that didn’t happen, or say, batting Neifi Perez leadoff.

Second spot , ChiSox :104/.140/.390 vs Detroit

I knew there would be an uproar when I saw the lineups a couple of hours ago. I didn’t expect it to be directed at Jason. Well, it’s the in thing these days to bash Raburn. I think the move makes sense and I had already thought about hitting him second so Dirks could PH later in the game. And you can hardly categorize me as a Leyland lackey, far from it, but I don’t disagree with every single thing he does.
Let’s play ball.

I have attempted to not pass judgement on lineups all season until tonight.
Man, this playing matchups based largely on the past infuriates me, of all people who love their stats.
One sure way to get a pitcher on a roll is to give him only one look at the plate. We sure better get to him early before he gets in a groove.

Get ready! Jim’s on the pre-show about to explain using RR.

He’s going with his best lineup to win.

i missed it, sadly. what did he say?

going with the best lineup to win (citing is stats & and stuff)

good start Ryan….sigh

Nothing else is working you may as well try Raburn…..nothing else is working, what the heck!

Let’s look at it this way. Here is a lineup against a LHP in a game we won 8-4 on Aug 14th . We scored 2 in the first and 2 in the second. It sounds like a good lineup to me. Oh we find ourselves in a 4-4 battle and then Dirks hits the homer off the lefty!!!!

Jackson CF
Infante 2B
Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B
Peralta SS
Young DH
Baker RF
Dirks LF
Laird C

Of course, this lineup is out No Baker!!!! But the problem for most of the season is Avila, Laird, Raburn, Santiago, Baker have hit under .200 against left handed pitching.

Saturday against LA and CJ Wilson. RHB added.

Raburn 0-3
Garcia 0-3
Laird 0-3
Worth 1-3 We lose 6-1. Did not work the first time. Tonight 2nd try. What will happen???

Sunday @ LA

Boesch rbi double Dirks homer

Monday @ Chi

Boesch and Dirks not in the lineup. Oh well. Play ball. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go. But, you know, I just don’t have the same feeling as I did in 1961, 1968, 1984, 1987, 2006, and 2011. Just numb this year.

I don’t understand why AJ didn’t go to 2nd base.


Well Rick is sunk…no pun intended if he doesn’t get the low strike. And he’s really sunk if the idiot second base umpire can’t tell when somebody is out at second base by a mile.

Do you really think Leyand is a good manager? Raburn batting 2nd? What was that Jackson? You don’t let Prince bat? This is a playyoff game! El Tigre, you and statman Dave B are refreshing. I love the olde english d but Leyland is tarnishing it!


It was strike three

C, mon Ricky, all you have to do is hold the Sox to 1 run. I am sure we will score 2! Raburn just posted the pictures on you tube. Sorry, I like Ryan, just not in the big show!

The rookie can run

I like Jhonny but he did not hustle out of the box. Who is coaching him!

He though it was out of the park

I’d say Leyland tarnishing the Old English D is going overboard a bit! The manager is not the only responsible party here and Ryan Raburn is not a villain either. Do you really think its a lack of effort, talent maybe. But I’ve personally seen Raburn get many walk off hits and homers.

Dave (DB), you had better not talk to my wife!!

Why is Dirks not playing GK. Would you really start Raburn in a WS game? Whatt is he batting? .168? Don’t blame it always on the umpires! I really like Garcia!

Dave, can you tell I am getting frustrated? No harm intended at anyone. Miggy bounces into a DP. Sorry, I am just not a leyand or Raburn fan. I am sure they are good people. I have been a die hard Tiger fan since I could throw a baseball (1963)

No problems my end other than my wife would give you an earful what she thinks about me, the Tigs and baseball!!🙂

I don’t always blame it on umpires, but he was out at second and if the low strike isn’t being called for a sinker ball pitcher it can be hard on them, that’s just a fact.
No I wouldn’t start Raburn in the world series, not how he has been this year. All I’m saying is that he’s not a villain and he’s not the reason tigers are struggling…… Heck Cabrera has been either striking out or hitting into. A double play with regularity that last several games. But to vilify one player for the lack of hitting is insane.

By the way Dirks like all of them isn’t exactly hitting the cover off the ball lately. Batting .100 this month this 2 rbi’s. If he was hitting the ball well I might agree with you but he’s scuffling too!

Then why is Raburn starting this game? I never said he was a villian. I like to be positive and my last words tonight are…..Ricky, you just stuck out Poukilis (spelling?)

And I would say why not?……except he just dropped a pop up!

Damn Ryan I was sticking up for you!

Jackson had it.

Dan & Jim said Ventura make White Sox take infield practice every day home and away.

Youkilis is hitting? 100 for the year against the Tigers

Looks like neither club deserves to be in the postseason.
You let me down, Raburn. I won’t defend you again. Garcia should take his place.

Timely hits….not in the tigers vocabulary.

This umpire crew belongs in the senior league with the Yankees.

And Dirks should enter the game like last inning.

Same ol’ same ol’.
I feel sorry for Porcello. He is the kind of pitcher who will never throw a no-hitter. He will pitch his ass off but then will have an inning where 2 or 3 ground balls go through the guys who stand at short and 3rd. Bingo, next thing you know a good performance has been compromised and unsupported by his offense. Looks like it might happen again tonight.
The kid deserves better and is getting better all the time.

Raburn does not belong on a championship caliber team. Yes he can win you a game every now and then. Yes he can yard one every now and then. But I have never seen a ball player make so many different kinds of mistakes, and then repeat them!. Base running, fielding ground balls or fly balls, everything is an adventure.

I apoligize for saying that leyland has tarnished the olde english d. So maybe I have a few more words to say. Raburn drops a flyball and then stikes out. Where is Dirks? Oh yeah, there is a lefty pitching. Would not want to mess with the brilliance of the manager going lefty right all the time. Well then let’s get some timely hits Raburn!

All teams have problems with unknown pitcher. But this is too much

Middle of the 6th. What is the MATTER with these guys? Will they ever hit again? I’d be happy with the anemic offense they displayed most of the year at this point.

I think they just gave the Sox what they needed in the 6th. Quick and easy outs. Cabby looks like he is just petered out. Young seems to just enjoy swinging whether he makes contact or not.
I get really ticked at these guys for the way they treat their starters.

Again Andy isn’t hitting well at all lately. Do I like Andy better heck ya. Do I think he is better, ya. Do I think and this whole farse of a team isn’t hitting at all….yes. Do I blame Leyland for trying something, not at all.
What’s up with Miggy? He looks aweful at the plate. Nice error by Infante, well see if he can pitch around this.

And error and bad position for the SS

Pull him. He is out of the game

The error was a killer.

Awesome! Good.job by Infante and another ball just out of the reach of peralta (what isn’t). And two hung pitches by porcello for two homers. I won’t even go. How Quintana had ben pitching like crap and these idiot can’t score runs. They just got nothing…especially if cabrera and feilder continue to slump.

By the way fielder only has 2 rbi’s this month…..not good enough.

sure, but he had 0, risp v angels…

3rd error falling apart at the seams…


i lost a friend (biggest tigers fan, fought in WW2) the day after the last day of the regular season 2 years ago. just realized it might be much harder this year than last.

Well if anything the Tigers have become absolutely predictable that they’ll make the worste, the most scuffling pitchers look great!

This is a Dave Dombrowski built team. Immobile, slow, poor glovework. Built on power and past history and around his manager’s philosophy. I think many of us knew quite early on this year that this team had the potential of being very disappointing.
My feeling, before they got Prince, was to get a lead-off hitting shortstop who can play D, shift Peratla to 3rd and get a 2nd baseman.
In hindsight, nothing would have helped. This is a Leyland managed team and thus there will be complacency in the play and status quo in the strategy.
The team is predictable. It’s a sad state of affairs.
It will be very hard to get excited about another Tiger season with this guy running the show again. He has allowed this team to become inferior and now they look like they have no heart and have pretty much quit.
There are a number of people here who won’t agree and will say JL doesn’t hit or throw or run or field and that it is squarely the players responsibility. What is the alternative? Keep Leyland and get rid of 75% of the team?
Leyland is yesterday’s manager. Look at his face in the dugout day after day. He wears the face of desperation and has imparted an atmosphere of something other than a winner in that clubhouse. He Goan!

They all share blame from the top down… Everyone including the manager, the general manager the coaches and most importantly the players who hit ( I mean don’t hit) the pitchers or the fielders. But your right they can’t get rid of everybody.

That’s a good comment, Dan. I remember you calling for those changes last winter. To realize now that it wouldn’t have helped says it all.

A complete game for a overworked former reliever

Rod just said something funny! He sad what note interesting is that Quintana came into this game struggling mightily? Ya Rod what the heck would make that different than any other game the Tigers hit in they struggle against every crappy struggling pitcher out there?? Funny stuff Rod funny!

Way to come through with the big hit there Fielder. You made your 140,000 dollars for today! No big deal, you’ve only gotten two rbi’s in September, thats what your paid for….but I’m sure that’s Leylands fault too!

Sorry I’m frustrated, which I swore I wasn’t going to allow these overpaid underperforming losers do to me!

Done I’m going to bed! It’s a waste of time and sleep!

We lose, what a shocker….at least Porcello got a run in support today, what is it now 1 in last 5 gms?

Dirks now? What for?

He hit Dirks for Garcia? Why? To save the kid the trauma of having to hit against a righthander? Garcia hit .306 against righties this season. JL makes my head spin.

Maybe Dirks will hit a 5 run homer to tie the game. JL doesn’t need to know how Avisail can do against RHP anyway, since he has his mind made up he’s going to use him only against LHP.
Putting Coke in to face one batter behind hopelessly by 3 runs?
These are all signs of overmanaging, perhaps that is too kind, I should say mismanaging.
Wonder how many guys on this team have gained weight over the course of the season?

I’m also pretty tired of the lack of game face on these guys, particularly Miggy & Biggy smiling and kibbitzing with the opposition. Wonder who is providing the catering after tonights game?

Yes, I wanna see someone break a bat or hit something…

Okay then! This comment is for the optimists.
In Apollo 13, as the spacecraft’s systems were literally crumbling, Ed Harris says “let’s look at it from the standpoint of status. What have we got on the ship that’s good?”
For the Tigers, it’s the fact that we weren’t going to just keep beating the White Sox forever. We’d already taken 7 straight and that was bound to end. There’s also the travel factor. Flying west to east is more fatiguing than the other way around. They looked and played like they had jet lag. Our three best pitchers go the next three days and we’re bound to start scoring some runs soon.
Now, I can hear you all saying “Come on, Rich, you don’t believe that.” No, I don’t. But this one is for the optimists.

Come on, Rich, you don’t believe that.

I think the team misses the veteran leadership. Last year we had Victor, Maggs, Guillen and yes, Inge. That’s lot of clubhouse leadership gone. A whole lot. That’s what made the team go. It sure wasn’t the manager.

And we are now at a .500 record since April 19. How about that for an accomplishment?

1. Good job Al!
2. Good job Al!
3. Good job Al!
Richard, the white flag is up!

A winning team is a lot like a giant puzzle. It takes all the pieces to make the puzzle look right. Our team is missing a bunch of pieces.

Request to Tiger players: Do you guys know what it is like listening to Hawk Harrelson? Would you please not put your dedicated fans through that?

At the beginning of the game I was gonna post “Who doesn’t want to win the division more?” Looks like I got my answer. Although as of late neither team seems to want it much. Dan, I agree completely with your description of a Dombrowski built team. Watching it is often like watching paint dry only without the excitement.

I am amazed it took Greg this long to finally break along with the rest of us. His posts have gone well beyond the call of duty.
The not so funny thing is this years Tigs on paper looked an upgrade in speed. The old man had time for a cig out the back with Victor and Miggs rounding the bases, let alone Maggs coming after them.
Porcello must be getting ready for a post career in diplomacy. Courtesy of George Sipple’s Freep article, last night’s run was the first Tigs run scored whilst pitching in his last 5 starts.

Tigers against Peavy
Miguel : 12 for 42 2 HR 14 SO. Time to sit him. He is hurt. And JL will break him like he did with Avila
Fielder. 10 for 30
Peralta: 7 for 29. Goodbye, Jhonny. I was your fan all along. But your time is long gone.Covering 2b with a RHB?
Jackson: 6 for 23. He deserves votes for MVP. But next time call off Raburn
Avila: 4 for 19
Boesch : 4 for 18
Dirks: 3 for 12
DY: 3 for 10
Laird, Infante and Berry :0 for 7 combined
Infante? I knew it was a bad idea. He cant handle the pressure in Detroit. He was an All Star playing for a great manager like Cox.And playing for Guillen.

The team:278/.333/.516/.849 18 runs/ 8HR 9BB/28 SO 1 at Cell-2 at CoPa for the year with 5.29 ERA.
It is not over. Both team are so bad that they will crawl into the final game

6 runs

One week ago was common sense to sit and rest Miguel. I would DH the rest of the series and bench him until Detroit upon leaving Chicago.He has taken far more than his fair share.

maybe JL should have not rushed him back to 3rd. like i said repeatedly at the time.

I talked about the trade before as the most likely to happen.I still think Sanchez is a good pitcher and Infante a good 2B . But the latter does not work well with JL

Paul and henning:” raburn, though, had called for it. Jackson had properly backed away”. Wrong, the CF is the captain of the OF. If he calls it , the other playerought to backoff.And it was within his reach
raburn:”I just never got all the way under it.” why did he call it then?
“Did the Tigers ruin a good thing in Quintin Berry ?”No, he was falling down well before Dirks came back.73 SO

Thank goodness I missed the game last night, our entire offense is stuck in a rut the last few weeks, minus a few blips here and there. Even our great players this year – Jackson, Miggy, Biggy, Dirks are not producing like they have been. This is the week guys – did I expect a sweep in Chicago? No. I was hoping for winning 3 which is pretty tough right now, so how I will hope for a split but we will see.

I do agree on one thing – I would prefer to see the look of being ticked off on these guys faces – show some intensity – get Berry out there clapping his hands for a base hit, he at least shows he is excited when good things happen, but they need to show the fans some disappointment and fire in them to get things moving again.

Not too high, not too low. The one area where Leyland had success.

I didn’t like that trade and so at the time. Several times. As Casey said, “you can look it up.” Omar has become the same uptight and worried guy we saw during his first tenure with JL. Sanchez has pitched some good games, but will be gone after this year for no return. Meanwhile, Turner is in the Marlins rotation and shut down a very good hitting Nationals team last Friday. Brantley is getting PT and doing well. We could have gotten so much more for those two. It’s one of the reasons I hate the trade deadline and everything leading up to it. GMs get pressured into making desperate deals.
The manager? Let’s paraphrase the former Bears coach on that one. “He is who we thought he was.”
Even winning the division from an average Chicago team doesn’t change any of what’s happened this season.

No it doesn’t they have been a disappointment almost from the begining. That first series of the year, that is more of the team I thought we were going to get. And other than a month period right around July, the can barely hit. Is a struggle to hit and score any runs. That isn’t what anybody thought we would get as consistently as we are. Its aweful and I’m done. Ill watch I will cheer, but I don’t care anymore. I’ve raised the white flag, put a fork in me.

Tonight we need a stopper. The man up is Mr. Fister. He can do it. Go Tigers!!

We’ve had a number of stopper-worthy performances and have gone 1-6.

I keep hearing the name Terry Francona. I like Tito as much as the next guy but is he an answer? I doubt it. He just has name recognition. I think I’d rather give Omar Visquel a try. He’d be more tuned into the game as it’s played today. Plus that little sucker would look cool in the Detroit dugout.

Hey Rich, not a bad idea with Omar Vizquel. Maybe he could play short as well!

Someone new for sure. I like Brookens as I expect the players do too. But a brand new head honcho is what is needed.Vizquel wants to manage. He is smart, he knows the game he doesn’t smoke, (probably doesn’t even swear!) and doesn’t chew with his mouth open during interviews.

[chuckles] if i didn’t know better i would think you were married to JL. he bothers you that much.

I hear all the frustration once again but if you are a baseball fan and a Tigers fan, how can you give up? Did you play baseball? I will cheer for the Tigers to take the next 3 from the sox! Remember, you could live in Houston or the north side of Chicago. Does your boss let you take 2 hour lunches? Does your boss let you joke and laugh during a serious business meeting? I just don’t like Leyland is a good manager. He has all the tools, he just does not know how to use them. Go Tigers! –Dave

“He has all the tools, he just does not know how to use them.”
See Smith, EJ, Captain, RMS Titanic

Evan, You the guy who loves him. He does bother me—a lot. He is over-rated, and he has stalled Tiger Fans and their deservance (sic) of a quality team that produces for them as much as they provide in turnstile traffic. No one could ever convince me that this is a good manager. He’s actually the opposite. He turns good teams into bad. Ornery and bad tempered, yesterday’s man.
He berates fans, and media alike. He repeats the same old tired and worn out cliches explanation after explanation. He is still waiting for his team to crystallize into the gem he dreamt it was. It’s beyond waiting now. Wake up and smell the roses. And then–please remember to water them and cultivate them, and you have to get rid of the weeds too.
Great fans and great franchise and wonderful history. All involved deserve better. Leyland has not provided that.

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