Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

As explained earlier, the Tigers brought back another right-handed hitting outfielder in Ryan Raburn. However, while Francisco Liriano marks the first of back-to-back left-handers the Tigers will be facing, Brennan Boesch is 5-for-11 off of him. Thus, Boesch gets the start.

(Update: Raburn is dealing with a sore quadriceps he injured scoring from second base earlier this week.)

Here’s the catch, though: Boesch is the designated hitter, batting second. Delmon Young is in left field. Miguel Cabrera, who seemed like a strong candidate to DH tonight, is at third base. Avisail Garcia will make his first Major League start in right field, batting eighth.

On the White Sox side, Adam Dunn has been scratched, reportedly with a right oblique he injured earlier in the week. Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune reports Dunn hopes to return to the lineup Sunday night.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, DH
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Avisail Garcia, RF
  9. Omar Infante, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Dewayne Wise, CF
  2. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
  3. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Alex Rios, RF
  6. Dan Johnson, DH
  7. Dayan Viciedo, LF
  8. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Francisco Liriano


Not sure why it took me so long to notice that we have 2 guys on the team that bat left and throw right – did not realize that was as common as it must be. I assume they could be switch hitters but found out they hit better one way than trying both. Odd to me I guess. I know alot of folks that write one way and play sports the opposite but this seems different to me.

I know that Prince switch hit as a child. I think Cecil “talked” him out of it, as the story goes.

avila is one (no lefty throwing catchers), not sure who the other is (probably an OF). it’s certainly advantageous for a kid to learn to bat lefty…parents who have played, managed, coached at a high level in the sport realize this and probably coax their kids that way at a young age.

Fielder, Kelly, Avila and Fister.

Is 11 ABs a big enough sample to base a start on? 3 of those 5 hits came over two years ago in June of 2010 when Brennan was hitting everybody.

not really, but it’s a good question. how many ABs does it take before it’s realized that a hitter “can’t hit” or “wears out” a pitcher? somewhere between 15-30 ABs (4-7 games worth).

15-30 ABs would be my guess

Yeah, that’s about right. 25 is a generally accepted solid sample, but 15 gives you something to go on. Looks like it may have been based on Raburn’s injury, though.

No not really. Here’s a good one. We have faced Peavy five times this year. We have six guys who have batted against him between 10 and 20 times. Surprize Cabrera and Fielder have clobbered him. Delmon only 7 abs but with 3 hits. Why so few abs??? Well, he was 0 for 3 against him in 2007!!!!!!!!! That can’t be why. Tell me it is not so.

May have hit on the real sample our manager is using. 40 abs against all Chicago pitching with THREE dingers this year for Brennan!!!!!!! It’s Chicago @ Detroit go get’em Brennan!!!

Freep Tigers ‏@freeptigers
Leyland left open possibility Cabrera would go to DH if he isn’t moving well in pre-game. Tigs have best lineup when Cabrera is at 3b.

Tom Gage ‏@Tom_Gage
no Adam Dunn in White Sox lineup vs #Tigers – sore right oblique
wasn’t Dunn one of the guys who was flailing at Benoit’s nasty forkball yesterday?

Yes, he was. Third out.

So excited to see Garcia in Detroit! We could use a feel good story, and some youthful energy and a couple of hits from him could maybe help this team shake its seemingly interminable lethargy.

And Brennan getting a start against a lefty is good news and being back in the two spot can only help him.

Avila must be starting because hes been hitting the ball with so much authority lately. Maybe the skipper had one of his clairvoyant episodes hes periodically afflicted with – “maybe he’ll run into one today” as he likes to say. I guess if you say that often enough youre bound to be occasionally right.

Playing Miguel at 3rd again though, that way lies madness. The man can barely walk and hes supposed to man such a difficult position. I know it makes the line up weaker but how will the ankle get better without rest? I still think he should have sat out the KC series – then he would’ve had five straight days off. He will need a block like that at some point.

Did anyone see the interview with Doug Fister? He’s ambidextrous. Throws right-handed and writes with his left. Something like 1% of the population have this unique gift. He said if ever there was a reason he could not pitch right handed, he’d probably take time to work as a lefty. Amazing!

For most of last night I thought he was trying to throw left handed. He was a wild, wild man. Just ask Alexi Ramirez.

I had a drummer once that was ambidextrous. You don’t see that everyday.
Or as Yogi supposedly said about Mantle, “he was of those ambadextrial guys.”

John Adams wasn’t one of them.🙂

Noooo he wasn’t.

Bryce Harper just pulled off a baserunning play that not only reminded me of Kirk Gibson, but must have been what Ty Cobb used to look like out there. Anybody see that?

Have not posted in a while but why did our loveable manager take Peralta out of the 5 spot? Do you think that is why some of our guys don’t hit? They never know who they follow. Did not see the game last night but looking forward to watching tonight. The last 2 KC games made me cry! Go Tigers!

max with some good bite on the slider so far.

So Leslie Nilsen is calling the strikes?

Can anyone tell me why Dirks is not playing? One of the hottest hitters and besides he also is lefty like Bosech.

I like the comment on Leyland managing like it is 1992. No he does not hit but does not know how to use the players he is given. Let’s see how he uses the call ups. Go Tigers!

Grinding the AB

That at bat by Avila was just plain pathetic. Is he even interested in competing?
— Bob

i don’t question avila’s desire to compete. he did look overmatched in that AB though. when liriano has his slider going he can make hitters look bad.

Avisail is hustling

He appears to have some serious speed.

I hope the 3rd doesn’t come back and bite us.
Serving up two hanging sliders got what they deserved.
Is Alex on a huge contract we don’t know about?? I wonder if a catcher has ever been pinch hit for in the 3rd?

Avila will get the day off tomorrow against a tough lefty Sale. the strike 2 pitch to Garcia was a breaking ball that Liriano left up…best pitch of that AB from hitter’s perspective…Garcia watched it.

Bob, why did alex swing at that first pitch? The coach should have given him the take sign. I hope Garcia gets a hit but why is Dirks sitting. And no Laird? Where is the lefty righty strategy?

There’s no way Avila should have been in the lineup to begin with. We’ve been saying that here for awhile now. We can see it, we know he needs to be rested, we know he doesn’t play well when he’s hurt. We know he won’t touch a LHP and that it is a prime time to give Laird a go. We know all that. JL doesn’t seem to get it.
Was surprised to see Boesch in the lineup and really surprised to see him batting 2nd. Happy with that!!
The Tigers would be smart to get this guy out of the game. Work him for a few more walks and get a hit or two. Get into and tire out that bullpen.

Oh man. We’ve seen our guys do this over and over this year. They get a pitcher on the ropes but they can’t knock him out. Maybe they should have placed Thomas Hearns on the 40 man roster.

That at bat by Avila was probably the worst one (and he’s had lots) of the year.

Tough break for Max. I think he had Viciedo out on strikes.
All it takes are two mistakes and the game is tied.

No constest. Verlander ERA is far lower than Scherzer´s with half RS

liriano has left several breaking pitches up in the zone, good to see young aggressively go after one.

cabrera had one that he took for ball 4 last inning.

Hit the yellow line . HR?

I would think so. Hits yellow line and it’s a HR, I thought.

I want to reiterate what Dan & Jim just said about Delmon. There was absolutely no doubt Delmon hit a HR in Kansas City. No doubt.

They called it the “non-homerun” last night.

Delmon! That has to be the longest ball never hit out of Comerica Park

Time for a PH

Unfortunately it looks like 2 inches is gonna cost us that run.
JL has half a brain after all and pinch-hits Laird for Avila..
I won’t be able to stand another K or weak dribbler by Alex.. And Yes, credit to Rich here, at least bat him 9th.

good spot for Dirks ph for Garcia? seems a bit early for all these matchup switches though.

Of course. And to add insult to injury, Avila swung at ball 4.
Now JL playing this guy all the time, makes no sense to me at all. He showed last year that when he’s worn out, he’s done. He looks pretty worn out to me.
keep grinding him away Leyland.. Why not call up another catcher for the bench!!
Doesn’t seem to matter how many you have you only use one.

First hit, first RBI

he’s had a couple of fine ABs. good to see that he can go with the pitch hard to the opposite field.

Way to go, kid. Way to pick up the so called “professional veterans”
I cant get over how much he resembles Cabrera. Even his batting stance and the way he took that pitch to right field. If he turns out to be anything like Miggy, we will have something special here. He has had two great at bats.
— Bob

I don’t like to complain about umps, but if my name was Max, I sure would be.

i’ll say it again, Max has a dynamite slider tonight.

0 for 17 with RISP

what do you guys think about ventura doing all these matchup switches in the 5th and 6th innings? doesn’t seem like something leyland would do if presented similar situation.

Someone remembered it is contract year

Delmon just said “fast ball” to Legendary Lloyd.

by my count, ventura still has 6 more bullpen arms he could use tonight.

make that 4…they had 11 in the pen to start the night

Well, I see nothing wrong with calling up Adam Wilk. Last I looked, we have Smyly as long man, downs as a lefty and Run & Coke who can’t do the job at all.
Wilk throwws strikes and gets ground balls. We called up Marte who to me is a bit redundant, fine to have him, but it would not have “cluttered our bullpen” to have another lefty out there.

Pinch run for him

cabrera giving leyland the “thumbs up” sign from first base during the pitching change

Nice at bat by Miggy. Now JL needs to use the half a brain he didn’t use in not hitting for Avila and pinch run for Cabby. There is no good reason to leave him in. None.

valverde was warming up with a 4 run lead?

1 for 19 with RISP.
8-16 for last 24 on the road
1-7 at Copa

How many shutouts has Valverde blown this year?

I think it is the second. The one by Verlander the opening day and this

Can anyone explain to me why VV was pitching? Not a save situation. He needed 19 pitches to get 3 outs. Will he be able to come back tomorrow? Does JL really believe that the only one who can pitch in the 9th inning is VV? I know we won, but……..

And Villareal was warming too

40,000 people on a holiday weekend. He is the final act of the show. The game finisher.

Well maybe he will be forced to go with Benoit tomorrow.
(Trying to look at the bright side!)
As to VV. He’s unreliable. Simple: Unreliable.
Doesn’t have the splitter any longer.
He not only threw 19 pitches tonight, three of the them were smoked to right centre.
Another amazing outing by Max and the scary thing, now we expect them.
No pressure Max!!!

By winning the first two, we have averted any major disasters this weekend. That’s the best part. Now we can go after the sweep without reservations.
Miggy was moving around much better tonight. Something we were discussing here at home was, can players receive cortisone shots without breaking an MLB rule?
I guess everyone knew that Scherzer had this type of potential, but it’s still shocking to see it happening. What he did to a veteran hitter like Konerko was incredible.
I thought the biggest hit of the game came from Garcia. We were about to fail yet again but the kid puts us up 3 runs. Huge.
I suppose JL wants Avila doing the catching because he sure isn’t hitting. Tonight, that’s about the sickest expression on the face of any hitter I’ve ever seen. He was completely lost up there. Max complimented Alex for calling a great game so I’ll go along with that. And yeah, Jim can hit him 9th. Catchers shouldn’t have to help carry the offense so much.
I’ll have to credit Youk for sprinting to the dugout rail just in case Prince tumbled over on that foul pop. Being a 1st and 3rdbaseman, he’s tuned into that danger.
Finally, I don’t see the need to do the celebratory deep knee bend, Valverde. I know you’d won a good pitcher-hitter battle with AJ, but it was the first out of the inning. I don’t blame AJ for being ticked at you. Cool it, will ya?

can players receive cortisone shots without breaking an MLB rule? Yes:Zumaya received one in september ,2006 . Polanco after his injury on the shoulder. And Sheffield after Polanco ran into him.Among others:

Good evening to all my fellow Tiger Fanatics. I suppose everyone is feeling okay about tonight’s game. Nice to get the series wins out of the way quickly. That way Hawk can really whine tomorrow evening. It’s about time for J V to get a win, and then we can have a 29 game battle for Central Champs. This was a nice victory in many respects. Alex’s lack of quality at bats is the most alarming thing happening right now. Maybe he’s pressing way too much. Omar has leveled off; I guess Jim screams at him like he’s 10. There were lots of good points from the game, so let me share the three things I like the most:
1. Mr. Scherzer’s total dominance of the Sox. We are now talking about a pitcher who is achieving Ace success. I’m looking soon for that first career complete game.
2. Chicago had their leadoff hitter on only two of the nine innings, and both times it was Wise. Scherzer only walks one.
3. Miguel’s run scoring single in the 8th. to score a coffin run. It’s been a while since we’ve had a five run lead. And with VV pitching in a non-save game, heaven knows you probably need 5.

Kudos for Mr. Mustache, D Young on his continued clutch hitting, and congrats to Senor Garcia for his first ML hit and RBI. A feel good win. Get the broom ready. Good night all!

I don’t subscribe to the catcher shouldn’t have to hit theory (myth).
Berra, Carter, Munson, Sanguillen, Pudge, Bench, Roseboro, Freehan, Price (just kidding) heck even Parrish.
Avila can hit—hi did last year. Average and power.
No excuses for this hitting behaviour.

I said he shouldn’t have to carry the offense so much, not that he didn’t need to hit at all. For every catcher named here, there are probably a thousand who didn’t hit much. I’ll count last year as Avila’s first as a starter and perhaps this is the sophomore slump. The jury is out. This year, I’d just hit him 9th and use Laird more than he has been used.

I agree to that—just no free pass for him. He’s got to contribute.some offensively. If he doesn’t ,it makes it very difficult to win out.

JL writes with his left hand. I have always found that a little odd. I presume the letters “A” & “V” are easier to write with your left hand than the letters “L” & “”D”.

Well national stage tonight for Tigers and Verlander. Let’s hope they perform properly.
Let’s get Infante going. Boesch had a pretty impressive and timely triple, but the rest of the game was pretty brutal. If Raburn can’t go then they need to have Dirks back in.
Delmon is scary hot right now.
Not sure why JL couldn’t just “manage” and take Cabby out for a pinch runner. Yes he gave the thumbs up and all, but Leyland is supposed to call the shots. If Prince doubles and Cabby has to run maybe he aggravates the sprain rounding a bag going for the plate? Maybe Jimbo figured with VV coming in he shouldn’t take Cabby out just yet!!!
But seriously, you have Ramon and Worth on the bench. C’mon.

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