Fister dealing with groin injury, next start iffy

When Jim Leyland was asked today if he has ever had a team with as many rotation injuries as what the Blue Jays have dealt with, his answer eventually drifted to his own team. That might have been a pretty good hint that something wasn’t right.

Then Leyland updated the situation on Doug Fister, who is dealing with what Leyland called a “groin issue.”

It’s a big enough issue that neither Leyland nor Fister is certain he’ll make his next scheduled start on Saturday.

“We’re taking it day by day,” Fister said.

The tightness was a problem on Fister’s warmup pitches before his opening inning Sunday against Baltimore, but he was able to pitch through it without making it any worse.

“I felt it a little bit early on,” Fister said. “It ended up feeling tight afterwards.”

What happens if Fister can’t go isn’t clear. Triple-A Toledo was rained out Monday night, so the only pitcher who’s close to being on turn for Saturday is Adam Wilk, who started for the Mud Hens on Sunday. Drew Smyly last pitched last Friday, and he hasn’t pitched through the fifth inning since he started pitching again near the end of July.


I keep getting this feeling that it just isn’t our year. Victor and Fister made it go last season, and we’ve been without them all and much of the time. You do have to step up and play over that, sure. Other teams do it.

Terrific! I agree not our year.

And still they have to move Verlander to be ready for Sunday.

“He said he was alright,” Leyland said. “We checked in in the second inning and he was alright. That’s one of those Catch 22s, you know? “

Wilk, Toledo: 2.86 WHIP:1.017 , 7SO/1.3BB per 9 Inni., 0.8 HR/9
Last 10 : 1.57 1,3 BB/58 SO ,4 HR ,63 innings

They are last in MLB with bases loaded

Yeah…But #1 in GIDP.

We’ve got 3 runs but I hope everything hasn’t changed now that Cabby hit into another bases loaded DP. All of a sudden Fielder comes up hacking and doesn’t take any pitches.
Last in MLB with bases loaded? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. We’ve been horrible at those times.

In fact 29th. Houston is the worst.

Is Houston a major league team? 😉
— Bob

Really letting him off the hook. Miggy couldn’t have done a worse thing in that AB!

We are spoiiled with Cabby but he has had 2 really bad at bats against a guy he should be hammering. That 1st at bat was no better. Almost

…looked like swinging was an afterthought both times.
Now we we’re swinging away like maniacs.

Baker fits right in.
We’re up 3-0 but the way we have approached this pitcher and not taken advantage is a loud and clear warning signal.

Typical that we ran out of patience with being patient after two innings. I didn’t think they’d maintain it even that long. These guys can drive ya nuts.

ElTigre…Rechecked MLB stats. Tigers are #1 in GIDP, 2 over the Twins. Houston is about 10(?) slots below them. Not often you are wrong.

Sorry if your comment was in reference to your bases loaded comment, which appears to be the case after further review.

Yes, you are right bases loaded

I think he was referring to our performance with the bases loaded.
Does any other team not have a single grand slam this year?
I cannot believe it is August 21st and we dont have a single one.
— Bob

Yeah…You are evidently right. Error – Richard.

Not surprising to me. How many timesl have we seen the bases loaded? How many guys have we LOB?

Tigers and Twins 0 GS

Totally the Tigers hitters not doing their job against a guy who has been and IS (today) struggling. This is exactly the kind of game that has come back and bit all year long.
Let’s face it, a bleeder a bloop and a blast and we’re in trouble.

I hope we don’t see one today—-because if we do it will likely be by the Jays.
Max may have gotten away with being a bit distracted by Davis. I’ve seen Rasmus turn on that pitch he got from Max and hit it a long way.

Here we go……..jays are catching up! Much like Sunday!

Nail biting time….again.

Man, we have not driven in a run with a hit and we have had a lot of opportunities.
There is something palpably wrong with this team.
The bats have gone to sleep again and just in sync with the oppostion’s waking up.

It’s getting to be a real bore. Millions of dollars and no one can get a clutch hit.

Rajai Davis is an example of great speed not equalling a great fielder.
Gotta make them pay here.
— Bob

Bases loaded again. The Jays have us right where they want us. 😉
— Bob

Absolutely have to get at least 1 run out of this situation here in the 6th. Can We???

Another run on an error.

Well we tried not succeed. The Jays are just more inept than us.
— Bob

Infante tied Cabrera with 3 SF for third in the team

Sorry,I was far from the tv. I heard the announcer saying SF.

Miguel is third with 4 SF for the season.

Sorry, I just can’t get excited about this game.

It’s tough, Kathy. It feels like we should have 9 or 10 runs by now.
Be excited about one thing. Max appears to be developing into a stud right before our eyes. No more good Max and bad Max. We are starting to see Consistent Max.
— Bob

Yes, he was great. But, it ain’t over, til it’s over.

Nope and 2 runs here in the 8th by Toronto ( so far) its a lot scarier. A lot of wasted opportunity for us and I hate to be a pessimist but history is worrying me a lot.

So Dotel is the next guy in the bullpen to spring a leak.
Why can nothing be easy?
— Bob

26% IS for Coke

RH hitters hit .394 off coke.

Better than

All with the first 2 guys out. What a joke.
— Bob

Glad Max is now doing well–they really need that with Fister possibly missing a start and Anibal not pitiching well. I wish the bullpen could do better. It’s gotten so I get anxious whenever I see Phil Coke warming up.

Bad stuff goin’ on for sure. If Benoit come in and slams the door will Leyland leave him in for the 9th?
I would. I don’t trust Valverde one bit.

No way he leaves Benoit in. That is not the formula … Next question.
— Bob

Bullpen resembles the arson squad tonight.

Coke’s ERA is approaching 8.00 over his last 10 games.

Leave him in….please leave him in.
Holy cow, can’t drive runs in with solid hits and we’re payin’ for it now.
It is almost uncanny on how inept our offense can get.

And to rub salt on our bases loaded wound. The Chisox just hit a grand slam and lead 6-2.
— Bob

September will bring us a lefty for the bullpen. My guess, Wilk. Crosby had a good game today but lost. Smyly hasn’t really got stretched back out again.
I expect Q will make the 40 man and perhaps even Rondon.
We looked stupid at the plate in the 8th. I don’t get it.

What was that? 6 or 7 pitches and 3 out. Now, we got Papa. Can he throw 6 pitches and get 3 outs?

Youklis just hit a grand slam to put the Soxs on top. Has anyone noticed how the supposed upper echelon teams have done zero against the White Soxs? I don’t get it recently they’ve seen Texas, LA and now the Yankees and white Soxs have outdone them! KC creams them though!

Oh, look, the White Sox got a GS.

I don’t like this move….at all. I am not surprised with Leyland making the move but I hope I am surprised with the results.
Our hitting (if you can call it that). 1 for 14 with RISP (and zero RBIs). 10 men LOB.

We are doing everything we can to throw this game away.
— Bob

Our defensive replacement played another out into a double.

And Berry is a defensive replacement?

Yep—Berry in for “defense”. That’s part of Jimmy’s formula now. Obtuse but it won’t be the last time we see this.
It only gets worse from here.

Berry has totally lost it.

Why do we understand this team better than the guy they pay to manage it? Benoit was in the game, warmed up, throws strikes and does not present the unpredictable uncontrollable that Valverde brings to the table.

If we lose, it won’t be because of Q.

Q cost him an out.

How many runs did our non-existent offense cost us?

Valvere, Leyland and we, were all pretty lucky with that crap in the 9th.

Ugly, ugly win. But we needed something like this after Sunday’s fiasco.

We simply have to play better baseball. We just are not doing that. And that goes for Leyland too, he has to do better as well.
I said this before we witnessed the play Berry made.
I would send him down and call up Garcia. Garcia is a RHB with power, who can run and field. Berry has peaked. He can run, but where? He does not get on enough and his talent for stealing bases is totally wasted. He is not a good fielder. Even the good catches he made when he first came up to sub for AJ were the result of misreading the ball or running some kind of wide-receiver pattern of route.
Now I am not blaming this on Berry–just taking the opportunity to state an obvious observable fact. Our bench is still incredibly weak. This really needs correction.
No today’s goat(s) is once again our hitters and their failure to have good at bats at critical times.

As a manager you have to face facts and make corrections. You should not be pounding the round pegs in the square holes. Berry is not producing and won’t. Valverde should not be closing.

Well, we’ll get a better feel for this series tomorrow with Sanchez. I’m glad we won, but it was an ugly game to watch.

Who closes?? What does JVV do?? I wish he would try to put Berry in as a pinch runner. In what situation could we do that??

Now, with the W on the pocket.Before tonight., Detroit is 34-30 against 500 or plus team. Chisox is still 25-24. But they are 41-30 against sub 500 while the Tigers 30-27.
Chicago is 3-2 against LAA. They won 6-3 against Texas. and are 3-2 over the Yankees.Tigers 3-1 against Halos.Detroit lost 4-6 with Yankees. and 3-7 with Texas


@MudHens Drew Smyly pitches just 1 inning of 2nd game at Lehigh Valley. Could he start for Fister Saturday?

For a contender, this team has more holes than a prairie dog town. It appears that one win does not cheer everyone up as it did earlier in the year, and with good reason.
The Tigers will have to improve their position in the standings before the Chicago series(s) begin. It’s liable to go 4-3 one way or the other, but that one win counts for two games in the standings. You don’t want to need to take 5 or 6 of the 7 to make a difference.
I’m waiting for the rotation change that puts Verlander in these two sets of Chicago games. If JL doesn’t do that……..well…………guess what?

That’s already been done. He pitches the third game against Toronto, first game @ KC, Sunday night game with Sox, opens @ Angels, then pitches the third game in Chicago.

Ah. Didn’t know he was opening the KC series. Works for me. Thanks.

Man, this team surely can win “ugly”. They lose “ugly” too. Come to think about it, you really son’ see much difference in either outcome, except we don’t lose ground to the Sox with an ugly win. It looks more and more like the team that takes 5-7 of the remaining games between them will win. I was hoping the Yanks would help us, but in reality in a short series, they do better against the Sox than us. We still have the best 1,2,3 starters; it’s just that we don’t win games for them. Scherzer is now the team leader in wins. In reality, again tonight, we had a struggling starter on the ropes, and let him get away. Those add ons in the 6th. were huge! Final score should have been 12-3 with any hitting at all. I did come up with three things to like about the game tonight, though this assignment seems to be getting harder and harder:
1. The guys did not strike out at all tonight, yet walked nine times. I started to call Jim, and have him insert Boesch so the Jays could have had at least one K. Sorry Brennan. You won’t see that kind of stat again for a long time!
2. Delmon had a very decent night at the plate. He actually hits the ball through the middle very well. He’s also going more to right, and indeed seems more relaxed in the six hole.
3. Max’s maturation as a solid TWO. He just doesn’t seemed to get rattled like in the past. ERA is steadily coming down, and since May, he has been very good. His fastball jumps on the hitter. I think we’ll see 17 or 18 wins this year.

I think tomorrow’s game is so critical. The Yanks will win that one, and we can gain a game, witih JV going on Thursday; however recently, JV is not an automatic win, mostly through no fault of his own making. Valverde scares the fire out of me, but discounting the Berry play, it would not have been a nerve wracker, as it usually is.
Good night all!

Given DY receives few positive comments and you gave him one, I checked his stats over his last 7 starts. to vet your impression. DY is .346 with 5 RBI, 1 HR and 2 runs scored.

Great job!!!!!!! It might be your best 1,2,3 ever. All solid. Spot on.

Some of you may not be able to watch Tigers Live after the game, so I’ll tell you 1 thing that was consistent in all the interviews. All the players had each other’s backs.

I don’t get it .Thank you for the info.

Still have to be leery of Valverde. Yes Berry missed the ball but it was hit like a missile by a RHB at the bottom of the lineup that hits around .200. And Rasmus’ at bat almost had double written all over it. The K of Encarnacion was a gift by the umps. Talking about having someone’s back! The 1st base ump wasted no time punching out Encarnacion on a questionable check swing. Looked like he was showing support for the home plate ump’s questionable strike on the 1st pitch that Encarnacion argued about (showing up the ump a bit too much). We got a break there.
We need our closer to not have to get by on luck and breaks.
I thought it was a perfect time to entrust Benoit and to maybe get him a little fired up.
In the end a must win-win. But as a fan I would be a lot more comfortable just to see them playing a solid, confident and controlled game.
Kudos to Max.

I saw Berry as more of a pinch hitter to get the bunt instead of being in for defense. He did misplay that ball poorly, not sure he would have caught it but might have been just a single instead of a double. Amazing we did not slaughter then with as many walks as they gave up – another crazy game. And yes, Max is having more good than bad, by next year maybe he can drop the nickname!

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