Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Angels

As you no doubt have heard by now, Miguel Cabrera is back at designated hitter, and manager Jim Leyland expects to have him there Sunday too. Delmon Young and Andy Dirks get the starts in the corner outfield spots, pushing Brennan Boesch to the bench for a night. Boesch will start on Sunday, Leyland said, giving Young two days off when you add in Monday’s off-day.

As for third base, Jeff Baker gets the start tonight against Dan Haren, who’s allowing a .337 batting average and an .879 OPS to right-handed hitters compared to .240 and .745, respectively, against lefties.

No Albert Pujols again in the Angels lineup. There was some talk he would be back tonight.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Andy Dirks, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Jeff Baker, 3B

P: Drew Smyly


  1. Mike Trout, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Howard Kendrick, 2B
  4. Mark Trumbo, 1B
  5. Alberto Callaspo, 3B
  6. Kendrys Morales, DH
  7. Erick Aybar, SS
  8. Vernon Wells, RF
  9. Bobby Wilson, C

P: Dan Haren


Hopefully Smyly gives us a quality start He has done so only 40% of the time this year. Haren has not been Haren for the Angels and was poor his last 2 starts. If Smyly does his job, we have a shot.

Doesn’t matter…….they won’t hit anyway as poor as Haren has been pitching he will probably pitch his best game year, at least that’s what I’ll be told.

Yeah… It’s been tough to score many runs lately. Checked stats for last 7 days. Notable aveages: Avila .077; Baker .154; Fielder .167; Peralta .174; Berry .200.

Cabrera is looking seriously hurt to me but everybody knows how bad we need him in the lineup. Double and a HR last night with bad ankles while rest of lineup is asleep at the wheel.

Why not Jhonny at third base for three games against the Angels?? After all he is our second best third sacker. Would three games in a row at shortstop be too many for Ramon?? He is our primary backup at short. Three games in a row as a lefthanded hitter might get him going. Instead we have Ramon on Friday, Jeff on Saturday, and Is Miguel back there on Sunday??? If not when???

Baker is in there as opposed to Ramon because righties hit Haren much better. So why is Laird not in, I don’t know?

Smyly looks good so far. Velocity at up to 94. Pumped up or gaining speed?

Great first inning Drew Smyly!!!!!! Keep it going.

Great tumble at 2nd by Fielder cost this team a run!

50 ways to not score runs…

Interesting comment in the 1st by C-Mo. I was going to bring this up and then I heard him do the same. (Oh my, Prince? Please learn how to slide-that was absurd.
Then Delmon turns a triple into a double. Ouch.

Oh, the comment—hitting mistakes. It seems that when our pitchers make `mistakes`they get clobbered. We don`t have a player that can hit a mistake.
Actually just about anything a pitcher throws to Miguel is a mistake so that`s not entirely true I guess.
But seriously, we do not have good mistake hitters. Kendrick jumped all over that hanging slider by RP yesterday on 0-2. Huge mistake that RP readily admitted to. I really like Porcello. He threw a “butte“ (sic) yesterday..

Peralta is killin`us. He is dreadful at the plate.

Peralta, how about the pylon at first base! Nice error by Omar there and Smylys cookie to Wells, and that tumble into 2nd…they look like fools. That’s my Tigers!

Sarcasm becomes you.

Funny takes.

Holy cow. Omar must think this is the way you are supposed to play when a Tiger. That throw was almost unbelievable. Angels are gonna make us pay for that. Guaranteed.

They sure did…….bumbling clowns!

Opposite field homer to Ryan.
Strange they have him at #2 when the Tigs need to grab anyone off the street for #5.

At least Raburn is seeing the ball and putting good (presumably) swings on.

Good teams do—-bad teams don`t.

Tigers probably can’t come back from this deficit…at least that’s what history tells us!

Only the Tigers can hit two doubles in one inning and not score.
The Angels 4 runs in the series and 3 of them came from defensive lapses.
This is the very definition of terrible baseball. Who could be happy with this?

There is nothing enjoyable about watching these guys anymore…. They are aweful, they wouldn’t beat a AAA team right now because thar pitcher old have the best game of his life. They are embaressing their manager their genera manager their owner and their fans and they just don’t seem to give a crap!

Now even AJ is making errors! Geez!

Yesterday was pure frustration. Tonight looks like we are at the circus.

Deadly combo of the fear of failing and trying too hard.

Factors to be sure Dave. But there are other problems too. Talent, coaching and chemistry.
This team does not pick each other up. They do not do a lot of mid-game adjustments. They lack speed, creativity, and play poor defense. They need a makeover in the coaching staff, including Leyland. They also need their GM to recognize what he has and what he doesn`t. I suspect he relies to heavily on JL`s opinion in this respect.
As far as today- With this cast of characters, getting 4 runs is akin to scaling Mt. Everest. How can this possibly be done.

Not sure I agree that they lack talent, but they lack something….what my dad used to call gumption. Go look at te batting averages of Seattle, Oakland and Tampa, but they got gumption and fire and yes score some runs. Hell last night they put up 6 on CWS in the 9 th.

anybody think Baker will ever get another hit?

Maybe, but he’ll be safe on an error, but then Austin will help out the opposing pitcher and ground into a double play! Clowns all of them!

Hard to believe he has nearly a .270 MLB average over his career.

Smyly loks gassed. Did well so far. Looks like the pen is getting ready.

Smyly is in quality start territory. Outstanding!

Smyly has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Now 1-9 with the exception of Dy tonight.

Hey, least the hits are keeping ahead of the errors.
Could they play their worst game of the year and still win?

3 hits for DY tonight. Start of another 9 or 10 game hitting streak? Tigers need something out of him before he gets dumped.

The Tigs would have to have the fewest number of blow out games in MLB. Never a laugher or a switchoff.
Excruciating season of baseball.

Apart from when the Big 2 are having AB’s, our rallies always seem to end just short.

The Tigs and Chisox are both down 3-2 fighting back. Lets see how they end.

Walden throws hard but his ball is straight as an arrow.

Not tonight though he is having the best game! Want to get your pitching staff into shape play the Detroit Tigers! That will cure what ails ya!

F’ Tori Hunter!

This circus has definitely proved entertaining. Hopeful for a favorable result.

Pigs must be flying!


That’s our Tigers!!!!! Taking the lead.

I am not sure QB is an upgrade over DY in LF, particularly since DY lost weight. Afterall, he was a CF/RF for Tampa and even stole 14 bases one season. That means he can run. And he also led the AL in assists in 2010 @ LF. QB has an average or below arm and takes poor routes. I prefer him to be used situationally.I don’t want DY’s bat out of the lineup unless necessary. We only have a few games left to get value out of him till he is dumped.

Funny on thewy home from work people were complaining that DY was playing tonight over Boesch or Berry (sports radio talk). Well I guess we know why he was n tonight.
Now my thoughts, super glad they won obviously. But the errors including Fielders roll at second, which cost us a run early and the fielding errors where infuriating. Still really not pleased they didn’t do anything against a poor starting pitcher who hadn’t made it out of the 3 rd inning in his last two outings against some light hitting teams.

Smyly gave us a shot. Fine job by him. Tigers showed their character.

They’ve never hit Dan Haren and probably never will, so that wasn’t surprising. The errors must be cleaned up. The fundamentals are bad.
And we still won. It took 14 hits to score 5 runs. I’ve never seen a team like this. I’m going to hand out kudos to whoever was the ball boy/girl down the LF line. Gettin’ out of the way of Peralta’s double enabled Dirks to score. How’s that for an unsung hero? Or heroine.
Smyly was very good.
They’ll never get C-Mo back in the studio after tonight. He was having a blast and was actually very good at it. Good insights and I liked his excitement.
This was a more important win than might appear. We need to be 2 or less games behind when Chicago comes rolling in next Friday. They have one with Seatlle and four in Baltimore. We have the one with LAA and three in KC. We should be able to accomplish the 2 game thing.

I enjoyed listening to C-mo as well and not having to listen to the endless gushing over Tori Hunter by Rod!

ElTigre, where are you? Your input is invaluable.

Also, is Marty okay?

Our manager was spot on when he said Drew was the key to the game!!!! He also gave us the starting catcher tomorrow, Gerald Laird, who is 6 for 18 against Santana before 2010!!!!!!!! Delmon’s three hits tonight might get him another start tomorrow.

I’d go along with that. No reason to stick Boesch back in there if Delmon is hitting.

Richard, we’re all in this together, so we move on. The first six innings of the game tonight give an insight to my “white flag” comment. The last three innings tell us why baseball is the best sport on earth. We actually scored three runs in one inning. I am not going to spend my time here tonight telling what is wrong with this team. Hopefully, this much needed win spurs us into a good 10-12 game stretch.
Remember my comment last night; the Sox don’t lose; I didn’t expect them to lose tonight; they’re are on a roll. I keep waiting for them to slow down. The Orioles can give them a fit at home. So with a hard fought victory tonight, here are three things that I really liked in the game:
1. Alex’s throwout of Aybar at third, in the top of the fourth. I know it sounds like a broken record, but that play stopped Angel momentum for the night. They would have scored a fourth run, with the single following that out. Who knows how many more might have scored? Angels did not score agin after the fourth inning. Thanks Alex.
2. Smyly’s start. Another reason shown tonight why I didn’t favor the Sanchez trade(not counting Omar). His July start against the Royals was excellent, and he was very good tonight. I still contend a lefty starter down the stretch would be a plus. Drew and the Bulls kept us in the game until the hitters arose from the dead.
3. Two out Base hits, and finally two out base hits that drove in runs. Peralta seems like a really humble guy. It’s wonderful when he comes through bigtime, just in time for a W.

Valverde looked like a dominant closer tonight. Hopefully, Sanchez will bring his B game tomorrow, and Mad Max continues to strike out anybody and everybody in sight. Sox time is on the way. Let’s shut up Hawk for good! Good night all!

Should be Santana, not Sanchez

Well, the clowns won. Sounds almost the same as booing a Tiger at a game and then cheering for him when he gets a 2 out hit in the 8th. Do you all think the DH role is affecting Delmon’s hitting? What do you think the Angel fans are saying right now? Our Tigers are in the race and yes they are frustrating sometimes because we watch every game! Yes, the best show (sport) on Earth. No clock and it ain’t over til its over. Go Tigers!

That is a good question about the DH issue and you made some valid points.. After we dump DY we will probably get comparison info. I think the Yanks could pick him up with Swisher’s presumed departure. DY could be a nice fit for them.

Even with the early miscues, I figured we still had a chance and they finally came through with some clutch hitting. Merciful heaven!
Who would have ever thought C-Mo would end up as a broadcaster for the Tiger organization. He was a little unpolished the first couple weeks, but the man has found a new career and is quite good at it.
The Free Press had an article in today’s paper with some stats: Tigers have allowed 61 unearned runs, highest in the AL. White Sox only 28.

Saw Miggy has today off. He needs it. Good timing with no game Monday.

Jason reported Smyly sticks and will go to th pen. Like that move.

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