Garcia produces in first big league at-bats

Watch Miguel Cabrera and Avisail Garcia interact on the field, and you’d swear they were related. Same build, similar faces, same mannerisms.

“We make fun of him a little bit,” Alex Avila said. “He looks just like Miguel. Even the way he walks around and everything [is similar], so it’s pretty funny.”

Whether Garcia has a similar impact upon arrival in the big leagues is a much different comparison, and more than a little unfair. Still, his first Major League start was a pretty good night.

His first big-league hit wasn’t a walkoff home run like Cabrera hit for the Marlins on June 20, 2003, but his RBI single to score Delmon Young from third base was something two other Tigers had failed to do after Young’s leadoff triple.

Francisco Liriano had escaped a bases-loaded jam with back-to-back three-pitch strikeouts in the third inning, and the White Sox seemed to set to strand Young in the fifth, having played pitching matchups with their expanded bullpen and gotten groundouts from Jhonny Peralta and Alex Avila. With Garcia coming up, manager Robin Ventura called on fastballer Nate Jones to overpower him.

Jones’ first pitch came in at 100 mph. Garcia shrugged it off for a ball.

His second pitch came in at 99. Garcia got enough of that to ground it through the right side for an opposite-field single.

“It’s a lot of feelings when you get a base hit in here and a big run and the team’s winning,” Garcia said.

Asked what was going through his mind, Garcia said, “I was just thinking, ‘Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.”

Manager Jim Leyland called it a huge hit.

“It looked like they were going to get out of it,” Leyland said. “That pumps them up a little bit, takes a little bit out of you. And when he got that hit, it really pumped the guys up. They were so tickled for him. To get his first hit, knock in a run, that’s a big thing for a kid.”

It was Garcia’s third plate appearance. He did something in his first plate appearance that took Miguel Cabrera a week in the big leagues to do. He drew a walk.

He fouled off four consecutive two-strike pitches to do it — two sliders, a changeup and a fastball.

“Before the game, watching TV, [I saw] he likes to throw a lot of sliders and changeups,” Garcia said. “He didn’t throw me fastball, just changeup, slider, changeup, slider, changeup, slider. And Cabrera said, ‘Hey, don’t wait for the slider, just fastball, fastball, fastball.'”

It worked well enough. He looked comfortable enough that Leyland said he’ll get another start Sunday against another White Sox left-hander, this time 15-game winner Chris Sale.

“I’m going to play him tomorrow,” Leyland said. “Why not? See what happens. He got a little anxious once, swung at a bad ball [for a strikeout in his second plate appearance]. …

“If you expect him to be a polished player right now, that’s not going to happen. But there’s some really crude, raw talent there that’s really impressive. He’s got a bright future. At some point he’ll play in Detroit for a long time.”


Jason, in your article on the site you state:”Scherzer has back-to-back 15-win seasons, making him the first Tigers pitcher other than Verlander to do it since Walt Terrell had three straight from 1985-87. ” I think you forgot about a guy named Morris. “82 thru “88

And Morris was cut short of 10 by the strike. 14 in 1981

I was very impressed with Garcia. He not only has talent but appears to have a very good idea about how things work out there. Definitely a guy you don’t trade away. We need some homegrown players in the future.
The Sox are carrying 10 relievers. It didn’t seem like it, but they still have only 3 lefties out there. I would agree that the rosters need to be held to a daily limit of eligible players, although I don’t know how much difference it would make. The September call up thing stems from the time when starters finished games and the L-R thing didn’t exist. Ventura may have driven us crazy with pitching changes, but the advertisers loved it.

That was a great managerial move by Ventura. His team was only down 2-0 and he made that a loonnng half inning for Max. It did not work this time. Garcia came through for us .

Against Verlander:
AJP: 268/728 3 HR
Konerko: 154/549 2HR
Lopez. 295/636
Rios: 267/720
Youkilis: 241/690.
Against Sale:
Cabrera: 1 for 10 3 SO
Jackson:1 for 9
Peralta 3 for 8
Raburn: 2 for 8
Boesch 1 for 5 HR( only HR against a LHP for the season)
Laird: 3 for 4 HR
Worth 1 for 2
Team:255/850 OPS 11 SO 6 ERA in two games this year

Scherzer ERA: 3.93 ( 20) WHIP:1.32 (20) IP:162.2 (13) 0 CG
with RS:5.41 (6)
Verlander ERA: 2.80 ( 3) WHIP:1.04 (3) IP:196.2 (2)6CG
RS:3.67 (96)
So the chat about the new Ace and Cy Young is a litle premature.The horse remains Verlander and the obvious choice for the first game of the playoff.
He has struggled lately but so have all the top pitchers in the last two weeks.
I dont buy the theory of lack of focus caused by Kate Upton (nobody outside Detroit has heard about the relationship) . If there is really a problem the probable cause is the overload

Garcia’s hit was big, but the AB for walk earlier vs Liriano was equally impressive. something like a 10 pitch AB spoiling several borderline pitches. in the AB where Garcia K’d, it looked like Liriano hung a breaking ball, a very hittable pitch, that he let go for strike 2. must have been looking fastball as the quote above indicates.
one of the strategies from yesterday that i didn’t understand was why valverde was warming with a 4 run lead.

The comparisons of Miggy and Viggy are great. Loved the shot of them frolicking in the OF yesterday. The baseball comparisons are a whole other story. Viggy should have really nice defensive and baserunning abilities that are superior to his superior. If he can produce 80% of what his mentor does we’re looking at oustanding numbers fora corner outfielder who can catch run and throw.

Jurickson Profar. Remember that name. The kid may make a guy by the name of Elvis available.
Hope & Dream!!

He would be the perfect fit. Manny Machado could made available JJ Hardy too.And the rumored target of the Tigers for years could be a FA: Drew.

I’d be glad to swap some supposed power for a slick fielding shortstop. But I was okay with the Everett/Santiago platoon also. We need to make our shut down pitchers even more shutter downerer.

He does favor Miguel Cabrera greatly. Amazing. Very impressive first at bat in the majors. Then lead off triple at third and two out and he gets the single to drive him in and pick up his teammates. Yes, very impressive. Now do the Tigers have the courage to give him ten games and see if he is the answer in right?? Avisail was just a solid .300 hitter at Erie and it didn’t matter whether it was a lefty or a righty. He is a year older than Miguel was when the Marlins brought him up in 2003. He has played 150 more minor league games than Miguel , has 600 more ABs, and two seasons with double digit homers. Miguel’s minor league homers per season 2, 7, 9, 10. If he crashes and burns after 40 ABs, we still have twenty more games to go.
One exception, we should not start him against Masterson of the Indians, sidearm righty. About twenty-five years ago the Oakland A’s had a RF breaking in to the Big Leagues. Could our guy have the same talents as that guy?? If by 2014, he was considered a 20/20 player with Gold Glove potential wouldn’t that be great!!!

Jim would tell you you’re putting the cart before the horse. 🙂 But there is definitely potential. There’s also a possibility that he could contribute this month before the pitchers figure him out.

@tigers Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young 7, Peralta 6, Garcia 9, Boesch dh, Laird 2. Verlander 1.

Lineup is not bad but I’d have Dirksy in LF and DY DHing.

Baltimore looks like they will be just 2 GB the Yanks today! God on ’em. And good on Bucky Showalter

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