Leyland “pretty confident” Cabrera back at third

The Tigers won without Miguel Cabrera in the starting lineup Sunday. If the day off works as planned, they shouldn’t have to do that again for a while.

“I’m pretty confident that Miguel will play third base in the Kansas City series,” manager Jim Leyland said after the game. “I’m pretty confident. Now, would I etch that in stone? No, I can’t, but I’m pretty confident he’ll play third base. I think this did wonders for him.

“It has nothing to do with the fact that we won the game. Nobody’s going to say anything about this now because we won the game.”

Actually, it was still a pretty big deal, but it won’t attract quite so much second-guessing on Monday as it would have if the Tigers had lost.

The thought from the Tigers was that pairing an day off Sunday with the Tigers’ off-day Monday should give him a better chance to start on Tuesday — not at DH, but at third base, allowing the Tigers to get their lineup back in order instead of starting a utility player at third. If Leyland didn’t feel confident about it, he wouldn’t have put Cabrera on the bench on Sunday.

“I didn’t even sleep last night,” Leyland said. “I talked to a lot of people. I made a couple calls last night. I talked to my coaches all day. But you know, at the end of the day, when I talked to Cabrera, I knew the best thing to do was to rest him today, no matter what the outcome of this game was. That’s what managing is. …

“At the end of the day, what’s best for Miguel Cabrera is best for the Tigers. And it was best for Miguel Cabrera to sit today. I believe that with all my heart. I don’t even have any question about it.”


I was disappointed yesterday when he didn’t play but I didn’t second guess it, you could tell looking at his face he was in pain. It want the wrong decision for the long run though.

I would still DH him on tuesday – just to error on the side of caution. I don’t have a problem with playing Omar or Baker on tuesday (whomever matches up better).
Fister updates would be GREAT. Especially since we are effectively down TWO relievers with Coke being unusable (apparently). I know Al ABQ is doing fine in AAA.

anyone else seen Alex’s post ASB numbers? Not bad at all with a 790 OPS.

would anyone care to comment on this? “You’ve got Smyly for protection if Fister’s not ready. And if Fister’s ready, then Smyly by that time can fall into the bullpen as a long reliever. So it’s pretty simple math.” – the Skipper

Not sure what kind of comment you’re looking for here, other than it sounds like a fine idea to me. What else do you do with Smyly, send him home?

Do you think Smyly can make the transition from starter to long man? Would you rather have someone else as the long man? I did kinda forget the minor league season is about over.

Think it has a lot to do with the expansion of the MLB roster on Sept. 1.

The way we hit, we’ve already lost if we’re using a long man. It’s not a very big issue.

that sir is a good point. but we’ve hit better in the past and will hit better in the future

Jim really comes across as defensive in these comments. I only had time to read this site yesterday and we were all fine with giving Miggy a day, just touching upon who would replace him.

Ya know, he really did. A reporter started off a question after the game about Dirks by saying he looked good in the third spot, and Leyland stopped it right there and said Cabrera will be hitting third when he comes back. I don’t think anybody was questioning where Cabrera would hit, but it sounded like he took it that way.

I did see that. From his answer, I thought I’d heard the question wrong.
Some of this lineup stuff is probably true secondguessing, but a lot of it is just fans making up their own lineups. It’s fun, and I understand even Jim enjoys tinkering with lineups in his spare time.

If that ankle isn’t right, you don’t play him. Anyone remember Magglio and his sore ankle and what that led to?

Nice win Sunday. Good pitching. Without Miggy some hitters picked up the slack. Does anyone think that some Tiger hitters are relying too much on Miggy and Prince to deliver more than even they are capable of doing? Just hard to believe they all are in a slump at once. AJ has been terrible lately.
Sox won again. A real homer with the umps. The game should have been called much sooner with Seattle leading. But the umps didn’t call a delay until the Sox took the lead.

I’ve heard of that happening, relying on the other hitters in a lineup. I don’t how anyone would ever prove such a thing, however. That was brought up during the 2008 season.

Forgot to mention that it was raining pretty good for several innings with Seattle in the lead. Then they had the ground crew try to dry the field. That may have thrown Millwood off his game. As soon as the Sox took the lead, rain delay. It seemed so obvious.

It was obvious….not so dissimilar to the shananagins Tigers went through in Boston a few weeks back!

Yeah, I saw all of that stuff you mentioned. How strange that it’s Hawk railing against the umpires.

Avg Win % of remaining opponents

Det .474
CHI .480
BAL .518
LAA .521
OAK .523
Tampa .532

We won yesterday because we had guys go deep.
This was a team built on that credo. Unfortunately it has not been happening with the frequency necessary to offset the parts of the game that were sacrificed to build a power lineup.
We have a team that is in the bottom 3rd of the AL in homers.
We have guys (in the bottom 3rd of our lineup) that have enough power to get us out of the bottom 3rd of the AL!!!!
Let’s start doing it.
Let’s start seeing Boesch pull the ball “in the air” a bit more. Avila hitting balls over the left field wall where he has gone in the past, Peralta placing them 2 feet over the fence like he used to and if Raburn come back and gets playing time, contributes a few too.
If that happens, this team will win.

Leyland was given his contract aug. 8th of last year. Doesn’t look like he’s getting another one until after the season this year.

Baseball is a long season with a total of 162 games. But the schedule is also about blocks of games and we start a nine game block in KC on Tuesday. As of today, we have Verlander-Sanchez-Porcello lined up to face KC. Then Fister-Scherzer-Verlander against the White Sox. The final three with the Indians will feature Sanchez-Porcello-Fister. We are going to play nine straight and SCHERZER only pitches once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C’mon. Scherzer-Fister-Verlander against the White Sox. Then Sanchez-Porcello-Scherzer against the Indians. This nine game block is our last chance to get a competitive advantage by the order of our pitchers. We have our top winner going once and our injured pitcher coming back to start the first game of possibly the most important series of the season. This CAN NOT happen.
What do you all think???

Isn’t Scherzer, Verlander and Fister scheduled to pitch in both Chicago series?

agree – especially if it is Smyly instead of Fister

First thought- JL SOC probably wouldn’t change the rotation even if it was possible. Second thought- Without actually sitting here and counting days, is it possible for Max to come back in the last Indians game? You know the “rule.” Five starters, 4 days rest? Another thing to consider is whether Fisterwill be able to pitch or will Smyly be needed?

I did my homework. The one problem I see is that JV may get an extra day of rest which seems to have caused a problem in the past, right? In order to get JV back on a regular schedule, you might have to bump Max down a day. Do you want to do that? JV, Max, and Fister face the Sox in both series. Sanchez will not face the Sox at all. Max is on schedule to pitch the last game of the season October 3 which puts JV in line to pitch the first game of any post season the Tigers may be involved in. I think in JL’s mind the rotation is set in stone unless Fister has a proble. What do the rest of you think?

Max beat the Angels on Sunday. With regular rest, he pitches Friday against the White Sox. The “probable pitchers” post on MLB has Fister listed. That is probably in error.??? Right now we have Porcello pitching the last game in KC and he has owned the White Sox this year. No matter how this plays out the nine game block is where we juggle the rotation. The way I prefer this is to have JV and Max on five days as much as possible. Could management be looking at certain matchups???
We then have a ten game block with all starters due two starts. We finish the season with a sixteen game block. First guy to go in that sequence gets the extra start. Of course, that’s all with perfect weather in September soooooo we know we will have a change or two. Remember 1967? On our current situation: Fister has NEVER pitched against the White Sox for us. Last year with Seattle, the White Sox’s average was .560 against him. Well, at least they have not seen him for a while.
Sometimes it works to have new blood. Scherzer has faced Cleveland twice recently. Is that part of the Formula????.

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