Miguel Cabrera sits Sunday against Angels

By all accounts, Miguel Cabrera didn’t suffer any setback that worsened either of his ankles. But despite what Jim Leyland said Saturday about not resting his star slugger, with Cabrera seriously hobbled for the last two days while DHing, Leyland had a decision to make: Keep playing Cabrera at DH for as long as needed and fill in at third base until he can go, or rest Cabrera on Sunday with the hope that two days off his feet (with Monday’s team off-day) will get him closer to not only playing healthy, but playing third base. As the last two nights have shown, it’s a different looking lineup if Cabrera has to DH or if he can play third.

In the end, Leyland decided to give Cabrera the day out of the lineup. Delmon Young, Brennan Boesch and Andy Dirks are all playing, with Dirks batting third. Gerald Laird, 6-for-18 off Ervin Santana, gets the start behind the plate.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Andy Dirks, LF
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Jeff Baker, 3B
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Mike Trout, CF
  2. Maicer Izturis, 3B
  3. Torii Hunter, RF
  4. Kendrys Morales, DH
  5. Mark Trumbo, 1B
  6. Howard Kendrick, 2B
  7. Erick Aybar, SS
  8. Vernon Wells, LF
  9. Chris Iannetta, C

P: Ervin Santana


Kinda figured Ramon would get the nod.

If Miggy were to PH for, say, Boesch, Baker can go to RF and Santiago goes in at 3rd.

Let’s hope he is not needed. He’s been such a tough athlete, I hope this does not become a nagging issue for him.

If Soscia was inclined to bring in a lefty for Boesch, he knows he’d get Cabrera then Peralta. Maybe they won’t need Miggy.

Meanwhile Pujols doesn’t start for the 3rd consecutive day.

so sad we missed him😉

I know jeff baker hit last night – and Q. Berry hasn’t done beans since August 4th….but I think Santiago would be my 3B with Berry playing instead of Boesch. Berry would bat 9th and Santiago 8th.

in regards to Miggy: he has been struggling at the plate – so get him healthy. I wouldn’t play him at 3rd he was 120%.

Well he hit the ball hard 3 times yesterday but came away with an o’fer.

Baker is getting ABs in Detroit and Raburn is getting his in Toledo. Our manager needs to know which one gets them against the White Sox next weekend. Who will we have against Liriano and Sale?? Or will both start???

Baker wold not be playing if it weren’t for Miggys injury.

If the first inning is any dictation we are getting bad Max and not Mad Max? I’m shocked right now at the swings they are getting off of him.

“any indication”……
Regarding Santana he has had a rotton year although he has been much better lately, so well see.

If he can locate his slider he’ll be fine.

We need to get “Action” Jackson contributing again.

Well based on the home plate umpire calls on Jackson in the first innning were screwed. Niether if the first 2 pitches to AJ were strikes. In fact one pitch was in exactly the same place as apitch that was called a bll to the next coming of Jesus himselt “trout”. But the league will make sure boy wonder will stay hot because he is a story.

God I wish Max could field his position……….even a little. He sure isn’t doing himself any favors. So far not looking good today.

1st pitch to Wells called a ball…..called a strike to AJ. 4th pitch was called a strike on AJ. PISSING ME OFF.

And yes 1st pitch to inanetta same thing

Don’t base Santana on a ‘rotten year”. He’s a good pitcher and has been pitching very well lately. Historically, he shuts the Tigers down.
This one won’t be easy and we’ll be cursing our hitters before it’s all over. Hopefully, not after it’s over though!!

Pretty sure I said Santana had been much better lately, I wasn’t expecting this one to be easy.

Way to go Andy!

Max has thrown a ton of pitches through 4 no thanks to the one sided strike zone the umpire has concocted in favor of the angels.

Max is working hard. Three zeroes in a row up on the board. Good job Omar with the two out walk.

What is wrong with AJ? He does sometime go into slumps and then breaks out of them with a vengeance.
Be nice to have a low-pitch count inning this one for Max. Angels had a quick inning and Max did not get a lot of down time there.

Our hitters didn’t do Max a favor. And frankly Dotel probably won’t be used today, so who do we have, Villareal, Coke, Benoit … I’m forgetting someone.

Downs…that’s who I forgot.

About 2 feet more collectively and we might have had 2 homers today.

Ya I know… A few inches higher on Omar’s ball Wells probably doesn’t get to it.

Anyone think Max can or will come back out?

I think Leyland will run him out for the 7th. Unless we somehow can touch homeplate a few times.

I’d run him back out there for sure.

Leadoff walk—I’d pull him right away.

Glad he didn’t. Max at 115 pitches is better than Coke.

Glad I was wrong. Nice to see Prince deliver and man DY is a changed man lately.
Benoti and Valverde coming up.

Time to flash a little defense out there now.

Great job by Max and our starters again. Leadoff man scores then zeroes.
Homers!!! Finally.

And a clutch at bat by Berry. The guys played well with Miggy out.
Peralta has looked very sharp in the field lately.

After the first inning I wasn’t feeling good about Max really fixed whatever was ailing him in the first! DY is certainly seeing the ball well right now, gotta keep running him out there until he comes back down..hopefully that’s never but, ya know. Good win.

Tigers win another series and finish the homestand 6-3. Not bad baseball. The starting pitching. WOW just been great. The bullpen. Lights out on the homestand.
Our manager has the flexibility to create different lineups. Are they sometimes flawed?? Yes, but most of them have worked. Now we have a three day business trip to KC. Stay away from the barbeque!!! Win another series. Then home to play the Hawk Sox. Let’s go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

I heard ole Hawk is going to be talking to the commish in the near future…..
Great game today. Super happy for both Max and DY – this season has had it’s ups and downs for them. Glad J. Baker and Q. Berry contributed too.
I hope so badly that CHI loses in seattle today – But then again, i’d like them to save their mistakes for when they play US.

Good game. Max is showing a lot of consistency, so I hope he can remain..uh…consistent with that. He’s making the in-game adjustments.
Glad to see the Angels go. Their outfielders caught everything out there. That’s the kind of outfield the Tigers need in this ballpark. Or shrink it, one or the other.
Dirks is just playing good ball and should be in there everyday.
The best part was botched plays and bad strike calls didn’t cost Max. He pitched right around all that.
It was another big win in advance of the Chicago series.

especially big because the LAA could be fighting for a wildcard spot

2-out RBI: Dirks.

Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, the club’s television play-by-play announcer, also took on-air umbrage with Barrett’s strike zone and the ensuing ejections. Harrelson was verbally reprimanded by Commissioner Bud Selig and White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf after criticizing umpire Mark Wegner for ejecting Quintana when he threw behind Ben Zobrist in the fourth inning of a May 30 game at Tampa Bay, but that didn’t stop Harrelson from providing pointed commentary on what he perceived as Barrett’s rough night.

From the Sox site. Hope he doesn’t think “his Sox” are the only ones with umpire problems.

FS Detroit was listing Raburn, Alburquerque, Holaday, and Worth as September call ups. What do you all think??? What about Below??

I don’t think it would hurt to have Castellanos and Garcia around, if nothing else just to get a feel for next year..
The guys listed by FS above will likely be called up. Wouldn’t hurt to have Rondon too. Valverde is a time bomb.

Good evening Tiger Fans. It behooves me to christen a name change today to Mad Max Scherzer. From this day forward, I am going to refer to him as anything he wants to be referred to. This team suddenly has two Aces. What a way to close out the these last nine games. The pitching has been spot on. And so we move to KC to face the dreaded Royals in their park. They’re like a rabid fox, sneaking up on a team, and puttin a big bite on you when you least expect it. We have to counter with our famous starting pitching, hope to score at least three a game, and come home ready for the Sox. Bring it on. Enough of the small talk! Three things I liked about today’s game:
1. Delmon relishing the opportunity to bat in the five hole. Love the dance steps Delmon. You might be gearing up for a hot September once again.
2. Mr. Scherzer gives up four hits in two innings. Mr. Scherzer gives up no hits over the next five innings. Is Mr Scherzer okay with you Max? That’s Fister’s handle too!
3. Andy Dirks presented Fans with a lovely two out run scoring triple. Enough platoon garbage Jim! This ball player needs to be penciled in every day.

Kudos to QB for the Sac Fly which created grand slam necessity for the Angels to tie. Benoit throws another clean inning. And Jose, who shouldn’t even be out there, gives us our nightly nauseating highlight. Beware Billy Butler! The Tigers are on their way to your place. Good night all!

Those White Sox!
Down by a run with 2 out in the 7th they get a walk and a 2 run homer to take the lead before the game being called.

The White Sox are getting breaks like a team having one of “those” seasons. This will be a tough road in September. We have the talent and we’re putting forth the effort, but this will be a real dogfight.
One could reasonably expect the Sox to split in Baltimore while we take 2 in KC. That would bring us to Friday 2 back. That’s close enough but I’d sure like to be closer. The tricky thing about the Baltimore series is that their ballpark is built to White Sox specifications. Homeruns. We’ll have to root for the O’s then hope it doesn’t come back to bite us when they take the wild card over us by one game. Danger lurks behind every corner. 🙂

Many Tiger fans have been very negative about DY. Good series for him versus Angels. Realize he will be dumped soon, but hope he finishes well for the Tigers and eventually lands in a good place, like NY. Anyway… Dy is on fire and has followed up his 9-10 game hit streak with what looks like another burst, loaded with power. Go Tigers.

I truly feel like the baseball gods are conspiring…3 minutes earlier, Mariners win and were 11/2 back.

Screw it.. . Tigers just need to blow people up and take charge of their own destiny.

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