Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Angels

The only left-handed bat in the Tigers lineup against lefty C.J. Wilson is Prince Fielder, and he’s 3-for-5 against Wilson. Ryan Raburn, 5-for-10 off Wilson, starts in left field. Brennan Boesch, 3-for-6 with two doubles against Wilson, sits in favor of Avisail Garcia. Jhonny Peralta, 2-for-21 off Wilson if you include the postseason, gets the night off. Danny Worth gets his first Tigers start since August 5.

1. Austin Jackson, cf
2. Omar Infante, 2b
3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
4. Prince Fielder, 1b
5. Delmon Young, dh
6. Ryan Raburn, lf
7. Avisail Garcia, rf
8. Gerald Laird, c
9. Danny Worth, ss
P: Justin Verlander

1. Mike Trout, cf
2. Torii Hunter, rf
3. Albert Pujols, dh
4. Kendrys Morales, 1b
5. Howard Kendrick, 2b
6. Erick Aybar, ss
7. Vernon Wells, lf
8. Maicer Izturis, 3b
9. Chris Iannetta, c
P: C.J. Wilson


Smelling more than the hint of desperation.
Heck it might just work.
JV probably thinks he has a better chance of getting his hit than the 6-9.

An old adage goes, “It’s not so much who you play but rather when you play them.”
Well, right now the Angels are red hot having won nine of their last ten. We are scuffling again. Tough loss to start the road trip. P Justin Verlander for Detroit tonight. CJ Wilson LHP for the Angels. His splits this year LHB .239 RHB .241. So do you load your lineup with RHB?? Not really but this does give them some ABs as the White Sox are next up and they might throw three lefty starters at us!!. Remember RR does his best in Chicago. Danny Worth is a California kid and this may be his first MLB start in front of a LA crowd. Big night for him. C’mon Dan rip a double, drive in a run or draw two walks. Just help us win!! Go Tigers!!!!

i sure hope raburn has a solid stretch of games. good for the team, good for skipper, good for tiger fans. good for me…tired of reading posts of fans railing against raburn.

and if rayburn does not hit, Leyland should be fired

How about this option?? Bryan Holaday catches against a LHP. He has hit lefties over.300 with some pop at Toledo and 2-4 with us in June. Against righties he barely hits .200. What we have done this year is split the ABs between Laird (.167) and Avila (.171). All three guys have over 70 ABs against lefties, which is a large enough sample. Is it worth a try???

Nice hit Omar …….bad base running pay attention Omar!

How nice of Justin to lay one right down the middle for Trout.

Crap Justin… could already be too many. Certainly not fooling anyone. Feeling a lot like KC start right now.

Leyland could manage a little and go there to calm him down

Well I’m not giving up yet even though I probably should, but I don’t think I’ll be having to stay up real late tonight. Verlander is horrible tonight.

Put a lid on it. It’s over.


Your not telling me to put a lid on it are you?

Just a general feeling among some of us, but not all.

“Mental mistakes” are being discussed by Jim & Dan.

Like what?

missed double plays, not holding runners on base, bad base running. Not doing the little things that are inexcuseable.

10 or so runs will be scored tonight. Just hope it isn’t 0-10.
Tigs usually hit well when the game is freed up.

Then again we keep finding ways to give two out plays.

I wonder what Prince is laughing about. Geez, Alex has been hit on his mask zillions of tmes. Aw, look! We get to see Carlos giving Weaver the you know what in that memorable game.

Uh, oh. Dan & Jim talking about how the Angels seemed to know just what pitches they knew were coming.

Again the excuse of the signal stealing? If they know, it is JV fault. He could be giving a hint about his pitches. Morris has that problem once.

They could have cameras out there.

Everybody in the world knows what JV is going to throw in the first inning. Hittable 90-mph fastballs. He needs to change his MO. I don’t think he’s tipping.

They said the same in Cincinatti? When the runner was on second, the hitter knew the next pitch but only happened to him.If is true , usually is the pitcher doing wrong. Last week Cabrera advised Fielder , the ChiSox pitcher had a different mechanic for the slider, both were expecting it. Both made him pay.

Garcia is very exciting to watch.

Your right though, they are hitting him like they know what’s coming. Guessing right an aweful lot though. He just isn’t the same guy. Frankly we all know these pathetic hitters can’t score 6.

Add the aid of the Ump for the Halos

Someone cares about the team

Well not that we stood much of a chance with JV throwing lollipops up there again, now Miguel is tossed. Freaking awesome it just couldn’t get much worse.

That could ignite the team.

Well this ump isn’t too obvious. The pitch he called a strike on Miguel then the two he just called a balls that Justin threw? That’s why umpires suck and they make it about them.

Strange things happen whenever we play here and whenever we play in Boston.

The umpires in Washington this afternoon were horrible. It’s going on everywhere. I don’t think people are capable of calling balls/strikes and I wish it would be done with technology.

Ump just cost JV another one in the AB to pujols two pitches in the at bat were strikes and called balls. Umpires like that should not have jobs. He is giving Wilson pitches outside of the zone and doing everything in his power to give angels more and more chances. Tigers suck tonight but umpire is helping them and it’s obvious!

Everybody enjoying seeing your favorite agent Scott Boras behind home tonight? The guy in the light blue shirt right behind the umpire.

Who checks the bank accounts on these umps anyways?

Ya right! I throw fuel on the fire Timmons is from Columbus Ohio! Who hates Michigan our rea more than a buckeye? Haha (??)

No, Gk, my remark about the lid was not directed at you. I was referring to the game. You happened to have a comment just before I made mine. JV has been mostly awful lately and the hitters don’t seem capable of making up 6 runs. This situation has gone from bad to worse to even worser. Someone mentioned lack of fundamentals. Or maybe it is motivation. That’s all on JL. No matter what it really is, it reflects on the manager. DD has his work cut out for hi after the season. A new manager and coaches and several players need to be gone. It just appears that too many players are fed up with JL and have no desire to play well for him. “nuff said.

I didn’t think so, but I do get irked up sometimes and should put a lid on it.

Several times when I have made similar remarks, the team has come back. But I doubt my black magic will work tomight. I am just as weary as most of you with the seemingly lack of effort by so many players. Maybe we did expect more from them and they just don’t have the talent to do it. 2011 was a fluke. Several players had their career years and we may never see the same performance from some of them again. With the coming change, DD needs to build a team more suitable to Comerica just as Rich has suggested.

Man, these guys don’t honestly deserve the division anyway. Been one of those seasons and leaves one wondering how personnel will be handled next year. Obviously we need better hitting but we also are severely deficient in the field and on the base paths.

Well no the hitters stunk again….not a real shock. But JV buried this team very early in this game and has only himself to blame. I’m sorry he just doesn’t appear to be the bulldog he used to be. Even now he was just on the bench and didn’t apear to be phased by it. We were noticing lately that he used to get that piercing stare and focus in his eyes when runners would get on base like dude your not going to score and more often than not they didn’t. He doesn’t have that look in his eye and teams are scoring.

Twins have the best Central record the past 10 games at 5-5. No Central team has had a winning record for over a week.

Wait until next year when the AL West receives the gift of the Houston Astros, who are terrible. It’s likely that both AL wild cards will come from the West.

Funny I was thinking about the Astros and how we would probably be humiliated by even them now.

4 hits tonight. It looks like this team is crumbling. I don’t know that it is, but it sure looks like it.
There seems to have been an inordinate number of times this season that we’ve caught the wrong team at the wrong time. I expect the Angels to catch everything and they do. They’re on top of their game.
I said many weeks ago that this could just be one of those years and it appears to be the case. We’ll see what happens in Chicago. Our best hope tomorrow is that teams don’t often get swept. No matter what happens the rest of this year, there are many chores to be done this offseason.

It would have been a good time for Victor to return, as we first expected.

Three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. Fielder’s defensive play on Ianetta’s foul popup in the bottom of the second.
2. Infante had four good at bats; no running skill.
3. As bad as he was, Verlander gritted out six innings to at least keep the pen from exploding.
That’s it! Pretty bad. Someone said it best. Verlander has no passion in his eyes, at least not every time out. The Tigers this year have more lightweights in the lineup than those who actually produce. They will win the Central next year, assuming Victor is back. All bets are off for this year.
Good morning.

Yes, V-Mart will help them win the Central next year, but they also need to get rid of some dead weight and replace some guys. DD better do a better job this off-season than he did last year. It sucks that I’m thinking of 2013 already…

Last week, a ball outside was called strike. Miguel step back and said nothing. The next pitch was in the same spot ball. Peavy yealed at the ump and lost the advantage. Miguel made him pay with the next pitch.It was uncommon for him to argue that way. One wrong call after another . And JL ?He rather not antogonize the mnager. I know he was criticized for the opposit actitude but great managesr are expelled on a regular basis : Cox, Gardenhire, Piniella, Maddon. It was Fielder who protected Miguel not JL.At least Miguel still cares about the team
I called for giving Peralta rest and play Worth. Im ok with hi in the lineup. But there is no excuse for having Raburn there.
Next season? If the dont use the option for Peralta , they will sign Drew ,Bora´s client like Baker.He is good with the glove but cant hit.he is a good option.
Andrus? Henning pretend trading the remaining catcher in the system for him and a couple of average pitchers. Andrus is worth Castellanos. Andrus has a 11 career war. he is already over the level Castellanos will ever reach

Well before the trade I mentioned Scutaro as a good option for 2B. Just before the deal, Im said the tigers wil ltrade for Sanchez and Infante. There was rumours about and it was the best option to solve two problems. But I said Scutaro remained the best option. why? Infante was an All Star for Bobby Cox , he remained playing good baseball for Ozzie( for most venezuelans players, that is beside Magglio,he is an respected figure who has a WS ring). But once in Detroit he became th same Infante that was not trusted enough to fill for two innings. When Polanco got injured, IRod played the rest of the game and then they traded for Nefti Perez.He must be trying to show his value and his personality is not helping him either.
We wanted Garcia in the lineup but Detroit fans were over JL for playing here yestarday. Do they really prefer BB or Berry there? or Santiago in SS over Worth?
But for Raburn , the lineup was the right one.

well fellas, yesterdays lunch tasted like the death blow.
I hope todays lunch has run support as a main ingredient, with a side of good starting pitching.

Grienke is the best of the three pitchers they will havethrown at us this weekend I see no reason to believe that we will do any better. This team all the way around is a farse. Done dead and almost buried. Play don’t play, win don’t win. Dont really care a whole lot one way or the other anymore. A lot of disappointment with this team and I am tired of being mad and annoyed. I will watch, but I am not going to lose sleep over it, I am sure they don’t. Divorcing the Tigers right now. Whatever.

It’s all part of the reality show. Millions of fans with millions of opinions, but all lumped together into one voice. Media questioning JL on lineups, Delmon Young, Ryan Raburn, etc., based on fan feedback. Leyland himself absurdly listening to talk radio. The majority of fans, though well intentioned, don’t know much about the workings of big league baseball. It’s foolhardy to attempt to satisfy millions of varying opinions.
Leyland bases his lineups purely on matchups, be it left/right, history based on both large and small samples, etc. I don’t think it’s the best way to go about it, but that’s his system and it won’t change. It does explain the different lineup everyday. One need only look at the matchups to get his explanation. No need to keep asking questions about it. And fans will continue to complain no matter what, myself included.
It’s all part of the reality show.

Anybody see that horrible call on the final out of O’s/Yankees last night? Instead of a tie game, the O’s win. Umpire was Jerry Meals, the same guy who butchered that call at home last year in the Pittsburgh game. Looks like they should put Jerry Meals on wheels and roll him out of here.
Texiera’s fault, however, for diving head first into 1stbase. Everybody knows umps get confused when you do somthing unexpected out there.
Girardi responded by nearly getting into a physical confrontation with a reporter.

BAAAHAHAHAHAHHAaahhahhahaah @ “they should put Jerry Meals on wheels and roll him out of here”

Comparison of two Tiger lineups against CJ Wilson and the Angels.

7/18/12 in Detroit. Tigers win 7-2. 9/8/12 in LA. Angels win 6-1.

Jackson CF Jackson CF
Raburn LF Infante 2B
Cabrera 3B Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B Fielder 1B
Young DH Young DH
Peralta SS Raburn LF
Boesch RF Garcia RF
Laird C Laird C
Worth 2B Worth SS

Both games were won by the home team in similiar fashion. Each time a four run outburst early in the game, followed by add on runs, led to easy victories. Also the home team starter was dominant and the visiting team pitcher struggled.

Aren’t those two lineups eerily similiar?? Back in July, Brennan Boesch led the way with two doubles off Wilson during his hottest hitting three weeks of the season. Also the bottom of the order started the big four run second inning and Boesch had a two run coffin hit later. The lineup in September is different because it has two guys that were not on the team back in July. We hope that Infante with the two hits last night will put his recent slump behind him. Congrats on your 1000th hit, Omar!! Double A call up Garcia played and displayed some of his talents but was kept out of the hit column. Last night the Angels struck first and added on runs. We did not get hits let alone runs.

@tigers Today’s lineup: Jackson 8, Dirks 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Peralta 6, Avila 2, Infante 4. Sanchez is starting

i approve this lineup

In his only start against the Angels, Sanchez went 7 innings, 1 run on 8 hits. 3 doubleplays.

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