Tigers, White Sox line up rotations for weekend

Can’t get to the Justin Verlander-Chris Sale matchup next Sunday night at Comerica Park? Ok. How does a Max Scherzer showdown with Francisco Liriano strike you? Better yet, how important does Doug Fister’s healthy return Friday night look now with Jake Peavy lined up to face the Tigers that evening?

Barring a setback for Fister, the pitching matchups appear to be set for next weekend’s Tigers-White Sox clash at Comerica Park, and they’re all pretty good. With Gavin Floyd dealing with an ailing elbow, reports out of Baltimore say the White Sox shuffled their rotation to get Peavy (who was originally slated to pitch Wednesday) into the mix.

Peavy has two quality starts, a so-so outing and a stinker in four meetings with the Tigers so far this season. He had the misfortune of matching up opposite Verlander at Comerica Park in July, giving him no chance to recover from a three-run third inning despite pitching into the eighth. He has five quality starts in six outings since.

The Tigers have only seen Liriano in relief this year. Take away two disastrous starts and his numbers are nasty since the All-Star break. He also happens to be a hard-throwing left-hander, like Sale. The Tigers have roughed up Sale in two starts this season, accounting for half of his four losses on the year, but their recent struggles against left-handed pitching are well-documented.

With Liriano and Sale starting back-to-back, the Tigers could have a very interesting decision to make once rosters expand on Saturday. Their lineup against left-handed starters the past few weeks have included a left-handed hitting outfielder (usually Andy Dirks or Brennan Boesch) because they don’t have enough impact right-handed bats to throw into the lineup. They have Ryan Raburn hitting well through five games on rehab at Triple-A Toledo (8-for-22, 3 HR, nine RBIs), and they have two right-handed hitting prospects at Double-A Erie in Nick Castellanos (who’s still hitting lefties well despite an August downturn) and Avisail Garcia.

Are the Tigers setting up Raburn for a weekend return and a test with two stingy lefties? Would they dare call up one of their top prospects to make his Major League debut against Liriano or Sale?

Or, would Jim Leyland throw caution to the wind and bat Dirks or Boesch against Liriano and Sale anyway? Dirks is 0-for-2 against each of them. Boesch is 5-for-11 with a double and four RBIs off Liriano, mainly from 2010, and hit a three-run homer off Sale in July.


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Probably Raburn, but we have to get to that series first. The worst team to play in advance of the Chicago series is probably the Royals. This series in KC won’t be a make but it could be a break.
Dan, saw your comment about the lack of homers. Most of our best shots are out to center. That’s why I want to bring in the fence next year. Or did you guys think I was kidding? I was dead serious. There are many ways to improve your chances.

Sox lost 4-3. The hero for Baltimore? A homerun from Nate McLouth with a .198 BA. Thank you, Nate.

Michigan lad beats the Sox!! Yes!!!

Yes, we should have three great match ups. Scherzer-Peavy. Fister-Liriano. Verlander-Sale. What difference does it make on where Fister pitches?? If Scherzer pitches Friday, then he can pitch again Wednesday against Cleveland. What’s wrong with that?? This is a block of nine games and our hottest pitcher will pitch once. That’s crazy.

The first thing we need in KC is no weather issues from the hurricane!!!!!!! That could really mess this all up. The Royals have not played well at home but they did take care of the Sox recently at home . They have their three best pitchers lined up against us this time. Just one lefty though. Dangerous team.

very doubtful the hurricane will do anything to KC

only won 2 of the past 7 too….i know they did beat those sox, but they are not a very good team this year. truly.

Couple of things. I too have advocated moving the fence in. From a point in left center to a point in deep right center. Nice to keep the uniqueness of the field but just bring it in enough to reward RHB a bit more.
The other ting. Hopefullynot to patronizing but I though your article here tonight Jason was very good. There is some personal opinion mixed in with public opinion and both fly in the face of the party line. I think, given your position and your affinity to the club, it was not an easy article to publish.
One ot the most important decisions to make in the next couple of days is by Dombrowski and when to call up either NC, Avisail, Albuquerque or Raburn.
A days difference means eligibility for the playoffs or not.
I have a feeling Garcia might help this team out.

They seem to have ways of getting around that postseason eligibility thing.
Okay, that’s 2 back and that’s the farthest behind you want to be by Friday. Hopefully it will be less by then.
The Yankees are still walking but it ain’t on cake anymore. Baltimore now 3.5 back. Who saw that coming this year? The O’s have all the motiviation in the world this week. Just remember, a month from now, there will still be a week to go. Lots can happen.

Its time the tigers start plating runners. Leave 6 men on base against the white sox and you can just about call it

The O’s are now 24-6 in one run games. Baseball can be a fine line between success and failure.
Hope they keep it up a few more times.

Congratulations on being named to the Eastern League AA All-Star Team:
Shortstop Niuman Romero, Erie SeaWolves
(.307, 8 HR, 64 RBI, 68 R)

Niuman Romero has set career-best marks across the board this season with the Erie SeaWolves, batting .307 (149-for-485) with 27 doubles, four triples, eight home runs, 68 runs scored, 64 RBI and 17 stolen bases in 125 games. In addition to his offensive performance Romero has also made just 12 errors in the field this season and currently leads all Eastern League shortstops with a .977 fielding percentage. The 27-year old has a league-best 149 hits this season and is also ranked among the league leaders in total bases (208-tied 4th), batting average (.307-7th), runs scored (68-tied 8th) and on-base percentage (.377-9th). Romero also started at shortstop for the Western Division in the 2012 Baseballtown All-Star Classic and went 2-for-2 with one run scored

27 year old in AA?

bat Dirks – he is hot right now (seems he is most the time) so get him in there

IMO the Royals haven’t scored many runs lately….So maybe our pitching will be ok. I’d like to see the bullpen really get back on track. I think the hitting will come….maybe this series….but it has to by this weekend. has to.

KC is 14th in the AL in (offensively): BB, SO, and HRs; 11th in the AL in runs.

Defensively: KC is 10th in ERs, 3rd in HRs, 12th in BBs and 7th in Ks

(rank) out of the 14 AL teams that is

very good defensively, however. 3rd in Errors and 2nd in double plays.

I don’t think Castellanos will be called up, nor do I think he is ready to be called up. Really needs some upper body work this winter.
Avisail Garcia is another story. He could be ready. let’s face it, other clubs have gambled with youngsters this year and won big. Just because he is just 21 does not necessarily mean he can’t make it yet.

I saw Erie play a few weeks ago. Garcia has some problems with the off speed pitches. He can hit a fastball and would probably be the second best defensive outfielder on the team when/if he is called up. His arm is an assist waiting to happen and he already has a body ready for the big leagues.

Leyland doesn’t seem to want too many players brought up in Sept. I do not think garcia nor castellanos play in Detroit this year. Call ups will be Raburn, Kelly, Holiday and Worth for position players. Pitchers: Schlereth?, Smyly and Below. Al ABQ would be great to see in Detroit, if healthy. That is plenty. And with Berry becoming a pinch runner, they do not need Garcia.

Rather NOT see Peralta above the 8th spot tonight. I he has “clutch” numbers….but take a gander at his recent struggles with the bat. Then look at Omar’s recent success.
My lineup with MC at 3B: AJ, AD, MC, PF, AA, DY (DH), OI, JP, BB
My lineup with MC at DH: AJ, AD, MC (DH), PF, AA, DY, OI, JP, RS (3B)
I’d go with MC at DH – for precautionary reasons. BB has never faced Mendoza and has been struggling – even if this is an opportunity to “get BB going” against the RHP. Also Cabby and AJ both have hit Mendoza well in the past. It would be GREAT to get them back on track.

I doubt they think a close September pennant race is a time to try out some youngsters, no matter how talented. Portwine’s list sounds about right to me.
On the subject of prodigy players this year, All Star Bryce Harper has hit .222 since the middle of June. He was only brought up because the Nats had no one else. Classic case of the league making the adjustment, and now Bryce has to do the same.

Austin Jackson CF, Andy Dirks RF, Miguel Cabrera 3B, Prince Fielder 1B, Delmon Young DH, Alex Avila C, Jhonny Peralta SS, Omar Infante 2B, Quinten Berry LF, (Justin Verlander P)

PSH! JL put OI behind JP [shakes head]. Interesting move in starting berry over BB

real lineup from rotoinfo, btw.

Our manager has our only hot bats in the 2,3,4,5 slots and no lefties batting back to back. Good job. Berry gets an opportunity. Why? Well his last two starts he did get a hit in each game.

Who do you knock off the 40 man roster to make room for Kelly???

Good point.

Leyland loves Kelly but he is completely redundant (LHB OFer) and doesn’t offer enough “viva la difference” to justify him coming back.

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