Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Blue Jays

Interesting lineup against Verlander for the Blue Jays, who don’t have David Cooper available today. Moises Sierra starts at designated hitter, while speedy Anthony Gose returns to the lineup in right field, giving Toronto back-to-back speedsters with Gose ninth and Rajai Davis at leadoff. Opponents are 10-for-10 stealing bases off Verlander since May 8.

On the Tiger side, Alex Avila indeed does the night-day turnaround at catcher, batting ninth against J.A. Happ. Other than Andy Dirks and Jeff Baker flipping spots in the batting order, it’s the same lineup.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. Delmon Young, DH
  7. Jeff Baker, RF
  8. Andy Dirks, LF
  9. Alex Avila, C

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Rajai Davis, LF
  2. Colby Rasmus, CF
  3. Edwin Encarnacion, 1B
  4. Kelly Johnson, 2B
  5. Moises Sierra, DH
  6. Omar Vizquel, 3B
  7. Jeff Mathis, C
  8. Adeiny Hechavarria, SS
  9. Anthony Gose, RF

P: J.A. Happ




Totally think JL is of his rocker playing Avila today. I mean I actually find it hard to believe htat he is not more sensible than that. Add to the fact that Avila is NOT hitting!

you think alex isn’t hitting – take a look at Jhonny’s last 10 games!

Aw DANGGIT miggy is hurt yo

Just how long do we have to put up with players like Santiago or Rayburn.

We did some quality players to back up the regulars.

Santiago is in!!!!!

just saw on gameday they took out Miggy – my biggest fear realized – what happened?

hurt something running to 1st or around 1st base on his long pop fly

Not sure Rod and Mario speculated it might be his ankle still bothering him. He winced when he was running during his first AB. God will it suck if he’s hurt. You can talk about Verlander and how critical he us ll you want and it’s true, I believe right now Miggy is.
Putting some tough at bats together against yet not her high era pitcher! Not!

Finally, someone other than I is considering DY and the 3 hole. Rod just brought it up in reference to DY’s production last year (32 RBI in 40 games with 5 HR and 6 RBI in 9 playoff games) It helps DY and puts him on the pond for Miggy and Biggy. Plus, it fills the vexing 5 hole. How is any of that bad?

playing Prince 5th will eliminate the number of bats he gets. right?

And quite possibly increase his production and team scoring.


Than who do you move up? Someone hitting 260 with no power…. I think we need to take our chances with Prince.

I’d do it if Cabby isn’t playing next game.

Besides, we need to get something more out of DY befoe we dump him and he goes to the Yankees(?).

We used to wonder if we were getting Mad Max or Bad Max. Now I wonder which JV we are getting. So far it looks like Mad Max. Cabrera out. Can the others really pick up the slack?

Just sai it was right ankle soreness for Miggy?

Detroit Tigers‏@tigers

Miguel Cabrera left today’s game with right ankle soreness. He is day-to-day

Well JV just might have to be perfect because the chance of this team giving him much run support is probably very low especially without Miggy in the lineup!

He was already 93th in RS before that.

JV struggling against a weak Jays lineup, honestly

Well nice pitch right down the middle for Encarnacion. JV put it right there on a platter for him, The way this impotent group of hitters is going and by that I mean the Tigers, JV could be in for not her lose today!

Earlier this season in the midst of one of those bazillion lineup discussions, I also suggested Delmon hitting 3rd. The thing is, Leyland can be absolutely obstinate with things. He won’t even try it for one game. Last year he insisted that Miggy shouldn’t hit 3rd, and this year he won’t put him back at cleanup. It’s all kind of pointless to talk about.

Much of what is said in the paper, on blogs, etcetera is pointless to talk about, other than it is fun to vent and dicuss the game we all love.

Not saying not to talk about it. Am saying it’s frustrating.

Santiago in for Cabrera…..that’s the same.

Yeah, start the runner. It keeps you out of the DP. Right?

Well we haven’t seen a top shelf pitcher in a little while. The guys have looked incredibly inept against bad to really bad pitchers lately. Can you imagine what it’s going to look like when theft actually see some good pitching this weekend? This is ugly and infuriating. Sorry to be so pessimistic but how can I not be?

Had to step away from the game for awhile. Returned to find we have Bad JV back again. And then Infante does some stupid base running. My first thought if Cabrera has to sit for a few games was to put DY in the 3-spot where he did help the team last year. So who else would bat there?

that’s legit. These guys want DY in the 3rd slot regularly. Which IMO just takes the bat out of PF’s hands – as he’ll be batting 5th, regularly.

2 runs is a mountain to climb with out hitters (minus 1).
With the Jays getting the ball in the air against JV I’m sure many of us wondered if they would eventually hit one out.
We have too many guys in the lineup right now that pretty much don’t have a prayer at doing much offensively right now. Santiago, Peralta, AJ, Avila, Baker.
JV doesn’t seem to have his A game with him. Probably won’t see that at all unless these guys squeak together some runs for him. Hope DD is as happy with Baker as Baker is.

baker looks like crap

if RR starts hitting in AAA…JB can be cut and i’d rather run RR out there in RF

Baker is making Raburn look good. What next?

Oh Verlander will hit someone with their home run hitters coming up!

At this point I want anyone that can get a freaking hit! Anyone please who can do anything with somebody on base please step up anyone!

My feelings upon getting Baker were that this was an insult to knowledgeable Tiger fans.
The Jays are getting some good swings and this leadoff guy (Davis) getting on is not gonna be pretty if he can’t get Rasmus.

Davis was safe and instead of taking advantage of a gift…proceeds to walk Rasmus. What the heck JV!

then 100 on the gun!

Not a good inning for umpire Marquez.

Oh my—Davis had virtually a walking lead and was safe at 2nd. Definitely caught a break and took advantage by carving up Encarnacion.
This is the kind of inning that can fire up a team that needs to be (read…us).
Marquez is going to make life miserable for himself with his pitch calling today.
JV did what he could to pick this team up in the 6th. It’s up to these hitless wonders to produce.

6th inning… anybody going to do anything against this poor pitcher?

Avila nothing out on 2 pitches

Jackson walks….ok that’s a start!

Infante strikes out on 4 pitches

Santiago……..nothing. Great inning boys! Killer instincts. Letting a bunch of minor leaguers literally make you look foolish!

Avila should be benched. He is hitting like an old man. Sees his pitcher working hard out there and comes up ans lazily swings at the 1st pitch?
No way I’d have played him today after last night and Laird available.

The whole team needs to be benched pathetic up and own the line every freaking one of them!

Baker can play infield if JL wanted to PH Boesch for Santiago.

That’s what I was thinking.
Fielder , Peralta and Young coming up now or never boys! Please play like ya care, because you ll look worse than aweful! Happ not this good! Sorry wake up!

Happ’s at 80 pitchs. Farrell might have him on a very short leash.
No amount of good pitching by JV will matter and I just think this club is so disconnected they can’t pick each other up.

Hey look fellas – we’re due! Lets go boys – just 2 runs lets get ’em!


Fielder nothing……Peralta single it’s up to you DY!

Nope DY nothing. Baker?

Nope Baker zippo!

I’d rather give Paws a shot than anything we have right now

As far as I’m concerned Baker can play in New Orleans.
Is there someone on this team that can dig deep down and grab just a little character? Can someone snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? Anyone?

Well I agree Baker has not held up, but he got one of only 3rbi last night. He is one of many guys who isn’t doing crap lately. There’s a whole lot of blame to go around and Baker in my opinion probably should be way down on the list of people to call out. Let’s start with the big money guys who have been sitting on their thumbs.

CG ? Or Dotel to end it?

That’s true enough GK, but let’s start with the big money guys that pay the money and decide on the roster. Getting a guy like Baker at the time DD did was like trying to slip one by the fans. He was not what was needed, only a facsimile thereof.
The blame (from me) is not on Baker. Baker was not the answer and everyone should have known that. Avila, Boesch, Young, Peralta. They are the prime reasons for the way the season has gone.
I just don’t like being jerked around as a fan. Trying to pretend someone is who they aren’t or to try and prove yourself right by continuing to play them.
The only guy who can save the bacon today is Prince—and he doesn’t look particularly sharp at the plate.

JV has not been sharp, but he has only given up 2 runs – his may not be as great as last year, but 2 runs should not mean a loss? These guys need to shake up this new pitcher and fast.

Waste of time PHing Boesch. He won’t hit the ball out of the infield just like Ramon wouldn’t have. LHP or RHP.
I do hope my sarcasm slaps me right hard in the face.

JV was good in my opinion. He made 1 mistake and a big one it was.

Ok Boesch came through barely now it’s time for Biggy to make his money

see fellas? no need to pitch hit paws!

atta boy Oliver!

Thanks for the wid pitch

Ouch—-that hurt!! I guess I need to be sarcastic about JP now!!!!

You weren’t sarcastic enough….Peralta looked weak.

You’ll want to put some ice on your face there, Dan. 🙂

Up to Delmon, Baker or Dirks? Can they? Yes…will they…we’ll see.

JV must have had a pretty efficient outing to go 9 innings, did not see his pitch count but am guessing under 120?


115 through 9 innings

I’d have a short leash with JV at this point. Or put Dotel in there right off the bat.

Jeff “aubrey huff” baker.

World Champion Aubrey Huff? He might have helped the Tigers a couple years ago if Inge didn’t try being a hero playing on 1 leg. Hard to fault Huff.

And Inge,

Well DY and Baker failed ….Dirks?

Nope. Quick and very very very very very very quiet. Very!

They better hurry up and win. Supposed to leave in 15 minutes for a movie.

c’mon dotel this is the bottom of an awful lineup.

Do not want to see Coke. Wish JV could have gone back out.

We agree

I second that motion – bring in benoit if you have to

1st time I’ve ever see aj leave his feet. Dotel better bear down. Pretty good swings on him

I cannot recall Jackson ever diving for a ball. Sweet play.


can it spark the offense!?!?! if it can – this win could spark something special!

wish I saw it!

I don’t believe what I just saw.

Defensive replacement BB also makes a nice play.

Ok it’s now up o Avila, Jackson, Omar and Boesch and Fielder if we get there!


Whelp lets see what BB does here. I mean, JL has sat him for a few games…..that pinch hit was good…..lets see here….

loup is hard on lefties, fyi.

BB has a chance to be a hero. Hope he brings an oar to the plate.

OK, guys, make it quick.

so JL puts coke in just for you. lol.

dangit BB gotta swing at those

Oh Brennen. Come on prince earn your money. .

At least he went clean with a K, not a GIDP. Gives Prince a chance.

Nope …earning those big bucks! Didn’t do crap today. Way to step up big boy way to step up.

Guess Prince can’t do anything without miggy or braun around him.

who was that one guy….Hart? that guy wasn’t very good was he?

Leyland throwing in the towel Coke coming in.

Geez…RHB hit .400 against him . .332 overall. Close your eyes.

he cannot let coke face encarnocion

JL pulls him VERY SMARTLY. might have been a good move by the skip…get phil confidence any way you can right now

Your comment is well taken. Still wish I did not have to watch him. Now we will tear up the back end of the pen for the Angel series.

at least pujols is day to day

how many arms are left in this Jays bullpen? we’ve seen 5 so far…

Looks like 3

good inning of pitching

Peralta Young and Baker. Please someone, anyone!

this might sound terrible – but I put berry in there instead of Baker. Berry is clutch – gives energy – better defensively than Baker (maybe) and Jenkins is a righty!
good job jhonny – don’t GIDP DY!!!!

DY tried as hard as he could to beat it out and HE DID. PUT IN BERRY JL


whelp better start stealing berry

Time to step up DY

Good hustle by delmon I guess but hit the freaking ball hard enough of this crap. Nothing today no extra base hits at all today.

Good job Berry

Okay. Andy no double play bals

dirks is THE guy i want up there right now

QB for DY was a good move by JL. QB can actually do something he is good at.

1st pitch to andy not aa strike. Ok Avila…your the man.

Dirks, that breaks my heart
leaving work, can’t wait to hear what Dan and Jim tell me in the car…

you’ll be pleased

Heck ya… way to go aila and berry

Heck yea! Good thing JL pinch ran Berry!

did not even make it to the car – way to go AA
Jim Leyland made some very good moves this game – letting JV go 9, the right pitchers from the pen, the pinch hitters and runners – good game for the SOC.

Put my rally cap on in the 8th and there in the 11th….. Yes I believe in the rally cap!

Another ugly win,. But nice pitching by JV and the pen, some pretty defense and several decent managerial decisions by JL.The Tigers needed this game and series sweep.

I just found out I’m still able to jump up in the air. That’s as surprising as Austin diving for that ball.

No broken bones? Haha! Was pretty exciting.
But seriously what are we going to do with these hitters? We and they I’m sure they all know they are better than that. They can’t continually be getting a mediocre to bad pitchers best games. They can’t all be pitching their best games of the year against the Tigers, at some point they are going to have to look in the mirror.

bring on the angels!

Hopefully the Soxs keep them there late tonight!

It’s actually an accomplishment to sweep that series with the way our hitters are going, so there’s that. I have to assume they’ll come out of it at some point.
Good points about JL’s moves working today. Even more surprising, I agreed with all of them. Many many surprising things today. To quote Vin Scully, “in an improbable season, the impossible has happened.”

Shame on those reporters for letting JV do that interview with something on his face!

Well, my friends. I told you all that winning ugly was the new norm, and I’ll take credit, along with Alex’s hit for another UGLY! But it still beats losing ugly, and we surely need everyone we can get. I worry about this upcoming Angel Series more than any we have had this year. History with Grenke and Haren have not been so good. And with Santana, we might get 0 hits, or we could score seven by the second. Hopefully, Miggy will be good to go; if not, we might be in for a long weekend. It’s a shame to see a quality pitcher denied wins, because of a lousy offense. You better resign him at the earliest time; other teams will talk about many more runs for him. JV was so ticked off by the Encarnacion bomb, that I was figuring we would see a show. There is not another pitcher in MLB with 4 quality pitches. The best have 3, but this guy is just truly blessed with a golden arm. So just before the Halos come to town, here were my three things to like about today’s game:
1. Delmon’s dynamic speed to beat the double play curse in the 11th. If we have a DP again, no pinch runner, no steal, no winning run.
2. Benoit’s, retiring of Encarnacion in the top of the 11th. It appears that Home Run Inducement Syndrome is over. Thanks Juaquin.
3. Ajax’s ability to hold on to the ball with the great catch in the 10th. The way the ball hit on the glove, it was a miracle that it did not jar loose. Monster Catch!

Wouldn’t it be great to score about 10 runs tomorrow night? This thing of 2-0 and 3-1, and trailing at that, is giving me heartburn. I’m getting too old for this. Kudos again to JV and Alex. I’m hoping now that JV gets 17-18 wins for the year. He still should win the Cy Young, when you truly look at the stats. Just an humble opinion.
Good evening all!

So it’s official. Verlander on Tuesday and then Sunday against Chicago. His opponent on turn would be Chris Sale. Important division game, last year’s Cy Young against a candidate for this year’s, on ESPN on Sunday night. About as good as it gets.

Going forward from his start against the Orioles last Friday, it is possible for Justin to have ten starts with the last one being on the final day of the regular season just in case the race goes that far. Of course, we know rain outs in September happen at the worst possible times. So it would be a tentative schedule. I posted a “possible” ten about a week ago.

Sounds like cabby DHing is a possiblity for tomorrow night. so that’s good.

Crazy, isn’t it? Some thought Avila should not have played today after a night game. Walk-off hero. JV was all business after that homerun. With that effort the whole game, maybe no homerun? We may see Berry on the DL with back problems after lifting Avila at the end of the game. Isn’t there a little weight difference there? Oh, and now Torii Hunter. Groan.

If ever there was a good time to sweep a team, this was it because we matched the White Sox’ sweep of the Yankees. Who better to get big hits than Avila and Boesch!! We need them to finish strong in September. Berry pinch runs and scores the game winner!!! The Angels will be a dangerous team as they have had a rough go of it lately. We still have better than a week before Labor Day and look at how close the Rays are to the Yankees. I grumble a lot about the major league schedule but it usually has drama in September. We finished up with the Mariners in early May and now they become our ally as they take an eight game winning streak to Chicago to play the Hawk Sox. Go Mariners!!!!!!!!!Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

They are now 20-18 against lefties. Only team in the Central over 500

That super!!!!!!! Now how do we get better against them??? We will see more and more before we finish this rodeo. Who do we get in KC?? Will Chicago have Floyd, Liriano and Sale lined up against us when they come to Detroit??

Against LHP, OPS:
AJax: 946
Peralta: 741
Dirks: 752
DY: 818
Baker : 716
Avila:575/ Laird:597

Boesch: 605/Berry:607. Yes , better than Boesch. He has more SO against RHP
Try with Dirks?
Yes, Corey Hart. That is the best fit for RF .

Peralta played a little better today than he has recently – but still wasn’t to thrilled I hope he comes around. I’ve noticed that Delmon has been getting on base more frequently than before – and that his power numbers haven’t been there recently.
I know everyone wanted JP to be the solution….but this year in the 5th spot he has 25 plate appearances and has a obp of 200 and a ops of 492 with 1 GIDP.
Maybe Delmon needs another crack at it if he is getting comfortable with his new “approach”.

then again his RISP is grrrreat!

Please Evan not Delmon and crack in the same sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hah. why cuz of demitri?

Yeah…Is there something you know?

I don’t think AJ’s catch can be possibly be over-emphasized. That is not his style and is the one thing about him that many of us have felt was deficient defensively. He left his comfort zone for the team’s sake. That’s huge. Maybe that will free him up a bit more and we will be treated to some more.
I missed the end of the game and must also give Boesch some credit (even though he K’d) for a pretty darn good at bat in the 10th. Haven’t seen the rest but I think I’m gonna like what I see judging from the comments here.
I will say that I am as concerned as much now as I have been all year about our hitting. Without an improvement we won’t be going anywhere interesting in October. Well I will be, but I mean Tigers collectively.

it’s early – but BOS is up 6-0 on LAA

El Tigre, against lefties would you go 5th DY, 6th JP 7th AD ???

I thinks no one can handle that spot. Delmon is hitting because he is not at the 5th spot.I would give Peralta a longer trial. Then would be Dirks time. Based on OPS, he would be a good option. Of course, JL would go off like Hal trying to play a LHB after Fielder against a LHP.

AJ is a hero – even his teammates are saying he never dives because he usually runs them down – huge, huge play and huge that he was able to score on that wild pitch.

Marty often has interesting things to add. I don’t recall a post from him in a bit. Hope he is okay and not torqued at this thread.

Another Raburn HR.

I hate umps and I hate the Yankees. But…I have to give it to the Yanks. They have been decimated by injuries. Pettite,Sabathia, Rivera, and now Nova…Yet they charge on with their senior citizen roster. On the other hand, the umps just get worse.

They’re a good senior league team. Marquez today was catching it from both sides because his strike zone wasn’t consistent. That’s all anyone asks. Verlander at one point threw the exact same pitch in the exact same location and got 2 balls and 1 strike called. I think that was the inning when everyone started barking.

Peralta had 2 hits and a walk in 5 ABs today. That’s not good enough?
Re Raburn, it’s funny how guys will come off the DL and start hitting for a few games, then fade for awhile. I see that happen a lot. At any rate, he’s coming up in September.

um 1 of those hits was a ground into a forceout that got brennan out at 3rd base to end the bottom of the 8th. rally killed = accomplished. take a look at the past 10 games anyhow.

play by play tab – sorry. and for the books i said it was OK – just not that great. Take a look at DY and his OBP the past week or two…just saying.

No, JP had two hits in the game. His single started the game winning rally in the 11th, too.
Delmon has been hitting sixth, not 5th. He failed at 5th and had a huge sample. I’d rather bat him 3rd than 5th.

Sorry Evan Rch is correct….the box score says 2 hits and a walk for Peralta. Now if you want to talk about someone who has been completely unproductive look no further than the big guy playing 1st base. He did nothing yesterday, ya he had a walk, but it was one of those intentional unintentional walks. He basically has been non existent since his 2 homer game last Friday.

Did anyone notice Harrah #87 in the dugout. Where is Lloyd???

Saw Harrah. Did not see LLoyd. Thought it odd. Hopefully Lloyd is okay.

Infield hits ,2012.
Young : 11
Berry: 10
Jackson: 9
Fielder: 8
Peralta: 8
Dirks: 7

El Tigre, how about Boesch?
BTW, Q threw an inning for the Hens tonight: 3 Ks

9 Inf hits. I forgot him

Great game by AJax! Fantastic catch, and heads-up base running. Maybe this walk-off by Avila will be good for his confidence and get him going down the stretch.

LAA wins at 11:44pm EDT. The bullpen was used pretty hard. Here’s who pitched and how many pitches:
J Isringhausen(13), J Walden(15), K Jepsen(12), G Richards (9), S Downs (9), E Frieri (43)
And the day before?
L Hawkins (25), K Jepsen(18), E Frieri (8)
And the day before that?
J Walden(17), S Downs (6), K Jepsen (15), E Frieri (14)

So I would guess no Frieri and no Jepsen…..and they are the better arms they have in that “bullpen”

Well the Angels played a nearly 5 hour game last night. They used a lot of pitchers, so they should be good and worn out. I’d like to say that it should favor us, but I’ve thought almost all the pitching matchups for the last few weeks did and they mad a lot of bad pitchers look real good. We’ll see I guess right?

Ricky will have to keep us in the game – and at some point well have to knock Grienke out of the game.
If we ambush him – we could wear out an already tired bullpen and that could impact the sat and sunday games…..

And Zach is ambushable – since joining the Angels a few weeks back (32Innings worth of work)…..
He has a 6+ ERA, ppl r hitting > .300 BA against him, 1.125GIDP/9innings

Ambushable. I like that.

So we’re saying that the Angels endured a typical Fenway Park week. Interminable games that use up the bullpen. That should be to our advantage but the hitters have to break out of this slump. If Greinke gets into the 7th, it does us no good. Boston set them up but we have to drop the hammer.

agree on all points there! especially if it is a yellowhammer

Avila: 3 for 7 429/929 BB/2 SO
Laird. 6 for 20 333/650 3 SO
Miguel: 8 for 28 286/619 9 SO
Boesch: 2 for 6 333. 667. He will play today. JL said.
Young: 6 for 22 273/846 HR BB/2 SO
Jhonny: 10 for 41 244/643 5BB/6 SO
Baker. 0 for 3 2 SO
Infante 4 for 21 190/571 2 SO.
Santiago 111.
Greinke last 3 stars 7.00 ERA.In the AL.: 6.19 WHIP: 1.594 1.4 HR /9
Detroit 21-18 in games with LHP starting

Oddly enough it might come down to Ryan Raburn and Brennan Boesch getting hot in September.
I don’t see Delmon or Peralta or Avila putting on any sustained power production to stimulate the lineup. And make no mistake, we need that terribly.
The sweep of the Jays was great but we swept a bad team with an old broom. There are still a lot of issues to be “cleaned up”.

Yep. I was looking at the starting pitching matchups for the last couple of weeks and certainly in mst of them we should of been able to do some serious damage against them, The story as we all know we won some games but scored very few runs. Take Verlander I was watching MLB channel this morning and they were saying Velander has something like 8 no decisions and in those 8 no decisions his era was 2.25. We all know he has pitched deep into all those games and for him to have that kind of era and no decisions is crazy. This team gives him and others practically no run support. Something has gotta change or we can expect to be watching other teams play in October. The hitting talent on this team there is no way in hell we should be looking this bad against bad pitching. Unacceptable and they need to get their heads out of their ……..? You know.

And Jeff Baker? C’mon Dombrowski, get real. The only thing “Major League” about this guy is his agent.

Jeff Baker has Aubrey Huff Syndrome. Suddenly stick a guy into a pennant race and the guy is inexperienced in that regard. It’s why I depend more on our own battle hardened people when trade deadline comes along. And it’s one of the main reasons I dislike mid-season deals, in case you haven’t noticed that I hate the trade deadline. 🙂

Rich –

Aubrey Huff was a good trade that was mishandled by Leyland. First – who did we send to Baltimore in the deal…. anyone.. anyone … Bueller.
Second, Huff is a really good left handed hitter, exactly what the Tigers needed. Do you know that the year after he played in Detroit, Huff came in 7th for NL MVP (MVP!) with SF, he hit .290 with 27 HRs for a team that won the World Series.
Huff didn’t get the ABs in Detroit in 2009. Inge told him to not think of playing 3B (even though Inge was in a tail spin and injured.)

Huff didn’t get enough ABs? c’mon the guy’s numbers were ice cold – he was a BUM here in detroit. Maybe he was homesick, but i know JL didn’t swing the bat for him even once.

Yet we are continually shown stats that demonstrate what a great hitting team we are. Baseball in an odd sport. And the best one.
I agree with Gk. We’ve missed Fielder this past week. Miggy was about to break out again yesterday before the ankle. The 5-9 hitters, even when going good, only bring so much. We need Miggy and Biggy to have a hot Septemer.

Of course. They are the “heart” of the lineup.. But we need some explosiveness from the 6-9 and we need consistent production from #5. Miggy and Biggy, on their own, will not be enough.
Infante was a mid-season trade. I’m thinkin’ we might be able to say the same for Anibal!

Verlander: 3.50 92th
Scherzer. 5.44 9th ( better lucky than good, his W-L record )
Porcello: 5.13 13th
Sánchez with Detroit :4.8( while he was pitching) 4.13 for the season both teams.62th for the season. More or less 23th with Tigers
Fister: 3.4 ( 6.4) for the whole game. They hit after he leaves. 96th for MLB

Fister: 3.4 ( 6.4 for the whole game)

Mid-season deals: Ugueth for Polanco. Sean Casey. DY . Betemit.
Jeff Baker has WS experience
Huff and Casey( the best player for Detroit during the WS) are the only bats with no previous postseason experience got by trades by DD

Even if I also thinks the agent is the only reason to trade for him

WE traded for him because Raburn was ineffective and hurt, and we had no other RHB options.

I mean taking him and not another RHB. I guess he was not the only one available in MLB but he was the easier to get.

And last night RR went 1-4 last night with a HR, 2 walks, 2K.

You have made some valid points, but the guy was a bum for the Tigers as indicated by Evan and Rich.

Sorry, I was referring to the Huff transaction and hit the wrong key.

Re the discussion on mid-season trades, I agree with everything everybody said here.
Huff was a good trade that failed because of the JL/Inge faction. He didn’t play a single inning in the field. He was also a bum for us and I’d have to be living under a rock not to see what he did the next year in SF.
Baker was a smart pickup that hasn’t work out yet.
Most of DD’s mid-season deals are good ones. Jury still out on Sanchez pending performance and signability. I loved getting Infante back.
None of this will ever change my mind about the trade deadline. It comes too late in the season (used to be June 15) and I don’t like the FA rentals. I think a team should live and die with what they started with. That’s just my old fashioned opinion on it. Yeah, I don’t play fantasy baseball if you couldn’t tell. 🙂

Funny thing, mid season trade I liked the least was Peralta, thought it would be a disaster. That is why I am on a computer typing and not a GM….

Given the degree of crisis with needing a RHB corner outfielder I won’t agree that Baker was anywhere close to being a solution. A stop-gap solution was not enough.
Perhaps Raburn will come back and absolutely rake. If so, great, but Baker was still a light duty manouvre in a heavy duty situation.

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