Tigers call up Garcia, DFA Baker

Tigers five-tool prospect Avisail Garcia is getting the call to the big leagues — not a September call-up, an August 31 call-up.

After word out of Erie earlier today that Garcia was getting called up, the Tigers announced this afternoon that they were calling him up in time for tonight’s game against the White Sox. He’ll take the spot of Jeff Baker, who has been designated for assignment.

Garcia leaves Double-A Erie with a .312 batting average in 55 games, having homered six times with 22 RBIs and an .810 OPS. After Nick Castellanos, he might be the best offensive prospect the Tigers have, and is probably the best all-around position prospect in the upper levels of the organization.

“I thought he was one of the best all-around tools players we have [in the system],” manager Jim Leyland.

Garcia was en route to Detroit as of mid-afternoon and is expected to arrive in time for the game. Leyland said he’ll play tomorrow night against White Sox lefty Francisco Liriano. He’ll be an option as a defensive replacement in games against right-handers, and Leyland didn’t rule out giving him a stretch of games if he heats up at the plate.

As for Baker, who went 7-for-35 with 10 strikeouts in 15 games for the Tigers after his trade from the Cubs, Leyland said, “It’s certainly unfair to judge a guy in the short time we’ve seen him. It just wasn’t working.”


Sometimes your hopes come to fruition. I think it is far more sensible to make this move and to make it a day BEFORE rosters expand. Baker was NOT going to help in October. Garcia MIGHT. You never know what a kid might do when he breaks in. He can run, he can field, he can hit for power and those are all things Baker doesn’t do.
Garcia can also hit RHP.
He does strike out a lot. Welcome to the show.

BTW—I would have called up Al Q too (today) if they would have had someone they could have sent down for 15 days. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Dirks 7, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Young dh, Boesch 9, Avila 2, Peralta 6, Infante 4. Fister is starting
Al AL can be in the postseason as long as I know,if he is on DL tommorrow.


No, he was reactivated last thursday.Still, there is on spot open by Schlereth.

Anybody who hasn’t seen Garcia will see a kid who, from a distance, looks like a slightly smaller version of Cabrera. Same build.
Having seen a lot of Bryce Harper this year, he was a kid no one knew how to pitch to in the beginning, and even when they did get him figured out, he still brought something the Nats needed: energy. Tons of it. Hopefully we can get the same boost. It’s a good call. Hope management is rewarded by a positive impact.

Or as Mr. Spock of Star Trek once did, management used logic to reason out that it was time for an act of total desperation.

Tell him they want him to hit better than .200, catch a few fly balls and steal a few bases. Don’t put any pressure on him if it is going to affect him negatively. They should know pretty quick.

Rios 7 for 8 off Fister. Don’t allow anymore of that. Pitch around him if need be.

hopefully either Garcia or Raburn will provide some quality ABs in September. Leyland, in his pregame radio interview yesterday, alluded to the Baker move: “Baker hasn’t taken care of lefties like we thought he would.”

Miggy is a great leader. He knows he pulled up on that grounder last night. And he is making amends.
Great job, Miggy.
— Bob

There’s Boesch with a hit with RISP but no run. That’s how we do it. That .284 is meaningless.
Let’s see if Fister is going to help us tonight. Not sure yet.

Oh Fister—you totally missed your location to AJ. You could smell that one getting jacked.
And Avila reminded us all of how bad he has been this year and how the team can’ stomp a pitcher when he’s down.
Couldn’t take advantage of the DY walk—Young tried hard not to walk (swung wildy at 2 balls) then Avila jus rolls over (literally).

At the game. The wind is blowing out o left….right as Miggy came up to bat I was like throw the pitch if he hits it to left it will go out because it was rreally gusty at that point. I called it.
Unfortunately I also called the predictable double play by avila. Sac. Fly anyone my god!

I have a feeling Avisail will not be a Wilkin Ramirez. It would be nice to have a position player from our farm come through big for a change.
I always seems as though there are a number of players that we have to “worry” about. Infante is one of those for me right now. I like the guy but he seems to be “off”.
Pretty to watch our AJ run-the RBI by Dirks was very big.

What is the deal if Omar. He has Steve Sax syndrome. Cant make a throw to first. I hate the rule that you cannot assume a double play. That is BS. Yes you can. That should be an error.
— Bob

Another botched double play

Seriously, Omar. You dont even know the outs. And you notice that Mario and Rod did not even call him on it. What a couple of company shills they are.
— Bob

Omar is playing tight. Offense and obviously defense too.
He is distracted and laying in the moment. On the Rios forceout for the 2nd out Infante was running off the field. He’s just not playing the game the way he can.

Four mistakes there, Dunn single was within reach for Boesch.Bad throw. Fail to manage the throw .And the head in another place.
And the manager must go there to calm him down

To calm down Fister

Holy Cow. What is going on with Avila? 1st pitch swinging pop-up?
Hopefully Leyland has enough sense to catch Laird tomorrow.
Avila is out to lunch right now.

And while I am in complaint mode—Fielder has to become a better one. He does not pick-it anywhere nearly as much as an average major league 1st sacker.

Comedy this ining really funny. Giving you an out and you f’ it up and now another hit batter.

I feel like the Benny Hill music should be playing when we are in the field.
— Bob

This 4th inning is absolutely ridiculous. The lack of range of Peralta and Cabrera severely evident.
Also, our pitching coach needs to have a poster in the locker room that says: ” The count is 0-2—bury a slider in the dirt”.

I honestly don’t know what Fister is thinking out there on the mound.. He and Avila are on some other plane(t).

I fully expect Youkilis to hit a Grand Slam

Middle of the 4th. Take Fister out now.

Have they had Smyly warming up at all?
Even the out we got at the end was a poor throw and a rather tentative catch. We got lucky in that inning that the Sox didn’t put the game out of reach.

Well, Omar is truly struggling. Don’t know why. Maybe Jim gets on his nerves. He’s good with every other team.

Miguel looks like he’s in pain. Fister isn’t right either.

No he (Fister) is not. He’s actually wild Hopefully he doesn’t groove one to Beckham.

Got away with another inning. Fister over a hundred now. I’d bring Smyly in too.
BTW, Tigers traded Baker to the braves for a PTBNL.


A lead off double and a hustle to get to 3rd sac fly Dy. Do they even know what one is. Sure alex will strike out

Completely predictable.

I actually would have run Boesch. The way Avila is swinging (kinda looks Ramon-like) you may as well try to get Pierzynski to throw one away. He does do that.
Far more chance of scoring than counting on Avila. Avila proves the cliche: “he couldn’t hit the water if he fell out of a boat.”

Also choked at DY and Prince. Prnce should be giving himself up by trying to hit one to the right side. Young again fails with a man on 3rd. Ho often have we seen this happen this year.
For a relatively smart man Young is sure a stupid hitter some times. Why would he swing at anything on the outside part of the plate on the 1st pitch. Obviously the pitchers know they don’t need to throw him a strike-he’s got to figure out sometime that he’s better off ahead in the count.
Leadoff doubles mean nothing to the Tigers. Heck I’ve seen a couple of times we couldn’t score with leadoff triples.

Dan & Jim said Dotel is warming up.

Man on 3rd 1 out for the White Sox. I’ll bet they don’t do what we do.

No chance in hell. They know what a sac fly is not the supposed professionals in white

We need a minor miracle to get out of this jam.

Sure looked like smyly threw a few good pitches to dunn that should of been called strikes? I don’t know u guys at home tell me?

Not to me. Looked like he was missing.

LOB: Detroit: 6 RISP: 2 for 7 / CWS:10 RISP : 0 for 9

Avila’s whole game is off. So right now we have Infante and Avila hurting on both sides of the ball.
Wise would have scored but Avila is not bothering trying to block the plate anymore. Noticed this a while ago.
We really do need to see Laird more. I say that even after Laird looked a little uncharacteristic last night (dropping pitched balls).
More unearned runs today.
We let Peavy get away with murder tonight. He hasn’t pitched that well, been in trouble but can’t knock him out, he’s had the ump pi$$ed at him too. Should be into the bullpen by now.

Who wants to win less than the other guy?
AJ is character guy. Kills us again and on the dreaded 0-2 pitch.
Do you think the Sox will not score the leadoff double?

LOB 11. RISP: 0 for 12. CWS

Hard to believe. I’m pleased mind you, but to see 2 teams not be able to produce at this time of the year?

1st 2 guys on. Prince has to stay out of the DP. His is a pretty big at bat considering who follows him

Pinch me!! Did not expect DY to come through at all.

That was DY’s 1st hit with the basesloaded this year.

Peavy looked a little peevy.

I’d think about putting Garcia in RF for the 8th

DY POG. Detroit 8-4 for the season
Cabrera was not pleased with Valverde

Man, is it ever good to win the first one. Can you imagine two days of backs against the wall with this team?
Delmon finally got one of those gappers that JL talks about. Huge hit (then makes the 1st out at 3rdbase, sigh). Dirks came up big, Miggy doing his usual late season MVP push. Benoit was outstanding.
Fister must still be injured and, if so, he’s got to quit lying about it. He’s not helping us by trying to gut it out. This is no time to be that kind of hero. Anyway, after he got through the 5th I wanted Dotel then. Glad this stuff all worked out.
Our infield is a gag reel in the making. These guys need to relax, all four of them. They’re playing tight. How about we have them dress up in prom gowns or something to lighten the mood? I’m only half kidding. And don’t try to picture it, you’ll damage your brain beyond repair.
On Avila, I’d say just hit him 9th like many catchers do and that’s that. He’s got enough on his plate.

I’m getting a perverse kick out of the Orioles chasing the Yankees like this. They’re 2 back, just like us.

Baker traded to atl for PTBNL

Speaking of Atlanta, I’ll bet Omar loved playing for Bobby Cox, who is a legitimate HOF manager. Not a pretender like some.

As to Avila—no, can’t a gree on him getting this much playing time. Sure bat him 9th but don’t forget about Gerald Laird. He’s one of the few guys on this team that can actually inspire others on the field.

I’m with you on that. Play Laird more and simplify the lineup by hitting them both 9th when they play. Jim will figure that out at some point.

They gone. This game is over. Can of corn. No duck snorts. LOL. No, I am not drinking. These Tigers want me to though.

lol! I’m actually laughing and smiling.

It must be the mustache. Delmon actually comes up big in the five hole, and cleans the bases. His dance step got tangled up trying to male it to third. Isn’t it amazing what a little hitting can do for a team, even when your starter is struggling. It’s a recipe for success I tell you. I know it pressures the team, but the Miggster needs to DH for about a week. Put Delmon in at third. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold.
I really hope that Hawk enjoyed his evening at Comerica. Put it on the board, Hawk,
Tigers 7- Sox 4. Mr. Scherzer’s up tomorrow; this is the one we really needed to get. Maybe some Momentum for the homestretch!
There ere lots of things to like about this game, but here are the three I chose:
1. The team never trailed from first to last pitch. It makes the game so much more enjoyable to watch.
2. Benot’s Trifecta in the 8th. Welcome back Juaquin!
3. The Jackson triple and Dirks double in the bottom of the second to get back the Sox run in the top of the second. And they were 2 out hits. Awesome Dudes!

Avila continues to wonder around like Alice in Wonderland. I had thought he might have turned the corner, but he truly looks lost. Kudos to Jhonny and Octavio. Valverde did okay too. Savor this victory, and march on to a sweep. then we can talk about a pennant. Good night all!

A bases loaded knock for Delmon!! About time–took 5 months to happen.
His bat wants to get hot and maybe this will keep it hot.
Peralta put on the best swing he has had all year long on that go ahead homer.
The going gets tougher tomorrow. 2 quality lefties to deal with. The Tigers almost NEED to sweep the Sox. Huge if they do. And big enough if they just take 2 out of 3. Can’t think of any other outcome.

The Benoit performance was magnificent. He’s gotta be the closer if Valverde wets the bed.

You’ve been watching Valverde guzzle too many bottles of water as the final act of his ritual before leaving the bull pen Dan. It has that effect doesn’t it?

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