Fielder at DH, Delmon off against Masterson

Jim Leyland has talked on and off for most of the summer about trying to get Prince Fielder a day at designated hitter (he hasn’t missed a game since Sept. 14, 2010, and he always says he’s fine to play first base). Leyland was already thinking about it before Fielder took hit-by-pitches in each of the last two games. He’s doing it tonight.

Why now, especially with an off-day coming Thursday? Part of Leyland’s reason was Delmon Young’s struggles against Indians sinkerballer Justin Masterson, despite the way Young has been swinging the past week. He’s 3-for-20 with five strikeouts off Masterson, including 1-for-9 with three strikeouts and three groundouts since the start of last season. Since Masterson is giving up a .291 average and .831 OPS to lefties this year, Young isn’t going to displace either of the corner outfielders.

It’ll be the second game at DH this season for Fielder. The other one was April 22 against Texas, and Don Kelly started at first base in that one, too. Kelly went 0-for-3, Fielder went 1-for-5, and Colby Lewis outpitched Drew Smyly in a 3-2 Texas win.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, DH
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Don Kelly, 1B
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Carlos Santana, DH
  5. Michael Brantley, CF
  6. Russ Canzler, LF
  7. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  8. Jack Hannahan, 3B
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Justin Masterson


please tell me i am having a nightmare – kelly is batting 6th?

wow, this can not end well….

According to my numbers, Don Kelly is 5-15 career off Justin Masterson. That would be from 2010-11.
My question is, who is the backup 1stbaseman if you want to pinch hit later in the game?

On the depth chart, that is Raburn.


more seriously, is it possible for cabby to move to 1st if don kelly was replaced?

On the face of it, that would seem a logical move, but is JL really going to start doing that at this late date? I wouldn’t. At any rate, if the game is close, Kelly is bound to come up in an awkward spot. This could be interesting.

Tonight is rest day for Prince and Delmon. And my guess would be tomorrow we will see Miguel at DH and Kelly or Santiago at third. But first back to tonight. Masterson gets hit hard by lefties (.291). So our manager is loading the lineup with lefties and even batting three of them in a row!! No not really. He is rewarding DK for taking all those ground balls in the infield all year. While at Toledo Kelly hit .236.

Rich, what do you mean if the game is close? Of course it’s gonna be close—have we had any laughers at all this year??? On another note, Santiago must be permanently glued to the bench. Might have been a good nite to play him as well but truthfully I don’t know his stats against Masterson.

If I didn’t think it would be close, I wouldn’t have mentioned the possibility. Even if Kelly has a good night, this can become sticky very quickly. And it will be fun to see how JL handles it.

Santiago-Masterson: 1-11
Peralta 1-10
I hope Garcia gets a start tomorrow before we go on that 10-game trip.

Wasn’t meant to be offensive, Rich. Sarcastic, but not offensive. Always enjoy reading your posts.

I didn’t take it as offensive, but I can see where my answer looked that way. My bad, actually.

we see/hear this every single game from JL, the matchups and then he has a brain fart and leaves his lineup exposed to strategy changes by the opponent. Can Fielder be switched from DH to 1B if the need arises to PH for Kelly?

If you do that, you lose the DH and the pitcher has to hit. JL has absolutely refused to take that chance with Martinez/Avila, although by that late in the game you’d be pinch hitting for the pitcher anyway.

Well Evan, your buddy JL put Kelly in the 6 hole. Doesn’t Jackson get an off day when the team has an off day? And for all you Prince fans, I think he leads the league in OBP. Go Tigers! –Dave

yep – i know i know. Hey ya know what – he hits masterson at like a .300 clip I realize now…..and Delmon doesn’t hit this guy. So maybe the coach knows something all of us don’t know.
hey it’s his job on the line – right?

Prince is hitting around .227 as a DH since 2010. I wouldn’t be upset over a one-hit game from Fielder tonight, as long as it’s a big, key hit.

Big Picture look at the pitching matchup. Porcello vs Masterson. Would you say that is our #4 vs their #2?? We are at home facing one of their best. It will be a battle. We can’t beat these guys playing binary ball. We need to TKO them early. Rick has been pitching super for us but not getting W’s. We need to help him get one!!!!!! Who’s at first??? Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!

After last games Avila also need some days off

I’m still wondering why BB didn’t take 3rd base yesterday. Laird is stuck on the pine with super glue, too.

JL said BB should have taken 3rd.

I think Jim needs a day off.

I believe it is almost worthless talking about lineups, since there is no rhyme or reason to why or when these dudes hit. They seem to hit better pitchers bettr than they hit bad pitchers. I dnt know if its focus or what, but its not a winning formula. Seriously tired of the underperforming though.

Oh boy 2 runs in already. At the game so I can’t tell were ricks pitches up?

The last one was a hanging breaking ball. Brantley just battled.
The problem is the HP umpire is calling the high strike and not the low strike. That will not work for Ricky. I hope the Tiger hitters are paying attention to that.
I like Don Kelly and all but he wasnt good enough to play for us in August and now he is good enough to play for us in Game 135. JL has too many toys to play with now.
— Bob

Another stranded RISP. The way this team is hitting the game is already lost. Maybe if I don’t watch they’ll do something. It has happened before.

Keeps on getting better and better geez!

No one in their right mind would put this lineup together in a pennant race.They look like they can hardly wait for vacation.

3 runs maybe too many, since I’m sure Masterson will pitch his best game of the year. Tigers😦

RP = 60 pitches 3 innings. Bullpen ready? I’ve about reached the point where I say, the way they play I will be embarrassed to have the whole USA see them in the play-offs. I just hope MI and DD change managers this time. The pattern has to be broken. It is the same year after after year with many different players. It has to be JL.

FSD: Sanchez is to blame for the runners yesterday. He is slow but it was Avila who was unable to catch the ball once and again.Dickerson has a problem with Sancez but his number are more or less the same of Scherzer.And is far better than Porcello

Exactly the stolen bases are 1 thing but yesterday 2 runs, the difference in the game can be totally atributed to. The passed ball by Alex, and the balls he threw porly al day to the 2nd base and one that wouldn’t have scored if he didn’t throw it into the outfield. That’s on him.

Honest to god could they make Masterson look any better? He’s not good, freaking hit the ball!

It is he manager. Why would you rest the hottest hitter, Delmon? So far, Cleveland good luck, tigers bad lucj

Bases loaded for Twins. Another Quintana´s meltdown

Tied game.

From the comments I made, I hope you don’t think I am just a sunny time fan. I’ve been with the Tigers ever since Al Kaline started. Maybe longer.
So I’ve gone through many cloudy years. But for some reason these last years have been excrutiating. I’m beginning to think I just shouldn’t watch every game. $99 a year would be saved.

Oh, you know you want to watch. Might miss a WS run if you don’t watch.

6-3 . ChiSox. Down. Bullpen working again

They just put the camera on Al Al in the BP. Dan & Jim speculating we might see him tonight maybe sooner rather than later.

Yup, he’s coming in as Smyly goes out.


Garcia? even better

Berry? 70 SO. How smart he is( sarcasm)

That’s it. That’s the final straw. He PH hits Berry for Garcia. So he burns Garcia by showing us how smart he is (not). JL has to go.
— Bob

Miggy still looks good at 1st.

Leaving game, if they don’t give a crap why the heck should I aste one more minute here. A dang joke!

ChiSox down 4-8

They have Peavy and a pray



The dang joke is Leyland

Time to bench BB for the season

No lost ground tonight

Delmon has a 9 game hit streak and he gets 1 chance. Boring. I will not give up. Will the palyers and manager?

Can we please have the A lineup tomorrow. You know, the lineup you would use if it was Game 1 of the playoffs. One exception; Boesch out and Garcia in. All the kid did was have professional at bats. Meanwhile, Boesch watches two knee high fastballs go by after swinging at an elevated fastball. Smarten up, JL.
Does anybody want to win this division. They may have to rename the AL Central the Alphonse and Gaston division.
Night all.
— Bob

17-4 and the Orioles tied Yankees for first. Not all is lost

Well if your going to bench BB you might have to bench the whole team because with the exception of a couple they all stink.

Why Kelly was there? “He has not had a good year, obviously, this year, but that’s OK. I’m tickled for him. I’m glad for him “

Is that what he really said, or are you doing a Leyland impersonation? Hard to tell.

Quote from MLIVE

Stat of the night: each of the last six Tigers losses have been by one run. 7 of the last 8 with only a 2-run loss to break the streak. That is insane.
The entire season is becoming stupid. The Sox must wonder why they seem to be the only team Detroit can beat. The Central is having an embarassing season overall. The Orioles have tied the Yankees for first place. The A’s are chasing the Rangers. The Nationals are the best team in baseball. Or as Forrest Gump would say, “stupid is as stupid does”, whatever that means.

Mickey York is shouting has way through another postgame show and the FSD studio engineer still seems helpless to adjust the volume. This drives me up the wall. C-Mo dwelled on the line drives we hit that were caught. He didn’t mention the line drives Cleveland hit that were caught. Leyland is sounding like these political candidates, what with the spin doctoring, the mis-truths and downright falsehoods. “We didn’t do much offensively” he said. That’s why I stay around to hear his interview, because he offers such in depth insight into the game. He also said Masterson was very good. How can one tell? We don’t hit anybody, so how can one tell?
Boesch hits one into what I’d like to be a picnic area in centerfield. We lose way more outs to that part of the ballpark then we gain. If we’re going to have a team that bombs away to center, move in the fence! It’s called competing.

So that’s what he said. I was afraid of that. It just sounded so much like a classic Leyland-ism. Here’s the part I found interesting: “I don’t mind the second-guessing thing, but I’ve never been in a place where they talk about the lineup so much,” Leyland said. “Who plays? Who doesn’t play?”
You know, Jim, we’ve never seen a manager who changes his lineups so much, so it cuts both ways.

The thing with starting Kelly was way overblown. I wouldn’t have done that, but there was a strategy to it, however slight. I got my answer from this afternoon’s question when he put Miggy at firstbase. I really didn’t think he would do that. He got his matchup in the 7th, but we’ve got to have better than Berry in that spot. Q needs to draw walks, but he gets into a good count then starts to hack like the rest of them.
Next week in Chicago may be the first time in baseball history that two teams play a four game series and both get swept.
I wonder why JL gets so upset over being questioned about his lineups but then listens to talk radio? Makes no sense to me.

Tired of them….just plain and simple tired. Regardless of who was playing nd who wasn’t, there are still plenty of capable hitters on that team who sure are able to hit a crappy pitcher like Masterson, like the winless pitcher who pitched the day before and the crappy pitchers we saw in KC last week. What crappy pitcher will they not hit tomorow? It’s a bad joke? And I supposed to be happy that at least Chicago lost? Last year this very team played with enthusiasm. Whatever I’m done!

The Twins evidently hate the Sox more than us. They decided to let us stay even tonight, as we humbly bowed to the Indians for the 9th. time in 14 games. The Tribe’s claim to fame is two winning series since the All Star break, both against the Tigers. As the game began tonight, one had the feeling that nothing would be different. The Indians would score first, and our guys would struggle to score, the Tribe Bullpen would come in and shut us down(that scenario has basically happened 8-9 games). I’m a little confused about our lineup. DUH! It’s time to play your best 8 on the field. That means DY has to be in there. I also wondered why you would waste a 21 year old potential major league star, with a 27 year old AAA good guy. Once again, Berry cannot consistently hit major league pitching; if he could, he would have four years behind him. You have to let Garcia hit there. Four hits from a 100 million dollar payroll. Mr. I, you’re not getting your money’s worth.
Miggy once again helps to avoid an embarrassing performance by the offense. Please remember, Pitching is not our problem. For that reason, we’ll prbably hang around until the end. We should win; will we? I just don’t know. Meantime, let me share three things I liked about tonight’s game:
1. The Pen Guys. Thanks for seven strikeouts in 3.1 innings. Welcome back Al! Glad you brought that mean slider.
2. Miggy’s HR. I know it’s obvious, but what is so remarkable about him, is his instinct to know what pitch is coming. First pitch inside curve took a ride via a beautiful swing.
3. Smyly’s three consecutive strikeouts. It reinforces my belief that we need at least one lefty in the rotation. All the other teams are lefty oriented, and can throw 6 or 7 lefty batters at us on a given night.

Even with Boesch’s homer in the Sox series, I’m not sold on him as a regular in the lineup. Most of his AB’s are basically rally killers or worthless. Avila gets a double; hope springs eternal. None of the Tribe hits were hard hit balls. That’s what kills us. Hitters with .250 or .228 averages do the damage. We get a leadoff double, hit the ball hard twice, and end up with nothing. Well, it’s Ubaldo tomorrow, and that’s no sure thing. Hopefully, Mr. Fister is back for the third time, this time to stay.
Good night all!

It takes some doing but no team in Central has a winning record the past 10 games.
What can you say about the 2012 Tigs other than we have seen it all before.

JL asked for lineups:
Austin Jackson, CF
Andy Dirks, LF
Miguel Cabrera, 3B
Prince Fielder, 1B
Delmon Young, DH
Avisail García , RF
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Gerald Laird, C
Omar Infante, 2B

JL:”Maybe I’m not managing good enough,” “I don’t know”.NC

Geez, what more do our pitchers have to do? Nice to see AlAl back in the game, he sure still has his game face and his swagger, he had a nice outing. Miggy can’t be the only guy to hit, he is carrying such a load on those shoulders – and give him credit for a great stretch at first base last night.

forgot to mention, the other night Infante thought there were 3 outs instead of 2 so never finished a double play and Rod and Mario never said boo about it. Now that was ridiculous.

Amazed how we can be mystified by these teams – saving grace is the Sox seem to screw up from time to time too – this month is going to be one big tease most likely.

Don’t know if Prince makes that play. Miggy had to do an almost full out stretch to get the out.
Everyone said Masterson pitched very well. I believe it. We just have no plate discipline and can’t hit. And, if you put your B lineup out there, what do you expect?
They call KC and Cleveland spoilers because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by beating a contender. Jim’s turned us into pretenders. I shut the TV off after the game.

Leyland has used 108 different lineups in 135 games. By comparison, Ron Washington has used 68. Joe Girardi, dealing with injuries, 86. Davey Johnson 82.
You have to wonder.

What single lineup has he used the most ??? Lineups for Robin Ventura??

As much as I like Fielder, and he has had a very good offensive season, seeing Cabrera at 1B just seemed right. He is a 1B, good hands, big target…. When Vmart retires, I hope to see Cabrera at 1B and Fielder at DH.
Smyly looked good to me, so did Al ABQ, so there was a little hope.
DY should have started and sit BB. BB is a better hitter of LHP, just stays on the ball better. Against RHP he gets too trigger happy and swings at a LOT of bad pitches. Avilia looks spent, put GMoney in!

Heard on the radio that DY asked not to be n the lineup last night, because he didn’t like to hit against Masterson?
Who knows ….who cares? The fact of the matter is Cleveland s putting a pretty average to below average lineup out there. They are putting poor to aweful pitchers out there. Tigers are putting even with the Donn Kelly’s, Garcias and Berrys in there a better lineup. That group shoul be able to put more runs up against the pitchers that we saw in Cleveland, KC and wherever else we haven’t hit these crappy pitchers all year. It’s just plain pathetic and unacceptable I don’t care what lineup he throws out there. Did anyone ever consider that he has to change the lineup constantly trying to figure out who’s going to hit since other than few the rest of them have been so damn inconsistent. Girardi and Washington don’t have to change because their lineups hit and aren’t so damn inconsistent.
Heck look at the low batting averages the A’s roll out there and hey manage to score runs more consistently. Tired of the Tigers and how pathetic they are.

Maybe they don’t hit because the lineups change so often? Most people like to have an idea of what the day has in store when they report for work.
Anyway, 108 lineups is a lot for a team that has had very few injury issues. And this team has pressed all season for some reason. People are wondering what that reason is.

It’s 9/5/2012 and we are one game out of first place in the AL Central division race. That’s where I want my team to be. We are competitive. We have twenty seven more games to find out who is the best team in our division. Let’s beat these pesky Indians and then get ready for our final long road trip. Take care of OUR business first. If you have not figured it out yet, yes 68 and 84 were magical, but my favorite was 87. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

I liked that ’87 team a lot, but they’d been playing outstanding baseball for well over two months by the end of the season. My problem with this club is the lack of that.

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