Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals

It’s a righty-heavy lineup for Royals left-hander Bruce Chen, except that Alex Avila stays behind the plate, presumably because he seems to work better with Anibal Sanchez. Ramon Santiago, 3-for-6 with two doubles off Chen, gets the start at shortstop and rests Jhonny Peralta, 3-for-20 off Chen. Andy Dirks, 2-for-5 off Chen, not only starts but bats second.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Jeff Baker, RF
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Anibal Sanchez


  1. Jarrod Dyson, CF
  2. Alcides Escobar, SS
  3. Alex Gordon, LF
  4. Billy Butler, DH
  5. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  6. Lorenzo Cain, RF
  7. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  8. Brayan Pena, C
  9. Johnny Giavotella, 2B

P: Bruce Chen


Peralta or no? Intro says he rests, lineup says he’s playing short? …. 2B or SS for Infante? Intro says shortstop, lineup says 2B.

Correction: SS or 2B for Santiago, not Infante.

Other posted lineups have Santiago replacing Infante, hitting 9th.

I don’t think Jason is even in KC, and he’s posting these lineups to give us a space to vent, I mean, comment. So thanks to Jason.

My mistake on Peralta/Santiago. I ran up to the press box in Toledo to blog the lineup real quick and then left to get some pregame stuff down here.

How can Peralta be in the lineup when you say he is being rested?

More concerned about Avila being in the lineup. He’s just downright bad right now.
I’d be playing Laird.

Never got to listen to Justin’s interview since I turned the TV off the minute Leland exclaimed the umpires made the right call. He makes me sick. That was a HR just like Galaragga threw a perfect game. Jim just kisses you know what.

I know it was a homer, but that doesn’t help much. The closeup video was so deteriorated that no one could tell what they were seeing. I’d like to have an explanation of how they reached their conclusion. Did they look at the longer and clearer view? It’s a big secret. The thing is, if the umpire had made the correct call on the field, they would have upheld that too. Everybody was so shocked that Delmon hit one down the RF line that they were caught off guard. Again anticipating plays. Saw enough of that in Boston.

Last night and earlier today, I was convinced it was foul. I got home tonight cued it back up and watched again by freezing the picture frame by frame. On the camera angle from fair territory, there is a frame where you can see a white blur over the yellow pole. Fair ball !!!! To those of you who were sure it was fair, I concede. You were right. And yet again, we are on the wrong end of one of these calls.
Gotta shake it off and battle back tonight.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I can’t see how they could possibly get it wrong. I know there is no standardization of cameras but presumably they had a good enough look.
Doesn’t change the pitching changes.

Not a lot of concenous about that call. Looking at replays, reading accounts from media and members of the Tigers who were there. Dickerson thinks it was fair. Mario, Verlander, Leyland Chris Iott foul. Me depends on which angle you look at.? All I can say it seems to be the way things are going this year.
White Soxs already up by 4.

That’s precisely the way they are going.
BTW, Castellanos is going through a period where he is not hitting and not even making contact.
He’s not ready.

Not feeling good about tonight. Sanchez is questionable. Chen has given Tigers fits. Sox are ahead 4-0. JV was used like a punching bag last night. When was the last time the Tigers scored 8 runs and lost?

…..and Coke was asked to get one LHB out. (groan)

I still don’t understand why all the blame is resting on people who really had very little to do with the loss. JV deserves most of it, not that you can’t look at little things but it comes down to JV’s inability to get outs.

The horse is dead, stop beating it!

Yes Sir!

Oh my—Cabby is starting to “pressurize”. That’s not a good sign.
Two nights in a row leaving a runner on 3rd with 1 out?
Chen back to back Ks. Gross.

Gonna be hard to score tonight.
Somebody please tell me that DD is serious when he think a championship caliber team can afford to have Baker, Berry on the 25 man? What does that tell you about the state of your outfield?

Soxs just picked up a few more runs….better wake up!

Just knowing that DD & JL feel this is a good team makes most of us wonder. If we are to believe what JL preaches….”pitching wins games”, last night is on JV and Leyland for throwing in Phil Choke.

Miggy has altered his cut and is not rotating his back side. Spells trouble for him and the Tigers. Miggy needs to sit down and recover. Or he needs to be shot up.

Well 1 hit and 1 walk through 4 innings….just won’t cut it. The thing with Chen although he isn’t the best pitcher on the planet and we have certainly have been able to hit him in the past. He can also be tricky and hard to hit on any given night, That being said pick it up boys this is ridiculous.

It’s a trap series in front of the Chicago set and we’re falling into the trap. Really some dead ABs tonight.

Well other than AJ and Sanchez did anyone else come to play? This is just sad.

Boy.Miggy looks like he is in a ton of pain running the bases there.

Playing his heart out and getting no help from his mates. Hard to watch.

Another wated opportunity. Boy ths isn’t feeling good is it. Sac Fly that’s ll that was needed and zip. Needed Young hitting not being thrown at.

A double play ball not turned again terrific!

We’ve got to lead the planet in blown DPs. I thought Jim was leaving Sanchez in too long but it worked out. Excellent game by Anibal.

Another quality start by Sanchez. Plus 70%(?) this year. Nice deal by DD. ElTigre, your guy is really okay.

I don’t want the Tigers to lose tonight.

Chen has an era in Aug of mid 5’s….mid 8’s in July. My god Tigers I just don’t understand this team…a true Jekyll and Hyde. But I have been close to giving up a lot on them but unless White Soxs collapse I just don’t see it. We seem to be stymied quite a bit with sub-par trick lefties…but other teams don’t. We hit we don’t pitch..pitch we don’t hit, I won’t even talk about the fielding. It’s just doesn’t feel like a winner most of the time.

Oh did Miggy get robbed…..crap

Called a strike and way outside.

Not one of those first 3 pitches to Peralta was a strike. Umpire an ???

Not a play off team!

To not be accused of always blaming JL … this was all on the hitters. A hapless uninspired effort with throw away at bats. Something you would expect from a team not in a pennant race. 8 runs last night … shutout tonight. Yep, thats seems about right.
— Bob

Miserable effort. Better wake up soon.

So the only run was that floating infield bloop off the bat of Hosmer. Unreal. Well, the Royals took 5 of 6 from the Sox a couple weeks ago. That’s what they do, screw up everyone else. Every year.

Hey, how often do we draw a walk lately? Seems like never.

To answer your question 5 th most in August 10th most for the whole season.

Again… Miggy did not rotate his back side, despite nice contact Not enuff juice to his poke.He is hurt. Sit him down. We can just as well go scoreless without him.

Miggy needs to heal to give us a shot.

He actually asked Escobar to help him up after he slid into second. Obviously leading by example has no effect on this club. If he didn’t play, the others would be forced to step up as they did on Sunday. I guess it depends on whether his injury would get better while he still plays, which doesn’t seem very likely. And how long would he have to sit.

My head hurts. Makes last nights miserable pitching performance hurt all the more. Too bad they couldn’t hit for the pitcher that deserved to get the run support or should I say it wouldn’t have been wasted on Sanchez, like it was on JV. Sanchez gives up 1 run on that weak hit and gets hung with a loss. Verlander gives up 3 weeks worth last night and gets a no decision. Not quit fair.

I think they may have had a hangover effect from last night’s game. If they feel snakebit, they’ll play like it, expecting bad things. Like we fans do. How many had that bizarre feeling that the cheap run KC got was going to be enough?
It suddenly occurred to me that Kaufman Stadium doesn’t have one of those narrow screens running down the foul pole. If the pole had been equipped with one of those, Delmon’s drive may have hit it, proving the ball fair. Isn’t that why the screen is there?

One more thing tonight before I go off to do other things. I suppose all fans have their own reasons for wanting their team to get into the postseason, be it bragging rights, getting to watch your team play for the title, etc. My personal reason is the fun of the season long chase, having a good exciting team that you have confidence in and all that. None of that has happened this year. With 33 games left, this has been the most no fun season in years. Even if we end up winning the division, it has not been a good time at all. That’s very disappointing at my age.
Good night.

Hang in there Rich. It can’t get worse…can it?
I just walked in the door and am crying in my beer.
Miggy failed in the 1st inning tonight and in the 9th last night.. I think he distracted with his injury if not physically impacted by it. IHe certainly shouldn’t be playing in the field. Perhaps he can DH though I am not sold on that idea either.
JL will run him out there and grind him down. Did it with Avila last year.
No way Avila should have been playing tonight.
Read the box score and exactly what I thought would happen happened. Peralta, Avila Baker and Santiago were hitless. When I saw the lineup I cringed.
Avisail had a couple of hits and another homer for Erie. The kid is ready. I can feel it.
Meanwhile we struggle and are forced to play Jeff Baker? (Not saying this was Baker’s fault). But the guy is not a major leaguer and either is Berry.
Baker is not going to drive in important runs for us. He’s not.
DD, wake up, smell the roses, realize this was not a positive signing and do something constructive. You have made good moves but this one is not one to prolong.
I may be way off with some comments re this game as I didn’t see it after the 3rd inning.

Bad evening to everyone. It’s not a good evening, if you really bleed old English D Blue. I sit in amazement, and think, we only need one run to tie, and suddenly the game is over. One run, and we couldn’t lift a fly ball into the outfield to tie the game.
I have a real concern about a sweep tomorrow. Porcello on the mound, with a crippled up third baseman, and a second baseman who’s having trouble completing a double play. That’s just what a sinker baller needs heading into his next start. Boy, we like to pressure our starters to achieve perfection, absent last night of course. The only contribution from 6-9 was an Avila Walk. Baker needs to join the “Washburn School of Baeball Success”. The guy is worse than Delmon; he won’t take a pitch What a waste of roster space. tell me Dan that even Inge wasn’t that bad. The Royals are a decent ball club; we still have 8 more games with them. We need 6-8 from them, and 6-7 from the Sox to win. No white flags tonight, but by George, we’re pushing close to 30 games left. It’s getting close to now or wait until the future. My head is hurting from tring to come up with three things I like tonight. Her’s my take:
1. Jackson’s second good night in a row as a lead off hitter; game essentially lost in the 1st, when Big and Mig whiffed. AJ’s little mini-slump is hopefully done for the year.
2. No free passes to KC hitters; they earned ever base they got. We were given two free bases by KC(walk and HBP), but to no avail.
3. Sanchez turns in his second good start in a row. He tended to get behind a lot, but nothing, other than the liner outs, was hit very hard. He pitched well enough to win again.

We desperately need some hitting help Saturday. What I wouldn’t give to see Rocco Domencio Colavito in our lineup as a 27 year old outfielder again. There was a guy who could put on a show. Good night all!

Simply not playing like a team who wants to win a Division. All the games are big now, no more rooom for error. Strike-outs and double-plays don’t score runs…

Head still hurts this morning…………Rich even though we didn’t agree about the night before….our assessment of the years enjoyability (not a word haha) even a lot of the wins are painful and unsatisfying some days. I don know whether it’s fortunately or unfortunately but they keep on sticking around so there is always a hope they will kick it into gear….well they never really have.

Same here, a pounding headache. I had to take a migraine pill.

Miguel needs to sit out today, we need him against the Sox. How horrible, he kills himself to get to 2nd when he was in alot of pain, advances to third on a fly ball then gets left there – all for nothing, poor guy does as much as he can but he needs to get that healed. The funniest thing of the night was the collisoin with Fielder at first base – like hitting a brick wall and then they just were so stuck to each other they both fell down – nice comic relief.

Terrific pitching by Sanchez, and that bloop is just killer to be th eonly run. He has shown us alot the last few outings.

I remember JL saying again and again something like….as Jackson goes, so does the team. We’ve heard that or similar words many times. So much for that theory, huh?

While everyone was talking about the series this weekend, I dreaded this series. KC thrives on being spoilers.

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