Smyly pulled after an inning for Toledo

Jacob Turner filled the role of Mud Hens starter on call for most of the summer until the Tigers traded him to Florida last month. Adam Wilk did it early this season. Andy Oliver did it for nearly two years. Even Casey Crosby got a shot earlier this season.

Now, is Drew Smyly the next in line?

With Doug Fister questionable for his next scheduled start with a right adductor strain, and Smyly’s start Tuesday night for Triple-A Toledo lasting only one inning, you have to wonder.

It wasn’t a bad inning for Smyly, 13 pitches with no hits, a walk and a strikeout. There were no reports of injury coming out of his start on the road at Lehigh Valley. What it does is keep Smyly’s arm fresh in case the Tigers need him to come back on three days’ rest and start in Doug Fister’s place Saturday against the Angels.

The Mud Hens were rained out in Lehigh Valley on Monday, so there’s no one completely on turn. The only other clear option would be Wilk, who started for Toledo on Sunday and has ample experience with the big club. One problem with Wilk is that the Mud Hens will most likely need him on Friday, and the Tigers might not be sure whether Fister can go by then.

One catch with Smyly, though, is that he hasn’t pitched deep into games since joining the Hens at the end of July. He hasn’t gotten through five innings in any of his five starts since the Tigers optioned him, and his 4 2/3 innings last week marked his first time getting through the fourth.



“I can assure you that we will have a pitcher in (Fister’s) spot,” manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday. “Either him or somebody else and right now, but I can’t give you any information.”
Thanks for clearing that up, Jim. Sorry, that quote was too funny to pass up.
There’s a chance that Kevin Rand and company can work their magic on Fister, but Doug has to be up front about it if he can’t go. That’s the main thing, to get healthy. I’m not going to get into a debate on who should be the spot starter in his place.

Foxsport Detroit has online the postgame interviews.

My vote is for Smyly. Although he was very inconsistent with the Tigers earlier this year, he at least has a chance to go 5 innings and keep us in the game before the Arson Squad (also spelled C-O-K-E) takes over. Plus, Smyly has some semblance of control and can strike people out.

He is the devil you know. We also need a lefty in the bullpen. Going with Downs and Coke is suicide. Wilk has been very good and very stingy lately. Not sure he can transform that to a major league level. Oliver has been inconsistent. Can’t afford a guy who comes in and walks people.

Despite Wilk’s nice minor league stats and a liile success at the MLB level, he has thus far only looked like a 4A player.

We have both Sanchez and Jacob Turner making starts tonight.

Well, we would you rather have a “Run & Coke”? We do need another lefty in the pen. Coke can’t be counted on to get even LHB out at this stage. Wilk is always around the plate and has more than two pitches.

Hah! Good one. Used to be my drink of choice (I didn’t “run” though) for many years but no longer. Cosmopolitan is my favorite nowadays.

Brantly was also called up to Miami. Again, not opposed to trading Turner and Brantly, just thought we could have gotten more. So Below, Wilk, Smyly and Crosby seem to be the alternatives to start. While I do like Wilk, I think he is more of a reliever in the MLB.

of note, Smyly was replaced by Al ABQ, who struck out 2 in an inning of work. Good to see him back after last weeks scare.

I’d rather have neither at this stage. I would take my chances with a RHP over either of them.

Re: Coke or Wilk question.

Interesting Richard. I feel we absolutely need someone who might neutralize Dunn, Pierzynski, Hosmer, Moustakas, Gordon, Mauer, Morneau and just about the whole Cleveland lineup in the back half of our remaining games.

I agree. But if Coke and Wilk are the only 2 options, give me Al or Brayan and I’ll take my chances. If you open up the options, Smyly could fit. He has a high K ratio and does not walk too many.

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