Scherzer, Strasburg put up dueling outings in strikeout race

The pitching story in Detroit rigtht now is Max Scherzer trying to succeed Justin Verlander for the Major League strikeout crown. For now, at least, the national race also has Stephen Strasburg in it.

While Scherzer’s seven-inning, eight-strikeout performance pushed him past Verlander for the AL strikeout lead and R.A. Dickey atop the Major League leaderboard, Strasburg was simultaneously dealing in Washington, where he struck out 10 Atlanta Braves over six innings of four-hit, one-run ball for his 15th win. Strasburg (183) passed up Dickey (181) for the NL lead, but fell a few short of Scherzer (186).

Scherzer still leads Strasburg in strikeout rate, but barely. Strasburg bumped his rate to 11.33, just behind Scherzer at 11.34. At this point, you have to stretch it out three decimal points to figure out whether Scherzer has a higher rate than Kerry Wood’s mark in 2003 (11.345 for Wood, 11.336 for Scherzer).

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that the Nationals have a innings range for Strasburg in his first full season following Tommy John surgery. If general manager Mike Rizzo holds to it, it’s difficult to envision Strasburg racking up enough strikeouts to lead the big leagues at season’s end if everyone else has at least two or three extra starts. For now, though, it’s quite a race. He could still beat out Scherzer for strikeout rate if he finishes with at least 162 innings pitched.

And it’s not just Strasburg. Add Felix Hernandez (179) to Verlander, Dickey, Strasburg, Scherzer, and five pitchers sit within 11 strikeouts of each other for the lead. All but Verlander started Monday or Tuesday, and Verlander will pitch Thursday.


Indulge me. Thinking about next year a bit more lately. Seems to me there are some changes that re necessary.
How about Boesch to the Angels? They need a LHB there and he is from the area.
Rangers have a couple of dandy shortstops. Not so sure we should experiment with Peralta another year. D’Backs would probably like him.
How about getting someone in as a consultant to our base runners and teach them how to get a decent leadoff and how to swipe a base or two. Austin Jackson with 10 steals is absurd.
Can we please get a verifiable left-fielder? And a stare-down closer?

And a some bench strength would be nice too. Baker, Santiago, Berry??? C’mon, let’s get real here.
I’m still lobbying for Avisail Garcia.. He is about the only player down on the farm that just possibly could make an impact down the wire here. He could come up and flail away as badly as our “B-Boys” (Boesch and Berry and Baker) but he can actually field and run and hit the ball over the fence. I’d call him up BEFORE September…….to be honest with you.

where the heck is santiago – still fatigued? hasn’t played since august 9th!! Put him on the dL or something – heck.

And Raburn??
Well JL says “The fact of the matter is, he has to swing the bat,” Leyland said. “So it doesn’t matter whether he’s the DH or left field or first baseman, right field or second baseman. It’s a matter of getting him to swing the bat.”
Interesting, he seems to be discounting his glove. That is one thing Michael Jackson and Raburn had in common. They both wore a glove on one hand and nobody could figure out why.
Yet, he is a late inning defensive replacement for Leyland, As is Berry. Huh??


That is a great story. Just seems to be the correct thing to have happen.

There are ten days until September 1st. I don’t know much about these things, but if you called up Garcia before that, wouldn’t you start his big league clock running?

Back to the original story, the K leader has been the guy who pitched last. On Strasburg, the Nats are making it a lot easier to cut his innings by coming through against the Braves this week and building a 7 game lead. They are definitely having one of “those” years.

Scherzer has been unreal this second half of season… we need to get on a roll here

the Nationals have lots of talent – wouldn’t be surprised if they are dominant next year and for many years to come in the NL east

Flash: Colon looks to get 50 games off for PED use.

See again where Swisher may leave the Yankees after this year. If so, Delmon might be a nice fit there after we dump him.

He once played RF for the Rays; Yankee RF is not expansive; he led LF in assists as recently as 2010; and would surely be welcomed by the Jewish community.

Oh yeah, and DY was 3rd in putouts for LF in 2010. Just joking, obviously, about his welcome by the Jewish community. That could be a problem, but a surmountable one.

He wants Werth like money. His number back him.

Saw that and also read that the Yankees are unlikely to sign Swisher to the 3 or 4 year deal he wants. Apparenlly they will tender a 1 year offer, which Swisher will presumably decline, leaving the Yankees with a draft pick. Swisher is aging and he is not exactly having the go year he would like. So all and all, DY may find a home in NY next year.

good point. however werth was overpriced.

Plus, the Yankees want to get under the luxury tax line and Swisher’s contract demands just do not add up to make that happen.

I read an history today about DBack looking to a trade for Andrus.They also said that there are no SS in the FA market .Peralta would be the second youngest in the market.
OF? there will be many as FA: Bourn, Hawpe, Hunter among others

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Peralta 6, Young dh, Dirks 7, Baker 9, Avila 2. Sanchez is starting

SAD TO SAY THIS BUT: mr. colon from Oakland has been banned 50 games for steroids. Mr. Colon has a 10-9 record with a 3.43 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP this year for the A’s.

my bad didn’t see that richard already mentioned this.

Not a bit shocked. For so many years, players put up these fantastic stats because they were juicing. I’m sure there’s ways around it, but it’s easier to get caught. Maybe that is one reason why we don’t see as much power.

“Once you do surgery on your hand, things need to re-create, they need to reboot,” Boesch said.
From The Detroit News:
His injury was caused by his swing. But they think they dont have to change it?
Im no Charley Lau but logic says otherwise.
Im not surprised at all by his bad season.
He also needs a therapist ( Smoltz went to one to launch his career after going 1-10 for the season) to help him focus in his game

I’d like to see him hit with both hands on the bat. It will stop him from reaching and may help his pitch selection. A lot of guys have used that “one hand” swing, like Roger Maris, but we don’t have a short porch in Detroit. Of course, that’s something you change in the offseason, so it wouldn’t help now. If Brennan is okay with sitting on the bench, it will be what it is.

Don’t forget the neck injuries he sustained from trying to mash with Miggy and Biggy in BP this spring.

but BB is WILD and not SEEING the ball….what does that have to do with his thumb?

Funny thing…A friend of mine has been an athletic trainer for years. When BB first went down I dscussed his injury with him. He felt BB’s total recovery time would take at least a year because not only would BB have to heal but he would have to rehab and then readjust his swing. I filed away his input but then dismissed it when BB had such a nice spring. Sometimes BB’s swing looks so bad I don’t think he could hit the ball with an oar, and it’s not just pitch selection. In retrospect, there may be credence to his input.

Could be. As a general rule, a year is a safe bet on surgery recovery. Sometimes hitters have to retool their swings. This swing got Brennan to the big leagues, but it may not keep him here. It’s like the old joke about changing the light bulb: the bulb has to want to change.

Victor Conte thinks the use of synthetic testosterone is still rampant in MLB. I wouldn’t be surprised.

50% tho?

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