Notes and quotes on Fielder’s home runs

Sometime this season, after Miguel Cabrera kept hitting home runs to the upper reaches of the center field shrubs that challenged the depths of the Comerica Park charts, the Tigers shifted measurements on home runs to ESPN Stats and Information, whose sites include the Home Run Tracker. So some of the distances that show up on home run this year are going to sound different than those of the past. Even so, they’re not different enough to dispute the fact that this has been an incredible summer for tape-measure home runs in Detroit.

The Tigers had four home runs estimated at 450 feet or further over the previous two seasons. Prince Fielder’s sixth-inning drive Friday night was the sixth such home run so far this year, all but one of them from Cabrera or Fielder, and all but one of them since June 1. Fielder’s the second longest, trailing only Miguel Cabrera’s shot to straightaway center off Hiroki Kuroda back in June.

Technically, the velocity on Fielder’s home run Friday trailed only another one he hit earlier in the year. Still, the angle on the home run made it seem hit that much harder.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen any ball in my entire life hit any harder than the first one Prince hit,” manager Jim Leyland said. “I’m not talking about distance, but I’m talking about, just, pow. … I’ve seen that hit far, but that was as hard as you can hit a ball. You can’t hit a ball any better than that.”

Fielder wasn’t about to estimate how hard he hit it.

“You obviously know you hit it good,” he said, “but you don’t really feel it too much. You don’t really feel any ball you hit on the barrel. You have a good idea.”

As impressive as that was, his second home run might have actually been more of a rarity. Just four of his home runs this season had been hit off lefties until he got a J.C. Romero fastball on a 1-2 count and hit it to the sky down the right-field line.

Fielder is a very good hitter against lefties, as we’ve documented before, but moreso for simple base hits than home runs. He was 0-for-4 previously off Romero, which made him quite glad to get him.

“This is my first hit ever off of J.C.,” he said. “I mean, he’s broke my fingers a lot of times with his sinkers. Finally got a hit.”

This time, he laid off the sinker, only to guess right when Romero gave him a fastball.

“He’s snuck it by me a lot,” Fielder said. “He broke my bat every time.”

They count the same as a home run just over the fence, of course. Yet Joaquin Benoit, who earned Friday’s win with a perfect eighth inning, might have put it into perspective when asked for his reaction after the game.

“When they hit in BP you see balls hit that well, but today as soon as he hit it we all know,” Benoit said. “He’s got a lot of power, and [with] Miguel, those two guys are the keys to our success right now. The bottom of the lineup, if they start hitting, we’re going to be set for sure.”


Couldn’t comment last night because I was just too darn tired (garage sale). Didn’t look good in the beginning, but I liked how Jhonny went off at first base. Why, oh, why didn’t we see tihat kind of passion in the Galaragga game, I’ll never understand. Maybe because he just passively accepted it, I don’t know. Well, the Migster and the Bigster sure carried the team last night. I wasn’t wild about the lineup, but everything turned out OK.Another thing I noticed right from the beginning about Showalter’s team is how they don’t seem to talk so much with players from the opposing team. Noticed that right away. All business. He’s a good manager.

He is playing by the rules. Fraternization is forbidden by MLB . When Sosa greeted Mark McGwire after the HR 62 th, broke the norms. The right thing to do it was Show did after the hit 4192, and sit down in the mound.But , MLB and the media were after him for doing what is ordered.So, I ilke his way too.

After second thoughts I noticed something last night, Showalter was not pitching Miguel. He was pitching Miguel hard ( as we say here). The pitches were around home , giving him the IBB in disguise but trying to fool him into swinging a bad throw. The single was with a ball ouside the strike zone.
A surprising fact, most HR by Fielder has been at CoPa.Miguel thinks the park has taken him around 15 HR a year.The same was true for Magglio. But Fielder found the secret.

El Tigre, great point about PF . He is learning this new home park, new division, and league quite well. Fielder at home this year 14 HR 46 RBI .335 AVE. Against Central foes home and away: Mn 2 11 .409, KC 2 10 .276, Cle 1 11 .310, and Chi 1 7 .455. So far this first go around Gardy has tried to stay away from him while Ventura has has them pitch to him. What will September bring?? Three of the Big Boys that we have played 10 times: Bos 4 9 .342, NY 3 9 .333, TX 2 8 .222. I guess we need him to study KC some as we still have 9 games with them yet. Hope we see TX again this year so he has a chance to improve his numbers against them. Overall, this guy is definitely a keeper and a joy to watch play.

Miguel has not done too badly at Comerica this year either!!!!!!!

Zach Britton WHIP ~ 2 …. oppenents BA is ~ 300….none of our guys have seen him before tho.

LHP with an 8.10 ERA going againt the Tigers weakest lineup so he could polish his Cy Young and RoY credentials.

hey now!


Didn’t some of them see him last year??

Miguel 0 for 1/2 BB
Jhonny 0 for 2/1 SO
AJax 1 for 2
Delmon 1 for 2/ HR/ 2 RBI
RR 2 for 2 /2B
He won the game. 5 runs allowed on 6 hits

ya know what – i accidentally restrained my search of ABs to 2012 instead of career (that’s why last year’s ABs didn’t show up for me). My Bad

Brian Britten‏@BBritten_Tigers

Tonight’s lineup: Jackson 8, Infante 4, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Peralta 6, Young dh, Avila 2, Baker 9, Dirks 7. Porcello is starting

Call ups: Holaday, García,Worth.
Rondón , Crosby.
Activated; Schleret, RR and Al Al
Smyly shutdown for the season , I guess

My thoughts on what they would do in september

What do you think about Smyly getting a start or two in September? Or help in the bullpen??

I have heard that but since they see him as the next year number 5 in the rotation I would not be surprised if they rest him. I forgot to mention that Oliver is also been mentioned and he is looking as good as advertised two years ago.

Balester has been lights out recently!!!!!! For the season, Wilk has a poor won/loss but has the best numbers overall.

Balester pitched last night too. 7 holds. 3.53
Rondon had 3 BB and 2 SO in one inning.

Did Smyly pitch last night??

As long as I know Below and Oliver. I think down the road Smyly will be rested for next year

Sorry, checked. He came back from the suspension. 4.2 innings 2 runs 7 hits. 1 BB 7 SO 1 HR. His ERA is :6.48. 93 pitches

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