Monday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Hours after Austin Jackson saved the sweep of the White Sox with his game-ending catch in center field, he gets Labor Day off, or at least out of the starting lineup. Quintin Berry starts in center and bats leadoff in his place. Andy Dirks returns to left field, Brennan Boesch to right, Delmon Young to DH.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Michael Brantley, CF
  5. Russ Canzler, DH
  6. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  7. Ezequiel Carrera, LF
  8. Jack Hannahan, 3B
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Corey Kluber


With Jackson in the lineup:64-47 / Without:8-14.
With Berry:44-32 / Berry starting: 29-28.
A rest is not bad with only few days off until the end of the season but changing the lineup after winning…

We have an off-day Thursday….would prefer Jackson today

Detroit: opponents’ winning percentage: .469
Against teams ≥ 500: 39-31 Halos (5-2), ChiSox ( 10-4 overall /2-3 at the sandbox ) On the road: 30-35
A´s (2-2)
Against teams < 500: 33-30 Cleveland (5-7 ) 3 home/ 3 road 4-2 /1 -5.
KC( 7-4) 4 at home ( 3-0 at home) . Twins ( 7-5) 3 on the road (5-2)

Chicago: opponents' winning percentage: .456

Unless Jackson is hurting, why?
They damn well better have Berry trying to get on base then–and not with that broomstick swing of his.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason for not starting Jackson. So what the heck is it???

I think an off day for Jackson is fine… However, I thought for sure that Miggy would DH today after limping around in the 9th. Glad to see Dirks back in the lineup.

Well…….maybe JL thinks the team is on a role now and he can afford to let up. Because taking AJ out of the lineup is letting up. Does Austin really need a rest? I think it’s more about giving Q Berry another chance to contribute. Right now it’s very much about keeping some chemistry on and off the field and keeping everyone feeling like they’re part of the team. I’ve been a QB supporter since he first came up. Yes, he’s come back down to earth since, and his batting weaknesses exposed, but you can’t write off his early contributions/enthusiasm when the team was scuffling and both Austin and Andy were injured. He helped the team at least hold serve. And that was a pretty depressing stretch, as we all can remember. I’m cautiously OK with the move and kudos to JL in giving him another opportunity in hopefully a safe spot.
Having said that, if Garcia continues to play as well as he has, and if he proves he can handle the pressure, does his presence on the team negate what QB brings? Kudos to Dan and whoever else had suggested they bring him up, well before they actually did. I know you were persistent Dan.
Next thought is to give Richard some kudos regarding his faith in Delmon when the rest of us were getting pretty disgusted. The guy has flat out come through at a most critical point. He’s demonstrating just how good a free swinger he is. It takes talent to make solid contact on so many of the balls he swings at. See the ball, hit the ball. Kind of reminds me of when we’d take batting practice. You’d get only so many pitches so you’d swing at every one you could reach. (I would because I wanted to see what I could do with them.) Nothing wrong with that approach (in practice). Not sure if Delmon will ever be able to change his mindset on his hitting approach. Probably wouldn’t help him anyway. He’s a free swinger. Often he’s going to annoy you, disappoint you. When he gets on this kind of role he’s going to amaze and please. What you see is what you get.

I never waivered on delmon young. I could care less if he tells a jewish panhandler i thought you jews had all the money. Granted its stereotypical however overall the statement is correct. Being drunk saying it, was the problem.

I hope Delmon’s next career in comedy makes up for the millions he will lose after that epidode in NYC.

my prediction for Player of Game is Berry. Leyland has been on a roll recently with his lineup decisions recently, hasn’t he?…to the consternation of the critics.
have a perception that this team struggles offensively more than it should against pitchers it hasn’t seen before.

Berry doesn’t play well 1-2 times per week. Kelly is the same way.
Don’t expect anything from Berry today. If he hits well, then it’s surely not expected.

Hmmmmm…..if we’d just lost three in a row to fall into a 1st place tie, would Berry be starting and leading off? And would we be so accepting of the decision?
As I said, maybe there’s a reason that we don’t know about.

Jackson gets rest alot. Even Leyland mentioned that he plays better with regular rest.

Jackson has played every game since coming off the disabled list in mid-June. His only game out of the starting lineup was Aug. 9, and he was a late-inning sub in that one.

To help you out, Austin only hit .268 for August which was his weakest production of the year. Baseball is a grind and does anyone remember AJ going downhill last year in Sepltember and October?? This is a win-win for us. Berry is a centerfielder plain and simple. He had a hit, stole a base, scored a run. I guess he was too busy to deliver peanuts and beer to you guys at the game. And alas he could not deliver some of you folks some Jimmy Johns. We need to showcase him a little more. He might be the best trade chip on the team. He should not start another game in either left or right, but the skipper is right to give him a start or two to give AJ a break. If AJ gets to 0 for 15 sometime in the next two weeks, it might be good for him to let Berry start another one.

Never go by the age of the player when deciding his game status. You must judge rest by the player’s performance, endurance level…..etc.

Leyland’s good at figuring out those things. Sometimes too good for Jim’s own well being.

Nobody’s perfect in deciding these things … except God.

Are they one and the same?
I just saw an article at Exactly what I’d thought I would hear from JL’s forked tongue.
“Last night was a pretty draining night — that’s why I played Berry in center field today,” manager Jim Leyland said. “Give him a game and give Jackson a little blow.” AJ needs “a blow” as much as the Gulf Coast needs one.
Cabby doesn’t need a blow? He doesn’t need to get off that ankle just a little bit?
I have a whole other idea when it comes to Berry. Yes he did great, beyond expectations for sure. But now is now. We have a couple of dozen games left. You can’t afford to be taking out your best all around player, and one who makes the lineup work, if he is NOT injured. Not now.
Cabby is injured. He could benefit from a day off or just getting off his feet as DH.
If Leyland is intent on getting Berry at bats (and Golly Geez, I can’t see why) then it should be at the expense of another outfielder, not Jackson.
You want to use Berry? Then PR for Cabby in the 8th inning of a tight ball game and then actually use his speed and tell him to steal a base.
Leyland is one the most over-rated managers in the game.

Draining game? Really?

Suppose we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Good job Alex….passed ball geez. You need to make amends.

Avila is not playing good ball right now. He hasn’t been for awhile. Still has that nice arm but I think his knees are bothering him again.
AJ catches the Kipnis single

Now comes the real test. Can they pitch and hit with the same intensity they showed against the Sox? The Indians, Twins and Royals are going to have a lot to say about how this race finishes. They aren’t going to roll over and play dead for anyone. Besides those 3 teams, the Tigers and Sox both have to play the Angels. The Tigers also have Oakland. Let’s hope they cool down before that. The Sox have to play the Rays. The Angels, Rays and As are fighting for playoff positions.

I can’t stand this. Berry not going. Marson has caught 5 out of 56 runners—most of them them presumably slower than Berry

Delmon patient–rewarded.
Boesch impatient–punished severely. Wait for your pitch Brennan.

damn–that could have been a big inning.

A pitcher for contact with bad defense behind( or in front)

Well Alex’s defense has cost us two runs today…a passed ball and threw the ball into the outfield….and strikes out. What the heck are you going to do today! Useless lately.

Maybe Alex could use “a blow” too!
Tough at bat against Asdrubal. Sanchez had him a couple of times but he hung in there.
I liked the way Fielder was going for the fence with Cabby on 1st and 2 out. Actually the right thing to do. And he almost did it.

And now he kills a rally by grounding out AGAIN to second and a double play. Can you tell I’m sick of his sorry butt.

This game is beginning to smell like the last two in KC. Kluber a winless pitcher with a 5.+ ERA. The Tigers haven’t seen him before? Hogwash.

What, now we have an issue with baserunning? Neither Young nor Boesch got reads on those hits. Brennan’s was terrible. We should be ahead.

Ya we should have more runs, yes but also if it wasn’t for Alex they wouldnt have any.

Why did Brennan not get to 3rd? Then Avila hits into a tailor made DP which should have scored him. Not even a “parting gift” for playing the game.

Well we have had baserunning issues all year. Basically we are winning games without fundamental skills or decent defense.
We should have had 2 doubles and a single that inning and we get 1 run?
If Avila is up with 1st & 2nd or bases loaded–just tell him not to bother swingingg. That’s the best option.
Boesch’s blunder was absurd.

All I can figure is that Brennan didn’t see the ball. It’s awfully glaring in there with those flat seating sections.

Avila really has hit rock bottom. And Infante didn’t even get a clear strike but still swung at balls outside.

Berry has swung at ball four several times today. He drew walks when he first arrived but now he’s been ingrained into the Tiger Way. His value has diminished because of it. And he’s our fresh guy today after that draining game. He and Alex.

Holy cow it’s a miracle……Rangers got 4 runs in 3 innings off of Bruce Chen….and here I thought he was unhittable?
Tigers are making another poor pitcher today look pretty good. I just not get these guys at all. They grind out AB ‘s ll weekend and today they look bored and uninspired.

Top of the sixth with the score 2-2. Why is it that we always play Cleveland Indian baseball with these guys???

Well that offensive inning smelled pretty smelly. Hope the squandered opportunities don’t come back to bite us.

Well I had hoped they were gonna get Smyly ready but Downs is OK.
They will need him here in the 6th—no doubt about it.

Two pitches. Three outs. Good job Anibal!!!!!!!!! Go get’em Tigers!!!!!!!!!

QS no RS. Sánchez season

OK–we got lucky in the 6th. Could just as easily been a run scoring double.
Take advantage.
Boesch owes us something this at bat. Patience Brennan.
No point in even discussing Avila any longer.

I can honestly say we are playing today without a “Kluber”

Even Avila’s arm is not working right. Bad feeling about this game and this series.against a team that inexplicably handles us with relative ease.

He’s been useless…..batting .077 for the last week and 240 for the month. But guess what if you can’t hit anything but a grounder to 2nd you sure better stop throwing the ball away and start throwing some of these guys out. Do something to make yourself useful!

Top of the seventh and Downs has loaded them up. The skipper get to bring in Villarreal to see what he can do in this situation.

Oh boy. More trouble.
Well we get to guage how useful Brayan Villarael is going to be right now.. Strikeout would be nice and maybe preferable to a groundball considering the way we (don’t) turn DPs.
This is horrible-to come out an play like this after the crucial series they just played. It’s been this way all year. Just have not been able to galvanize.

Asdrubal (far more hate-able than Pierzynski) has been pathetic lately but obviously likes Tiger Tonic. He’s come up clutch twice today.
Can our side please come up with some decent hitting now.? There ain’t much time left.

Another good AB Alex!

And Leyland is going to let Berry bat here in the 7th?

Infante..does anyone think he was safe?
Oh my Chen has now given up 6? Pigs must be flying

What’s the big deal about Chen? Surely you know Texas has a better offense than we do.

Omar was in there.

Boy this is one of those games. May as well run Infante–no way Berry is gonna even hit the ball.
Time for Leyland to make some decisions regarding Avila. he is going south and going about it rather quickly and comprehensively. We saw him deteriorate last year and once the slide started he couldn’t get off. It’s happening again.
Time for Laird to be the #1 guy. No doubt in my mind about that. Avila is like a vampire feasting on his own right now.

El Tigre, FS Detroit flashed a stat which was highlighting that the Cleveland Indians bullpen had pitched over 160 innings since the AS break. They did not show Detroit.
How many Innings for us???

Sorry, I was at work.I have been unable to find the number of inning

Between 114 and 120. Im not sure about Smyly as starter and reliever.

Thanks, El Tigre. It must be 114, as Smyly had one start of six innings and one time as a relief pitcher for one third of an inning. Anyway, it’s 50 innings less than the Indians and maybe better than many of the ML teams????

Bottom of the 8th kids….time to get heads out of butts, big boys are up now or never.

Well they are bringing in a guy with a 1 1/2 WHIP. No way I’d bat Berry here. Unless they make> him lay one done.

Berry is just hoping that flailing at the ball with that big loopy swing it will fall in. Does he not understand werer his value lies. I’m not sure why this game is shocking me, I should of known better. Rich you remember when I used to call it the curse of the AAA call up? Well now we have to expand it to the curse of the poor pitcher!

Good day for tryouts in the bullpen. What will Coke do??

Alex fails to throw another base stealer out….now Coke! Giving up huh?

Nice play!

Wow!!!!!!! Took me over 50 years to see that double play combo! Coke did not allow an inherited runner to score, too!!

It’s up to Prince, Delmon and Brennan or else they were Klubered today. Another one-run loss to a sub-.500 team. Drop out of first place. Have to depend on the Twins to win?

Why didn’t Fielder go to 3rd? He would of made it?

Well Peralta swung at ball 4 and 5. And on cue Avila grounds out to 2nd

Well, we were in first place for a few hours. Wasn’t it fun?
Another game handed away. We pass out games like candy on Halloween.
Swinging at pitches outside the zone, constantly going after elevated fastballs, fundamental mistakes on the bases and in the field, poor decision making by everybody. Boesch didn’t score on Peralta’s wallbanger, Berry didn’t catch Kipnis’s first inning single, the list goes on and on. Things you can’t do when you don’t score many runs.
I’m still waiting for this team to play good baseball. Why we continue to beat up Chicago I have no idea.

Miserable effort. Maybe the poor boys were tired from al that work on the weekend. The Indians tried to roll over and play dead and the Tigers just wouldn’t let them. Sanchez allowed 0 earned runs and the Tigers gave him no run support and Avila gave no defensive support.

GK you stole the words out of my mouth. I thought Fielder could have made 3rd but then again, he may have thought the catcher had a play on him.
And more words you stole—Peralta. He did swing at ball 4 twice.
Avila played the worst game I have ever seen him play.
Even his throws today were inspired by a Cyndi Lauper song.
Bad baseball. Bad timing. Bery bad.

I think the old man has run Avila into the ground the past two years. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks that.
Speaking of ruining players, I hope JL doesn’t use Garcia only against lefties.

Agree with you Rich. Does he look like he’s raw and crude to you?? Cameron Maybin was raw and not ready. This guy has four years in the system.

Sure hope AJ is “rested” up!.
JL, maybe Avila could use a Holaday.

This game was typical. Another let down game from a team very good at letting us down. The manager was not interested in winning this game (see: no Jackson in lineup) so the players were a reflectiion of their manager. They were terrible. Sleep walking through at bats. Chasing pitches out of the zone. The exact opposite of what they did 16 hours earlier against Sale. Avila’s throws all had too much arc; almost like he couldnt get them there. It must be his knees again. But he doesnt need a “blow” Only Jackson does?????
The game should have benn blow apart in the 1st inning and Boeasch failed and flailed at the first pitch out of the zone. Just a terrible effort after a great weekend.
As far as the Sunday game being draining comment? I dont get it. JL waited for his 3 run homer and he finally got one. The only stress came in the 9th. Friday was much more draining than Sunday. I dont know where he comes up with the things that come out of his mouth.
The White Sox are now home for 10. They will get it straightened out. We need to be prepared to stay in step. And efforts like today will not get it done. The Tiger tag line is “Every Game Counts”. JL and the boys need to operate on that mantra. And today, they clearly didnt.
Go Twins tonight.
— Bob

The worst team in the Central is the only team in the central with a winning record against us. I really think you need a lefty starter here, because the Tribe strolls lefty after lefty out to the plate. It’s more comfortable for these guys when they see a righty starter. Again, I felt we would lose the game if we didn’t lead by the seventh.
My heart breaks for Alex; basically worthless to the team right now. He’s such a class act; I hate it for him. I’ve spoken my peace about QB; great guy who cannot hit major league pitching. Should never have batted in the 8th. He’s a role player, and though he scored today, he provided nothing else beyond the first inning. Leyland’s management style reminds me of my days as a Rec coach. Play them all to please Momma. You have to play your absolute best at the best time. What benefits the team the most should drive Leyland’s decision making process.

There were three things I liked about this game, even though it ended up he wrong way:
1. Delmon’s decision to go with the pitch in the last 10 games, rather than play Mr. Pull Happy. Richard, Agree with Marty. Kudos for your faith in DY. Great Clutch hitting lately.
2. Sanchez gave us a chance to win. Not a great start, but quality according to the definition, and the lack of good defense behind him. He can survive as long as the hits are singles. Anyway, we just haven’t supported him in his last three outings.
3. Fielder’s heads up double play in the bottom of the 8th. I can’t say enough about his baseball savy. Maybe we thought we were getting 40 HR’s and 135 RBI’s, but we got a really intelligent baseball player. And the homers will return next year.

Again, nothing from the bottom to speak about. Amazed how inconsistent Boesch can be. The Tribe pitcher had a decent arm, but we should have scored five or six, absent to excruciating double plays. Good evening to everyone.

Our last five losses have all been by one run. Is the unbearable aggrevation mostly from the fact that we see how close they are to winning so many more games??

this game raised an important question that, for me, has no clear answer. who do the tigers goto to face a touch lefty hitter when it’s too early for benoit. downs? coke? villarreal? albuquerque? seems like they could really use a lefty specialist at this point.

They have lefty specialists … or at least guys who can get leftys out. Benoit, Dotel, or Villareal are all better options right now. But that will not change. Coke is the guy JL has and he will force the matter because he (and almost every other manager) has to show us how smart they are with these L-R matchups. Over managing, if you ask me.
— Bob

Just got home from the cottage and listened to last nights game. Wow. Have not read the comments yet for today but I looked at the lineup….typical JL. Some of you might think it is the players but who is coaching and teaching this team? Hopefully the twins can come back and beat the sox. Go Tigers!

Well well well…they almost sucked me back in, stupid stupid stupid!! I just don’t get these guys the face quality good pitching all weekend and manage to grind out at bats and win. Face crappy AAA pitching and the role over and become unfocused and look foolish.
With all that being said regardless of the lack of hitting if Alex Avila didn’t crap away the whole day we probabsbly win! He’s a liability right now not an asset. Good job tigers…! Good job Alex!

Well, you can blame Alex but I think this is a good example of the manager being at fault. Many here will agree that JL has spent two years grinding him to dust by playing him too much. The result is a guy who’s mentally and physically exhausted. That’s my opinion.

Villareal :40 % IRS ,8 for 20
Coke: 26% IRS ,9 for 34.
Villareal got a hold in his debut in MLB without a single pitch to home, but he is not an option with runners on base. Like Valverde ,he needs to come with bases empty

Dok, the “unbearable aggravation” for me comes from watching a team that usually doesn’t play very well. The pitching, both starting and relief, is plenty good enough if used correctly but the team’s fundamentals drive me bonkers. There are some good plays made and some good ABs on occasion, but overall it’s hard to watch a club so poorly prepared. The effort is there, however, I won’t deny that.
I considered taking a count during a game of how many times we swing at elevated fastballs.
By the way, I read three game stories today (I won’t read more) and none of them mentioned Boesch only advancing to 2ndbase on Peralta’s LF corner wallbanger. To me, that was the key to the game because he represented the 3rd run we never got. All three stories carried Leyland’s ridiculous comments on how they came out ready because they loaded the bases in the first inning (but came away with one run).
I don’t enjoy writing comments like this. I hope the club will make it unnecessary in the future.

You are spot on that it was the crucial play of what I saw. Brennan almost has three years in the bigs and his base running has usually been solid. Rod did jump on him for it. I did not see the first inning, actually picked up the game in the third inning on the radio. Jim and Dan were being critical of Anibal. Up in the zone too much. In the post game interview, our manager was telling the players they should have blown it open in the first?? Smoke to cover up the poor fundamentals that you highlighted. Not gonna need to watch it at a fourth meal hour. No curley fries. Curley fries!!!!!!!!!! We did not even SCORE three runs. Let alone threedingers. Come to think of it I never have gotten any curley fries anyway. Turn the page this one is over!!!!

We scored two runs. Not good. We are 1-13 when scoring two runs. Only win? Why it was the only win in Jacob Turner’s Tiger career. Today memorable for Kluber his first career victory. For Downs it was his first career loss. Oh, Turner no victory in Miami yet but 13 K 0 BB in two starts?? has me thinking he might win another before summer turns to fall. Brantley has his first ML dinger, too. And, yes I still think DD nailed that trade. Omar is a +hitting 2nd baseman with a ton of range.
And we know Sanchez could have two more wins if they could just score him a couple more runs early in the games.

One back. ChiSox 4-2. A reliever started the game

The reliever, Santiago, went five innings and threw 91 pitches. Ventura used 7 pitchers in the game. I guess we see how he’s going to handle September call ups.
The Tigers have split their last 24 games. .500 ball since the first week of August.
The Orioles trail the Yankees by one game on Labor Day. Who saw that coming?

Okay, I relented and read a 4th game story, but still no mention of the Boesch play. I’m prepared to give the kid a break if he lost the ball in the late summer glare off the stands, but have no way of knowing.

Well, Sanchez has pitched well his last two outings, just to have dismal offense behind him. Verlander knows how that goes, but I was hoping they would stay hot and maybe go a couple of games ahead of the ChiSox.

just got back from the cottage. highly enjoyed the weekend series with my family – really proud of how the boys and JL handled the SOX.
Sunday’s game was very difficult – primarily because the boys couldn’t hit AAA pitching. The boys need to hit with men on base – it’s actually quite simple!
Oh and about Alex Avila? I felt the general fanbase was comfortable with playing him nearly every day – even Jim Price, Rod Allen, Mario Impemba and Dan Dickerson…..would all regularly say things like “oh he so tough”, “he’s a battler”, “real ballplayer there”. I don’t particularly remember anyone saying JL was ruining Alex’s career – and I was looking for someone to say something about it because I thought it! Hindsight!

The issue of Avila playing too much has been well documented by commenters on this site for two years now. It’s been talked about plenty. Surprised you didn’t know that.

enough of yesterday’s lunch tho. We can, and should, win this series, still!

am really glad I did not watch the game yesterday, did some fun family stuff, that way I got to enjoy the sweep of the Sox with just the disgust to see we lost to the Indians, a true let down but if we lose more to them then it will be ridiculous.

the sweep was amazing, the play over the weekend was fantastic – I will remember that today instead of Monday’s game – sometimes I like to just forget the bad stuff!

When the ball is NOT put in play, we are statistically the best team in the American League. If you other stat guys can prove that statement wrong, I’ll gladly hear your facts that prove me wrong. Here’s what I see. Earlier this season I made a comment that our pitchers were awfully high in stikeouts as a team. In early September, we are second in the league in striking out opposing batters. Good job team. But do we walk a lot?? You know hard throwers K a lot walk a lot. Not hardly!!!! We have walked the second fewest batters in the league. Naturally this leads us to having the best K/BB ratio through 9/2. We do have some close competition from New York with Tampa Bay and Texas in close pursuit. On the offensive side of the ball, we do not sit at the top of both categories but we are not too shabby either. Only four teams draw more walks than us, with those being New York, Tampa Bay, Oakland, and Cleveland. Earlier in the season, I screamed blood murder that we were striking out at an alarming rate. Well, a few months later things have changed and only three teams (Cleveland, Minnesota, and Kansas City) have struck out fewer times than our Tigers. Obviously, Cleveland will be slightly better than us on the batting side. Overall, though we win the battle of no ball put in play!!!!!!!!

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