Friday’s lineups: Tigers at Angels

Ramon Santiago gets the start at second base in place of Omar Infante. It’ll be Santiago’s first game action of any kind since August 29 in Kansas City.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (4-for-7, 2 HRs off Santana)
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS (3-for-20 for Santana)
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Mike Trout, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Albert Pujols, DH
  4. Kendrys Morales, 1B
  5. Howard Kendrick, 2B
  6. Erick Aybar, SS
  7. Mark Trumbo, LF
  8. Maicer Izturis, 3B
  9. Chris Iannetta, C

P: Ervin Santana


“This was an absolute no-brainer for me. Masterson gives Delmon fits. I mean, he’s 3-for-20 with five strikeouts.”

You nailed it. He wanted to give Kelly a start. But we knew that.

Poll at the Yankees -O´s game.Golden Glove or Silver Slugger for your SS? 69 % were right: Golden Glove

Delmon is hot, what does it matter what is past at bats are? JL, no brain. If you are watching fox sports, tigers history for palyoffs. GK, the umps are bad. Dan, 1972, a close play at first against the A’s called him safe and Cash had a fit. I was 15 and did not remember that play. Could have been a trip to the WS. Anyway, Go Tigers, crush the Angels. –Dave

Lineup on 4/7/12 vs Red Sox Lineup on 9/5/12 vs Indians
Jackson CF Jackson CF
Boesch RF Dirks LF
Cabrera 3B Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B Fielder 1B
Young LF Young DH
Avila C Boesch RF
Peralta SS Peralta SS
Dirks DH Avila C
Raburn 2B Infante 2B

Still have that RLRLRLRLR thing. Check. Those three young left handed hitters are still in the lineup. Check. That’s good. Did you know that Jackson, Dirks, Cabrera and Fielder have all batted over .300 in the first inning of games this season. We get off to good starts more often. Remember how that was in 2011 ?? So the three young guys have just switched places. Check. Okay. That must be Infante from the Marlins. All-Star couple years ago. Great range. Check. Good trade. Twenty-six games to go. Will this be our primary lineup?? How many times will they play together and bat in this order?? Stay tuned.

Tigers @ Angels. Scherzer is on the bump. Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Almost game time. Geez I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay up until 10:15 tonight!!!!
Sorry folks–couldn’t help taking advantage of my time zone!!!
Hope it’s a good one for those good Tiger fans that will be up well past midnight before this one is over.

Hang in there Dan we are depending on you!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know if I’ll make it….have to be up by 7:00am too, but I’ll try!

I’m not to get hung up on who’s playing against what pitchers anymore because the inconsistency in how or when we get hits and sore runs is just plain mind boggling. But Avila bad #’s against Santana…..Laird good. Avila plays Laird sits on the bench?i don’t know? Whatever.

Well…..Max 1st inning could of been a whole lot better pretty dang disppointing.

Thank you, Prince.

Rod Allen just can’t help himself when it comes to Tori Hunter…..he catches a routine fly ball off the bat of Delmon and he’s gushes over him and his gold gloves. I think Rod would marry him if he could.

0 for 3 was a little sample

Thank you, Alex!

Well….the strike zone hmmmm seems a little off??? If Rod and Mario comment on it well it’s not good.

7-5 . Top 9 . KC up

Soxs lost! Ok take advantage tigers!

Rest Miguel before is too late

Movie star fans. What a night.

They have to stop hitting it in the air so much they are catching everything out there.

It was ball 4

Sure was. Miggy have you ever seen him look so bad at the plate?

Now, Prince really hustled on that double. Right out of the box.

161 last 10

I was worried about Santana. Glad to see him taken out by Scosia actually.
Cabby also hurt the cause in the 1st on the ground ball by Pujols. I think that could well have been a DP.

Rugburn. Jim had to do it out of town. Come on, Ryan!

Great AB. why JL did not pull him after the pitcher change like he did with Garcia

Don’t have a particularly good feeling about this one. We reaaly need to get through this 7th inning unscathed. If the Halos score I think we’re done. If we get through it cabby’s gonna come through for us in the 8th.

At least with an expanded bullpen, we shouldn’t lose it with the powder dry.

Feel a little better now. I just can’t see Miggy getting a golden sombrero. In fact I think he might go yard here. Bad ankle and all.
Be nice to get someone on in front of him though. C’mon AJ, start it off.

I realize Miggy wants the batting title, MVP, silver slugger, gold glove, etc and he deserves those awards, but if he’s hurt, then he needs to sit down for a few days.

Max has been the “man” tonight. Couldn’t ask for more….just more runs from his team mates.

I can’t take another 1 run loss. Somebody’s gotta step up.

Miguel has 2 games in his career with 4 SO and today wont be the third

Now, PR for him

Tigers spending a lot of time whiffing at the plate? Ugh?

Fabulous pitching. I didn’t see what happened to Santana. Was he hurt? Also, has Garcia entered the game, yet? Why wouldn’t you put a young stud like him in?

Bullpen call for the next AB

We have been lamenting the hitting all year long.

Berry and Garcia

JP , runner at 2b:304/515/1.080

We’ve got to win this game. Go Tiger!!!

They needed a PH for BB.

Boesch, Avila, and to a lesser degree, Peralta made the 9th inning a microcosm of the whole damn year there in the 9th.

Why is boesch in there. Some people call him the human fly swatter.
Another year older and deeper in debt. Can’t hit when they need to.

I’m sick. No b-day present for me. Max was terrific, though. Very exciting game to watch.

I feel bad for you gallant fans that stay up to 1 in the morning then have to suffer a loss like this.
Another 3-2 loss.
Yes Avila hit a homer and walked twice, but when we needed someone to win the game for us he came up bone dry and hollow..
I didn’t figure Dotel was going to get out of that one after the Aybar cheapie.
Another case where we had the batter in a nice pitcher’s count but can’t dial him down.

Good game. Some excellent pitching. We’re out of our element in that kind of game, though. We’ve become all or nothing for homers and we got two. For two runs. It was a predictable outcome. Too many dead hitters in our lineup.
I’ll be kind of glad when this season is over, and that happens, like, never. Imagine being one game out of first here in September and never having had a hot streak.

Raburn tomorrow and Garcia.

The Tigers were 0-6 with RISP, while the Angels were 2-6 with RISP. There’s the game. Max threw a gem, though, and I can’t understand how this team can’t produce runs.

Well I don’t know about JL, but I certainly found tonights game to be particularly draining. Well then, who gets the day off tomorrow? Dirks, Boesch, Avila??? I hope it’s me cause I’m not sure i can take another anemic 3-2 loss. Another unbelievably poised and gritty performance from Max and all for nothing. Our pitching has honestly been unbelievable this year; night after night our guys are throwing incredible games but 8 of our last nine losses have been by one run – and usually 3-2 or 2-1. Who knew the 2012 Tigers were going to be such an old fashioned team who would win their games on pitching and defense. Well, except that we have no defense. And we haven’t all season. And not because of Cabrera who has been a fine job at 3rd – and lately, just flat out heroic but as a team we dont catch the ball, hold on or throw out runners, position our players correctly…

Was it me or was Peralta on a two second delay before he moved for that ball? Screened by the runner? Maybe…

Baseball is a crazy game. It’s nuts. It’ll break your heart. It’ll drive you nuts. It’s hard for me to believe there was a controversy because Delmon Young got a night off. Thats crazy. It’s Delmon Young for gosh sakes. But of course Leyland created his own problems with all that nonsense about Sunday being draining and rested AJ who we didn’t miss till the top of the first when Berry can’t make a play that Austin makes every day. So Delmon was 3-20 off Masterson, In his case, with his swing, I’m not sure match ups are that important. Mastersons a sinker ball pitcher and Delmon probably tried to pull him and grounded out to short 12 times and struck out 5 times. But Delmon makes adjustments; they’ve been pitching him outside all year and it only took him 5 months to start hitting it to right.

Infante got a rest tonight and poor Ramonito, who I’ve always loved, looked lost in space again. Poor Miguel, what must he be thinking when everyone on the team gets a day off but the fella with the sprained ankle. People keep talking like it will heal itself with time – he needs 4 or 5 days off in a row or its just going to continue to get worse. Its insanity that he plays every day.

Well Avila doesn’t need a day off either I guess. It was shocking to see him turn on a fasball with authority and yes he shaved and walked twice but I agree with Dan – the game came down to him again and I know I wasn’t the only one who was sure he would strike out on three pitches.

I sure don’t like being cynical about my beloved Tigers but the empty at bats and predictable managerial strategy and lack of fundamentals are making me sad.

Being a Tiger fan in my life meant you were usually out of it in September and the call ups were exciting cause you got to see the young guys. Calling up Raburn, Kelly, Worth – hell, I’ve seen that movie and it wasn’t very good the first couple times. And I can hear the little wheels clicking in JL’s head, like were back in Little League – ok, I’ll give a start to Berry here and one to Kelly there and oh, a pinch hitting chance…lets get Raburn in there for one pitch. I was so upset when the SOC declared this week that Garcia wouldnt play against right handers. Why the devil not? I was excited to see him and Lord knows this team needs a spark and I doubt it will come from Kelly and Raburn. And not from Boesch at this point either I’m afraid. Why mess with the kids head? I’m sure at no level has he had to be platooned. Now he will nervous, even more nervous, if he ever gets to see a right hander. Why make any announcement at all Jim? Keep it to yourself. So puzzling that someone with so many years in the game can be so shockingly defensive as well as mule hard stubborn.

And while I’m getting it all out here, why does no one mention Kate Upton when Verlander throws yet another gem?

All very valid points. Lot of them too, and all right on.

Not this year, I fear. The Tigers have a poor road record. The White Sox will put their false hopes to rest in Chicago! Maybe next year.

Well, I did stay up, and hen watched a special on 9/11. I don’t think I’ll ever froget those images, and maybe no one should. The game of baseball can take ones mind off of serious subjects, and focus on the greatness of this game. We hit two home runs and lose; they hit none and win. Before the year is over, I wouldn’t be surprised that one of our pitchers throws a one hitter and loses. If hitting is contagious, no one on our team has been affected yet. Whoever wins the central is going to be well under 90 games, that’s for sure. I’m asleep as I’m bloviating, so on to three things I like about tonight’s game:
1. No walks from Scherzer. This guy has come so far in commanding all of his pitches that it’s plum scarey as to what we will see next year.
2. Biggy’s hitting; granted he struck out late in the game, but Iam more amazed every day, at his hand-eye coordination.
3. And yes, Alex did strike out big in the ninth, but he will make an impact in the last 10 games with his hitting. You heard it here first. The homer was big in that it got us back even early in the game.

Scherzer has Ace talent in that long flailing arm. I’m very comfortable with him on the mound against any opponent now. JV must win tomorrow night, ore we lose all three. Good morning all.


Another draining night because of the lateness and because of the lack of hitting. I mean really isn’t this the same thing every flipping day? Good pitching and an anemic offense. (and yes another mediocre pitcher). Whatever, really at ths point to expect anything different would be absolutely ridiculous on our part. They lack any spark.

I stayed up but was not rewarded – another 2 run production from our team backing another great starting pitching performance. Won’t see tonight’s game, am hoping sunday morning to see a win for us.

We need AJ to start getting o base again. Critical at bat last night where he swang at ball 4 in the inning Cabby got his base hit.
I will give him large compliments for learning how to lay off the high fastball. He’s been doing that with relative ease this year (as opposed to last).
Infant has to start hitting again. He is powerless right now with a lot of weak fly balls.
Somebody has to step in at the bottom of this lineup and “dangerfy” it. It’s pathetic.

We have a 64-61 record since the middle of April.
We swept the Sox for the second straight time, and for the second straight time have responded by falling into a funk.
8 of our last 9 losses have been by one run, with the other being by two runs. That’s nearly impossible to accomplish.
I challenge anyone to find out when was the last time JL used the same lineup two days in a row.
Speaking of his “regulars” a few days ago, JL said he sticks with them because they are the guys who got us here. Just where is “here”?
Garcia is being told he can’t hit RH pitching. I’m beginning to regret his being called up.
Infante has become the player who used to play for JL. Make of that what you will.
Anyone watching this team slog through this “pennant race” must be losing their minds. Being in the hunt in September is supposed to be exciting and fun. This has been anything but. The most frustrating pennant race in my memory is 1967, when the Tigers and several other teams tried to give it away, but that team won 91 games! The 2012 Tigers have easily surpassed them in the frustration department.
Any positive comments will have to wait until something positive happens.

Avila has a HR and two walks. He remains 5th in OBP and fourth in BB( 4 less than Cabrera). It was a good idea to start with Laird but Avila did the job.He failed in the last chance?Blame Leyland, PHs are for those situations and he has two catchers in the bench.
Starting Peralta was a bad idea. He needs rest . Did Belliard take note of what happened? Play Worth,he cant hit but he has a glove.Worth is the one who wants a guitar ,uses twitter and was chased by rams… ah he is invisible too.
RR, no comment.

El Tigre, how does Jhonny do against CJ Wilson for his career?? Will our manager play him tonight??

1 for 16.3 BB 8 SO Last hit in 2005.This is an absolute no-brainer for me. CJ Wilson gives Peralta fits . I mean, he’s 1-for-16 with 8 strikeouts

2012. Oh, yeah. Do you remember all those 3-2 ball games?? Well, so far we have had sixteen of them.!!!! Won seven. Lost nine. Unfortunately, our last three losses have all been by that score. How can you have over ten per cent of your games end with the same score?? I guess that’s baseball. We still have 25 games to play so we could have a few more. Or several more. Only one way to find out. Play ball. Let’s go Tigers!!!!!!!.

DY: 4 for 18
Miguel 2 for 7
Action Jackson: 1 for 7
RR: 3 for 6
BB : 3 for 6
Worth: 1 for 2
Laird. 0 for 2. Inverted splits for the season. 167 against LHP. Avila:171
Infante and Santiago:1 for 5
Only significative samples: Peralta out, DY ?.

Leyland wants to start Raburn and Garcia tonight. Compared to other sites, we do very little Raburn-bashing here, but I’m concerned about playing him injured.
“I can run on it about 70-75 percent, and that feels good,” he said. “But when I try to push it even more, that’s when it starts to grab a little bit.”
It doesn’t sound like he can play OF so he’d DH with Young in left. The alternative is Boesch. Pick your poison.

Floyd recovering from elbow´s injury would replace Sale. Strasburg ´s season is over, Sale´s season could be over too
Enrique Rojas, ESPN en español ,reported a chat with a scout. He was told that Sale is risking his career. Using the slide at his young age could damage his arm beyond recovery (Alburquerque).He has been skipped already.Sale was a reliever,he never pitched the quantity of innings he already has.
Last week, I watched ChiSox vs O ´s. Liriano showed disconfort while throwing. The hip was bothering him
Quintana is also young.

The pennant will be for the team on its feet at the end

Would you say that our starting pitching is more solid than the White Sox right now?? Sure we are. And our bullpen is for the most part holding the fort?? Yes. Our pitching is our advantage. But somehow we need a total team effort to win in the end.

Watched the game last night. After Aybars swinging bunt I had a bad feeling. We can’t get it done in the 9th. Why did Dotel come back with an outside fastball when he made Callyspo look so bad on the curve.This Tiger team is a reflection of the manager. Boring. I still will be watching thou, as long as I see an Olde English D! Go Tigers!

@tigers Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Raburn 7, Garcia 9, Laird 2, Worth 6. Verlander is starting.

Chen has allowed 4 runs to ChiSox. News of the demise of Sale were premature. He is dealing .

The pitch before Flowers hit the homer was a strike almost right down the middle called a ball that should of been strike three….next pitch homer, Damn umps.
Worth Raburn and Garcia aaaaallllll playing tonight. Whatever I don’t get it, but what do I know, I’d want my best hitters in the game in a tight pennant race, especially when my team is struggling scoring runs. But again whatever.

raburn over garcia huh?

nvrmnd i see garcia in there lol. my bad.

going to be interesting to see if the bottom part of the lineup gets more than 1 or 2 hits. I know Garcia has potential but i felt his numbers gave the impression he is doing better than he is.

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