Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Orioles

Another left-handed opposing starter, another righty-loaded lineup for Tigers. The only difference today is that Gerald Laird starts in place of Alex Avila behind the plate, and Quintin Berry spells Andy Dirks in left.

On the Orioles side, Taylor Teagarden (you remember him) gives Matt Wieters his usual Sunday off.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Omar Infante, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. Delmon Young, DH
  7. Jeff Baker, RF
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Quintin Berry, LF

P: Doug Fister


  1. Nick Markakis, RF
  2. J.J. Hardy, SS
  3. Nate McLouth, LF
  4. Adam Jones, CF
  5. Chris Davis, DH
  6. Mark Reynolds, 1B
  7. Manny Machado, 3B
  8. Omar Quintanilla, 2B
  9. Taylor Teagarden, C

P: Wei-Yin Chen


it’s time Jeff. Lets work on that .357 OPS you have with the tigers.

Another day, another lefty and another tonne of pressure on our starting pitcher.

Potential for a great pitching duel today. Let’s see which manager plays small ball first.

CBS posted a couple of interesting notes. Crawford may shut down next week for Tommy John surgery. Thus far, he has been a huge failure with Boston. Sure glad the Tigers did not get him. Also, Furbish comes off the DL. He is thriving as a releiver. 0.80 WHIP and 47 k in 37.1 innings.

At the game last night and left very frustrated. They coulldnt do anything last night against a horrible pitcher with a +8 era what makes anyone think they can actually do something against a decent pitcher?

Holy Cow–didn’t realize Charlie was performing to that level. Good for him.
I can only imagine how frustrating watching these guys go up to the plate, live, must be. Make you want to go to the on deck circle yourself.

This Chen is the same guy we couldn’t touch last month in Baltimore. 5-0.

Well they didn’t forget how to hit after all! Now Fister just needs to hold em down, I have faith in him!

Five in, One on, Two out, QB up in the first!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good job Omar, Jhonny, Delmon, Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!


AJ had a terrible at-bat. What was he waiting for? Chen was throwing strikes. But then, Infante. And everybody else until Laird and Berry. For today, Peralta in the 5th spot certainly worked out well. Even Baker came through. Compare the 2 Oriole LHP. Never would have thought the Tigers would hit Chen and not Britton. Is that baseball?

May have put a curse on having a pitching duel. Let’s win a slugfest!!!!!!!!

Well Omar being lacksidasical just cost his pitcher 3 runs and about 25 pitches. Fister didn’t help himself but still! Well I’m sure Chen will be perfect now. A real disappointment.

Great pitching duel? Small ball? So much for a 5-run lead. I suppose the excuse now will be that Fister sat too long during the Tigers rally. Sheeesh.

Geez…Was hoping for a laugher. Did not epect this from Fister given his host of quality starts since the ASG game. Once again have to wonder about the umps. I cannot beleive I actually issued a compliment about MLB umps in general yesterday, since I hate them all.

See Omar that is how you turn a double play…..take note!

I think the blown DP was on Peralta’s weak throw, and it was very costly.
These Baltimore announcers literally don’t know what’s going on out there. Worst I’ve ever heard.

Well, we a now the double play leaders.

I can turn down the volume on the announcers, but how do you eliminate the umpires? Worst three days of ball/strike calls I’ve ever seen.

Chen seems to have found his groove. So now it comes down to the Tigers not making a mistake, either Fister or the defense. Markakis bats 3rd this inning. No runners on for him, please.

This umpire wouldn’t know his own strike zone if it hit him in the head! Nice ump you just cost us 2 runs! Geez 5-0 lead and now this. Apparently Fister is back to his old ways! Freaking awesome!

And there’s your mistake. With help from the ump. According to the Gameplay strike zone, Fister had hardy struck out. Not even close. Not on the edge. Right down the middle.

This is exactly why this team isn’t going anywhere. Mediocre underachieving pitching, mediocre underachieving hitting and defense that shows up occasionally!

This is stunning, to say the least. It’s been that kind of year.

Plutonium coming into save the day!

Does anyone else think Peralta’s arm looks weak? Has he injured it?

First the DP throw and then the relay to third.

On a bright note we still have eighteen outs!!!!!!!!!!!

Fister was off but in his defense, well actually defense is what hurt him, that and the missed call on Hardy whom he had struck out in the 4th.
But Fister is sometimes his own worst enemy. He gets addicted to throwing strikes and has hurt himself more than any other pitcher I know on 0-2 pitches.
He has to make batters “go fishing” or waste a set-up pitch.
We need this game and unfortunately it will take hitting to win now.

A beautiful 5-run first inning flushed away. Who would have thought that Chen would outlast Fister after that? And the Oriole bullpen doing a great job this year. First series of the homestand lost?

This one has a bad smell to it.

Pretty disgusted!

Berry’s triple bounces over the wall for a ground rule double, followed by two flyballs. No run. That kind of year.

Tigers are facing another WSox 2 1/2 game lead. It would be more than amazing for KC to sweep the Sox today.

OMG, let’s go Tigers.

That was nothing short of crazy. Balls were called strikes and strikes were called balls. TY Mr Putkonen for hanging in there and getting a double play. Markakis was up next…..again? JL will bring in Downs to face Markakis, I imagine.

This team is Jekyll and Hyde. You simply don’t know which team is going to show up. I just can’t believe this. Pretty sad state of affairs.

The Tigers had before last night game, the best record in AL since late june

Bizarro world: Brtitton – Porcello :pitching duel. Fister- Chen , this game

Bottom of the 4th inning. KC’s Guthrie has a no-hitter, no walks performance against the WSox. The Sox pitcher has allowed 5 hits but no runs. (Quintana)

Chen is gone. Now can the Tigers handle Ayala?

No these hitters did enough in the first inning………why would they want to do anything more, easy outs!

Bottom of the 7th inning. Orioles undefeated when leading after the 7th.
Crunch time.

What was Fister on the gun today???

Pretty consistent in the 88-89 range. Did not catch much, if anything, in the low 90s.

Thanks, Richard. Usually I hone in on that in the first inning but after he was pulled all I could remember was seeing ONE 89 and the rest lower. He was offer prime center cut balls to crush.

Take the bat off your shoulder Miggy

I heard no crunch. Just a big thud.

We blow a DP, they get three runs. They blow a DP, our best hitter never swings his bat and our cleanup slugger hits into a DP. What more do we need to see? It ain’t happening this year.

Big boys had 2 on and nobody out and totally killed that! Miggy looked at 3 strikes all but one own the middle and Biggy dd what they’ve done best this weekend ground into double plays……this team is a joke not a lot of fun of fun to watch these days. Needed to do some damage here at home since they pay so poorly on the road……well so much for that!

Some hope. KC 2-0. Guthrie still has no-hitter. Bottom 6th.

There’s hope for KC. Not much for us.
Why do we go to sleep after the 1st inning so often?
Playing this way makes it easy to say we really don’t deserve to make it this year anyway.

Laird : 470 against RHP. 170 against LHP.This was his AB

Detroit soon: 10- 7 for august, Chisox 9-7 pending the end of today game

Well, Tigers fell flat on their faces. Top 8th, KC 2-0, 2 outs, two Sox runners on. Guthrie gone. 3-hitter.

No breaks today, fans. Fielding error by KC 1st baseman Hosmer. Score tied 2-2.

I’m completely disgusted! That’s all I got!

The Orioles, their announcers, these umpires, get the heck out of Detroit. Now. Lousy weekend of baseball.

El Tigre—unfortunately Leyland doesn’t see things like that. We know how he “sees”

KC ahead

As soon as it was 5-4, it was pretty obvious that Fister was off. No broken bats, and lots of balls in the air. I’ve seen this happen to often this year. You get a starter down early- 41 pitches in the first. The mop up should have been in the second, but we let him off the hook. Smooth sailing from there for the Orioles from that point on. I’m getting so tired of losing games like this. Pitching, as bad as it was did not lose the game. I’m afraid my friends, that Mr. I might have spent a lot of “dough” for naught. There is simply no guarantee that we are suddenly going to play better. Shucks, we have to fight for our lives to win in a Verlander start. As I type this The Sox have tied. Just so disheartening. It’s becoming a struggle to find three things that I like each day, but here we go. Again, I try to cite something other than the real obvious, like Peralta’s three run shot:
1. Relief pitching gave us a chance to win the game from the fourth inning on. We had superstars at bat with RISPS, but they couldn’t come through. This one’s on the hitters.
2. Production from the five spot. Think how bad it would have been if Jhonny doe not go yard. We must have more production from 5-6-7, because 1234 have OBP”s of .375+.
3. Benoit’s third straight clean outing. This has to happen for us to have any chance.

Have you noticed how fluid most closers are? Johnson come in, gets the ball, and does his job. On nights, when we need a save, we depend on the “hand that rocks the cradle”. I can’t wait until that contract is over! Whitesox are down 1 as I type. Maybe we can at least stay even. Good evening all!

Some better news. The Sox bullpen crashed in the 8th. Now KC leads 5-2.
Could they sweep the Sox?

1 1/2 back KC won

August:Detroit : 10- 7 , Chisox 9-8

KC wins. Now the Sox go home to play the Yankees 4 games. Tigers host Toronto 3 games. Looking at the W-L records of the 4 teams, what would you think should happen? Don’t bet on it.

Nice job, KC, but go back to your usual losing ways when you play the Tigers in 9 more games, please.

We’ve scored 7 runs in the past two games and Peralta in the 5-hole knocked in 5 of them. I think that question should be settled, although JL will just stick Avila back in there as soon as a righty starts.

AlexA won’t be in the five hole against Toronto as they have three lefties lined up. Its funny that Infante and Baker have seen more of these Toronto starters recently then our team.

Sorry, the Sox only have 3 games with the Yankees. But next week they play at Baltimore 4 games against the fiercesome Birds!

They have one game less than the Tigers and the Tigers already lost that game. So, they need Chisox to lose against O´s that fourth game

Will the real Aníbal Sánchez please stand up?

Amazing how rare the team has been on song in a game, let alone a series.
Seems like they continually rotate the weakest link finding new ways to lose games.

Funny how the JL contract has been a non issue this year compared to last. JL was clearly agitated by it last year and I think it being settled was a catalyst to the guys starting to play loose and getting on the second half roll.
JL doesn’t appear to be uptight about it this year and I definitely do not want his contract extended.
As Rich says though, be careful what you wish for. My fear for next year is DD is too conservative to go for someone outside the baseball family formula.

Dave, that subject is close to being moved from the back to the front burner.

would you rather extend for another year – and go on another tear like last year. OR do you want to go separate ways with JL? Hypothetically.

Two homers in the first!!!!!!! Hurray!! This has not worked two times recently. Are we cursed when we do that.???

Angels pick up Pujols, CJ Wilson, etc., Tigers get Prince. Angels 2 over .500, Tigers 7 over. A’s 10 over. O’s 11 over, Rays 13 over. Makes you wonder, is it talent, heart, luck, or managing?

all of the above!

Here’s another quick point to ponder. As frustrating as the Tigers can be, the folks in attendance stay pretty much supportive. Let Ryan Raburn step onto the field at any future point, and you’ll hear a cascade of booing. That’s something for the psychology buffs to figure out.

How about for the A’s, O’s, and Rays it’s heart, luck, and managing with a little sprinkle of talent. For the Angels and Tigers it’s huge talent with a small sprinkle of heart, luck, and managing.

Geez, are we lucky that the Sox are timely on their losing, for us to still be so close to them is a gift that we seemingly just don’t want to take. September could be very, very interesting if we continue this cat and mouse game of getting so close then going to pot. Hard to lose a series at home, especially the way the last 2 games went. Not sure what Omar is doing, but his lack of good decisions at 2nd base is tough for me to take. His bat is better than what we had at 2nd, but his defense has to step it up or his bat has to become much better to account for those wrong choices.

Should be a fun week at home, my husband will actually watch the next few games with me, I hope we sweep those birds.

Greg – good point on how our pen really did well today – nice to see Benoit have some solid outings, they did keep us in there after the disaster of a start.

Ah, the manager. My father in law was down from Traverse City (he is 89). He said he heard Leyland wants to retire. I hope so. You forgot to add chemistry. Why are the Yankees so good. My dad also remembered a guy before my time that played for Chicago that would get on base by a hbp when they needed a runner, Funny. Go Tigers! –Dave

Our problems are many. One of the biggest though is the inability to crystallize opportunities and transform the team. So many times huge events have happened but the team reverts to poor or uninspired play. It’s as though the team believes the Skipper’s proclamation that things such as momentum and chemistry don’t exist. If they believe that then , well, they won’t “believe” as a team and in each other.
Today’s game of baseball is vastly different than the years many of us fondly remember. Was their chemistry on that ’68 team?
Did the ’84 team gather momentum?
We have a lot to be grateful for with this roster. Cabby, Verlander, AJ, Max and Fielder form a good nucleus. Fielder gives max effort and Cabby and Verlander have more than just baseball skills that make them special.
But we need more. I’m not sure we’re gonna see much more this year.
I hope Dombrowski realizes that while the team may not need a total rebuild next year, it does need to be fortified with players who fit together and display such attributes as character and heart. We have a little on the team but I fear we need a little more.

That chemistry term wasn’t even in use in 1968 but that team sure had it. Still my favorite season after all these years.
Seems to me that Cabrera makes an excellent role model for young players but we don’t have many young players. I’ll put Prince and Verlander with Miggy too. We may get a little boost of energy when we bring the guys like Garcia and Castellanos up, if we haven’t traded them away. I don’t want to start a Leyland discussion really, but there does come a time……..

Between having to work, organize and conduct a very successful garage sale, I missed today’s game except for a few minutes at lunchtime. Thank goodness, because it would have put me in a miserable state of mind.

Okay Tigers, we’ve got fans who would rather hold a garage sale than watch you play, so you better step it up. 🙂

Interesting point made about getting close but not going thru the opening.
The wildcard option is looking to be a tough option and feel it is going to be an all or nothing Division race.
Our Manager unfortunately does not have form in close races or being favorite for that matter.
I am truly amazed how old so many managers are in MLB considering the constant grind, travel and length of season thru the summer heat.

I agree. I think the travel alone would do me in.

They’re in a time warp capsule from the 70’s. Leyland is actually in his early 30’s.

That would explain why I heard Jim calling for Steve Kemp to grab a bat.

As soon is a bat and not a glove

The Tigers have the second easier schedule for the rest of the season. First being the ChiSox ´s one.
The Tigers are 26-17 against the Central . CWS are 25-22.So the pennant is still there to grab .
Fister had a bad outing but still he is part of the core of the team. He has Ace´s stuff.I rather have him than Scherzer on a 7th game. Perhaps even him than Verlander.
Infante had play at first but he had on his mind the right decision ex ante, going for the most advanced runner.No other second base for the Tigers since Polanco was able to even reach that ball.
This team probably is set for the next year at C, 1B,2B, 3B CF and LF( Dirks). Peralta is a open question and the rest of the OFs could be gone. Boesch ( he is worse than Young, and older), Young , Raburn, Baker dont fit.
The hypothetical swap Porcello – Shield was a good one for the Tigers.They could try again.
I too think JL wont be back but McClendon could be the new manager.

3 wins in the last 10 games and only 5 wins in the last 18. Recently traded for a star starter and he is struggling. Bullpen fails too often. Team blew an 8 run lead over the weekend to lose and seemingly is crumbling under the weight of high expectations. Fan base is screaming for the head of the manager, who is a proven winner. Welcome to ANGEL baseball. By comparison, the TIGERS seem a finely tuned machine.

I hear ya Richard. We could be following Houston or Colorado or the Cubs! Mentioned above were some of the great players we have. It is just frustrating all the parts are not working on the same day. We need a team effort. Go Tigers!

Infante has been a good acquisition. Nice to have him next year as well.Sanchez component of the transaction may not work out and will make the players given up a bit costly. Can’t blame Sanchez for that though. He was rotation stability and insurance, the extra “oomph” to get to the playoffs. Not his fault we don’t have the basic “oomph” needed.
I agree with your assessment of the outfield. Much as I hate to say it, Boesch should go. He will have more value in a trade than he will on the field. Cannot really call yourself a championship caliber club if you roster Raburn and Delmon. There will be other changes too. Not so sure we should give up on Porcello just yet.

slowbyrne…Boesch looked to be a budding star, but you may be right about his having greater trade value than actual performance value. DY is younger than BB but probably is gone. This is his go year and you would think his numbers would go up. Afterall, DY had a monster 2010 season (6th in RBI and 2nd in doubles) and in 2011 he had 32 RBI in 40 games as a Tiger, not to mention his power production in the playoffs. Go figure. I just hope he doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Why the Tigers lost yesterday:
“”I thought we were going to win,” catcher Alex Avila said of his outlook as Fister took the mound in the second inning.”.
I think that outlook was shared by rest.
Another game where the offense died after the 1st inning.

I am not giving up on Boesch. He needs new management not a new team. I am, however, very frustrated with Young. He should go.

Speaking of new management possibilities, if JL retires or is removed, some big names may be available. Francona may be ready to come back and both Soscia and Valentine are on their respective hot seats. The latter 2 managers are headline news as I post. Soscia has had problems with new GM Dipoto and had his longtime hittig coach/friend axed earlier this season. He is getting way too much negative news of late, given his track record.

Valentine is going nowhere as today. McClure was dismissed. The GM is ,finally, backing the manager

Tigers off days following a loss….oof, they are tough!

Please, even JL is better than Valentine. Francona is a good manager, but I wonder whether he would be a good fit…

I like Leyland…..but Valentine no thank you, Soscia is having a harder time with his group than Leyland is with his..his tem would be nowhere without a 20 year old. Franconas had a lot of trouble with a talented team last year. I don’t know?

Who’s our best man for the #5 hole hitter. Evidence to put before the court. Let’s see how these two guys have hit in the first inning.
Exhibit A- Mr. Young 37 abs 7 hits 4 WALKS 0 hr 6 rbis .189ave .268OBP 216slg
Exhibit B- Mr Peralta 12 abs 5 hits 2 doubles1 hr 10rbis .417ave .417OBP 833slg
Always wanted JP because of his 4 straight years with 80 rbis. But this is another angle to support him in getting the job. Small sample???. Well, lets get the samples equal and then decide.
We were all bummed out when that five run lead in the first evaporated Sunday. However, as good baseball people we know how scoring early is one of the basic axioms of our sport. What do you think?? Do we want Jhonny??

Alan Trammell

Jhonny, by default, yes. If I were to be scouring the market for someone to hit #5 for my team it would not JP though.
Let’s hope the skipper sticks him there and leaves him there. That or Dirks.

JL’s stubborness prevented him from putting Jhonny at #5 earlier.
JL reasoned correctly that Jhonny’s production isn’t your typical #5 and continually tried to make Young reproduce his 2011 second half heroics. The Twins didn’t effectively give him away for nothing without reason working out he needed to be down the order to produce.
JL for far too long failed to realise we only needed reasonable production from the #5 given the production from the top four. You can’t go 3/4 of the season with your #5 having an OBP of .277 for equal last in MLB and slugging .370 for last in MLB.

Dave, if you are a SOC you can!!

We better learn how to hit LHP!! 3 of them fro the Jays coming up.
I’d call up Garcia if i were DD
Better him for this series than Berry

Yankees ahead 2-0. Top second

DD= duh!-duh!
Why sit Berry when you can have a RHB?

Mi Amigo El Tigre,
Thought you might want to comment:
The Cardinals signed 16-year-old right-hander Ronald Medrano, Ben Badler of Baseball America reports. Medrano has touched 90-91 mph with his fastball and has shown good feel for his secondary pitches. He had been considered one of the top Nicaraguan prospects available, according to Badler.

I’m dead serious about Garcia.

There are always discussion on who could replace Leyland and usually the popular names are brought forth. I think I’d rather go in another direction. I’d be interested in how Tom Brookens would handle things if away from JL. Tommy might be able to keep the good things of JL’s stewardship while at the same time using a little more creativity. There are good baseball men out there that we don’t even know about. We’ve got a manager in Chicago that had no previous experience at any level and his club is in first place.
When I think about changing managers, I always try to put aside the fact that I’m just a little tired of him. Not easy to do, but being tired of a guy is not a good reason to get rid of him.

But for Dennis Martinez and Porfirio Altamirano ( who played here along Terry Francona and made Aguilas del Zulia champions in 1984) we dont have news about baseball in Nicaragua. He is a product of a baseball academy. They have internal championships that are not covered by the press.They mention two venezuelans . Most people here dont know them. In recent years venezuelan players have played in MLB before playing in any venezuelan professional league .

I wanted Peralta hitting 5th many weeks ago. It wasn’t that he’s a natural for it, but that he’s the best option we have. As Dan says, by default. All the #5 guy really needs to do is come through once per game. I think Jhonny can do that, and has the past few days. Hopefully Victor will come back next year still able to be productive.

Taking the opportunity to watch the Nats tonight. They’re having one of those years where they can do no wrong, kind of like the 2006 Tigers up to this point in the season. Hopefully the Nats can maintain consistency, something the ’06 Tigers could not do, typical of a Jim Leyland team.
I tried to look in on Rangers-Orioles but immediately realized I’d be locked into listening to Jim Palmer and Jim Hunter again, so I tuned away quickly.

Freddy García loaded the bases. 3-2 up Yankees.Pitching change

Tied game. 2 on. 2 outs.

Clay Rapada pitching

IR scored. García losing, 3-4

5-3 Yankees down.

Jeter homered. 4-5

2 1/2 hours. 6 inning . Tied game.

Yankees up.Veel again lost it

They better hit Romero tomorrow. Everybody else has. He hasn’t won a game in 2 months (last 10 starts) and has an ERA better (worse!) than 7.00 over that time.

It is what I am worried about Dan. You and me see the Jays a little more than others being from the Great White North. Romero has looked like a lost soul for 2 1/2 months. He has a deer in the headlights looks aobut him beause he or the Jays cannot figure out what is wrong. Mainly between the ears, I think. His control is not good and the Tigers have to recognize that and be patient. If they go out and just start flailing, I fear it will give him confidence. And that will make for a frustrating night for all of us.
— Bob

Against Romero:
MC :5 for 13 .385/467/.928
JP:4 for 14. 286/286/1143 , 2 HR
DY:6 for 16. 375/375/938 ,1 HR
AJax: 2 for 9 .222/222/444.
GMoney:3 for 8 429/500/1357 1 HR 4 RBI
RS: 3 for 8 429/500/929
OI: 1 for 3 333/333/1667 HR
First time against him in 2012.
He began 8-1. 0-9. 7.62. 33 BB/35 SO
Tigers are:18-18 against LHP. 6th againt LHP in AL
18-18 against East.

Good research!!!!!! Now will we seize the opportunity???

Alex is 1-1 (HR). Who starts at catcher?? Yesterday was a day off and our manager may have lineups for all three of these games already barring injury!!!!!!!! You know when Holaday comes up in September he hits lefties at .333. After Eldred went to Japan, we added a guy named John Lindsey (age 35) who has 13 dingers with Toledo and over 30 for the season. He must be our insurance against a disasterous injury.

I was writting Avila but I received the lineup before posting and it is Laird

The bullpen of the Yankees has better numbers than Detroit but it looks as bad.

Ryan Raburn will join Toledo on Wednesday to begin an injury rehab assignment. #tigers

would love to see that bat get hot like it has been in the past.

Some decision due on AA/New Mexico tomorrow??? Ryan ready for Chicago 8/31???

They will be better of if he is recalled 9/1. If he is on DL by 8/31 is still elegible for the playoff and give them 28 players to make the roster for postseason.VMart, Schelereth and RR. If AA is not recalled ,29.

better off

Unlike some, I am a JL supporter. However, if he should go for whatever reason, I prefer an experienced winning manager to handle the current Tiger talent pool as opposed to someone without a proven track record. SI posted an article that La Russa might be back on the market. Probably a work of fiction, but interesting nonetheless.

La Russa would be acceptable, certainly.

MLB Trade Rumors today posted an article cocerning Soscia, Francona and Valentine. Sorta mirrored many of our remarks of yesterday.

I personally do not think the tigers will be winning this division and i have why right here

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