Cabrera returns to Tigers lineup at third base

Miguel Cabrera is back in the Tigers lineup, and back at third base after Sunday’s game off and Monday’s off-day. He’s in his usual spot batting third.

Delmon Young’s recent tear has landed him back in the fifth spot behind Cabrera and Prince Fielder. Brennan Boesch is out of the lineup, as Quintin Berry gets a start in left field, moving Andy Dirks to right. Dirks, interestingly, moves back into the second spot against the right-hander.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Quintin Berry, LF

P: Justin Verlander


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wow no comments? I think the lineup is fine….Mendoza has like a 8 > ERA in 15innings this year against the tigers anyways. Berry instead of Boesch is interesting, and for that matter JP 7th and OI 8th doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either. No worries tho we got this!!

Need to have some energy and enthusiasm in the lineup when playing the Royals. Hence the Berry start I think will be a good one.

I kinda figured QB would get a start tonight. At least he’s not batting 2nd. Let’s hope we see reason for enthusiasm and energy. Nothing energetic or enthusiastic about long-looping swing strikeouts.
It’s time for Avila to start showing some power.

Nice job by the O’s to score 3 early against Sale.
They were patient, drew some walks, then took advantage of a pipe shot to Markakis with the base full. Showalter has these guys believing.

QB knows the AL Central. KC 14 abs .429, Clev 42 abs .310, MN 24abs .375, and CHi 9 abs .222 but a HR. That’s around .333 overall. Our secret weapon. Be quiet.

I’m personally happier with Smyly being around than Below. Below is very hittable.
He had a bad night for Toledo tonight. 4 IP 6 hits and 4 walks.

Jackson and Dirks. Are they back??

Thank goodness we have a guy who is locked in right now in Delmon. He must be having fun.
And Dirks has been so steady and dependable.

Well it looked really good the first inning but appearently, but Justin doesn’t feel like pitching well tonight….dude has been pretty hit or miss this year and frankly disappointing. He really has had a lot of trouble wit big innings.

Oh man. You just never know in baseball. JV whiffs the 1st 2 then apparently lets up a little in the middle of the lineup. Gordon and Butler are not intimidated by JV.

In my opinion JV I wonder if gets a little full of himself sometimes? Pretty annoyed. I’m sure Tigers will stop hitting now.

I hope miggys groundout is not abad sign

JV. 3strikeouts, 3 earned runs

O’s have slowed down, let’s hope the ChiSox don’t rebound like we have been seeing them do.
Hope JV can get it it together tonight.

Boy…….? I don’t know KC has shown up and I’m not so sure about the boys in grey

Verlander better start missing some at bats….he’s been horrible. What a joke!

Not very good at all so far. JV already down 6-3. Another KC uprising.

JV ….just saw him give a smirk and a wow. Well try not throwing the ball right down the middle. Arrogant fool. Get him out of there maybe he needs to get really embarrassed so he worries more about pitching than his 19 year old girlfriend.

This is The Twilight Zone.
— Bob

Tigers lead the AL in unearned runs. It’s pathetic. Maybe we’ll have to do the Boston thing.

That’s enough for me. Think I’ll turn on America’s Got Talent. No pun intended.
Worrisome to see JV throw like this.
Bad defense again. didn’t help.

I’m turning to the White Soxs game……Verlander has been no where even close to an Ace, but his just arrogant enough to think he is.

Infante blew another DP. How long does JL go with JV before it becomes a real embarrassment?

It already is.

Four runs and not one hard hit ball. Two plays messed up. Omar has to turn those DPs. Funny how quickly we turn on our own team.

Omar seems to play very well in the NL…an All Star. Maybe he’s not comfortable in Detroit.

Must be something in their tonight….a lot of good pitchers have given upa lot founds tonight. Sale, Strasburg, Verlander and Westbrook.

That’s something in the air tonight. Looks like the White Soxs Re going to lose tonight, and unfortunately we’ve given our supposed ace a ton of runs but he’s had his worst game in three years.

They certainly got JV his needed breather this time. New game. I like our odds, but we’ll need to hit that lefty if they bring him in.

Didn’t help…he walked the 1st batter on 4 straight.

11 hits in 3 innings. That’s incredible. We’re gonna be here all night. I watched some of Sale and some of Strasburg too. If anyone had bet on the runs given up total of the three pitchers, they’d be rich.

You are Rich🙂
Sorry. That was bad.
— Bob

No you’re Rich. They’d be wealthy!!!!!!!

Hoo boy, first Pete then Re-Pete. Great minds think alike? 😉
So now everybody stops hitting. Baseball is crazy.

Sure would be nice to pull this one out with the O’s drubbing the Sox tonight.
Anybody know the severity of the injury to Cabby’s ankle? Something that can get worse with use?

Critical inning (6th) for JV. Especially having to deal with Gordon and Butler.


Verlander at times this year been pedestrian. I don’t know if he’s full of himself, if all the innings and all the pitches are catching up with him or what? But this is unacceptable. Correct me if I’m wrong but did Alex or the pitching coach or Leyland get off their butts to even talk it over or give him a breather at anytime during those innings? He’s not above a talking to.

Top of the seventh. KC brings in a lefty to face Fielder. But Yost pulls him after the walk. RHB at #5 makes KC go deeper in the bullpen.

JV simply failed to get the big outs when he needed too.

It could come down to a PH 2 run homer by Brennan Boesch! Talk about hope & dream.

Whew! Jhonny got his pitch.

Yes, Jhonny!

Can BV stay away from wildness here for us?

Well…he did fine. What does Coke do here?

What he’s done all year absolutely nothing! Good job.

Nice job getting Hosmer out Coke but too freaking late, damage already done!

I like Phil and he’s got some big outs since he’s been here, but it really doesn’t include this year. He’s been along with others a disappointment. There has to be something better in the minors, there just has to be.

I can’t believe cabrera couldn’t even put it in play! Geez. Young is swinging ahot bat but geez miggy

Dan Dickerson almost made me crazy. That’s a HR! It’s gott be.

First angles looked fair last angle looked foul

That’s a damn HR.

Dan & Jim say it’s wrong. It’s a HR. What crooks.

“How can they get it wrong even with replay” say Dan & Jim. What a bunch of crap.

I don’t know how you get two camera replays that show the opposite of each other. They only had the two? That was damned strange.
I thought Jim was managing a good game right up until the time he brought in Coke. Phil is having a bad year. I don’t care what the L-R matchup is, at that point I want my best pitcher, Dotel. That was an ultra big situation right there, and no time to use a struggling pitcher. If Jim is still managing next year, they need to get him a true lefty specialist. I guess we’re stuck this year.
Nice comeback, but a very disappointing finish all around.

You just had to know that if video replay ever blew a call, it would be the Tigers.

Robbed! I’d bet money on it.

I knew we were done when Coke came in. Over-rated over used. Been saying it all season. He has failed in that situation all year. I hope both he and Valverde have different homes next year. Berry too.
Cabby didn’t come through in the clutch–Delmon did everything possible.
Awful one to lose but it was JL’s fault IMO. Very clearly he was trying once again to pound the square peg (Coke) into the round hole (late innings).
A game of inches—goes our way, potentially changes the season.
We found another way to lose!

Seriously?? Verlander was the one who pitched worse than AA pitcher! His fault even though I didn’t like the Coke move. But the ace cannot give up 7 in 2 innings and 8 overall EVER!

Miggy is not right. Check his back leg. He is not rotating on his ankle.

That is, his swing is compromised.

Fact of the matter is hitters finally showed up and your supposed “ace”was a piece of crap and the smirks he was giving really piss me off. He had a chance to get his team one game closer and he laid a big fat turd on the field. Guess as long as he gets his 656,250 paycheck for the day everything is cool and worth a smirk! ( he makes 20,100,000 a yr with approximately 33 starts). Whatever crap like this is exactly why this group of overpaid yahoos ain’t going nowhere! Coke was bad but this one is squarely on Justin laying pitch after pitch right down the middle for KC to tee up!

ummm……that was a home run i think.

One angle looked good, one looked bad? But I think the got it right.

Even in his interview, he said he was happy with location and it was bad luck, and certainly there were a few dinkers, but they showed a montage of all his hits and the looked pretty much right down the middle. Arrogant. Guess what Justine you teed it up for them and you let everyone down.

I don’t understand all the venom aimed at JV. He did get hit around in the 1st inning but they hit nothing hard in the 2nd. Balls found holes, Cabrera messed up a grounder and Infante failed on a doubleplay. He wasn’t great but he wasn’t that bad either.
I stopped both replays and looked at them in slow mo. The long shot clearly looked like a fair ball. The closeup shot was bad quality but I saw the ball on the fair side of the pole when it suddenly reappeared. I have to think it was a fair ball. So much for this heralded instant replay that people crave. But in the end, it’s like the perfect game. You can talk it into the ground but it doesn’t change anything. Leyland seemed perfectly fine with it, which doesn’t surprise me.

The anger at Velander is that we’ve been getting a little too much of this guy this year. (albeit not to this extent) I don’t expect him to be perfect I don’t expect him to win every game. But he is giving up a ton of runs. But to sit here and tell me they he really didn’t miss with locations, he was fine, and basically telling me he thinks KC just got lucky is a crock of crap! Anyone can see by looking at the replays most of the pitches they hit we’re right down the middle on the tee. Encarnacion homer last week again right down the middle, but he said good pitch! Allstar game he was just trying to “put on a show”. Well that was bull he is too competitive he was just trying to save face. My problem is not completely the losing it’s the attitude about it….it’s not him it’s just luck.
I hope your wrong about Delmons hit…it would sure make me feel better having it be foul rather than knowing they got screwed again.

You know the old saying, “Things go better with Coke”! Not in Detroit I must say. Poor Phil is just having a bummer of a year. But it’s the evolution of the game; sixth inning man, long relief, lefty situation specialist, set up, and finally, the hallowed closer. Baseball situations call for the best pitcher you have at a particular time, and right now Coke is not the answer. JV hasn’t been totally right since the Kate Upton garbage. Granted, he’s had some really good no decision starts, but I don’t see that “on a mission” look in his eyes. That has passed to our resident Two Eye color pitcher, Mr. Scherzer. JV labored long and hard; I don’t recall a start in the last three years with so many hits given up. He just never found a comfort zone. I would probably have given Miggy one more game off in the field. You want him to be 100 percent for the Sox Series. And QB. Well, there’s a reason he was a minor leaguer for 6 years. He can’t hit quality major league pitching consistently enough
to start. He’s got to be a role player. Pick and choose where to use him; almost like a nationa league bench guy. Great spirit, hustle, speed, but he can’t hit when you need him to. The HR call didn’t surprise me, but I do believe it could have gone either way. Our consolation from theis game tonight: no lost ground. And I did see three things that I like in tonight’s game:
1.Ajax played the role of a leadoff hitter to perfection. Three hits, 2 walks, 5-5OBP.
Scored three. The one time that really counted just didn’t happen.
2. The desire not to give up, and bring it all the way back in the 8th. Sadly, we couldn’t hold serve in the bottom of the 8th.
3. Even though Delmon struck out twice, his 2 run blast in the first had us out 3-0, and it came after Mig and Big did not deliver. He almost became a 2 time hero in the top of the ninth. He is hitting the ball with authority to right center. On a normal night with JV, 3-0 would have been all that was needed.

Finally it almost looks like Omar is thinking about Jim chewing him for making a bad throw on the DP, then he makes the bad throw. He need to relax. Please don’t forget about Ramon. Let’s hope we can play some “Chen” music tomorrow night.
Good morning all!

Even though we didn’t deserve to win that game we actually didn’t deserve to lose it either.
Run & Coke in the 8th inning? Beyond sensibility. Leyland gets infatuated with the lefty lefty matchups and the amount of times Coke has failed in that area should be evident to the manager. Moreso than anybody else—yet?
Hindsight is great but I wouldn’t even have had Villarael out there for the 8th. That was Benoit time–pure and simple. BV is too wild and to expect 2 innings from him in that situation is expecting too much. The fact JL went back out with him changes things and I will honestly say, I would probably have left him in to pitch to Moustakas or have brought Benoit in if I thought he was done. But not Coke. JL got carried away with the wanting to control the LHB and his team paid for it.
It’s these games that remind us of the frustration that we have endured with the poor season of the guys at the bottom of the lineup. Boesch and Avila have really hurt us, Peralta to a lesser degeree because he really has stabilized the defense beyond anything you could expect from a guy with his limited range.
But the collective offensive downside from those guys has put us in quite a predicament.
That being said, JP came up big today at a very critical time. That’s a good sign.
Avila is awful. They are going to have to go with Boesch and forget this idea they can make a major leaguer out of Berry and to share playing time with him. Boesh has been a big letdown but it will take his bat to heat up and provide some punch down the wire. Berry won’tsupply that whereas Boesch might. That’s the difference. Boesch can get hot and rake. Berry can’t.
What a victory that might have been eh? Feel bad for Delmon..

We’re lucky to have Verlander. He had a bad night, and has been going through a period where he is pitching like he expects something bad to happen. I don’t think this has anything to do with anybody but himself. He needs to fix it. And he always does.

There is about 5 or 6 pitchers I would take over this JV we have been seeing lately. He isn’t even the most dominant pitcher ( not even the 2nd) on this team right now.

August stats 38 hits in 35.2 innings: 16 runs 14 of them earned: 2 hr: 10BB: 3.53 era:
1.35 whip: .266 baa: 5 games 1 win and 0 losses

Post All-star break (the Upton Era). 9 games 3 wins 2 losses 63.2 innings : 59 hits: 27 runs 23 of them earned: 5 hr and 20BB: 3.25 era: 1.24 whip and opponents are batting .242

Pre- All-star break 18 games 9-5 record: 132.2 innings: 96 hits: 44 runs 38 er: 11 hr: 30BB: 2.58 era: .95 whip : .200 opponents batting average .

Tell me there’s not a problem. His numbers recently are pedestrian. It’s not his fault according to him, so if it’s not his problem how is he gong to fix it? Is it fatigue, is it a new girlfriend or is he not the spectacular pitcher we thought he was, not this but something in between? I don’t know but this JV is not anywhere near ACE!


Delmon’s HR was just that – fair fair fair fair fair. unbelievable – absolutely unbelievable. WOW.

It’s interesting how everyone has a different perspective on what they saw. I honestly dont know if it was fair or foul. In the first angle from foul territory, it appears the ball disappears behind the foul pole in fair territory. But on the angle from fair territory which was more close up (although poor quality), it appeared to disappear behind the foul pole into foul territory. I dont understand why there was not a camera angle better than either of those. A solution would be to put a dome camera (like a security camera) on top of the foul pole pointing down. If they had that, there would be no dispute. Sometimes baseball just cannot get out of it’s own way.
As far as JV goes, he was not good. The first inning was bad; those balls were hit hard. But the second inning was just plain weird. Just one of those innings. Not one ball was hit hard. Broken bats and bleeders landing right on the chalk. A dribbler through JV’s legs. A misplay by Cabrera and yet another DP flub by Omar. Like I said, it was The Twilight Zone. But we are lucky to have him and fortunate he pitches for us. He will figure it out. Until last night his ERA, Whip and SO numbers were very similar to last year. The wins obviously are not and there are many factors for that. I want JV to have attitude. I want JV to have swagger. I want my ACE to think he is better than you. If anyone was expecting JV to give the same season as last year; that was not realistic and frankly not fair.
Win the next two and the mission will be accomplished; albeit not the way expected.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

This is a pattern and not one game. Just have to look at the numbers. Having swagger is one thing but for him to sit there and tells me it’s not him it was all luck it’s insulting. Maybe there were some bleeders, but the pitches were not good pitches, they were put up tree on a tee. Te location was crap.

They were put up there on a tee. His location was crap!

What a rough loss. I almost turned the game off after the 2nd inning, but said no, these guys can hit, and sure enough, they had a terrific come back inning to get it close again. Not sure what is up with JV, he is much more streaky this year, last outing very good with just one bad pitch, last night was horrific. I love him and have always felt his cockiness was integral to his play, but now it is making him look like he is making too many excuses – it was a bad night and he should just say so.

Delmon did all he could – almost a homerun (tv was not really the easiest to tell by) and then hits another rocket – all we needed was a flare into the outfield to tie it but give him credit for getting some good bat on those hits. The more grown in the mustache the better he is hitting. Such a bummer knowing we could have caught up a game on the Sox, this was not the game I expected us to lose. And I like Infante, but lately he has been a liability in the field and heeds to get acclimated much faster to the team if that is the issue.

Good news – no lost ground and our hitters rebounded when they could have just shut down.

Bud Selig and MLB move too fast on things, as this year’s playoff setup will attest. Rather than installing a legitimate replay system, they go with whatever cameras a given ballpark has installed. Slap dash at it’s slappiest.
Why am I hearing the name Kate Upton whenever JV pitches poorly? Where does this information come from? If it’s just TMZ-style gossip, I can do without it. Even if true, do people actually think this is a real life version of “The Natural” where the evil blonde sends Roy Hobbs spiraling into a slump which he breaks out of by hooking up with Glenn Close?
The numbers on ALL of our pitchers are skewed because of our horrific defense. That one last night should have been an error on Cabrera, not a single. Another DP wasn’t turned and that wasn’t ruled an error either. This stuff has gone on all year. I’d put the blame on bad defense, not some evil 19-year old. Serving pitches up on a tee? Ever consider that was due to Phil Cuzzi’s tight strike zone?
I never thought I’d see the day when I had to come on here and defend Justin Verlander, of all people.
Good news: Fister ready to start on Saturday.

Emphatically Agree !!! With everything.
— Bob

Aside from the Coke issue of going with the lefty on lefty matchup despite Coke’s continued struggles with inherited runners, I was hoping Leyland would have called for a pitchout on the steal by that pinch runner in the 8th, I was hoping someone would have asked Leyland during his post game interview if he considered it because it seemed like the right play to call on the first pitch particularly with how agressive the Royals are.

I was thinking the same thing.

Omar has improved our fortunes as far as plugging a hole at 2nd base. I agree he is under-performing defensively. He is capable of better play. Seems to be deliberate or casual to the ball then too quick to get rid of it.
He has been somewhat of a focal point defensively.
I think he actually is pressing a little bit.
But where we have shot ourselves in the foot this year is the off-years (and we expected them to be off a little) for Avila, Boesch, Peralta and Young. Delmon has come back recently and that is helping the team. Peralta has had some pretty important clutch hits but has missed more in the clutch this year than last, but he too, is showing signs of life.
It’s the young LHB that have to get it going. Avila and Boesch have not only had off years but they have created black holes in the lineup with strikeouts and weak ground balls. We need them both to contribute and one of them to get hot.

I agree, it does seem like he is pressing, I have no doubt of his abilities, he just isn’t using them to their full degree right now.

Mauer on Waivers.

To me what is far more worrying than the results has been the way JV has been unable to “refuse to not win”. This is a guy who can channel his determination and rise above circumstance. He hasn’t been doing that. That is a concern. Same with Miggy. If Miggy is right there is no way he gets struck out with the tying runner on 3rd and only 1 out. He won’t let himself do that.
We have become somewhat accustomed to super human performances from these guys. And for this very flawed ball team, they have to continue those performances. There is not enough on the roster to compensate otherwise.

While I’m at it.
Cabby should not be playing in the field right now. Yes that creates another problem, but they are running the risk of exacerbating the injury and having him playing well under 100% offensively. Defensively? well you saw what happened last night—expect more.
Berry should be sent down BEFORE September. Call up Garcia. Maybe he gets hot. He does everything else (part of running is actually getting on base!) better than Berry and he bats RH. No way I want Berry playing in the playoffs if we are lucky enough to make it there. He is actually a liability.
Call up Rondon. Albuquerque and maybe Wilk, not Schlereth or Below.

Well I can’t say the results arent troubling because they are it’s his attitude and refusal to accept any responsibility ths year. Is he too big for his britches after his “best pitcher in baseball tag? Has he been over worked I don’t know but these numbers are a trend and not just singular events. His interviews are a trend…not a singular event. I saw Strasburgs interview after his bad outing last night….he said he had a rough night and he struggled but he learned from it. Verlnder was asked about location and his outing…his answer, and the same type of answer we have been getting recently…..KC got some lucky hits and found some holes. The truth of the matter is he was missing location, he was putting it right down the middle, they did find some holes but only a couple which there might of been a play on. They hit some doubles and hit the ball well too. That’s not on Cabrera or Infante…that’s on Mr Cy Verlnder himself….not according to him though, lowly KC got lucky hits.. He needs an attitude adjustment, maybe Strasburg can’t give him some lessons.
jV was always the guy…..this year there are two pitchers on this team I feel have a better shot to win when they are pitching.

I believe JV did say he didn’t make good pitches in the 1st inning. The “lucky” stuff happened in the 2nd. And he may have been unwilling to carry the blame because his manager, in the heat of a tight pennant race, somehow managed to lose a 1-run game in the 8th inning while never using his 3 best relief pitchers. How does THAT happen? The players who actually put forth the effort to make the comeback see this stuff. They can’t possibly be happy with it, then here comes the media with their microphones. I wouldn’t be in a very magnaminous mood either.
We talk about the players, but this manager has to get his act together too.

I don’t usually comment but read every day and I agree with everything Rich said. I too don’t understand the sudden turning on JV of some of the “fans”. Too comment on his attitude, Kate Upton or his facial expressions doesn’t make any sense to me. We don’t know what he is thinking. His expression last night seemed like he was really upset with himself IMO, however, I can’t read his mind. He is still one of the best and we are lucky to have him. It’s hard to watch when he gets hit like he did last night but he will turn it around.

JL knows how to diffuse criticism quite well. There is no way Villarael or Coke should have been pitching in the 8th.
But, the talk will all be about a foul ball and a foul outing for JV. He’ll make sure of that.

Very true. We’ve both commented on this. He will take the blame very loudly for something he didn’t actually do wrong. He’s a sly ol’ fox and a survivor.
Hey, how about Cabrera running through Lamont’s stop sign and scoring easily in the 3rd?

That was awesome. When Mario was announcing that Mr Magoo was holding MIggy up; I starting yelling at the TV because the ball wasnt even thrown to the cut off man. It wasnt even close. It is another of Rich’s examples of the manager and coaches getting in the way and throwing away a game. The players DO see this. Say all you want that JV was not good and you cant blame JL. I can. The boys battled back and JL mismanaged the eighth. That is a fact. JV has been great for this team for years and had put the team on his back. I think that JV deserves his team to pick him up. And they did. But his manager didn’t.
— Bob

Looking forward to TONIGHTS game. Yesterday’s lunch was gross and I won’t chew it anymore.

Hey, great impression of Leyland, homey. 🙂

a) He could have started the inning with Dotel.
b) He could have walked Moose and pitched to Frenchy with Dotel.
c) He could have done the same with Villarreal.
d) He could have brought in Benoit who has allowed no inherited runners to score.
He used Coke who is terrible with inherited runners. JL was planning ahead for extra innings even though it was already the 8th inning?
I vote for “a” above myself.
I only wrote this because I read Henning’s litany of team failures and closed it by saying “it’s not on the manager.” I beg to differ.
Anybody with a pulse who knew the game was gone when Coke came sprinting in knows that this is not hindsight.

Amen brother. I just read the Henning article and actually commented there about it.
I expect the club will play well tonight since I won’t be around to watch it much.
Good Luck.

Well the 2nd inning was his worse inning, if he only made one bad pitch in the first inning I dont think he would of given up 8 runs on 12 hits must of made a few more. But I see….. we don’t blame the “ace” for the worst outing of his career and his high whip and era which is getting higher and higher. We’ll blame the manager, blame Coke and Villareal. By the way although I appreciate what Justin was he isn’t hat right now and I’ve never liked his attitude and it’s gotten worse this year.

Last thing I’ll say about Justin I hope….over the last few years he has gotten real good at avoiding the big inning…not doing that as well the last part of this year. Again fatigue, I don’t know.

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