Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Angels

Pretty standard lineup today against Greinke, Miguel Cabrera went 2-for-4 with a double and a home run off Greinke last month in Detroit.

Equally standard lineup for Angels with one exception: Alberto Callaspo gets the start at third base in place of injured Maicer Izturis.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Mike Trout, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Albert Pujols, DH
  4. Kendrys Morales, 1B
  5. Howard Kendrick, 2B
  6. Erick Aybar, SS
  7. Mark Trumbo, LF
  8. Alberto Callaspo, 3B
  9. Chris Iannetta, C

P: Zack Greinke


Sanchez ERA with Detroit : 4.50 , Greinke ERA with Halos 4.36. Record: 2-4/4-2

This is our lineup against righties. It’s being used for the second time in the last week. Will we click?? We will find out soon. Play ball. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

over under 8 hits? I’ll take over. what say you?

Where’s Leyland’s usual crappy Sunday lineup?

Oh Wait – I know! Jim’s about to lose his job and must play his best players on Sunday now.

Running scared Mr. Leyland?

Win this one and take 3 of 4 against Sox and things could look much brighter. Who’s afraid of Zack Greinke? Sanchez has pitched well of late with no support. Must change today that today.

Much change that today sounds better.

It better sound does.

First Angel batter. Mike Trout. Homerun. Makes me wonder why they even bother to play these games. Same misery. Day after day. No mystery. Little expectations. Tigers first runner. A walk. Next batter. The same old DP. I have to wonder if a new manager RIGHT NOW would make any difference. Why not try it???

Sanchez is wild today. At least he is only one down.

There goes the season

And now 3-0. Sheesh. They are going to have to beat somebody besides the White Sox. No guarantees there either.

Guess I’ll find something else to do. Anybody for pulling weeds?

thank god for the lions

One set of motor city kitties is roaring…….tigers well they are a disappointment.

From the Cub broadcast, Alexi Ramirez scratchced from the lineup because he was late to the ballpark. Dunn still has trouble with the oblique. Youk on paternity leave.

Ramirez entered in the 7th. 0-0 . Bot 9th.

Just in time to be out at third on a Francoeur ´s throw.It is not only Jhonny

Kelvin Herrera with 100 MPH forced a DP . Xtrainning.

Better not run with Jackson again.

If he keeps it. 19th QS

Chi Sox bullpen failing again. 2-0

Another good game by Sánchez , nothing to show.

5-10 CWS against KC for the season

Just got home from work and thought the game started at 6:00pm. I didn’t even set it to record. One run game. What else is new.

Didn’t miss much. Same thing different day.

only to watch Berry stranded again.

Giving away outs on the road is not strategy

Groundhogs day…….whatever! Like I said I m divorcing them emotionally. To get upset at this point of the season is ridiculous, at this point I shouldn’t expect anything but mediocrity at the plate. They look foolish.

As we say here, the last to leave please turn off the light. I guess it is me.
Still 2 back.ChiSox dont want it either. We are in better position than in 1987 with 7 to go.

Too many mental mistakes according to Jim & Dan.

The 6th inning with Jackson’s steal attempt on a 3-0 count with Cabrera on deck was brutal. Either Leyland is nuts not to give the no-go sign or Jackson doesn’t understand the situation. Either way, that’s on the manager.
In the 7th, Berry pinch runs but doesn’t attempt to steal.
Same with Garcia in the 9th, until two were out.
I’ve accepted that we won’t score many runs so we have to be smart. We are not. That’s also on the manager of the team. Four 3-2 losses in one week. How does that even happen? These are the kind of games we’re in. We have to do more than waiting for doubles and homers.
All that aside, the Sox might give us the division by default. I can’t believe we trail that team by 2 games.

Ah, baseball the great American game. Nothing like it. Absolutely nothing. But we do have things far more important than it. As Patriots Day is right around the corner let’s honor those men and women who have, who are, or who will protect our freedom. God bless you. The baseball gods must spend hours working up these scenarios that we witness. They must have great, great laughs. Remember about ten days ago when we trailed those Hawk Sox by three games and low and behold they were next on our schedule??. We sweep them!!! Tie them for the division lead. So what do we do next??. Well we go 1-5. Lose FOUR games by the score 3-2. We look at the standings and we only trail the Sox by two games!!! Next we look at the schedule and we see we get to go to Chicago for our next four games. Tomorrow we will begin a series in which we will be playing for the division lead. We are still in the division race. Nothing better. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

slip, sliding away; slip sliding away! 2 runs a game and 4-6 hits cant back up better than average pitching. These guys are 5th in wild card standings and falling fast.
Strong West, strong East and sloppy Central leaves only shot at playoffs by winning Central, long shot at this point. Maybe 2013??

Welcome to the division no team wants to claim. By all rights, it belongs to KC; they know how to beat the big boys. These last three games have been an unmerciful attempt to entertain and rally Tiger fans. Wouldn’t you know, the Ace gives up six, and the five gives up three in the first two, and then pitches more than well enough to win again. Rich is entirely correct; Jackson as a base runner is a liability, because he runs at the wrong time, and gets out anyway. If you are going to use Berry, what he does best is steal. What’s the problem? If he’s on third, he could have scored on the Jackson fly. Today’s game is best summed up this way. No offense, but very offensive to Tiger fans. I was able to gleen three positives from the sweep game though:
1. Sanchez and Villareal give us a chance to tie, by shutting down the Halos from 3-8 Sanchez has acquitted himself well, lately.
2. Dirks homer came after he fought back from an 0-2 count from Zack.
3. Miggy’s best AB in a few games was the walk in the top of the ninth. He saw 11 pitches and was down 0-2. This was where Berry should have taken off. At least it would have been trying to tie the game, even if he was thrown out.

Sox for four at their place. We split and survive another four days; We take three and gain a game; in this weird season, not out of the realm of possible. Neither is a 3-4 or sweep from the Chi guys. Good night all.

Greg, I’ve read on several blogs and newspapers that Miggy didn’t like Berry in front of him trying to steal every at bat. It distracted him, supposedly. I mentioned several weeks ago when everyone noticed Berry wasn’t stealing as much. Now, is .it a fact? Don’t know. Just gossip.

Just to get the facts straight:
Garcia pinch ran in the 9th for Cabrera after his 11-pitch walk, so Fielder, Young and Boesch were up while he was on base. He finally ran with Boesch, but the pitch was fouled off.
Berry pinch ran in the 8th with none out and Infante up. I wanted Berry to steal THEN have Omar bunt him to third. We did a straight sacrifice of Berry to second, a waste of Berry’s skills.
Jackson was on 1st in the 6th and the pitcher had gone 3-0 on Dirks with Cabrera on deck. Probably our best chance to win, but Jackson chose that moment to attempt a steal and was gunned down with Dirks swinging at a possible ball four, to protect the runner, I guess.
None of this was mentioned in the postgame televised show, and Leyland only said we needed a big hit. These three plays are key in a 3-2 ballgame.

Forgot to mention, assuming Victor is back next year, our first five bat .300(Jackson, Dirks, Cabrera, Fielder, Martinez). Not bad, eh?

How many games left on the schedule?? Let’s see what we have on Oct 3rd.

Should have won Friday, can’t count on JV every start like before, and Sanchez actually pitched pretty well today. Offense needs to show up and I mean big time. Make a statement kind of game. How can everybody after Cabby and Fielder have bad years? Doesn’t seem possible but has already happened hasn’t it? I’m already starting to wonder what changes will be made next year. No telling what Victor will be like when he comes back another year older and being out of the game a year. I know people say it isn’t his fault but I’d like to see someone else given a shot at the batting coach job. Aside from AJ not alot of improvement this year. If Boesch is here next year somebody has to coach him to be more selective at the plate. When you’re behind all the time it’s tough to be aggressive.

I believe next year has AJ, Dirks, Berry, Garcia and X in the OF, Miggy (3B), Omar (2B), Fielder (1B), Avila (C), Victor (DH) and a new SS. Delmon, Boesch, Rayburn, Peralta are trade chips and are all expendable. Laird and Holiday are average backup catchers, we could use an upgrade here. JV cant have as bad a year as 2012, Max, Fister, Sanchez and Porcellocould win 80 games. Coke has to go and they should look to trade Valverde and pick up a new closer. They need more speed and gap hitters, need to score early in the lineup and often! What a frustrating season, not many positives except the top of the order and a few solid starts that simply were not supported by enough runs.

They’re not going to re-sign Sanchez for next year. He is a rental.

Let’s look at the first game’s pitching matchup. Porcello vs. Quintana. Rick has done a great job against the Sox this year. Do it just one more time Rick!! Quintana?? We have not faced him. He is a Double A call up and replaced John Danks early in the season. Since the All-Star break he has had a rough time. Let’s continue that trend. LHB hit him @ .259 while RHB hit him @ .271. The Twins faced him more than once and I see Span 4-7, Morneau 4-7, and Mauer 2-7. Some lefties sure hit him. Today Dirks a homer and Boesch a double. Both have hit homers off White Sox lefties this year. Does that get either of them in the starting lineup?? We have fought hard against lefties for the past three months. We now hold the upper hand for the season. This must continue. Just putting some data out there. El Tigre you have any other information on him?? MN knocked him out his last start in the second by scoring seven runs.

He was the starter of the 18-9 game 1.1 5 hits.2 walks and 7 runs. He cant rebound against the Tigers. He has thrown 163 innings for the season. His career high was 102.
RHB: 7 HR 23 BB 41 SO
LHB:5 HR. 7BB 24 SO
They are Mauer and Morneu not BB .
Gameday for that game : he used his fastball ( 94 max) once and again. He worked 1,2,3 the first. He got out Mauer with a slider, but that was all.

I think we’ve learned by now that we can’t take an opposing pitcher’s performance against other teams and project our guys to do the same.
Realistically, there’s no way to predict this series. It could be a sweep either way, 3-1 either way, or a split, which is most likely. We have two teams in a life and death struggle for the division although neither team is actually good enough to win a division.
We’re two back and the race continues, so I’ll be watchin’ and rootin’. That doesn’t change the fact that this is the most frustrating team to don the Olde English D that I’ve ever seen, and it has not been enjoyable watching them play.

Just got back in town and read all the posts. Look at the bright side, Leyland will have a different line up on Monday. How about Dirks 3rd, Cabrera 4th, and Fielder 5th? What have you got to lose? I wonder what the talk shows in Detroit will be saying tomorrow?

From my earlier ranting, I had Berry and garcia mixed up. My humble apologies.

It’s all over now but the cryin’. Our hitters aren’t likely to get much better by year end and year end is nigh.
We have (and so has JL and DD) long and much too patiently for things to change.
Our pitching can be great but it is compromised by all the off years from people we were secretly hoping would have even better years.
There is still a chance we cold limp in but realistically, how does a team like this compete with the Rangers, the Angels or the the O’s? Not to mention several others.
I didn’t see the game today but I shake my head upon hearing AJ running on a 3-0 pitch. Mind boggling.
Someone here mentioned something I was going to bring up—VMart. It is stupid to think that he can come back and lead this team to the promised land. He is older, slower and can’t possibly be the hitter he was after a year off.
He is not what we need. At least the part about improving the defense and team speed. And that is an important part of what needs to be improved —hopefully in conjunction with the hitting that has plagued us all season.
I can’t even begin thinking about next year. Too much of an acceptance of failure.
The team needs an overhaul. DD thought they might power their way through and it didn’t work. We need Garcia to “make it”, we need a SS/2B combo that provides defense, stability, speed and some OBP. We need some very close monitoring of Avila next year. If he suggests that he will be weak at the plate like this year then an alternative must by found.
I forgot, that is NEXT YEAR

Well, don’t have time to read the posts and decided against watching most of yesterday’s game – I can’t stand our lack of hitting plus I had a million other things. We put ourselves again in a spot where we now have to do a sweep at an opposing ballpark to get back into this. This week will likely decide if we have to get worked up over the remainder of the season to see if they can stay in it, or let us just ride out the season. Not sure what our issues are at the plate, geez.

on the bright side – Lions made things fun for the D yesterday!

17-24, 1 run games. Tha is not bad luck. It is bad managing.You never bunt on the road to tie. Neither to move the runner to second nor to third.It is another game left on the table.
The consensus outside of Detroit before the season was that Vmart will be traded at his lowest value next year.
The Tigers already have 4 players hitting 300.ChiSox had 1 yesterday in the lineup.
Henning wants the Tigers too trade their best catcher in the system to get Andrus.The Rangers wont do the trade he is dreaming with.The A´s wont excesise their option so Drew would be the targetfor the Tigers. Adam Everett redux.
But until, thursday I wont begin following my alternate team . Last night I already watched playing my alternate vs my exalternate team but I still think thre Tigers will make the playoff

excercise their option for 10 mm option

BB or Avisail? “It just depends how I feel about Boesch,” Leyland said. “He’s hit the White Sox pretty good. Just depends on how I feel about him.”
So no stats or numbers but feeling

El Tigre, we are playing in homer friendly US Cellular and Boesch has four homers against the Sox this year. Will he run into one more?? Quintana and Garcia?? Any chance they have met in the minors or winter ball?? At AA the Sox play in the Southern. We are in the Eastern.

Not in winter ball, Garcia only had 8 AB in the Venezuelan Professional League ( LVPV). He has played in the Venezuelan Summer league wich is part of the MLB affiliates and not of Venezuelan organized baseball. Quintana is from Colombia and he played in the Venezuelan Summer League before being suspended by MLB . He was signed by the Yankees and went to the Dominican League.
In the minors ,I guess so.
Boesch has 2 HR against LHP. Both against Sale.
I rather have him then Raburn. But …

Nick Cafardo:”Who doesn’t love Mike Trout? But still leaning toward Miguel Cabrera as AL MVP.”

Al Avila said they have a SS in the organization that can play at MLB next year. Suarez is ready?

The Tigers can tie the race by taking 3 of 4. The Sox will travel to Minn, KC, and LAA (probably catching the Angels in a cool down period), and they have a 4-game series with Tampa Bay left. The possibility of a one-game tiebreaker looms. That would take place on Oct 4 in Detroit.

Here’s Leyland’s explanation on bunting Berry to second rather than having him steal:
“I felt good about it,” Leyland said. “If you get a base hit by either (Austin) Jackson or (Andy) Dirks, it’ll tie it up.

“Then you’ve got the big boy, Miguel Cabrera, hitting with a chance to win it. I felt real good about it.”

In the event Infante popped the bunt up and wasn’t able to advance Berry, Leyland said he would’ve considered giving Berry the green light to swipe second base.

“If Omar doesn’t get the bunt down and pops it up, then Berry can steal the base with one out and you’re still basically in the same situation,” he said.

All well and good IF your club is doing any kind of hitting at all. They are not hitting at all and these are the situations where you try to get a run without a hit. But, Jim likes the guys who drive ’em in. And if he was sure Berry could steal second with one out, he could have done it with none out. The key phrase above was “if you get a base hit.”
I appreciate that he will explain his moves if asked, but these aren’t good decisions.

Did he explain why after the count was 2-1, he didn’t put on the hit and run??? That was a war between the managers those last few innings. It started the night before when Scioscia ran with a five run lead. We actually won that battle. G Money gunned him down then scowled at the LA bench.

if those idiots want to run into outs up 5 runs – go ahead.

Twenty-three games to go. Seven on the road. Then ten at home. Go back on the road for the final six. Can the Tigers win this division??. Absolutely!! We trail the Sox by 2 games but hold a decided advantage in one very important area. We have a 30-22 record against the AL Central while the White Sox are 28-28. Remember beat the teams in the division win the division. Another thing in the numbers that favor us is the fact that we have FOUR more games within the division to play. Why?? Well the White Sox still get to make a trip to the Left Coast to face yes the LA Angels. Could the LA Angels be our new friends?? Meanwhile we play Oakland for three games at home and the White Sox has Tampa Bay at home for four games. Both those teams are dangerous opponents but the Sox have to play the extra game. Our biggest disadvantage is still the fact we finish on the road against each of our four divisional opponents. Who made up this schedule anyway?? This is MLB nothing is easy. No team on a roll. It looks like a battle to the end. Let’s see what happens next. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

I absolutely think we can win the division. Now ask me again on Friday morning. 🙂

I don’t know they can do that when they are averaging 5 hits a game. No hits from the 3/4 guys the last 2 games.

You are so right!! We need hits first. Then we can hope they lead to runs and wins. How often do you see a walk like the one Miguel had in the ninth?? Fielder, Boesch, and Peralta all battled hard. That should turn it around in Chicago. Let’s go Tigers!!!

OOPs Delmon Young should have been in that post, too. He battled him.

BTW, I could care less about JL “feeling good” about his in-game decisions. That means nothing. Leyland has to instill a sense of an unbeatable resolve in this team. He has to have his team win. That is his job.
In the end, a manager is judged on whether his teams win or lose.

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

“Did you know Rick Porcello leads all ML pitchers this season with three wins over the White Sox, while he is second with a 1.23 ERA?”

Porcello, Fister, Scherzer and Verlander and we lose all four, 3-2. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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