Cabrera at DH Friday against Angels

The Tigers lineup is out, and Miguel Cabrera is at designated hitter to watch the wear and tear on his right ankle. Delmon Young moves from DH to left field, and Andy Dirks moves to the bench for a night. Ramon Santiago fills in at third base.

Jim Leyland said Friday afternoon that he doesn’t know how many games he’ll need to DH Cabrera. He put Cabrera there tonight on the recommendation of the team medical staff.

As for starting Young over Dirks, remember he said last week that Delmon would be starting pretty much every day down the stretch. He sees him as a bigger impact act than the alternatives.

“I was hoping Cabrera could play [third],” Leyland said, “because I wanted to get another lefty [hitter] in there, but Delmon’s been hitting the ball pretty hard, so I wanted to play Delmon. This just means one lefty can’t play.”

Leyland said he was going to start Brennan Boesch regardless Friday, and he stuck to the plan. He’s in right field, batting fifth behind Prince Fielder. Omar Infante sticks in the second spot against right-hander Zack Greinke.

On the Angels side, no Albert Pujols tonight. He’s dealing with tightness in his right calf. We’ll see whether he plays at all this weekend.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Brennan Boesch, RF
  6. Delmon Young, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Ramon Santiago, 3B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Mike Trout, CF
  2. Maicer Izturis, 3B
  3. Torii Hunter, RF
  4. Kendrys Morales, DH
  5. Mark Trumbo, 1B
  6. Howard Kendrick, 2B
  7. Erick Aybar, SS
  8. Vernon Wells, LF
  9. Chris Iannetta, C

P: Zack Greinke


dangit, you were right ElTigre.
So the question is why do you sit a lefty (dirks) for a righty (delmon)….especially since dirks is a better defender (not drastically albeit).

Young: 6 for 22 273/846 HR BB/2 SO

works for me – hey delmon is seeing the ball pretty well right now anyways!

I am just happy Miggy is back in the lineup.

I’m just glad he switched up the starting rotation. I mean, that’s a no-brainer but you never know with ol’ Jim.
Infante at 2nd and Santiago at 3rd is the way I’d line ’em up. Maybe Ramon can get his bat going a little. He sat a long time, much longer than usual. I’d have kept Peralta 5th. That’s all I’ve got on lineups today. Leyland would go nuts reading the stuff we come up with, but it’s just for fun.

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Brennan in the 5th spot tonight is what I call “Jim trying to get him going”. It’s backfired many times this year – which is why we’ve struggled. However it’s worked many times in the past too.


Mike Trout CF, Maicer Izturis 3B, Torii Hunter RF, Kendrys Morales DH, Mark Trumbo 1B, Howie Kendrick 2B, Erick Aybar SS, Vernon Wells LF, Chris Iannetta C, (Zack Greinke P)

Dirks vs RHP .353 .395 .533 .928

Delmon vs RHP .252 .291 .352 .642

Over 100 points in batting avg, over 100 points in OBP, Over 18 points slugging, and 240 points OPS. Not to mention putting one of the worst defenders in the league in left field.

I don’t get this. Hope Andy’s okay.

I hope he is OK too – how many games has he got a rest since he came back from injury? There might be 1 – but I don’t see it.

Andy’s fine, but Jim isn’t!

Patrick…I trend to agree my guess it’s because he’s seen Grienke before.? But who knows.

Again it probably doesnt matter this team has shown nothing if not there is no rhyme or reason to who and when they hit. Ive pointed it out a thousand times, we’ve seen some horrible pitching over the last few weeks and have done nothing with it for the most part. Ya we’ve won some but no beat downs, no laughers….barely squeaked by. The guys who are in there have to get off their butts and try to do close to what they are capable of, it’s been mind boggling and it’s been going on all year.

That’s what I think it is. DY 22 ABs, Dirks 0.

how much complaining would there be if JL played Andy every day (post injury) until he was hurt again?

a lot of people other places complaining that Q Berry should be playing instead of Boesch. I was floored but I looked up some stats anyhow. Since August 5th:
Berry: 21PAs, .111/.158/.167/.325, 1BB/7Ks
Boesch: 36PAs, .219/.306/.219/.524, 3BB/12Ks

and just for comparison:
Delmon: 66PAs, .286/.318/.397/.715, 2BB/5Ks
Dirks: 64PAs, .321/.391/.464/.855, 7BB/9Ks

but again, Andy has been playing since coming back from injury.

Q is just popular.

And thosepeople are delusional.

DY has to play LF if Miggy needs to DH.. Dirks should be in RF instead of BB. Infante has more range @ 2B than Ramon. Range is not so much a factor @ 3B. It is more about reactons. QB was perfect in his role yesterday. He did what he is good at in the right situation.

Jim goes LRLR all year long. Assuming Ramon switches, he suddenly tandems up the four lefties – 4&5 and 8&9.
At least he has kept Delmon at 6 or 7 where he is able to perform.

Gonzalez, Beckett, Crawford and Punto to the Dodgers?

The Dodgers want to be the Lakers of baseball.

Blowing up a team to keep a manager.

Justin Upton has been claimed on waivers by an uidentified team.

Upton is hitting .273 with 9 HR and 49 RBI. Glad the Tigers passed on him.

Hard to remember when AL teams looked so vulnerable and disjointed towards season end.

Red Sox also placed Lester and Ellsbury on waivers.

Reliable Santiago

jinxed him


Soft tigers hitting the cover off the ball again??? At the game perfect night to be at the park. Porcelo getting a lot of ground balls. Santiago just flubbed and cost us two outs and who knows what else.

Geez Ramon, instead of a double play we have 2 on and no out. Porcello will be challenged. .

correction: 1 out.

I think Cabrera either needs his ankle shot up to compensate for his obvious pain or he just needs to sit out his injury. If he continues to play hurt he will alter his hitting mechanics and create bigger problems by establishing poor form thru habituation.of poor mechanics.

Apperently Grienke is back to cy young form…… miraculous. I tell ya that was the highest pop up I’ve ever seen off of Fielders bat.

I hate that damn Izturis. Seems to be a major pest to Tigers.
Even though he did hit into a DP earlier.
Just a matter of time for The Angels to hit and for us to not.

I hate the tigers these days.

Another missed double play then after 2 strikes you tee one up for him. 2 runs may very well too much for these guys to overcome, the way they are not hitting.

You can just feel some players when they are gonna lose it. I was cringing on the 0-2 pitch to Kendrick wondering if Porcello would suffer momentary collapse and sure enough. He actually got away with one to Trumbo.
We need someone to impress upon some of our guys about how to manage themselves better when ahead 0-2.
Porcello and Fister really have problems in that count. Contact type pitchers like that have to make sure there is no contact on that bloody pitch.
It’s a shame but it was bound to happen after the missed DP.
Perhaps Porcello was still thinking about that during that pitch. Whatever it was, there is no way you should be laying up a pitch to hammer there.

I don’t know how this team can possibly come up with 3 or more tonight. They couldn’t hit a mole at the whack-a-mole arcade right now.

Yes, I thought the 2 runs yesterday was too much to overcome and somehow they did. I can’t blame Porcello. It is hard to pitch a no-hitter and his teammates are just plain impotent at hitting. Is Viagara a drug allowed in baseball?

Friends watching on tv was that a strike to Fielder? He was pissed and stood at home plate for quie some time chirping’

No, down. Dirks 3-2 was in the same place

Brayan… Obvious SB situation with 2 outs. Check the runner?

It seemed to be right on the line. Could have gone either way.
Now will JL leave Villarreal in another inning? He seems to be in a groove.
Wow. The Red Sox are going insane rtading away players. Can they all be in Valentine’s doghouse?

He needs arms rested because Smyly is the next starter

Ryan struckout with bases loaded.
Looks about ready to fit right in.

At my age, my memory is not as good as it used to be. It just seems to me we have been plagued by this poor hitting for awhile. How many years is it now?

That is the best hitter in MLB


Try to find some good… shutout.

I am depressed enuff without that kind of take.

Another loss due to lack of hitting. Sox up 7-2. Tigers soon to be 2 1/2 out and 3 in the loss column.

Anybody got a 12-game winning streak in their pocket? That’s what happened last year. Hard to believe this club finished 30-9.

Our 2012 club has nine players who did not play with us last year!!! We are a team in transition that is trying to defend a championship. That’s a tough combination. 12-game winning streak?
We’ve had two in the past 77 years. This past week I looked at what the team did last year to finish so strong and part of it was going 14-5 down the stretch on the road. Can we become road warriors???? Your call for an eight game winning streak will work the best for us if it starts and ends against the White Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anticipated the Tigers would come up short. Kudos to Porrcello, He surprisingly made it close.

Until Chicago, there is a season.
But the team is flawed beyond fix. It is not the players but the philosphy of the team.
The worst defense in MLB cant win a pennant.
Good defender usually hit little. This team needs players like Everett, he was a Golden Glove caliber fielder and was ran out of town
Defense in the middle , power from the corners. You can play Cabrera at third and Fielder at first (even he is a DH and wont be ever anything else) as long as you have goods gloves in 2b and SS. Infante was not good today, even if Hunter played well to break the DP.
Boesch is worse than Raburn or Young.
Peralta was at fault. He had the play in front of him. It was his play

Porcello was lucky all year. Well, the luck is over. 13 th( more or less) in RS in MLB .But no runs last two games.Still, he served that HR with 0-2
Greinke pitched well in his first games with LAA. He is a legit Cy Young and he showed it.
I would rest Cabrera until tuesday. No reason to break him for nothing
And it was not strike. It was low

Then… Just quit if the team is so flawed it is beyond fixing.

“All baseball fans believe in miracles; the question is, how many do you believe in? ”
I saw them 7 games out with 10 games to play. They were one hitted in the last game and made the playoff.

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Tigers optioned Luke Putkonen to Toledo following tonight’s game. Drew Smyly will be recalled on Saturday. #tigers

Sorry guys I don’t care to hear one more freaking time from anyone that an opposing mediocre pitcher, pitched the best game of the season……it’s not the pitchers all rhe time, it’s the freaking idiots ( excluding Miggy) who seem content to underachieve and collect their paychecks! I guarantee you Grienkes next outing he gives up a several runs, just as every pitcher for the last several weeks has done before and the game after we’ve faced them. These Tigers are not living up to even a fraction of their abilities and I am sick and tired of hearing how wonderful the pitchers are. On thecwy home Jim and Dan were saying that it’s one of the first times Grienke has gone past six innings all year, but sure as heck was back to Cy young tonight! BULL!

Ever consider that these pitchers who have been so bad have a good one coming and we’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well……probably not the case. Although I’ll make an exception for Greinke. He’s supposed to be good.

Well… He is good and I recall you wanted him on board, He was dynamite tonight.

I’d forgotten about that. I did. Any good hitting 3rdbasemen out there on waivers?

Supposed to ya but hasn’t been most of the year….until tonight of course, he was unhittable, best pitcher on the planet!

Rich.He was refering to me. I said that I liked more Greinke and Scutaro as trade targets.But I said before the trade tha DD would go for Sanchez and Infante.

ElTigre… I am a beleiver. I am surprised by some of your comments and attribute them to frustration

Let’s not turn on each other. Please.

As I said, I still think the could win.But, they need to play the right players and put an effort. The lack of fundamental today …

And I have said it before after a win, the winning : defense in the middle, power from the corners. If they can hit too like the 1984 team , then it is a miracle.Reliable defense would be enough.And they dont have it.

How about Cabrera and that Kirk Gibson trot around the bases? This kid deserves a better team around him.
Prince is getting nothing to hit. There’s a black hole behind him and I think it has a lot to do with his HR total of 22 with 37 games to go. We can create lineups until the proverbial cows come home but this issue can’t be avoided.
Tough to lose a game on one bad pitch and one botched play.

The reality here is that we’re in danger of digging too deep a hole before we get to the Chicago series(s). You don’t want to be in a position of having to win 6 of the 7 games. It’s reminding me of 2007. We have to start winning now. Tomorrow and next week. If not, we’ll be chasing the Sox right into October 4. That’s the day after the season ends. That’s the situation.

Good call. Let’s bounce back to win this series!!!!!!! Then try to do better in KC than the White Sox did last week!!

If you looked to my post yesterday, I expressed my concerns about this series. Greinke looked like he owned the Tigers tonight. We depend on a Rookie tomorrow whose opponent has pitched well in the past against us. That leaves Sunday, and though it’s Mad Max, he’s due one of “those” outings. We could easily be down 4.5 Sunday evening, and that would basically be the Central Title. As I said last night, I’m so sick of these 2-0, 2-1, 3-2 games. Our hitters are not earning their inflated salaries, especially 5-9. They just don’t come through enough; granted Alex had the big hit last night to win, but it’s so sporadic. It’s a sad commentary when you depend on a crippled man for your offense. Everyone knew that the missed double play would determine the outcome of the game. Porcello’s pitch count was in the 70’s at that moment, and when he finished the inning, he was over 100 pitches. Some of that is on him, but he just didn’t pitch bad enough to lose. These games make one strain to find anything good about a game. Her is my best shot tonight:
1. Villareal’s 2 innings of work. Amazing arm for such a “little” guy. He’s really fun to watch.
2. I have to give KUDOS to Miggy. The guy hit a double and a homer with all upper body. You’d think that someone else could have done something offensively with their legs underneath them.
3. Another fine peg from Alex to throw out Izturis in the early innings. His timing and exchange have really improved in the last 4 weeks.

No excitement over the Boesch hit. The later AB’s with more on the line were true Brennan. Overall, he’s still struggling big time. our problem is that we can’t get the lower part of the order to have more than one or two good games. Somebody needs to hit slid for 10-12 games. This is what is missing; no Thames, or Monroe, or Rayburn for that matter. I am truly coming to the realization that even with good starting pitching, you have to score more than one or two runs to win. Good night all!

Well Greg, without your nightly 3 best, I’d probably be crazy by now. You perform a service.

By the way, that play where Boesch went in motion and Peralta swung at a pitch a foot high and outside for the second out is the kind of thing I was referring to yesterday. That was a prime example.

HEY! HEY! Seattle just scored 6 runs in the 9th to take an 8-7 lead over the Sox. Sox bullpen collapsed. Mariners need 3 outs to win.

Tied game

Chisox win

Forget the “hey hey.” Sox tied it…..and won it 9-8 on a Konerko double.

They just don’t lose. And they score more than 1-2 runs a game. I’ve raised the white flag!

I like your input. But take your white flag and put it where the sun does not shine.

White flag!!!!!!!!White flag!!!!!!!! There’s no white flag until the final pitch of our elimination game. May it never happen!!!!!!!!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???

Both teams are 13-8 for august.Run differential Detroit:20, ChiSox 13

Mudhens scored 14 runs on 22 hits.

Looks like we still have some Tiger fans with bite, albeit frustrated ones.

Man, am I ever glad I didn’t tune into that White Sox game. The time was better served updating my MP3 player.
You watch enough baseball, you see trends. Some of them are bad.

Well if the team can be dysfunctional why can’t we?
I must say that Boesch has been a very key reason (along with Avila, Peralta, Young and even Raburn) that our club has struggled the whole season. He is not a great outfielder but I personally think he is head and shoulders (literally and figuratively) better than Delmon Young. He’s made some pretty nice catches this year and he comes in on the ball far better than DY. I even prefer him to Raburn.
All that is pretty irrelevant really though.
Ricky Porcello is going to have nightmares about that pitch he hung to Kendrick, Of course the nightmare will include the ill-fated botched DP by Omar.
One thing I will give Raburn—he hangs in at 2nd when turning the DP as well as anybody.
I don’t think it is worthwhile to raise a white flag, or any flag raising really. But we do have to face facts. This team can’t run, it can’t field, it hits into double plays, can’t manufacture runs, strands scads of baserunners and fails to hit home runs outside of the 3/4 hitters. How much chance do we really have when 55% of the lineup is stagnant day in and day out?
If our hitters can’t look like they belong by the end of this homestand —we’re done.
Somebody might want to remind Leyland that we are in to the 4th quadrant of the schedule and what has changed from the previous three?

BTW—-good one Rich!!!!

Raburn had two hits, Kelly had three and Worth had four!!!
My point? I think it’s easier to hit in the minor leagues.

the fault is all on our hitters in my mind lately – defense is bad BUT we need to score more than 2 runs. Ricky had a tremendous night as did our pen and all for nothing but another game behind the Sox. Villarreal is fun to watch, I agree. He pitches with his whole body, he kind of flings himself towards the batter.

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