Cabrera: “I take the heat. … What am I going to do?”

Jim Leyland was relatively quiet on the Miguel Cabrera situation before Friday’s game, other than to say he’s not totally healthy and that the right ankle that limited him to DH for a stretch last weekend is clearly still bothering him. He didn’t want to wade into the mire about Cabrera seemingly slowing up on his way to first base on Thursday’s game-ending double play.

After Friday’s game, the question came up again, and he jumped in. So did Cabrera.

“Exactly what happened was, that ball that he hit was real close to the bag,” Leyland said of the double play. “It was probably [looking like] a routine [play], because there were guys on first and second. That was his first reaction, when it was hit.  The foot’s hurting, then he realized what was going on and he tried to get after it.

“He wasn’t dogging it, contrary to what people want to make of it. I think it was so close to the bag, it looked like a simple boom-boom [play]. When you try to accelerate on something like that, it’s hard coming out of that box to accelerate. Watch him run right now. It’s hard. Even when he deked the guy, the center fielder [Friday], it wasn’t like he was burning up the basepaths. I defend him 100 percent in that situation.”

Cabrera didn’t offer a self-defense so much as he said it’s a criticism he’s going to have to take.

“Always, people are going to be saying negative things,” Cabrera said. “They say yesterday I’ve got to run hard to first, so that’s something I have to take to go out there and do what I can. I can’t control that. If people want to talk about that, say that, what am I going to do? You have to take it.”

He did, however, admit that his ankle is seriously bothering him.

“When you play hurt, people aren’t going to see that,” he said. “People are always going to talk negative things. If they say I’ve got to run hard to first base right there, I have to take it. Nobody tells me to go out there and play hurt.”

No, they don’t, but it’s going to be up to Leyland to take him out of the lineup, or off of the field, if he feels like Cabrera’s making the ankle worse by playing or if he’s becoming less and less productive. And after two errors on Friday, plus a few other instances where the ankle was clearly bothering him, Leyland said he was going to sleep on the idea whether he should put Cabrera in at DH on Saturday.

The Tigers face left-handed pitchers the next couple nights with Francisco Liriano and Chris Sale, so they could put Delmon Young in left field and only cost themselves a left-handed hitter. They’d still have to figure out what to do at third base, a spot that could go to Danny Worth if he’s a September call-up as expected.


It’s pretty clear he is playing hurt and is very very uncomfortable. When he was walking back and forth on the field the look on his face. Unfortunately I think he needs to DH.

Just like I said a week ago: Remember when Magglio had a sore ankle and what that led to?

While I’m at it, there is no excuse for any of the players taking their time out of the box for any reason (maybe for a no-doubt HR) because anything can happen. The ball gets dropped, bad relay, etc. We’ve seen it happen with our own team gawd knows how many times. No dogging to 1st for any reason. Get out of that box and run like crazy. That’s what fans expect. 100% effort.

imo the Magglio injury was a fluke…don’t believe we can anticipate a similar fate for Miguel. we probably agree that a player who has minor injury is more likely than healthy player to sustain a major injury, but the risk doesn’t seem much higher to me. lightning can strike anywhere, anytime.

Wow, talk about chewing yesterday’s breakfast. A mire? I used the phrase “dogged it” myself on Thursday night, so I guess I better expand on it. It appears to me that most big league players, having played so much baseball, decide early out of the box what the result will be. They’re usually right, but you will still often see a guy suddenly speed up when a ball drops, gets through the outfielder, etc. Very few veterans sprint out of the box, with Prince being a notable exception. I regard that as “dogging it” and it applies to nearly every player and is part of the game as it’s played in the big leagues. I don’t like it, but that’s the norm and hardly worth creating a “mire.” Now, you’d be lying if you said you also didn’t think that ball was a doubleplay off the bat. We break up very few DPs and it was surprising to see Dirks doing it. I don’t think our players are used to that happening.
To start a fuss over this is silly. Cabrera, on those bad ankles, is still tagging up on short flies to make it to 3rdbase. That’s leadership by example.
Before the internet and talk radio, this stuff went on without comment for the most part. Fan discussions were limited to the ballpark, the local tavern, and the watercooler. If our fanbase is going to start complaining about someone like Cabrera, we don’t have much of a fanbase.
Without details on exactly what kind of injury Miggy has, it’s difficult to comment on what they should do. He’ll need to play this series, but he can get days off afterward. We should be able to win some games without him if everyone else steps up. Teams do it all the time.

The play was unfortunate. Would he have been running if it were 1st & 3rd? Yes.
He was probably still frustrated with his previous 2 critical Ks with man on 3rd in each of the preceeding games when he hit a 1st pitch sure-fire DP. All that combined with the bad wheels. Fielder whould have had to come up with a 2 out hit anyway.
Water under the bridge for sure. I am far more concerned with why he whiffed those times with that rib-eye on 3rd. That’s not like him at all.

Absolutely Rich. DH and rest. Pick the spots. Because if Miggy doesn’t heal (at least partially) the problem only gets worse, at like playoff time. You can pay me now or you can pay me later.
Regarding that play. Sure it hurt and there really are no excuses. Miguel’s not making any. He’s a leader and a hustler. He does more than his share just about all the time. Kathy is exactly right. You need to be hustling on every play. Never take anything for granted. That game’s done now. Miggy will be better for it as well as every one else.

Cleveland has lost six in a row and come to town on Monday. I get nervous about series against a team on a long losing streak, since they tend to turn it around, or a team that has just win 3 or 4 in a row and is heating up.
The sight of Joe West makes me nervous too, so it’s not hard to do.

Mr. Magoo’s twin brother………..I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.

I was referring to the real Mr. Magoo. Whoever came up with him in reference to our third base coach, I thought it was hilarious.

tigers have just 2 off days rest of the season. it will be interesting to see how leyland manages this with cabrera. seems to me that leyland puts a lot of decision making weight on body language. he talked about raburn before his demotion as looking like “deer in headlights” and villarreal earlier as appearing uncomfortable on the mound. cabrera’s body language is bad right now, and apparent to everyone in the park. didn’t even celebrate with his usual enthusiasm after hitting HR.
so it’s probably going to be a day-to-day decision for awhile. expecting him to DH today. he didn’t pass the eyeball test yesterday.

Something was bothering Liriano during his last outing. Walking out of the mound he was showing pain or discomfort. This could be a short outing for him. The ChiSox bullpen was overused all the week because of the Floyd ´s injury and the early exit of a couple of their starters.
Against Liriano:
Miguel Cabrera:333/1177 2 HR 6 SO
Peralta. 281/847 12 SO
Avila 3 for 5
Fielder 167/389 8 SO
Boesch: 5 for 14 455/ 1117 .He used to be good against LHP. Most of the damage was done in 2010
Infante : 1 for 7
DY : 3 for 5 . He likes to hit against the Twins
Jackson: 4 for 23.He has no AB this year against Liriano. His splits were inverted until this year

I dont think Fister is injured . He is suffering low defense.Last night there were too many mistakes.Beside the errors and the bad throws. The single by Dunn was within the the reach of Boesch. By the time Jackson realized that Boesch was expecting him to catch it , it was too late. Dirks misplayed badly the double. He was late with the jump.
And , JL waited too long to send Jones to calm down Fister.

Rod Allen seemed to think Fister’s groin was still bothering him because his command wasn’t usual. might also be that he just didn’t have a good feel for his pitching mechanics after the rest and rehab. only Fister, maybe the trainer and pitching coach know for sure.

Let’s count our blessings. That play had the potential to end much like the Ryan Howard ground out to end the Phillies’ playoffs last year. We don’t want that.

Leyland and Cabrera gave reasonable explanations. does anybody really think he was “dogging it” with the game on the line? seems rather absurd to me. the guy is hurting and it affects his performance baserunning and in the field. he’s a gamer so it’s up to Leyland to decide when Cabrera’s limitations hurt the team too much.

Wonder why they call it “dogging it”? Most dogs hustle pretty well.
Miggy may have to DH quite a bit, which means we need a 3rdbaseman. Wish we had one in the system…………wait a minute………

Last baseball tweet 4 while … #Tigers to call up @MudHens Danny Worth, Ryan Raburn, Bryan Holaday Don Kelly, Luis Marte, Al Albuquerque


Don Kelly…………

DFA Baker opened a spot for Raburn but to recall Kelly they would need to DFA someone. The roster has been already updated but no Raburn or Kelly yet.Marte, Holaday and Worth already there. Al AL tomorrow

History lesson. At this point, I can only find one time in the Tigers’ long history that we won a title and had a losing record on the road. It’s possible it happened back in 1907-09 but you will have to find the proof. The time it did happen would be the 1945 team which finished 38-39 on the road that season. We must become road warriors, if we want to win this thing. Our current road record is 30-35. We are down to sixteen road games so time is wasting. Does 11-5 on the road the rest of the way sound possible???

I would order night googles for them :36-41. Night games

You’ve found another bad number. They have flaws.

Have we played over 50 day games???

Yes, 34-20. In april many home games were played by day

The Twins in 2010 and ChiSox in 2008 won a title and had a losing record on the road.

Don Kelly gets rewarded for being……..Don Kelly.

Is it possible Raburn is being traded??

Why would you say that? Just curious have you heard something.

Last game with Toledo 8/29. Wouldn’t you want him playing every night until you bring him up ?? Well, now he will just come off the bench so he needs to not play!!!!!!

Not worried about Miggys heart, worried about his ankles.

thumbs up to this sentiment…almost all tiger fans are with you on that.

Either the Orioles or A’s may gamble on his September history.

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